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ÄA  abr
AAA  abr
Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology. Liverpool
a.a.Chr.  abr
   Lat: anno ante Christum im Jahre vor Christi/Christus - B.C.
a.a.Chr.n  abr
Lat: anno ante Christum natum im Jahre vor Christi Geburt - B.C.
AAES abbr
Abhandlungen des archäologisch-epigraphischen Seminars der Universität Wien. Wien
a.a.O. abr
am angeführten Ort - loc. cit.
Heb: Aaron
(pl) Aaronites
Aaronitisch adj
Aaronitic; Aaronitischer Segen - Aaron's blessing
Aaronsstab m (sg)
Aaron\\\'s rod
Aas n (-e)
AAW abbr
Anzeiger für Altertumswissenschaften. Wien
ab adj, dat prep
away, from, down, off
AB abbr
Assyriologische Bibliothek. Leipzig
Abaddon m
Heb: Abaddon, depths of hell; place of destruction
Abakus m (-)
Abälard m
Abälardus m
abänderbar adj
modifiable, alterable; commutable; variable; declinable
abändern vr sep
to alter, change, vary, modify; to amend; to revise
Abänderung f (-en)
alteration, modification, change; revision; correction, rectification; amendment; commutation; mutation
Abart No information yet.
Abb. abr
Abbildung(en) - illustration(s)
bibl, Aram: Abba, Father; A. Offenbarung - revelation of the father
ABBA abbr
Abhandlung der bayrischen Benediktiner-Akademie. München
abberufen vi sep
to recall; to call away; to pass away, call(ed) home (euphemism for to die)
abbeten vr sep
to recite (prayer(s)); to recount in prayer; to avert or expiate by prayer; to repeat mechanically, rattle off; den Rosenkranz a. - to tell one's beads
abbiegen vr sep
to bend; to deflect; to divert; to turn (off); to branch (off); to diverge
Abbild n (-er)
image, likeness; idol (for worship); reflection, copy; picture; portrait
abbilden vr sep
to copy, represent, figure; to portray, illustrate, picture, form; delineate; to describe; nach dem Leben a. - to draw from life
Abbildstheorie f
Abbildtheorie f
picture, copy, or representation theory; image theory
Abbildung f (-en)
illustration; diagram; image, figure; picture;, portrait, portraiture; representation, depiction; reproduction, copy; Ling: mapping
abbinden vi sep
to take off, untie
Abbitte f (-n)
apology; deprecation; asking or begging for pardon; A. tun, A. leisten to make or offer an apology
abbitten vi sep
to apologize; to ask or beg pardon for; to ask for forgiveness; to deprecate; to seek to avert, turn away, ward off (evil/harm through prayer, etc)
abblasen vi sep
hist: (the custom of having the hours announced by the waits)
abblättern vr sep
to flake off; to scale off
abblenden vr sep
to dim; to turn down; to screen (light)
abborgen vr sep
to borrow from
Abbott m
father superior, abbot (also title of a bishop)
abbrechen vi sep
to break off, snap; to demolish, dismantle; to pull down; to interrupt, discontinue; to stop (short)
abbrennen vi sep
to burn (down or off) 
Abbreviation f  (-en)
abbreviation; abridging; abridg(e)ment
abbreviativ  adj
abbreviative adj
Abbreviator m (-en)
abridger (of documents, etc);  abbreviator (high officer at the papel court who is the drafter of papal documents)
Abbreviatur f (-en)
abbreviation; abridging; abridg(e)ment
abbreviieren vr sep
to abbreviate, shorten a word with a sign or symbol; to abridge
abbringen vi sep
to get (off or away); to dissuade or divert (a person from something)
a-b-c-dieren  vr
(to designate the musical notes by their note names and not by solmization syllables)
Abd abr
Obadja, Abdias - Obadiah
abdecken vr sep
to uncover
abdichten vr sep
to caulk; to make tight
Abdr. abr
Abdreheisen  n (-)
Archaeol: finishing tool
abdrehen vr sep
Archaeol: to turn
Abdrehschlinge f (-n)
Archaeol: scrapper
abduktiv adj
abductive; Phil: abduktiver Schluß - abductive inference
Abduktivismus m
Abed-Nego m
Abel m
Abend m (-e)
evening, night; Klavier A. - piano concert or recital
Abendandacht f (-en)
evening devotion or meditation; evening service, vespers; evening prayer; Mus: evensong
Abendessen n (-)
evening meal, supper, dinner
Abendgebet n (-e)
evening prayer, bedtime prayer; vespers; evening devotion;  Mus: evensong
Abendgeläut n
vesper bell
Abendglocke f (-n)
evening bell; vesper bell; hist: curfew
Abendgottesdienst m (-e)
evening service, vespers, mass
Abendl. abr
Abendland n
Occident, European; the West, western world
Occidental, European; Western; abendländische Philosophie - Western, Occidental Philosophy
Abendläuten n
evening bells
abendld. abr
Abendmahl n
1. see Abendessen;   2. Lord's Supper, (Holy) Communion; Eucharist; Last Supper (Christ); A. austeilen/geben/reichen - to administer the Lord's Supper/Communion/Eucharist; A. empfangen -  to receive, take the Lord's Supper/Communion/Eucharist; A. in beiderlei Gestalt - communion or eucharist in both kinds (bread or host and wine; paten and chalice) 
Abendmahlsbrot n
communion bread; consecreted or sacramental bread or wafer; altar bread; Host, eucharistic host
Abendmahlsgänger m (-)
Abendmahlsgast m (-"e)
Abendmahlsgemeinschaft f
full communion; open communion; intercommunion
Abendmahlsgottesdienst m (-e)
Communion service
Abendmahlshelfer m
Abendmahlskelch m (-e)
(communion) cup, chalice
Abendmahlslehre f
sacrament dogma
Abendmahlspfennig m
Abendmahlsprobe f
Abendmahlsstreit m
Ch Hist: controversy about the sacraments of the Lord's Supper or the dogma of transubstantiation (Sakramentenstreit)
Abendmahlstisch m (-e)
communion table
Abendmahlswein m
Communion wine
Abendmesse f (-n)
evening mass; evening eucharisty
Abendopfer n (-)
evening sacrifice
abends adv
evenings, in the evening; every evening; evening hours; Poet: at eventide or eve
Abendsmahlsbuch n (-"er)
Abendstern m (-e)
evening star; Lucifer
Abendzeit f
Abenmusik f
evening church concerts; (evening) serenade
archaic: superstitious, bigot, bigotted; adv superstitiously; Mod Grm: abergläubisch
superstitious, bigot, bigotted; adv superstitiously
aberkennen vi
to deny, deprive, or dispossess someone; to disentitle to someone
abermals adv
again, once more, anew
to reap, harvest, gather
Abf. abr
abfahren vi
to depart, set off
Abfall m (-"e)
slope, descent, declivity, scarp; decline, decrease, drop; falling away, defection, desertion; waste, rubbish, scraps, trash; Lit: decline, anticlimax; Glaubensabfall (sg) - apostasy; backsliding; secession
abfallen vi sep
to fall off, drop (off); to decrease; to fall behind, compare badly with; to descent, slope (down), drop; to brake away, fall away, desert; to apostatize; to rebel; to come off as a by-product
abfällig adj, adv
sloping, shelving; critical, adverse, negative, unfavourable, derogatory, disparaging, depreciatory (remarks, opinions, etc); disloyal, rebellious; a. bescheiden - to give an unfavourable answer; vom Glauben a. werden to apostatize, turn apostate, commit apostasy
Abfassung f (-en)
composition; drawing up; phrasing; drafting, wording
abfertigen vr sep
to send away; to dispatch
abfinden vi sep
to compensate (für - for); to pay off; to satisfy; sich mit jemand a. - to come to terms with someone
Abfolge f (-n)
succession; sequence; order
Abfragesprache f
query language
abfressen vi sep
to graze on, to strip or eat bare, to consume
Abfuhr f
abführen vr sep
to lead away; to mislead
Abführung f (-en)
arrest; removal; transfer, payment
abg. abr
abgeändert; abgefaßt; abgekürzt
Abg. abr
 Abgabe; Abgang
Abgabe f (-n)
giving off; tax; duty, trubute
abgabepflichtig adj
liable or subject to tax or duties; assessable; taxable
abgeben vi sep
to give (up); to hand over; to hand in; to provide; to deliver; to dispose of
abgedr. abr
abgef. abr
abgeg. abr
abgegangen; abgegeben
abgehen vi sep
to go off, go away; to depart; to leave; to change, depart, deviate, digress from (idea, theme, etc.); missing, lacking, wanting; to drop
abgek. abr
abgeleitetes Wissen  
inferred, inferential, mediate, or derived knowledge
abgeneigt pp, adj
disinclined; opposed to; averse; be ill-disposed (toward someone)
Abgesandte m (-n)
emissary, envoy; delegate; messenger; ambassador
Abgesang m (-"e)
abgeschieden pp, adj
separated; departed, deceaced, dead; solitary, secluded, retired 
Abgeschiedene f, m (-n)
the deceased, dead, departed; the secluded; the disposted; NT: the divorced women
Abgeschiedenheit f
seclusion; retirement
abgeschl. abr
abgeschlossen pp
closed; complete; abgeschlossenes System - self-contained, closed system
abgeschlossene Sinnbereiche  pl
 finite provinces (of sense/meaning) (Schütz)
Abgeschlossenheitsrelation f
closure or completeness relation; closure operation
abgesehen pp
apart or aside (von - from); except for
abgesondert  adj
abgesplittert pp
abgestimmt pp
of definite pitch, pitced; aufeinander a. - tuned, pitched in succession
abgestoßen pp, adj
cast or shed  off; Mus: detached, staccato
abgewinnen vi sep
to gain; to win; to earn
Abglanz m
reflection, reflected glory or splendor
Abgott m (-"er)
idol; zum A. machen - to idolize (a person)
Abgottanbeter m (-)
idolater, worshiper of idols
Abgötterei f
idolatry; idolization; A. treiben - to practice idolatry; to worship idols; 
abgöttisch adj
idolatrous; worshiping idols
abgrenzen vr sep
to delimit, differentiate (gegen/von -- from)
Abgrenzung f (-en)
demarcation; definition; delimitation
Abgrenzungskriterium n
demarcation criterion, criterion of demarcation
Abgrund m (-"e)
precpice; abyss; chasm; gulf;  bibl: bottemless pit; abyss; Psych: (pl) depth of (the soul)
Abgunst f
envy; jealousy; ill-will; spite
Abguß m (-"e)
cast; copy; paste
abh. abr
abhängen; abhängig
Abh. abr
Abhall m
abhalten vi
to keep; to conduct
Abhandlung f (-en)
essay, treatise, dissertation, paper (über - about, on); proceedings, transactions (pl) (of a learned society); tract; tractate (as any of the books of the Tamud); discussion
Abhang m (-"e)
abhängen vi sep
to depend (von -- on, upon); to detach; to hang up
abhängig adj
dependent (von - on), subject (von - to); inclined; sloping
Abhängigkeit f (-en)
dependence, dependency (von -- on)
Abhängigkeitsgefühl n (-"e)
emotional dependence
Abhängigkeitsstruktur f
Abhängigkeitssystem n
dependence-system, system of dependences
Abhängigkeitsverhältnis n
dependence-relation, relation of dependence or dependency
abhauen vi sep
to cut or chop (off or down); to cut down; to beat it; to be off
abheben  vi sep
to cut or chop (off or down); to beat it; to be off
abhelfen vi sep
(einer Sache - a thing) to help, to remedy, to redress, to correct
Abhn. abr
abholen vr sep
to fetch, pick up; to collect; to receive; to come for
Abib m
Abib (month)
ABIEKD abr-t
Amtsblatt der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland
Abigajil f
Abimelech m
Abiogense f
abiogenesis, spontaneous generation
abirren vi sep
to err; to go astray; to lose one's way; to deviate (von - from)
Abischai  m
Abishai (brother of Joab)
Abjunktion f
abk. abr
Abk. abr
Abkehr  f
act of turning away; withdrawing; renunciation; alienation; estrangement; backsliding; die Abkehr von Gott - estrangement from God
abkehren vr sep
jemand etwas abkaufen - to buy or purchase something from someone
abknicken vr sep
to wring off (gen.) to snap off, to crack off, to bend off
Abkömmling  m (-e)
abkürzen vr sep
 to shorten; to abridge; to abbreviate, to lessen, curtail, condense; to be a short cut
abl. abr
Abl. abr
Ablativ; Ablauf; Ablaut; Ableitung; Ablagerung(en)
ablassen vi sep
to cease; to end; to let go; to drain, empty; to decant; to tap; to leave off
Ablaß m
shut-off, outflow; drainage; ohne A. - without ceasing, continuously, incessantly; Ch Hist: indulgence; remission, pardon; vollkommener A. - plenary indulgence; unvollkommener A. - partial indulgence
Ablaßbrief m (-e)
letter of indulgence; bull of indulgence
Ablaßerteilung f
dispensation of an indulgance
Ablaßgebet n
prayer for an indulgence
Ablaßgeld n (-er)
pay or fee for an indulgence(letter), shrove money
Ablaßgraben m (-")
Archaeol: drain, drainage ditch or trench
Ablaßhandel m
selling or sale of indulgences
Ablaßhändler m (-)
seller of indulgence, pardoner
Ablaßjahr n
jubilee (during which indulgences are promoted)
Ablaßkirche f (-n)
Ablaßkrämer m (-)
seller of indugences; pardoner
Ablaßpfennig m
1. coin (medal - with the effigy of a saint) blessed by the Pope; 2. a coin (money, fee) paid for an indulgence
Ablaßprediger m (-er)
preacher and seller of indulgences
Ablaßwoche f
week of Corpus Chrisi
Ablaßzettel m (-)
paper or letter of indulgence
Ablauf m (-"e)
sequence, course (of history, time, etc); development; termination; outlet; expiration; nach A. eines Jahres - at the end of a year
ablaufen vi
to run, go off; to take place
Ablaufplan m
operations plan
Ablaufplanung f
scheduling operations planning
to lay down/aside, give up
ablehnen vr sep
to refuse, turn down; to reject, decline; to repudiate
Ableitbarkeit f
inferability, deductibility, derivability
Ableitbarkeitsbeziehung f
derivability relation
Ableitbarkeitsfrage f
question of derivability
ableiten vi sep
to derive, deduce, infer (von/aus -- from); to divert; to trace back; to escape; to lead away; to mislead; to drain; to deflect
Ableitung f
deduction; derivation, derivative
Ableitungskompleität f
derivational complexity
Ableitungsregel f
inference rule, rule of derivation
Ableitungsverhältnis n
relation of derivability
to pick off, to read (map, etc.), to read off (speech)
to deny, to disavow, to disown, to repudiate, eine Tatsache ableugnen - to deny a fact; ableugnen, etwas getan zu haben - to deny having done something
ablösen vr sep
to take off, remove, detach; to take the place of, supersede
Ablösung f (-en)
change, relief
Lat: washing, cleansing; baptism
Ablution f (-en)
washing, ablution
Abmachung f (-en)
agreement, stipulation, arrangement, contract
abmessen vi sep
to measure; to estimate
abmühen vr sep
to labor; to strike hard; to sweat and strain
abnagen vr sep
to gnaw off
Abnahme f (-n)
taking off or down; diminution; decline; decrease; shrinkage; shortening; die Abnahme vom Kreuze - the descent from the cross
abnehmen vi sep
to take away or off, remove; to decrease, di­minish; to examine; to decline; to wane; Beichte a. - hear a confession
Abneigung f
antipathy; aversion
Abner m
abnormal, degenerate
abnötigen vr sep
to command, compel; to force, extort (a confession, etc. from someone)
abnutzen vr sep
to wear out; fray; to wear (out); (refl) to get worn out, to be subject to wear
abordnen vr sep
to delegate; to depute; to deputize; to appoint
abplagen vr sep, refl
to exhaust oneself, tire oneself out; to struggle or toil (mit - an)
ABR abbr
Journal of Bible and Religion. Boston, Mass.
Abraham m
Abraham; in Abrahams Schoß sein - to be in the bosom of Abraham
Abrahamit m (-en)
Abrahamite (member of a Bohemian sect in the 18th cent. A.D.)
abreagieren vr sep
to abreact
Abreaktion f
abrechnen vi sep
to deduct, subtract, discount; to account for; to allow for; to settle accounts
abreiben vi sep
to rub off; to grate (off); to wear (off, smooth, or away) 
abreisen vr sep
to depart, leave, set out; to start (nach - for)
abreißen vi sep
to break away, to tear off; to tear, to pull off, to pull down, to demolish
abreißen vi sep
to break  away, to tear off; to tear, to pull off, to pull down, to demolish
Lat: absolute renunciation (of evil, Satan, etc)
Abreption f
Phil: to train
Abrichtung f
training, drill; conditioned reflex
abrupfen vr sep
to pluck out; to pluck off; to crop; to fleece
Abs. abr
Absatz - paragraph; Absender; Absender
ABS No information yet.
Abs No information yet.
Absage f (-n)
cancelation; calling off; refusal, decline; repudiation, renunciation 
absagen vr sep
to cancel, call off; to renounce, abjure, turn away; to refuse; to decline
Absalom m
Absatz m (-"e)
(new) paragraph; pause; step, landing (on a staircase)
to pare; to trim; to scrape off
abschaffen vi sep
to abolish; to discontinue; to do away with; to give up (keeping), get rid of (thing)
abschälen vr sep
to peel (off)
to appraise, assess
Abschaum m
scum, dregs
abscheiden vi
to separate; to isolate; to depart, part from, die (peacefully)
Abscheiden n
departure; dying
Abscheidung f
parting; separation; death
to shear, cut, or shave off
Abscheu m
abhorrence (vor - of); disgust (for - against); aversion (to, for, from); distaste; Abscheu haben vor - to abhor, to detest
abscheulich adj
disgusting, revolting, repulsive; abominable, horrible, dreadful, detestable; shocking; nasty
Abschied m (-e)
parting, departure, farewell; discharge, dismissal; leave, resignation; retirement; discharge
Abschiedlichkeit f
abschiedlichkeit; readiness to depart
Abschiedsrede f (-n)
farewell speech
abschinden vi sep
to flay, skin; (fig) to slave, to toil; to drudge
Abschirmeffekt m
screening-off effect
abschl. abr
abschlagen; abschließen; abschließend
Abschl. abr
Abschluß; Abschlag
abschlagen vi sep
to knock off; to chip; to strike; to decline; to fall off, to abate
Abschlaggerät n (-e)
flake tool
abschleppen vr sep
to drag or haul off; to struggle under a load
abschließen vi sep
to lock (up), close; to conclude; to end, finish, complete; to isolate, cut off, to settle; to terminate
abschließend adj, adv
definite, definitive; concluding, final(ly); in conclusion
Abschluß m (-"e)
closing, close; winding up ; termination; settlement; end(ing); completion; zum A. bringen - to end, finish, settle, terminate (something)
Abschn. abr
abschneiden vi sep
to cut (off); to cut down, shorten; to intercept; to amputate; Ling: to drop
Abschnitt m (-e)
passage, section, paragraph; phase, stage, period (time, age, etc); segment; Mus: section; Lit: pause, rest, caesura
Abschnittsfolge f
adjoining sequence, sequence of (initial/final) segments, sequence of partial sums
abschrecken vr sep
to scare away; to frighten off; to deter, discourage (a person from something)
Abschreckungsfunktion f
deterrent function
Abschreiber m (-)
copyist, transcriber; plagiarist
Abschrift f (-en)
copy, duplicate; transcript; likeness
abschütteln vr sep
to shake or throw off; to shake down, cast off
Geol: to wash away or off, erode; Art, Archaeol: to rinse or sponge (off, down)
abschwellen vr sep
to decrease, subside, ebb or die (away) (in loudness, force, etc)
abschwören vr sep
to abjure, deny; to foreswear, renounce (faith, belief, faith)
absehen vi sep
to (for)see; to read (from); to learn from; to be aiming at; to anticipate; to conceive; to disregard; to refrain (from); abgesehen von/davon - besides, apart from
Abseite f (-n)
side room; back side; lateral vault or aisle of a church; vertical wall under a slanting roof
abseits adv, prep (gen)
aside from, on one side of; apart from (something)
absenden vi sep
to send (off); to dispatch, send out; to commission, delegate, depute; to remit
absenken  vr sep
to lower, sink; to empty; Mus: to attenuate (the heights)
absetzen vr sep
to take off; to put down; to remove (from office); to dismiss or depose (a king or ruler); to start a new line; to set off or (against) contrast (with); Mus: to sing or play staccato, separale
Absicht f (-en)
intent, intention, purpose, motive; object, aim, end; plan, scheme; in dieser H. - in this respect
absichtlich adj, adv
intentional(ly), deliberate, willful(ly), on purpose
Absichtlichkeit f
intentionality; deliberateness; purposiveness
Absichtserklärung f
declaration or statement of intent
absingen  vi sep
to sing through; to sing at sight; to sing from the score
absol. abr
absolut  adj, adv
absolute(ly); perfect (love, beauty, etc); positive(ly); unconditioned; a. Kunst - abstract art; a. Wahrheit - absolute or gospel truth; Ling: a. Ablativ - ablative (case); a. Nominative - (absolute) nominative; Mus: a. Musik - absolute or pure music; a. Gehör - (sense of) absolute or perfect pitch; a. Tonhöhe - absolute pitch
Absolute n
the Absolute; die Behre vom Absoluten - absolutism; die Dialektik von Absolutem und Relativem - dialectic of the absolute and the relative
absoluter Geist m
absolute spirit
absoluter Wert m
absolute value or worth
absolutes Bewußtsein n
absolute consciousness
absolutes Gehör n
Mus: absolute or perfect pitch
absolutes Gut n
absolute good
absolutes Ich n
absolute ego, self, or I
Absolutheitsanspruch m (-"e)
claim to absoluteness
Lat: pardon, absolution, acquittal
Absolution f (-en)
absolution; remission of sins; A. erteilen - to absolve, grant remission of sins, shrive (someone)
Absolutismus m
Absolutsphäre f
to absolve; to complete, to pass (an examination)
absondern vr sep
to separate, divide, detach to isolate; (refl) to separate oneself; Phil: to abstract (concepts, etc.)
Absonderung f
separation; division; isolation; segregation (of people, etc)
abspenstig adj
alienate, disloyal, unfaithful; a. machen - to alienate, to estrange, to entice away (von - from)
abspielen vr sep
to play (at sight, from the score); (refl) to happen, take place; to be enacted
Abspringen n
jumping or leaping off; chipping or flaking off; baking out from, dropping (disscussion, topic, etc)
abspülen vr sep
to wash or rinse (off); to wash away, erode
abstammen vr sep
to stem, descend, or be descended from; come of; (fig) to come from; Ling: to come, derive from; to be derived from
Abstammung f (-en)
descent, lineage; ancestry, extraction, birth; origin, derivation; hohes A. - noble birth or descent
Abstammungsgruppe f (-n)
ancestral or descent group
Abstammungslehre f
theory of evolution or descent, descent theory
Abstammungstheorie f
theory of evolution or descent, descent theory
Abstand m (-"e)
distance (away from); space; interval; (fig) aloofness, distance; difference; diversity
abstehen vi sep
to desist or refrain (from); to relinquish; to renounce; to stand off or away from
absteigen  vi sep
to decline, descend; to come down, go down; to get off, dismount; to stay (with or at)
absteigend pr p, adj
descending, descendant or descendent; downhill; downgrade
absterben vi sep
to die (off); to die out; to fade or with (away); to mortify; to become numb (der Sünde a. - to die to sin)
Absterben n
withering away
Abstieg m (-e)
descent; drop; going down, coming down; (fig) decline, descent, fall
Abstinenz f
abstinence, abstemiousness; temperance; fasting
Abstinenzler m (-)
(total) abstainer (from)
abstoßen vi sep
to push or knock off; to chip, break (something) off; (fig) to revolt, repel, disgust; to get rid of; Mus: to detach (notes); to sing or play staccato
Abstoßung f
Lat: repulsive force
Abstoßungskraft f (-"e)
Lat: repulsive force
abstr. abr
Abstr. abr
 Abstraktion  abstraction, summarization, deduction, derivation, generalization, theorization, conceptualization;  Abstraktum  abstract
abstractio formalis f
Lat: formal abstraction
Abstractum n
abstractum, (the) result of abstraction
Lat: abstraction
abstrakt  adj, adv
abstract(ly); non-figurative, non-representational; in the abstract; Phil: abstract; conceptual; empty; formal; pure; unintuitive
Abstrakte n
the abstract
Abstraktheit f
abstractedness, abstractness
Abstraktion f
Abstraktionismus m
Abstraktionsebene f (-n)
level of abstraction
Abstraktionsgrad m (-e)
degree of abstraction
Abstraktionsklasse f (-n)
abstraction class
Abstraktionsprozeß m
process of abstraction
Abstraktionsstufe f
level of abstraction
Abstraktionstheorie f
abstraction theory
Abstraktionsverfahren n
method of abstraction
Abstraktionsvermögen n
faculty of abstraction, abstractive faculty/ability
Abstraktor m
abstraction, operator, abstractor
Abstraktur f
tracker action (organ)
abstreifen vr sep
to strip off; to take off or pull off; to deviate, wander (off)
abstreiten vi sep
to dispute
Abstrich m (-e)
Mus: downbow
abstufen vr sep
Mus: to graduate; to shade
abstumpfen vr sep
to blunt, take the edge off; (fig) to dull or blunt (the senses, etc); to harden (someone)
absurd adj
Absurde n
the absurd; Philosophie des A. - Philosophy of the Absurd
Absurdität f
absurdity; A. des menschlichen Daseins - absurdity of the human condition
Abt. abr
Abteilung(en) - section; dividing off; Abtei
Abt m (-"e)
abt No information yet.
Abtei f (-n)
Abteilung f (-en)
division, separation; department, section; class, rubric, category; Theologische A. - Department of Theology
Äbtin f (-nen)
Äbtissin f (-nen)
ABTL abr
Allgemeine Bibliothek der neuesten deutschen theologischen Literatur
Abtlg. abr
abtöten vr sep
to kill; to deaden; to mortify (the flesh, etc)
Abtötung f
abtragen vi sep
to carry or take (something) off or away; 
Abtreibungsbefürworter m
pro-choice advocate or supporter
Abtreibungsgegner m (-)
anti-abortionist; pro-life activist
abtrennen vr sep
to separate; divide (off); to detach, cut off, to partition
Abtrennungsregel f (-n)
rule of detachment
Abtretung f (-en)
cession; abdication; surrender
abtrocknen  vr sep
to wipe (dry), dry (off), to dry (up)
Abtropfsieb n (-e)
Archaeol: colander
abtrünnig adj
apostate; unfaithful, disloyal; renegade; recreant; false, rebellious; a. werden - to apostatize, renounce or abandon one´s faith; to become a rebel, revolt
Abtrünnige m (-n)
apostate; renegade, deserter; turncoat; secessionist
Abtrünnigkeit f
apostasy; disloyalty; desertion; unfaithfulness
aburteilen vr sep
to try someone or a case; to bring someone to trial, to (pass) sentence; to condemn
abwälzen vr sep
to roll off or away, to shift; to throw onto
abwandeln vr sep
to alter, change, vary, modify; to inflict (verb, music, etc)
abwarten vr sep
to wait (for), await
down downward; downhill
abwaschen vi sep
to wash away (sin etc); to cleanse by washing
Abwaschung f (-en)
washing (-up); ablution, purification
Abwashchung f (-en)
washing (-up); ablution; purification
Abwechslung  f (-en)
Abweg m (-e)
wrong way; detour; auf Abwege - to go astray; to be on the wrong track; to be mistaken
misleading; devious; erroneous; wrong, false (idea, belief); irrelevant, besides the point; far-fetched; out of place
Abwehr f
defense; resistence; guard, protection; repelling
Abwehremechanismus m
defense mechanism
abwehren vr sep
to beat back; to repulse; to ward off, avert; to head off; to block; to reject, refuse
abweichen vi sep
to differ; to dissent; to vary; deviate, depart, stray, wander, digress, diverge (von - from); transgress
Abweichung f
abweisen vi
to reject, refuse, dismiss, set aside; to deny; to send/turn away
abwenden vi, vr sep
to turn away or aside; to desert; to avert, prevent, ward or head off; to divert; to lose interest in; to estrange, alienate, withdraw; to draw away from; to turn one´s back (from the world, truth, friends, etc)
alienated; unfaithful, disloyal; abwendig machen - to alienate, estrange; to entice away (from)
Abwendung f
estrangement, alienation; prevention (danger), problem, to ban, forbid
abwerfen vi sep
to throw, cast off, to yield, produce (profit, favor, etc.)
Abwertung f (-en)
devaluation; downward adjustment; derogation, depreciation (idea, person, etc.)
Abwesenheit f
abwischen vi sep
to wipe off or away; to clean
countable; denumerable; innumerable
abzählen vr sep
to count (mp); to count off (or out)
abzäumen vr sep
to unbridle
abziehen vi sep
to take off, remove; to retire; to retreat; to withdraw; to depart; to skin, to peel; to deduct
(auf) to aim (auf-at); to be intended, designated, or meant (to, for)
abzirkeln vr sep
to measure of mark with compasses; (fig) to weigh
Abzug m (-"e)
deduction, subtraction; retreat, withdrawal; decampment; vent, outlet; channel, conduit; Lit, Art: proof, pull, galley (proof); offset, transfer; copy; print, positive; Mus: flue; scordatura
to aim at something; to have something in view 
Abzweckung  f
 intention; objective
a.C. abr
 Lat: ante Christum  vor Christo/Christus, vor Christi Geburt (B.C.)
a cappella; unaccompanied; a-cappella-Chormusik - unaccompanied choral music
Acc. abr
Lat: acceptation (as an act of grace and mercy)
Lat: acceptation (with a legal connotation)
acceptio personarum
Lat: partiality towards persons (with reference to God in dealing with sin, dispensation, etc)
archaic: to accompany
Accord m (-e)
chord; zufällige A. - accidental chords
 oh! ah!
a.Chr. abr
Lat: ante Christum  vor Christi/Christus - B.C.
a.Chr.n. abr
 Lat: ante Christum natum  vor Christi Geburt - B.C.
Achse f (-n)
Hist: axis; axle; axis under
Achsel f (-n)
shoulder; Arch: haunch
achsenförmig adj
in axial form
Achsenzeit f
axial or pivotal age (in history); time of crisis and change in world history or of a new age
achsial  adj
achsig adj
Acht f
outlawry; attention, heed; Acht und Bann - excommunication; ostracism; in die Acht verfallen - to be outlawed; aus auber Acht lassen - disregard, to pay no attention to
to respect, show respect for; to regard
to outlaw, proscribe, banish, to ostracize; geächtet und gebannt - outlawed and excommunicated
achtfacher Pfad m
eight fold way (Buddhism)
achtgeben vi sep
to watch carefully; to pay attention, regard, to give heed; to take care
achthaben No information yet.
attentive; respect, esteem, regard
Achtsamkeit f
mindfulness, heedfulness
achtteiliger Pfad m
mindfulness, heedfulness
Achtung f
attention; respect, esteem, regard
Acker m (-, -")
field; farmland, arable land; ground; soil; hist: acre (of land)
Ackerbau m
agriculture; Bibl: farming
Ackerleute f
farmers; husbandmen 
Ackermann m
farmer; bibl: husbandman
to till, plow
Lat: with reference or pertaining to higher things, of higher things (Theology, etc)
Lat: action, activity
actio et passio f
Lat: action and passion
actio et reactio f
Lat: action and reaction
actio immanens f
Lat: immanent action or activity
ActThom abr
actus primus
Lat: primary actuality
actus purus m
pure act(uality)
A.D. abr
Lat: anno Domini  im Jahre des Herrn; nach Christi/Christus - A.D.
aD abr
Lat: anno Domini  im Jahre des Herrn; nach Christi/Christus - A.D.
AD abr
Lat: anno Domini  im Jahre des Herrn; nach Christi/Christus - A.D.
adaequatio intellectus et rei
correspondence of the mind (intellect, thinking) and reality
Adam m
Adamianer m
Adamit m (-en)
Adamite; Lit: (pl) human beings; sons of men
Adaptabilität f
Adaptation f
adaption, adaptation; accommodation; adjustment
Adaption f
adaption, adaptation; accommodation; adjustment
Adäquanz f
Adäquanzbedingung f
adequacy condition
adäquat adj
adäquate Ursache f
adequate case; Lat: causa adaequata
Adäquatheit f
Adäquatheitsbedingung f (-en)
condition(s) of adequacy
Add. abr
Lat: addendum, addenda  Zusatz. Additamentum
Additionstheorem n
addition theorem
Additivitätsproblem n
additivity problem
Addivität f
Adel m
nobility; aristocrats; der A. geistige - the intellectual elite
Adept m
adessentia f
omnipresence; Lat: (the) God 
ad fin. abr
 Lat: ad finem  bis zum Ende
ad gen. abr
 Lat: ad generalia  im Allgemeinen
ad h.l. abr
Lat: ad hunc locum  an diese Stelle
ad hominem
Lat: against the person; a. h. argument - a direct (often inflammatory) attack of an individual (on his character, personality, or appearance)
(pl) adiaphora; matter of indifference; morality neutial; amoral
ad. inf. abr
Lat: ad infinitum  bis ins unendliche, unaufhörlich
ad init. abr
Lat: ad initium  von Anfang an
ad int. abr
 Lat:ad interim  inzwischen
ad intra
Lat: inward, toward the inside; internal
adj. abr
Adj. abr
Adjazenz f
adjekt. abr
Adjunktion f
Adler m (-)
Adlerfeder f (-n)
eagle's feather
Adlerflügel f
eagle's wings
ad lib. abr
Lat: ad libitum  nach Belieben
ad libit. abr
Lat: ad libitum  nach Belieben
ad lit. abr
 Lat: ad literam  wörtlich
ad loc. abr
Lat: ad locum  an der (zitierten) Stelle
ado. abr
Adonija m
ad ref. abr
Lat: ad referendum  zum Bericht, zur Berichterstattung
ad rem
Lat: regarding the thing or matter at hand
Adria f
the Adria, Adriatic Sea
ad sep. abr
 Lat: ad separatum  für sich, getrennt
A.d.Ü. abr
Anmerkung des Übersetzers
adv. abr
adverbial, adverbiell; adversativ, adversus
Adv. abr
Advent; Adverb; adversus
Advaita n
adv.Best. abr
 adverbiale Bestimmung
Advent m (sg)
Advent; advent; coming of the Christ or Messiah
Adventfasten n
Advent fast
Adventismus m
Adventist m (-en)
Adventist; Millerite; Second Adventist; Seventh-day Adventist
Adventsonntag m (-e)
Sunday in Advent
Adventssonntag m (-e)
Sunday in Advent
Adventszeit f
advent, advent season
advocatus diaboli m
Lat: devil's advocate
advocatus diaboli
Lat: (the) devil\'s advocate
advokatorisch adj
advs. abr
 adversativ;  Lat:adversus  gegen
A.d.W. abr
Akademie der Wissenschaften
AEF abbr
AegEv abr
Aeneolithikum n
Eneolithic, Copper Age
aengl. abr
Lat: eternity; e. Dei - eternity of God
aeth. abr
ÄF abbr
Ägyptologische Forschungen. Glückstadt
Affe m (-n)
ape; monkey
affectio animi
Lat: affection or desire of the soul
Affekt m
emotion; affect; affection; passion
Affektambivalenz f
affect ambivalence
Affektenlehre f
theory of affections; theory of affects; doctrine of emotional expression
Affektentheorie f
theory of affections; doctrine of emotional expression
Affekthandlung f (-en)
act(s) committed under the influence of emotion or passion
Affektion f
affection, affectedness
Affenmensch m
Afferenz-Efferenz f
Affinität f
affinity; die A. des Mannigfaltigen - affinity of manifold
Affirmation f
affirmativ adj
AFMF abbr
Arbeiten zur Frühmittelalterforschung. Berlin
a fortiori
Lat: therefore, according to the stronger (argument, evidence)
Äg. abr
 Ägypten; Ägypter
äg. abr
Agape f
Agapismus m
agathon n
Lat: the good
Agende f (-en)
agenda; book of liturgy (order of the Lutheran church service); ritual
Agens n
agent, agens
agerm. abr
ÄgEv abr
Agg abr
Haggai, Aggäus - Haggai
(Prophet, Book of) Haggai
Aggregat n
aggregate; das A. der Erscheinungen - aggregate of appearances
Aggression f
aggression; verdrängte A. - displaced aggression
Aggressionsneigung f
inclination to aggression
Aggressionsverhalten n
aggressive behavior
Aggressivität f
aggressivity, aggressiveness
Aggressor m (-en)
Agieren n
acting out
Agitproptheater n
agitprop theater
AGK abbr
Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Kirchenkampfes. Göttingen abr
 am gleichen Ort
Agm. abr
Agnosie f
Gr: agnosia, ignorance, state of not knowing
Agnostiker m
agnostisch adj
Agnostizismus m
agnus dei  
Lat: das Lamm Gottes - the Lamb of God, holy Lamb
Agon m
agon; game; contest
AGP abbr
Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Pietismus. Witten
agr. abr
Agrargesellschaft f
agrarian society
Agressionskrieg m
war of aggression
ags. abr
AGSU abbr
Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Spätjudentums und Urchristentums. Leiden
AGTL abbr
Arbeiten zur Geschichte und Theologie des Luthertums. Berlin
ÄgU abbr
Ägyptische Urkunden aus den (k.) staatlichen Museen zu Berlin. Berlin
ägypt. abr
Ägypten n
Ägypter m (-)
Ägypterin f (-nen)
(female) Egyptian
ägyptisch adj
ahd. abr
to bear a likeness to , to look like, to resemble
Ahg. abr
Anhang; Anhänger
ahistorisch adj
a.h.l. abr
Lat: ad hunc locum - an dieser Stelle - at this place, here
Ahne m (-n)
ancestor; predecessor
to anticipate, forebode; to suspect, surmise; to foresee; to realize
Ahnen n
Ahnenbild n (-er)
picture of an ancestor
Ahnenerbe n
ancestral heritage
Ahnenkult m
ancestor worship
Ahnenreihe f
line of ancestors
Ahnenverehrung f
ancestor worship
Ahnherr m
(first) ancestor
ähnl. abr
ähnlich adv
like, similar
Ähnlichkeit f
Ähre f (-n)
ear (of grain)
Ährenlesen n
A.H.S. abr
 Lat: anno humanae salutatis  im Jahr des menschlichen Heils
AITB abbr
Allgemeine theologische Bibliothek. Mitau
Aitiologie f
American Journal of Economics and Sociology. New York
  American Jewish Historical Quarterly. New York
  American Journal of Philology. Baltimore
American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Philadelphia
  The American Journal of Philology. Baltimore
  American Journal of Sociology. Chicago
  American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures. Chicago
  American Journal of Theology. Divinity Faculty of the University of Chicago. Chicago
ak abr
akad. abr
Akad. abr
Akademie; Akademiker
Akad.d.K. abr
 Akademie der Künste
akademisch adj
academic; die a. Welt - academia, academe, academic world
Akademismus m
academicism, academism
Akatalepsie f
acatalepsy, incomprehensibility
Archiv für katholisches Kirchenrecht. Mainz
akausal adj
Akazie f (-n)
Akazienholz n
acacia wood
Allgemeine kirchliche Chronik. Altona
Ak.d.Wiss. abr
Akademie der Wissenschaften
Allgemeines Kirchenblatt für das evangelische Deutschland. Stuttgart
Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte. Berlin
Archiv für Kirchengeschichte von Böhmen-Mähren-Schlesien. Königstein
Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte Hamburgs. Hamburg
akk. abr
akkadisch (=Babylonisch-Assyrisch)
Akk. abr
akkad. abr
Akklamation f (-en)
acclamation; cheering
Akkolade f (-n)
accolade, brace, bracket
to couple, join together side by side; Mus: to brace, bracket
Akkordbenennung f
Mus: chordal terminology
Akkordbestimmung f
Mus: chord analysis, harmonic analysis
Akkordfolge f
succession of chords
Akkordzither f
autoharp; chord zither
Archiv für katholisches Kirchenrecht. Mainz 
Akkulturation f (-en)
Abhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes. Leipzig
A.Konst abr
(Pseud-) Apostolische Konstitution(en)
Akosmismus m
akroamatisch m
acroamatic; der a. Grundsatz - acromatic principle
akt. abr
Akt. abr
 Aktion; Aktiv
aktiv adj
active, energetic; effective; dynamic; quick
Aktivismus m
Aktivität f
Aktmaterie f
act-material, act-matter
Aktphänomenologie f
phenomenology of the act, act-phenomenology
Aktuale n
the actual, that which is actual or real
Aktualismus m
actualism, actual idealism, topicalism
Aktualitätsphilosophie f
theory of actuality
Aktualitätstheorie f
theory of actuality
actual(ly) infinite
Aktualwert m (-e)
actual value
aktuell adj
current, relevant, topical; modern, up-to-date, of the moment; existing (of the present)
Aktulisierung f
Aktutilitarismus m
act utilitarianism
Archiv für Kulturgeschichte. Berlin
Akuta f
acuta (organ)
akz. abr
Akz. abr
 Akzent;  Akzept;  Akzeptant;  Akzeptation;  Akzeß;  Akzession;  Akzidenz
Akzentschema  n
 A. eines Wortes - accentual pattern
to accent, stress; to accentuate, emphasize
Akzentuierung f (-en)
accentuation, stress; emphasis
Akzentverschiebung f (-en)
shift of accent or stress; Mus: change of beat
Akzentzeichen n (-)
grammatical accent, accent(uation) sign or mark; Mus: accent or stress mark
Akzeptabilität f
Akzeptabilitätsbedingungen pl
conditions of acceptability, acceptability conditions
Akzeptanz f
acceptance, acceptancy
Akzeptanz-Nutzen m
Akzidens n
Akzidentalien pl
accidents, accidentals
Akzidentalismus m
Akzidentalität f
 accidental; akzidentielle Aussage - accidental predication
accidental; akzidentielle Aussage - accidental predication
Allgemeine kirchliche Zeitschrift. Elberfeld 
al. abr
alemannisch;  Lat: alias  sonst
alat. abr
Albe f (-n)
Albeitbarkeit f
Albigenser f
(pl) Albigenses
Albigenser-Kreuzzüge f
(pl) crusades against the Albigenses
  Allgemeines Literaturblatt
Albumblatt n (-"er)
albumblatt, album page; album piece (poem or instrumental composition for an album)
Alchemie f
Alchemist m (-en)
alchemistisch adj
Alchimismus m
Aleatorik f
al.ed. abr
Lat: alia editione  in einer anderen Ausgabe
aleinseligmachend adj
only time redeeming or saving (faith) church, etc.
alem. abr
alergrößter adj
Aletheia f
Phil: aletheia, disclosure; unconcealment; unhiddenness; disclosedness; discoveredness
see Zitterer
Alethiologie f
alethiology, alethology
Alethologie f
alethiology, alethology  
alexandr. abr
Alexandriner f
(pl) Alexandrians
Alexandrinertum n
merely derivative scholarship; remoteness from reality
Alexandrismus m
  Arbeiten zur Literatur und Geschichte des hellenistischen Judentums. Leiden
Ausführliches Lexikon der griechischen und römischen Mythologie. Wilhelm H. Roscher, ed., Leipzig
Alibi n (-s)
alibi; excuse
Alienation f
alienation; derangement (of the mind)
to alienate
Lat: nourishment
Archiv für Literatur- und Kirchengeschichte des Mittelalters. Berlin
All n
universe, cosmos, world; (oniter) spaces; Phil: the sum of things; (noun-prefix)universally, all; (as prefix of adv it is archaic and affects the meaning)
All-Einheit f
Phil: universal unity or oneness
Allaussage f
Phil: universal sentence or statement
allbekannt adj
well-known; universally known; common knowledge
allda adv
there, at the place; at that (very) spot
all, entire, every; whole; each; any; everybody, everyone
alleg. abr
Alleg. abr
allegm. abr
Allegorese f (-n)
allegorical interpretation
Allegorie f
allegorisch adj, adv
allegoric, allegorical(ly)
allein adj, adv, conj
alone, sole; single; only, merely; (conj) but
Alleinherrschaft f
autocratic rule; (absolute) dictatorship
alleinig adj, adv
exclusive, sole, only; der a. Gott - the one and/or only God
Alleinvertretungsanspruch m (-"e)
claim to sole representation
allemal adv
always every time; in any case; indeed, certainly; however
allenfalls adj
in any event; at most, at best; perhaps, possibly; if need be, if (really) necessary; (if) by chance
allenthalben adv
everywhere; in every respect or way; on every account
Allerbarmer m
the All-merciful, God of mercy
allerchristlichst adj
most Christian
allerdings adj, adv
though; however; indeed; certainly, to be sure
allererst adj, adv
first of all
allergeringst adj
the very least
allergewissest adv
most surely
allerh. abr
allerhand; allerheiligst; allerhöchst
Allerheiligen n
All Saints' Day; Allhallows; Hallow; Hallowmas
allerheiligst adj
most holy (of all); die allerheitigste Jung frau or die Allerheilgste - the Blessed Virgin; der allerheiligste Vater - the Holy Father; the Pope
Allerheiligste n
Jew, Bibl: the sanctuary, holy of Holies; sanctum santorum; Hist: adytum or adylon; Rom Cath: the Most Blessed Sacrament; the Host; the Holy of Holies
allerhöchst adj
highest of all; the most High; (Almighty); der allerhöchste Gott - the Most High God
Allerhöchste m
(of) God; the Supreme
allerlei adj
all sorts or kinds of, various; all manner of; diverse
allerliebst adj, adv
dearest (all all); (most) delightful; most gladly
allermeist adj, adv
most of all; especially, chiefly; mostly; for the most part
the most beautiful or perfect in beauty; of perfect beauty
All Souls' Day
allerverachtetst adj
most despised
everything, everybody, all
allesamt adv
all together; all of them; to a man; one and all 
allezeit adv
always, at all times
allg. abr
allgemein - generally
Allg. abr
Allgeber m
God, Giver of all
Allgegenwart f
omnipresence; ubiquity; die A. Gottes - the omnipresence of God; die A. des Seins - the omnipresence of being
omnipresent; ubiquitous
Allgeist m
Phil: universal spirit
allgemein No information yet.
Allgemeinbegriff m (-e)
universal concept; universal or general term, notion, or idea; (pl) common notions; Lat: notiones communes
Allgemeinbildung f
all-round or general education
Allgemeine No information yet.
allgemeines Naturgesetz n
universal law of nature
Allgemeine und das Besondere n
the general or universal and the particular; allgemeine W. - univeral essence
Allgemeingültigkeit f
generality, universal or general validity
Allgemeinheit f
generality, universality; general public
Allgemeinheit f
Allgemeinheitsstufe f
level or universality or generality
Allgemeinverbindlichkeit f
generality; universal or general validity
Allgemeinwissen n
general or common knowledge
Allgemeinwohl n
public good, interest, or welfare; general good; common wealth
Allgötterei f
allgütig adj
all-bountiful; infinitely good
Allgütigkeit f
absolute goodness; omnibenevolence; all bountifulness
Allheit f
allness; the universal
Allianz f (-en)
alliance; die Evangelische A. - Evangelical Alliance
allj. abr
Allmacht f
omnipotence; unlimited power; A. Gottes - omnipotence of God
allmächtig adj
omnipotent, all mighty, all-powerful
Allmächtige m
the Almighty (God), God Almighty
Allmächtigkeit f
omnipotence; almightiness; A. Gottes - omnipotence of God
Allmachtsgefühl n (-e)
feeling of omnipotence
Allmactswunsch m (-"e)
desire or wish for omnipotence
allmählich adj, adv
gradual(ly), progressive(ly); bit by bit, in time
Allmende f
commonly owned (by a country, village, etc.) land or property
Allmenge f
Phil: universal set; universe
Allokation f (-en)
Allopathie f
Allquantor m
universal quantifier
Allsatz m
universal proposition, statement, or sentence
Allschönheit f
pankalia, the all-beautiful
allseitig adj
universal(ly); many sided(ly); from every angle; comprehensive (knowledge, etc.)
Allseitigkeit f
universality of development
Alltag m (-e)
ordinary (working) day; everyday life (routine); work-day
alltäglich adj
daily, everyday; common, trivial, routine
Alltäglichkeit f
Alltagsbewußtsein n
everyday consciousness
Alltagsdenken n
everyday thinking, common sense
Alltagserfahrung f
everyday or common experience
Alltagserkenntnis f
everyday or common-sense knowledge
Alltagskommunikation f
everyday communication
Alltagskontext m (-e)
everyday context
Alltagsleben n
everyday or ordinary life
Alltagsobjekt n
everyday object
Alltagspraxis f
everyday practice
Alltagspsychologie f
folk psychology
Alltagssprache f
everyday language, ordinary language
Alltagswelt f
workaday world
Alltagsworte f
(pl) household words
allumfassend adj, pp
all-embracing or comprehensive; all-inclusive; a. göttliche Einheit - all-inclusive divine unity; a. Göttliches - all-inclusive, divine 
allwaltend adj
supreme, sovereign, or all-ruling
Allweisheit f
infinite wisdom
allwissend adj
omniscient, all-knowing
Allwissenheit f
omniscience; A. Gottes - omniscience of God
Allzeitlichkeit f
omnitemporality (Husserl)
allzu adv
(much) too, all too, far too, over- ...
allzumal adv
altogether; all at once
Alm. abr
Almanach; Almosen
Almosen n (-)
alms; charity; pittance, handout
Almosenbüchse f (-n)
alms or poor box
Almosenempfänger m (-)
beggar, pauper; receiver of alms, charity; almsman, almswoman
Almosengeben n
Aloe f (-n)
Alogon  n
 Gr: alogon (that which is without reason, incapable of being expressed in words)
alokative Gerechtigkeit f
allocative justice
alph. abr
Alph. abr
Alphabetisierung f
als adv, conj
when; than; as, like; a. ob - that; as if
Als-Ob n
Phil: as if
als-ob-Gesetzmäßigkeit f
Phil: as if regularity
Als-Struktur f
Phil: as if regularity
alsbald adv
forthwith, immediately, as soon as possible, thereupon
alsdann adv
at that time, then, thereupon; after that, afterwards
also adj, conj
thus, so; therefore, consequently, hence
alt adj
old; aged; ancient; long-established; stale
alt. abr
alternativ; alter(=andere)
ält. abr
ältere; älterer; älteres; älteste; älterstes; ältestes
Alt m
Mus: alto; coutertenor; contralto; seriöer A. - dramatic contralto
Altapostel m (-)
early apostle
Altar m (-"e)
altar; communion table;
Altarbild n (-er)
altarpiece, altar painting
Altardiener m (-)
Altarkelch m (-e)
Altarraum m (-"e)
chancel; sanctuary
Altarschelle f (-e)
hand bell
ält. Ausg. abr
ältere Ausgabe
altchr. abr
altd. abr
altdt. abr
Alter n
age, old age
alter ego n
Lat: alter ego, second self
Altergenosse m (-n)
person of same age; contemporary
species preserving, preservative of the species
Alterhaltung  f
preservation or survival of the species
to alter, change; to vary; Mus: to inflect, alter
alteriert pp
altered, inflected
Alterierung f
Mus: alteration
Alternation f
Alternativ n
the alternative
Alternativbewegung f
alternative movement; counter-culture; sub-culture
Alternative f
Alternativgesellschaft f
alternative society
Alternativhypothese f
alternative hypothesis
Alternativlösung f
alternative solution
Alternator m
to alternate
alternierend  adj, pr perf
 alternate; alternating; intermittent; accentual (Vers, etc); a. Sprachsetzungen - alternations 
Altersdifferenzierung  f
 age differentiation
Altersgruppe  f (-en)
 age group
Altersstruktur f
age structure or pattern
Altersunterschied  m
 age differentiation
Altertum n
ancient times, (classical) antiquity; early history
altertümlich  adj
ancient; of the ancient world; archaic, of olden times; antique; antiquated, old-fashioned
alte Sprachen pl
classical languages
Älteste m (-n)
elder; presbyter; oldest, eldest; earliest (literature, times, etc)
Ältestenamt n
Ältestenrecht n
right of primogeniture
Ältester m (-n)
altgläubig adj
altgr. abr
Althegelianer m
Old Hegelian
Altistin f (-nnen)
alto (singer), contralto
altk. abr
altkath. abr
Altkath. abr
Alt.kde abr
Altruismus m
altruistisch adj
altspr. abr
altsteinzeitlich  adj
Altstimme f (-n)
contralto voice
Alttäufer m (-)
(male) Mennonite
Alttäuferin f (-nnen)
(female) Mennonite
alttest. abr
Alttestamentler m (-)
OT scholar; professor of OT
alttestamentlich adj
(of the) Old Testament
Altweiberfabel f (-n)
fables fit only for old women
  Albae vigiliae. Arbeiten aus dem Gebiet der allgemeinen Kulturwissenschaft, der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft und der Religionsgeschichte. Amsterdam
Allgemeine Literaturzeitung zunächst für das katholische Deutschland. Wien
Am abr
Amos - Amos
American Anthropologist.  Menasha, Wis.
amalekit. abr
a maximis ad minima
Lat: from the greatest to the least
Arbeiten aus dem Martin-Buber-Institut der Universität Köln. Köln
Ambiguität f
Ambivalenz f
Ambo m
Amboß m (-"sse)
Ambr. SIG
Ambrosius. Zeitschrift für Prediger. Donauwörth
ambrosianisch  adj
Ameise f (-n)
Amen n
Amer. abr
amerik. abr
Amerikanistik f
American studies
Ametrie f
AMI abbr
Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran. Berlin
the Amish
Ammaßung f
presumption; arrogance
Amme f (-n)
(wet) nurse, (children's) nurse, nanny
Ammenmärchen n (-)
fairy tale, old wife's tale
Abhandlungen aus Missionskunde und Missionsgeschichte. Aachen
Ammoniter m (-)
Allgemeine Missionsnachrichten. Hamburg
Amnesie f
Amnestie f
Arbeiten und Mitteilungen aus dem neutestamentlichen Seminar zu Uppsala. Uppsala
Lat: love; a. Dei - the love of God
Amoral f
Amoralismus m
Amoralität f
amor Dei
Lat: the love of God
amor fati m
Lat: amor fati, willing acceptance or love of one's fate
Amoriter m (-)
Amorphie f
Amorphismus m
Amos - Amos
amour de soi  
Lat: love of self
amour propre  
Lat: selfishness
Amphibiennatur des Menschen f
amphibious nature of man (Nietzsche)
Amphibolie f
amphiboly, amphibology, amphibolia
amphibolous, amphibological
Amphora f (-ren)
Ampulle f (-n)
American Quarterly. Philadelphia
Archiv für mittelrheinische Kirchengeschichte. Speyer
Allgemeine Missionsstudien. Gütersloh
Amt n (-"er)
office; post; task; official duty; ministry, ecclesiastical duty or office
amtlich adj
Amtmann m (-"er, -leute)
bailiff; district administrator; district magistrate
Amtsautorität f
authority of office
Amtsenthebung f (-en)
defrocking; unfrocking; deprivation (of benefice)
Amtshandlung f (-en)
official (pastoral) act or function; ministration; religious ceremony
Amtsträger m (-)
Amtsverlust m (-e)
loss of official position
Amtswürde f
abbacy; honor or dignity of the office
Amulett n (-e)
amulet; (lucky) charm; talisman
Amusie f
amusia; motorische A. - motor amusia; sensorische A. - sensory amusia
Allgemeine Missionszeitschrift. Monatshefte für geschichtliche und theoretische Missionskunde. Berlin
an No information yet.
Phil: in itself
Phil: (being) in itself
Anabaptismus m
Anabaptist m (-en)
Anachoret m (-en)
recluse, hermit or anchoret
Anachronismus m
Anagnorisis f
anagnorisis; recognition
Anagogé f
anagoge, anagogy
anagogisch adj, adv
anagoic(al); anagogische Deutung - anagogic interpretation
Anakrusis f (-sen)
anacrusis or anakrousis
anal. abr
 analog; analytisch
Anal. abr
Analogie; Analyse; Analytica
analoge Gotteserkenntnis f
analogous knowledge of God; knowledge of God via analogy
Gr, Lat: analogy; a. entis - analogy of being; a. fidei - analogy of faith
analogia entis f
Lat: analogy of being
analogia fidei f
Lat: analogy of faith (doctrine) (Augustine)
Analogie f (-n)
analogy (zu - to, with), similarity (to), parallelism (to), correspondence (to); leveling; counterpart; analogy form; harmonische A. - harmonic or harmonical analogy; nach A. schließen - to argue from analogy; nach A. verfahren - to analogize; stoffliche A. - material analogy
Analogieargument n
argument from analogy
Analogiebeweis m (-e)
proof by analogy
Analogiebildung n
analogy or analogical form; analogy formation, formation by analogy; leveling
Analogiedenken  n
 analogical thinking
Analogieform f
analogy or analogical form; analogy formation, formation by analogy
Analogielehre f
doctine of analogy
Analogieschluß m
analogism; inference by analogy, analogical inference; argument by or from analogy; A. ziehen - to reason by analogy, to analogize
Analogieverfahren n
method of analogy (Aristotle)
Analogiezauber m
sympathetic magic; imitative magic; voodoo (magic); hom(o)eopathic magic
to analogize
Analogismus m
analogism; analogical inference, argument by analogy
analogon rationis n
Lat: analogue of reason
Analyse f (-n)
analysis; inquiry, investigation; parsing (a sentence); test
Analyseparadox n
paradox of analysis
to analyze; to fest; to construe; to parse
Analysis f
Analytik f
analytic(s); A. der Begriffe - analytic of concepts (Kant); A. der Grundsätze - analytic of principles (Kant)
Analytiker m (-)
analytic (philosopher etc.); analyst
analytisch adj, adv
analytic(al), a. Ästhetik - analytic aesthetics; a. Aussage - analytic(al) statement; a. Einheit - analytic(al) unity (Kant)
Analytisch-Allgemeine n
(the) analytic universal (Kant)
analytisch-synthetisch-Unterscheidung f
analytic-synthetic distinction
Analytizität f
Analytizitätspostulat n
analyticity postulate
Anamnese f
anamnesis; recollection
Anamnesis f
anamnesis; recollection
Anamnesislehre f
doctrine of recollection
Ananke f
destiny; fate
Anapäst m (-e)
anapaest or anapest, antidactyl
Anapher f
Anarchie f
Anarchismus m
Anarchokapitalismus m
Anarchokommunismus m
Anathem n
anathema excommunication; ban; curse
Anathema n
anathema excommunication; ban; curse
 anatta; absence of (personal) immortal soul
Anbeginn m
(earliest or first), beginning, from the outset, origin
to concern, affect; to regard
to worship; to adore, idolize
anbetend pr p 
Anbeter n (-)
to adorer; worshiper, ardent admirer; A. von götzen votang
Anbetracht m
considering, in consideration or view of
Anbetung f (-en)
adoration, devotion; idolization; worship (of a god); divine worship
anbetungswürdig adj
holy; adorable, worthy of adoration
AnBib abbr
Analecta Biblica. Roma
anbinden vi sep
to bind, tie (up), fasten; closely linked to
anblasen vi sep
to blow at or upon; to breathe on
Anblick m
look, sight, view; aspect; spectacle
anblicken  vr sep
to look at; to glance at; to view, eye
anbrechen vi sep
to start; to break; to dawn, to broach; to open; to start on, to break into; to cut (a loaf, etc.), der Tag brach an - the day dawned
Anbruch m (-"e)
starting of; opening; beginning; crack; chip; break (of day); dawn (of era, day, etc.)
a.n.C. abr
Lat: ante nativitatem Christvor Christi Geburt
a.n.Chr. abr
Lat: ante nativitatem Christvor Christi Geburt
ancilla theologiae f
Lat: handmaiden of theology (such as philosophy, etc)
and. abr
andere; anders; andauernd; altniederdeutsch; altniederländisch; andorranisch;  Ital: andante  gehend, mäßig langsam
And. abr
Andacht; Andante; Andenken
Andacht f (-en)
devotion; devoutness; devotional (service), devout meditation; devotions, prayers
andächteln vi
to be overpious; to affect devotion
Andächtler m (-)
Andächtlerin f (-nen)
(female) hypocrite
Andachtsbild n (-er)
devotional picture or image, icon
Andachtsbuch n (-"er)
devotional book or manual; book of meditation; prayer book
andachtslos  adj, adv
irreverent(ly); undevout
andachtsvoll adj
devout, pious, devotional; reverent
andauernd pr p
continuing; lasting
Andenken n (-)
memory, remembrance; memento; souvenir
ander adj, pron
other, another; further, more (evidence, etc); different (aspects, condition, etc); next, following (day, morning, etc); else; different; alles andere - everything else; ein anderer - another (person); etwas anderes or ein anderes - something else; unter anderem - among other things; zum anderen - secondly
Andere n
Phil: the other (object, idea, etc.)
Andere m
Phil: the other (person)
Anderes  m
 another; ein A. - an other, the other(ness) (Hegel)
to change, alter, modify; to vary; to rectify; to reform
different(ly), in another way; otherwise; a. werden - to change
on the other hand
Andersgerichtetheit f
other-directedness (Heidegger)
Andersgläubige m (-n)
person of a different faith; dissenter; heretic
Andersgläubigkeit f
Andersheit f
Phil: otherness (Plato)
Anderssein No information yet.
Anderswerden  n
 becoming other, othering (Hegel)
anderswo adv
elsewhere, somewhere else
anderswohin adv
to another place, elsewhere, somewhere else
Änderung f (-en)
change, modification, alteration, varia­tion; correction; shift
to point out; to hint (at); to indicate; to suggest; to insinuate, imply;
Andreas m
Androgynie f
Androphobie f
androzentrisch adj
Androzentrismus m
Analecta ecclesiastica. Roma
Aneignung f
appropriation (Marx); assimilation (Jaspers); Aneignung - aesthetic appropriation
Aneignungsprozeß m
process of appropriation
aneinander adv
together, to one another
a nemine
Lat: from no one or none
anempfehlen vi
to recommend; to counsel, advise
anempfinden vi
(refl) to appreciate or to share the feelings of others
Ancient Near East in Pictures Relating to the Old Testament. James B. Pritchard, Princeton, N.J.
anerk. abr
Anerk. abr
anerkannt adj, pp
acknowledged, recognized, admitted, accepted, allowed, authorized
anerkennen vi sep
to recognize (als - as); to accept; to acknowledge; to appreciate; to allow; to approve; to honor; to accept; to admit (guilt, debt, etc)
Anerkenntnis  f
 recognition (Hegel)
Anerkennung f
acknowledgment; recognition, A. finden - to win recognition, to meet with approval
Anerkennungserwartung f (-en)
expectation of recognition
Anerkennungswürdigkeit f
worthiness of being recognized (Habermas)
ANFa abbr
Ante-Nicene Fathers. New York
anfahren vr sep
to drive up to; to drive or strike against; to address angrily
Anfall  m (-"e)
attack, assault; raid; share, part (in inheritance); (pl.) yearly returns, yield; fit, attack
Anfang  m (-"e)
beginning, start, onset, outset; Mus: intonation; incipit
anfangen vi sep
to begin, start; to set about; to commence; to originate
Anfänger m (-)
beginner; novice; learner
Anfängergeist m
beginner's mind
Anfang in der Zeit m
beginning in time
anfänglich adj, adv
initial; incipient; primary; original; first; rudimentary, primitive, at first
anfangs adv
at the beginning or start; at first; originally; initially; to start or begin with
Anfangsgrund der Erfahrung m
starting point of experience (Kant)
Anfangsgrund der Erkenntnis m
starting point of knowledge, antecedent ground of knowledge (Kant)
Anfangsgründe  f
first principles; rudiments, principles, elements
Anfangslosigkeit f
Anfangsmenge f
Phil: initial set
Anfangszustand m
initial state
anfassen vt sep
to take hold of, grasp, seize
anfechtbar adj
questionable; contestable; disputable; vulnerable; controversial; open to opinion or critic
Anfechtbarkeit  f
contestableness, contestability; questionableness; disputability; defeasibility
to dispute, combat, contest to attack, challenge
Anfechtung f (-en)
temptation; trial, tribulation
anfeinden vr sep
to show enmity, ill-will or hostility towards
Anfeindung f (-en)
persecution; enmity; hostility, ill will
anfertigen vr sep
to make, manufacture, fabricate; to prepare; to write, to document, draw up (document, etc.
anflehen vt
to implore, supplicate; to beseech, entreat; to invoke; to appeal to
Anflehung f
supplication, invocation; imploration, entreaty; beseediment
anfordern vr sep
to demand; to require; to claim; to request
Anforderung f (-en)
demand: requirements; request; claim
anfreunden vr sep
 (refl) to form or strike up a friendship; to make friends with someone; to become friends
anfügen vr sep
to join; to attach; to add; to affix; to annex
anfühlen vr sep
to feel, to touch; (refl) to feel like
anführen vr sep
to cite, quote; to put forth; to lead (on); to guide
Anführer m (-)
leader; head; commander; instigator
Anführung f
quotation, mention; adduction
anfüllen vr sep
to fill (up), to cram, to stuff
Ang. abr
Angabe; Angehörige(r); Angestellte(r)
a.n.g. abr
anderweitig nicht genannt
Angabe No information yet.
angeben vi sep
to indi­cate, mention, state, give (a reason, etc); to declare; to quote, cite; to claim, allege; to show, point to; to pretend
angebl. abr
angeblich adj, adv
supposed; reputed; alleged; ostensible; pretended; supposedly, ostensibly, reputedly
angeboren adj
innate, inborn, inherent; natural; congenital; hereditary; Phil: connate, innate; a. Begriff - innate concept; a. Erkenntnis - innate knowledge; a. Neigung - innate (pre)disposition, inborn tendency;  a. Wissen - innate knowledge
Angeborenheit f
Phil: innateness
Angeborenheitshypothese f
Phil: innateness hypothesis (Chomsky)
Angeborenheitsthese f
innateness thesis; innatism
Angebot n (-)
 offer, proposal, proposition
angebracht adj
advisable; appropriate; proper
angef. abr
angefangen; angefordert; angeführt
angefaßt p p, adj
angeh. abr
angehoben; angehörend; angehörig
angehen vi sep
to approach, to apply to; to be related to; to begin, commence; to grow; Arch: to slope up, rise, ascend; das geht mich an - that concerns me
angehören vr sep
to belong to; to be a member of
angek. abr
angekommen; angekündigt
Angel f (-n)
fishing rod or line; door hinge
angelegen pp, adj
(refl) lassen - to make (something) one's business or concern; to look after (something)
Angelegenheit f (-en)
matter; concern, business, affair;
angeloben vr sep
to vow; to promise (solemnly); (refl) to vow or or promise oneself to get married
Angelöbnis n (-se)
vow, solemn protestation, promise
Angelologie f
analogy, doctrine of angels
Angelos  SIG
Angelos. Archiv für neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte. Leipzig
angels. abr
Angelus m (-)
Angelus (angel, messenger)
angelus Domini
Lat: the angel of the Lord
Angelus-Läuten n
ringing the angelus; ave-bell, angelus-bell
angemessen adj
appropriate (to, for); adequate (for); proper, fitting; fair, reasonable
Angemessenheit f
appropriateness; adequacy; fittingness; A. der Mittel - appropriateness of means
angen. abr
angenehm adj, adv
agreeable; pleasant, pleasing; gratifying; agreeably; pleasantly
Angenehme n
(the) aggreeable (Kant)
angenommen  adj
 assumened, alleged
angepaßt  adj
Anger m (-)
(village) green; meadow; pasture; lawn
angeschlagen pp, adj
chipped (pottery, etc); hurt, down and out, groggy
angesehen adj
esteemed, respected; reputable; distinguished, notable
Angesicht n (-er)
countenance; face; sight; view; im Schweiße seines A. - in the sweat of his brow
angesichts prep (gen)
in the presence of; in view of; consid­ering (that); seeing that; in the face of or faced with (death, etc)
angewandt f, pp
 applied; A. Forschung - applied research; A. Kunst - applied or decorative art
mutual, reciprocal dependency
angewinkelt  pp, adj
Arch: bent in
angl. abr
Angl. abr
Angleichung; Angliederung; Anglikaner
Angleichung f (-en)
assimilation; adjustment (to); adaptation (to)
AnglF  SIG
Anglistische Forschungen. Heidelberg
anglik. abr
Anglikaner m (-)
anglikanisch adj
Anglikanische Kirche f
Anglican Church, Church of England
Anglikanismus m
angreifen vi sep
to attack, assault; to undertake, grapple with, tackle, set about; to seize, lay or ta­ke hold of         
Angriff m (-e)
attack; assault; invasion; aggression
Angriffskrieg m (-e)
war of aggression
Angst f (-"e)
anxiety; fear; anguish; phobia; dread; existentielle A. - angst; existential dread; A. vor dem Nichts - fear of nothingness (Satre); A. vor dem Über-Ich - fear of the super-ego
angst adj
frightened, scared; apprehensive; alarmed, anxious
Angstgeschrei n
cry of terror or anguish
ängstlich adj
anxious; timid; uneasy
Angstlust f
angstlust, thrill
Angstneurose f
anxiety neurosis
Angstzustand m
anxiety state
Anh. abr
Anhall m
Mus: build-up, onset of vibration
Anhalt m
support; hold; clue, idea
anhalten vi sep
to stop; to pull up; to spur on, urge, encourage; (refl) to cling to; to hold on to
anhand prep gen or von
by means of; in the light of; on the basis of
anhängen vi sep
 to stick to; to affix, add, fasten; to hold or cling on to; to remain faithful
Anhänger m (-)
follower; disciple; supporter
Anhäufung f (-en)
accumulation, increase
anheben vi sep
to raise, lift; to begin; to commence; Mus: to boost (a frequency)
to fasten to, to affix
anheimstellen vr sep
to suggest; to submit; to leave to (a person, God, etc.)
anhören vr sep
to hear; to listen to
Anhören n
hearing; listening to
Anhpkt. abr
Anima  f (-s)
anima, soul-female aspect of the human spirit (as seen unconsciously by a man) (Jung)
Lat: wind, breath, life; soul, rational soul of any human being (Descartes)
animalisch adj
bestial, brutish, animal, animalische Natur des Menschen - animal/bestial/brutish nature of man
Animalität f
animality (Kant)
animal rationale  
rational animal
animal sociale  
social animal (Aristotle)
Animation f
Animismus m
Animist m (-en)
Animus m
animus (the male aspect of the human spirit (as seen unconsciously by a woman) (Jung)
Anker m (-)
ANKG(W) abbr
Archiv für die neueste Kirchengeschichte. Weimar
Anklage f (-n)
charge; inditement; accusation; indictment
anklagen vr sep
to accuse; to charge; to indict
Ankläger m (-)
accuser; plaintiff
anklägerisch adj
prone to accuse
Anklageschrift f (-en)
(bill of) indictment; accusation
Anklang m
Mus: accord; underton; echo, reminiscence (an - of); Ling: assonace; alliteration; A. finden - to be well received, meet with approval
ankleben vr sep
to stick to, adhere; to glue or paste on
to knock (at); to rap
anknüpfen vr sep
to connect, link; to enter into; to begin, start up; to refere to; to tie, fasten with; to join; an etws a. - to resume
Anknüpfung f
connection, link
Anknüpfungspunkt m (-e)
starting point; point of reference; point of contact
ankommen vi sep
to arrive; to depend (auf -- on); to approach; to befall
Ankömmling m (-e)
new, arrival; newcomer; a newborn (infant, child)
ankünden vr sep
to announce, proclaim; to declare
ankündigen vr sep
to announce, proclaim; to declare
Ankündigung f
announcement, declaration, proclamation
Ankunft f (-"e)
arrival; advent
Anlage No information yet.
Anlaß m (-"sse)
reason; cause; motive; occasion; inducement
Anlauf m (-e)
start; attempt; attack, advance, change; Arch: escape, apophyge
anlaufen vi sep
to start or begin; to run up to or against
anläuten vr sep
to ring-up
anlegen vi sep
to set up, begin, start; to lay or put on (or against); to apply; to lean against; to lie against, to adhere to; to land; (refl) to oppose, get into a fight (with someone)
anleiten vr sep
to introduce; to guide or direct; to instruct or train
Anleitung f (-en)
guidance, instruction, direction; introduction; guide
anliegen vi sep
to lie near or close to, to be adjacent to, border on; to entreat (someone)
Anliegen n (-)
request; desire; wish; intent; concern; matter, affair, business
anlocken vr sep
to attract; to allure; to entice, lure
Anlockung f (-en)
enticement; attraction; allurement
Anlockungsmittel n (-)
lure; decoy; bait
anlügen vi sep
to lie to (a person's face); to lie (brazenly)
Anm. abr
Anmerkung(en) - note
anmaßen vr sep
to presume; to claim; to assume; to arrogate
Anmaßung f (-en)
presumption; arrogance; usurpation; insolence
anmerken vr sep
to perceive; to observe, to remark, to notice, to note, to write down, mark
Anmerkung f (-en)
remark; observation; note; comment; anno­tation
Anmut f
grace, gracefulness; charm; attractiveness; sweetness of manner, pleasantness; elegance; amenity
 to request
anmutig adj
graceful(ly); charming; lovely, pleasant
Anmutung  f (-en)
ann. abr
 annullieren; annulliert
Ann. abr
 Annahme; Annalen; Annullierung; Annotatio(n)
Annahme f (-n)
assumption; supposition; hypothesis; belief; acceptance; reception
Annahmeeinführung f
Phil: introduction of an assumption or a hypothesis
Annahmenkalkül m/n
calculus of assumptions, assumption calculus
Annales-Tradition f
annals tradition
annehmbar adj
annehmen vi sep
to take; to accept; to receive; to assume, suppose; to take for granted
Lat: annica; impermanenance
Annihilation  f
Annihilationismus m
Anomalie  f (-n)
Anomia  f
 anomie, anomie, anomy, state of lawlessness or normlessness (in individual conduct, society, or state, etc.); loss of order
Anomie No information yet.
anomisch  adj
 anomic (see: Anomie)
anon. abr
anonym adj
anonymous, anonymer Christ - anonymous Christian (Rahner)
Anonymität f
anordnen vr sep
to arrange or order (something); to lay or set out; to order, command or decree
Anordnung f (-en)
compostion (of scenes or motifs)
anpassen vr sep
to suit to; to adapt oneself (to), adjust; to assimilate; to conform (to); to accommodate; to fit
Anpassung f (-en)
adjustment, accomodation; adaptation
anpassungsfähig adj
adaptable; adaptive; accommodating; flexible; conformable; versatile
Anpassungsfähigkeit f (-en)
adaptability, adaptiveness; flexibility; geistige A. - versatility
anrechnen vr sep
to allow, credit; to charge; to deduct; to take into account
Anrecht n (-e)
entitlement; right, title, claim (auf -to); qualification; eligibility
anreden vr sep
to address or speak to
anregen vr sep
to stimulate, inspire; to suggest, propose; to animate
Anregung f (-en)
stimulus, encouragement, impulse
anreißen  vi sep
Mus: to pluck (a string)
Anreiz m (-e)
anrichten vr sep
to regulate; to produce; to cause; to prepare
anrücken vr sep
to approach, draw near; to advance
Anruf m (-e)
call; challenge; appeal; address (Heidegger)
anrufen vi sep
to call (upon); to invoke; to appeal to; to challenge
Anrufung f (-en)
invocation; appeal to (higher authority, court, etc)
anrühren vr sep
to touch
ansagen vr sep
to announce; to notify
Ansatz (-"e)
beginning, start; extension, appendage
anschaffen vi sep
to procure; to provide, to buy, purchase
anschauen No information yet.
anschaulich adj
clear; visual; vivid; concrete
Anschaulichkeit f
intuitiveness; vividness; clarity
Anschauung No information yet.
Anschauungsbild n (-er)
eidetic or sensory image; mental image
Anschauungsform f
form of intuition or perception (Kant)
Anschauungssatz m
intuitive proposition; intuitive clause
Anschauungsvermögen n
Phil: faculty of intuition (Kant)
Anschein m
appearance, look; semblance; probability; A. erwecken - to give the impression
to get ready for, to prepare oneself to do something, to proceed to do something, to set about doing something
Anschlag m (-"e)
assault, attack
to strike against, upon, or at, to sound, to ring, to affix, to stick up, to estimate, to value, to splice (a rope); to strike or fall against, to take effect, to operate
to attach, to join (up), to connect (dat - to), to link up (with), to addon (to); to join (company) (dat - with), to attach oneself (to), to agree, to comply, to adjoin, to follow immediately, to close the ranks, to close up
Anschluß m (-"sse)
annexation; joining, union; connection; (im A. -- an); subse­quent to, following; in connection with; with reference to 
to join closely, to adapt; to nestle against, to snuggle up to, to cling to, to conform to
anschreiben vi sep
to note or write down; to write to
anschwellen  vi sep
to grow louder, rise into a crescendo; to swell (up); to increase
anschwingen vi sep
to begin to vibrate (a string or organ pipe)
ansehen vi sep
to look at, view; to examine; to regard, consider
Ansehen n
appearance; authority; honor
ansetzen  vr sep
Mus: to pitch
Ansich No information yet.
an sich  
  in-itself; implicitly; an sich (selbst) - in itself, on its own part
Ansichsein  n
 Phil: (the) in-itself-ness; being-in-itself (Hegel, Heidegger)
an sich sein  
being in itself
Ansicht No information yet.
ansingen  vi sep
Mus: to attack (a note)
anspannen vr sep
to yoke to, hitch; to stretch; to bend (sails); to strain, exert
anspeien vi sep
to spit at or upon
anspielen  vr sep
to try out (an instrument); to strike, attack (a note); to begin to play (a piece of music)
Anspielung f (-en)
allusion (auf - to); hint; insinuation
Ansprache f (-n)
address, speech
ansprechen vi sep
to speak to, address; to appeal to, interest
Anspruch m (-"e)
claim; right;  pretension, (auf - to); demand (auf - for);  in A. nehmen - to lay claim to, make use of; to demand
Anspruchsrecht n
claim right; entitlement
Anstaltsseelsorger m (-)
chaplain (of a prison, hospital, etc)
Anstand m
propriety; decency; good manners or behavior
Anständigkeit f
decency; propriety; respectability
anstatt gen prep
instead of, in place of
anstecken vr sep
to catch on; to infect; to be infected; to stick or put on; to set on fire, kindle (a fire)
Ansteckung f (-en)
contagion; infection
to cause, begin, start (a problem, fight, etc.); to plot; to provoke
Anstiftung f (-en)
instigation; contriving
anstimmen vr sep
to strike up; to intone; to begin to sing, break into (a song); to begin to play
Anstoß No information yet.
anstoßen vi sep
to strike; to push against; to give offense; to stumble against
anstößig adj
Anstößigkeit f
anstreben vr sep
to aim at; to strive for; to aspire
Anstrengung f (-en)
effort; excertions; strain; initiations
ant. abr
anteilig; antik; antiquarisch
Ant. abr
Anteil(e); Antenne; Antiphon; Antiqua; Antiquar(iat); Antiquitäten
ANT abbr
Apocrypha Novi Testamenti. Assen
Antagonismus m
antasten vr sep
to touch
AntBibl abr
Antiquitates Biblicae des Pseudo-Philo
Antecedens m (-ntien)
Anteil m (-e)
share (in); part (in);  interest (in); concern (about); sympathy
Antezedens m (-ntien)
Antezedensbedingung f (-en)
antecedent condition
Anth. abr
Anthol. abr
Anthologie f (-n)
anthologisch adj
Anthologist m (-en)
anthr. abr
Anthr. abr
Anthropologe; Anthropologie
anthrop. abr
Anthrop. abr
Anthropologe; Anthropologie
Anthropinon n
human characteristic
Anthropismus m
Anthropodizee f
anthropogen adj
of human origin, anthropogenic; caused or made by humans
Anthropogenese f
anthropogenesis, anthropogeny
Anthropogenie f
anthropogenesis, anthropogeny
Anthropogonie f
Anthropographie f
Anthropoide m (-n)
anthropol. abr
Anthropol. abr
Anthropologe; Anthropologie
Anthropolatrie f
Anthropologie f
Anthropologismus m
Anthropometrie f
anthropometrisch adj
anthropometrical, anthrometric
anthropomorph  adj
Anthropomorphe m
to anthropomorphize
Anthropomorphismus m
Anthroposophie f
anthroposophy (Steiner)
Anthropotheologie f
Anthropozentrismus m
Anti-Held m
Anti-Illusionismus m
A. Kunst - anti-illusionist art, anti-illusionism
Anti-Intellektualismus m
Anti-Kunst f
antianalytisch  adj
antiantoritär adj
Antiautoritäre f
Antichrist  m
antichristlich adj
Gr: antichrist
Antidemokrat m
antidemokratisch adj
Antideterminismus m
Antidogmatismus m
Antifaschismus m
Antifaschist m (-en)
Antihumanismus m
Antikantianismus m
Antike f
antiquity; ancient world; klassische A. classical antiquity
antiklerikal adj
Antiklerikale m, f (-n)
Antiklerikalismus m
Antiklinale f
Antikommunismus m
Antikonzeption f (-en)
Antikörper m (-)
Antikritik f (-en)
Antiliberalismus m
Antilogie f (-n)
antilogy; self-contradiction (Kant)
Antilogik f
Antilogismus m
Antiloquium n
Antimachiavellismus m
antimachiavell(ian)ism (Frederick the Great)
Antimaterie f
antimetaphysisch  adj
Antimilitarismus m
Antimoral f
antimoralisch adj
Antimoralismus m
Antimoralist m (-en)
Antinaturalismus m
Antinomie f (-n)
antinomy; A. der Definierbarkeit - antinomy of definability; A. der (reflektierenden) Urteilskraft - antinomy of (reflective) judg(e)ment (Kant); A. der praktischen Vernunft - antinomy or practical reason (Kant); A. der heterologischer Terme - antinomy of heterological terms; Antinomien der Mengenlehre - settheoretic paradoxes; Antinomien des bürgerlichen Denkens - antinomes of bourgeois thought (Lukacs)
Antinomienlehre f
theory or doctrine of the antinomies (Kant)
antinomisch adj
Antinomismus m
Antipapismus m
antipapism, antipopery
antipapistisch adj
antipapal; antipapist
Antipartikel n
Antipathie f
Antiphon f
antiphonal  adj
Antiphonale n (-n)
antiphonal, antiphonary, antiphoner
Antiphonar n (-e)
antiphonal, antiphonary, antiphoner
Antiphone f (-n)
antiphonisch adj
Antiplatonismus m
Antipode m
antipode, exact opposite
Antipositivismus m
antiqu. abr
Antiqu. abr
Antiquitäten; Antiquar(iat)
Antiqu.Hdl. abr
Antiquitätenhandel; Antiquitätenhändler
Antiqu.Kat. abr
Antirealismus m
antirealism, anti-realism
antis. abr
antisem abr
Antisemitismus m
antisemitsch adj
Antiskeptizismus m
antisozial adj
Antispeziesismus m
Antiszientismus m
Antitheater n
Antithese f
antithesis, direct contrast; counter-thesis
Antithetik f
antithetics; Antithetik der reinen Vernunft - antithetics of pure reason (Kant)
antithetisch adj
Antiutopie f
Antizipation f
anticipation; Antizipationen der Wahrnehmung - anticipations of perception (Kant)
to anticipate
antizipierend pr p, adj
anticipating, anticipatory; a. Bewußtsein - anticipatory consciousness (Bloch)
antizipierendes Bewußtsein n
anticipatory consciousness (Bloch)
antizyklisch adj
Annalen der neuesten theologischen Literatur und Kirchengeschichte. Rinteln
Anton. abbr
Antonianum. Roma
Antonymie f
Antr. abr
Antrag; Anträge; Antritt
antreffen vi sep
to find; to encounter, come across; to meet with
antreiben vi sep
to drive or urge on; to drive; to power; to drift ashore
antreten vi sep
to take one's place; to line up; to start up
Antrieb m
impulse; drive
Antriebsursache f
source of movement (Aristotle); Phil: moving or efficient cause
ANTT abbr
Arbeiten zur neutestamentlichen Textforschung. Berlin
antun vi sep
to put on (clothes), to inflict (harm, etc.) on, to injure; to insult
Antw. abr
Antwort f (-en)
answer, reply (auf -- to)
to answer, reply; to respond; to react
Antwortschema n
an und für sich  
in and for itself
Anundfürsichsein n
Phil: being-in-and-for-itself (Hegel)
anvertrauen vr sep
to confide; to entrust; to trust with
Anwalt m (-"e)
lawyer, attorney, solicitor
anweisen vi sep
to teach, instruct; to direct; to order; to assign
Anweisung f (-en)
direction; instruction, order; regulation; specification
anwenden vi sep
to use; to apply; to employ
Anwendung f (-en)
use, employment, application
Anwendungsbereich m
range of application
Anwendungsfeld n (-er)
field of application
Anwendungswissen n
practical, know-how; Phil: knowledge
anwerben vi sep
to enlist; to recruit; to enroll; to hire
anwesend adj
present (bei - at); a. sein - to be present, to attend; to be at hand
Anwesenheit f
Phil: presence; die Anwesenheit Gottes - presence of God
Anz. abr
Anzahl; Anzeiger
Anzahl No information yet.
Anzeichen n (-)
signal; clue; omen, foreboding
anzeichnen vr sep
to mark, note; to index
Anzeige f (-n)
announcement; notification; notice
anzeigen vr sep
to indicate; to show, point out; to announce, notify
anziehen vi sep
to put on (clothes, etc.); to draw, pull
Anziehung f
Anziehungskraft f
attraction, appeal; power or force of attraction, attractive power or force
anzünden vr sep
to kindle, light (a fire)
ao. abr
 außerordentlicher (Professor)
AO abbr
Der alte Orient. Leipzig
Alter Orient und Altes Testament. Kevelaer
Altorientalische Bilder zum Alten Testament. Hugo Greßmann, ed., Tübingen
a.o.c. abr
Lat: anno orbis conditim Jahre nach der Erschaffung der Welt
Acta orientalia (academiae scientiarum Hungaricae. Acta orient(alia) Hung(arica)). Budapest
Äolsharfe f
Aeolian harp
Äolsklavier n (-se)
Aeolian piano
Äon m
eon, aeon
Aor. abr
AöR abr
Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts; Archiv des öffentlichen Rechts
AOR abbr
Annals of Oriental Research. Madras
American Oriental Series. New Haven, Conn.
Altorientalische Texte zum Alten Testament. Hugo Greßmann, ed., Tübingen
ap. abr
Ap. abr
Apagogé f
Apokryphen und Pseudepigraphen des Alten Testaments. Emil Kautzsch, ed., Tübingen
Apathie f
Abhandlungen der (K.) Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Berlin
Apologetische Blätter
a.p.C. abr
Lat: anno post Christum natum  im Jahre nach der Geburt Christi
Apeiron n
the unbounded, the unlimited
Gr: disobedience
apers. abr
Apersonalismus m
Aperspektivität f
Phil: aperspectivity
Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete. Berlin
APFaith  SIG
  Annals of the Propagation of the Faith. London
Apfel m (-")
Apfelbaum m (-"e)
apple tree
Apg. abr
Apostelgeschichte - Acts
Apg abr
Apostelgeschichte - Acts
APG(F) abbr
Abhandlung zur Philosophie und ihrer Geschichte. R. Falkenberg, ed. Leipzig
Archiv für Philosophie. Stuttgart
Aphasie f
aphasia; language loss, loss of the faculty of speech
aphilosphisch adj
aphilosophical; none-philosophical
aphonia, loss of the voice
Aphor. abr
Aphorismus m
aphoristisch adj
Aphronesis f
Acta Pontificii Instituti Biblici (et Orientalis). Roma
Apk abr
Apokalypse des Johannes (Geheime Offenbarung); Apokalypti; Offenbarung, Apokalypse - Revelation
ApkAbr abr
Apokalypse Abrahams
ApkBar(gr) abr
griech. Baruch-Apokalypse
ApkBar(syr) abr
syrische Baruch-Apokalypse
ApkEl abr
 Apokalypse des Elija
ApkEz abr
Apokalypse des Ezechiel
ApkMos abr
 Apokalypse des Mose
ApkPetr abr
Apokalypse des Petrus
ApkSedr abr
Apokalypse des Sedrach
ApkZef abr
Apokalypse des Zefanja
Apoc. abr
apodeiktisch adj
Apodiktik f
apodiktisch adj
apod(e)ictics; a. Gewißheit - apod(e)ictic certainty (Kant)
Gr: copy of an original
apok. abr
Apok. abr
 Apokalypse; Apokalyptik; Apokalyptiker; Apokope
apokal. abr
Apokalypse f
apocalypse; the Apocalypse
Apokalypseblindheit f
apocalyptic blindness
apokalyptisch adj
apocalyptic; die apokalyptischen Reiter - the (four) apocalyptic horsemen, the (four) horsemen of the Apocalypse
Apokatastase f
apocatastasis, restitution
Gr: restoration
apokr. abr
Apokr. abr
apokryph adj
apocryphal; apokryphe Schriften - apocrypha
Apokryphen (pl)
apokryphe Schriften  
apokryphisch adj
ApolCA abr
Apologia Confesionis Augustanae
apolitisch adj
apolitical; a. Haltung - apolitical attitude
apollinisch adj
Apologet m (-en)
Apologetik f
apologetisch adj
Apologie f (-n)
apologia; apology
Apophantik f
apophantics; logic of proposition (Husserl)
apophantisches Als n
apophantic as; (the) apophantic assertion (Heidegger)
Aporem n
Aporetik f
Aporie f
apost. abr
Apostasie f
Apostat m
Apostel m (-)
Apostelamt n
the Acts of the Apostles
Aposteldienst m
ministry as an apostle
Apostelgeschichte f
Acts of the Apostles
Apostellehre f
Didache (the teaching of the twelve apostles)
a posteriori
Lat: from the latter
aposteriorisch adj
a posteriori; a. Urteil - a posteriori judg(e)ment
Aposteriortät f
a posteriori nature or quality
Apostolat n
Apostolikum m
the Apostles' Creed
apostolisch adj
apostolic; das a. Glaubensbekenntnis - the Apostles' Creed; der a. Stuhl - the Apostolic See; das a. Zeitalter - the Apostolic Age
apostolische Glaubensbekenntnis n
Apostles' Creed
apostolische Stuhl m
Apostolic See
apostolische Zeitalter n
Apostolic Age
Apotheose f
apotrop. abr
apotropäisch  adj
App. abr
Appellativ(um); Appendix; Apposition; Apparat
Appar. abr
Apparat m (-e)
apparatus, equipment; research material; reference books
Apparenz f
appellierende f
appellative or appeal function of language (Bühler)
Apperzeption f
apperzeptiv adj
Appetenzverhalten n
appetence or appetency behavior
appetitus intellectualis m
Lat: intellectual appetite (Aquinas)
appetitus naturalis m
Lat: natural appetite (Aquinas)
appetitus sensitivus m
Lat: sensitivous or sensual appetite
Applikabilität f
Applikation f
Applikatur f
Appos. abr
appr. abr
approbieren; approbiert
APPR abbr
Abhandlungen zur Philosophie, Psychologie und Soziologie der Relionen. Würzburg
Appräsentation f
Apprehensibilität f
apprehensio fiducialis
Lat: faithful apprehension
Apprehension f
approb. abr
approbieren; approbiert
Appropriation f
Ap.Prot. abr
 Apostolischer Protonotar
Approximationssatz m
Phil: approximation theorem
American Philosophical Quarterly. Pittsburgh
apr. abr
apriorisch; apropos
Apr. abr
a.p.R.c. abr
Lat: anno post Romam conditam  im Jahre nach der Gründung Roms
Apriori n
(the) a priori
a priori
Lat: from the former
Apriorismus m
Apriorität f
a priori nature or quality; the property of being a priori
Apsis f (-siden)
apse, apsis
Acta Philosophica et Theologica. Roma
Arbeiten zur Pastoraltheologie. Göttingen
a.pto. abr
Lat: anno passato  im vergangenen Jahre
Aqr. abr
Äquifinalität f
Äquilibrismus m
äquipollent  adj
Äquipollenz f (-en)
equipollence, equipollency
Äquipotentialität f
equipotentiality (Driesch)
äquipotentiell adj
of equal power
Äquiprobabilismus m
äquiv. abr
äquivalent adj
Äquivalenz f (-en)
Äquivalenzprinzip n
exclusion principle; principle of equivalence
Äquivalenzrelation f
equivalence relation
Äquivalenzschema n
Phil: equivalence formula
äquivok adj
Äquivokation f (-en)
a.r. abr
 Lat: anno regni  im Jahre der Herrschaft, Regierung
arab. abr
arabisch; arabicus
Arab. abr
 Araber; Arabien; Arabische
Araber m (-)
Arabeske f (-n)
arabeskenhaft adj
Arabien n
arabisch adj
Arabian, Arabic; a. Ziffern - Arabic numerals
Arabist m (-en)
Arabist, the Arab's scholar
Arabistik f
Arabic studies or scholarship
aram. abr
aramäisch adj
Arb. abr
Arbeit f (-en)
work, labor; job; project; treatise, paper
to labor, toil; to work; to make; to execute
Arbeiter m (-)
worker, workman, laborer
Arbeiterrevolution f
proletarian revolution
Arbeiterschaft f
workforce; body of workers; employees (laborers, workers)
Arbeitgeber m
Arbeitnehmer m
Arbeitsbalg m
feeder (organ)
Arbeitsbedingung f (-en)
working condition, conditions of work
Arbeitsethik f
work ethics
Arbeitsethos n
 work ethos; ethic
Arbeitslied n (-er)
work song
Arbeitslohn m
Arbeitsmittel n
means or instrument of work or labor
Arbeitsmoral f
workplace morale, on-the-job morale
Arbeitsproduktivität f
work productivity
Arbeitsprozeß m
labor or work process
Arbeitsteilung f
division of work or labor
Arbeitsvermögen n
capacity to work
Arbeitswert m
value or work
Arbeitszeit f
work(ing) time
Arb.Geb. abr
Arb.Gem. abr
Arbiträrität f
Arb.Kr. abr
arbor scientiae boni et mali
Lat: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
arbor vitae
Lat: tree of life
arch. abr
archaisch; archäologisch; archetypisch; architektonisch; archrivalisch; archivieren; Architektur
Arch. abr
Archäologe; Archäologie; Archetyp; Archipel; Architekt; Architektur; Archiv; Archivar;  Archivio; Engl: Archaeology; Archive(s)
archaisch  adj
archaic; a. Stil - archaic style
Archäologe m (-n)
Archäologie f
archeology; A. der Wissensbereiche - archeology of epistemes
archäologisch  adj, adv
archeological(ly); a. Isomorphismen - archeological isomorphism (Foucault)
Arch.Ass. abr
Arch.Dir. abr
Arche f (-n)
(Noah's) ark; ark of the covenant - cf  Bundeslade, Lade; Mus: wind-chest (organ); west-plank or string-plate (piano)
arché f
origin; beginning; ruling principle
Archetyp m
Archeus m
archeus, vital principle
Archidiakon m (-e)
Archimedisches Axiom n
Archimedean axiom
Archimedisches Prinzip n
Archimedes principle
Archimedischter Punkt m
Archimedean point
Archipresbyter m (-)
arch priest
Architektonik f
architectonic; architecture; structure; A. der Begriffe - conceptual architecture (Kant); A. der reinen Vernunft - (the) architectonic of pure reason (Kant); A. architektonische - architectonic (Kant)
architektonisch  adj
Architektur f (-en)
Architekturtheorie f
theory of architecture
Archiv n (-e)
archive(s), records; record office
Archivar m (-e)
archivist; keeper of records (public, a society, etc.)
Archivexemplar n (-e)
archive, archival, or original copy, file-copy
Archivmaterial n
records, record or archival material
Archologie f
Ancient Records of Egypt. James Henry Breasted, ed., Chicago
Areal n (-e)
area; tract; region
ArEc abbr
Archiva Ecclesiae. Vaticano
Areligiosität f
irreligiosity; religiouslessness, religionlessness, irreligiousness
Ärenleser m (-)
Aretologie n (-e)
aretology, theory of virtue(s)
arg adj
bad; wicked, evil; deceitful
Ärger m
anger, irritation
ärgerlich adj
angry; annoying; provoking
ärgern vr, vrl
to annoy; to provoke; to anger, make angry; vrf sich ä. - to take offense, be angry (über - at, over)
Ärgernis n (-se)
offense; annoyance; stambling block; anger; scandal
Argheit f
wickedness; malice; deceit
Arglist f
cunning; deceitfulness; malice
arglistig adj
crafty, cunning; deceitful; malicious
arglos adj
unsuspecting, unsuspicious; guileless; simple, artless; naive; innocent, harmless
Argument n (-e)
argumenta naturae
Lat: arguments from nature
Argumentation f
Argumentationsfehler f
Argumentationsfeld n
field of argument
Argumentationsgemeinschaft f
community of argumentation
Argumentationslehre f
argumentation theory
Argumentationsmuster n (-)
pattern of argument
Argumentationsteilnehmer m (-)
participant in argumentation
Argumentationstheorie f
argumentation theory
to argue; to reason
Lat: argument; a. ad hominem - ad hominem argument; a. ad ignorantiam - argument from ignorance; a. ad misericordiam - appeal to (the emotion) of pity; a. ad verecundiam - appeal to authority; a. e consensu gentium - argument from common consent; a. e contrario - argument from the contrary; a. ex concesso - argument ex concesso; a. negativum
Argwohn m
suspicion; mistrust
Arianisierung f
Arianismus m
Arie f (-n)
Arist abr
Aristipp m
Aristob abr
Aristokratie f
Aristokratismus m
Aristoteles m
Aristotelianismus m
Aristoteliker  m
Aristotelismus m
arkadisch  adj
Arkanum n
Allgemeiner Religions- und Kirchenfreund und Kirchen-Correspondent. Würzburg
arm adj
poor; needy; ein a. Sünder - a poor sinner or wretch
Arm m (-e)
arm; branch
arm. abr
Armband n (-"er)
armen. abr
Arminianer m
Armreif m (-e)
bracelet, armband
armselig adj
poor, miserable; despicable
Armut f
Aroniter (pl)
Archiv für Religionspsychologie (und Seelenführung). Tübingen 
Arr. abr
to arrange; to adapt
to arrest, take into custody
arreton  n
 Gr: something ineffable
ars amandi f
(the) art of love
Acta Romana Societatis Jesu. Roma
ars moriendi f
(the) art of dying
ArsOr  SIG
Ars Orientalis. Washington, D.C.
Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie
ars poetica f
poetic art
Arbeiten zur Rechtssoziologie und Rechtsgeschichte. Karlsruhe
ArsSac  SIG
Ars sacra. Zürich
Art f (-en)
kind, type, sort; species; variety; manner, way; Phil: mode; A.nouveau - art nouveau, Jugendstil
art. abr
artikuliert; artistisch
Art. abr
Art Bulletin. New York 
Art brut m
art brut, raw art
Art deco m/n
art deco; decorative art
Artefakt n (-e)
artefact, artifact
Artefaktparadigma n
artefact; artifact or construct paradigm
arteigen adj
characteristic of specific (to the ideology of an ethnic group or race), appropriate or peculiar to species 
Artenbildung f
Artenreichtum m
plurality or diversity of species
Artenschwund m
loss of species
Artentransmutation f
transmutation of species
Artenumbildung f
transmutation of species
Artenvernichtung f
extinction of species, species extinction
Artenvielfalt f
variety or diversity of species
artes mechanicae  
servile arts
(being in harmony/compatible with the idiology of a specific ethnic group or race, with reference to a persons thinking and actions)
Artgenosse  m (-n)
 member of the same species
artgerecht adj
species-appropriate, treatment of appropriate to the species
Artgleichheit f
cospecificity; see artgemäß
articuli fidei
Lat: articles of faith
articuli fundamentales
Lat: fundamental articles (of faith, etc)
artifizielle adj
artig adj
good; courteous; good-natured
Artikel m (-)
to articulate
  Art Journal. New York
Allgemeines Repertorium für die theologische Literatur und kirchliche Statistik. Berlin
arts liberales  
liberal arts
artspezifisch adj
Artunterschied m (-e)
specific difference; species-specific difference
Artwandel m
species change 
Archiv für Religionswissenschaft. Leipzig
Archiv für Rechts- und Wirtschaftsphilosophie. Leipzig
Arznei f (-en)
Arzt m (-"e)
physician; doctor; surgeon
AS abbr
Assyriological Studies. Chicago
Archiv für die sächsische Geschichte. Dresden
Abhandlungen der sächsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Leipzig
Archäologische Studien zum christlichen Altertum und Mittelalter. Leipzig
Ascensus m
Asche f
ash, ashes
Aschenhaufen m (-)
ash heap; dust heap
Aschenurne f (-n)
cinerary urn; urn for cremation ashes
Ascherabild n (-er)
image of the goddess Asherah
Aschermittwoch m
Ash Wednesday
  Ascensio Jesaiae
  Ascensio Isaiae
Lat: aseity; self-existence
Aseität f
Analekten für das Studium der exegetischen und systematischen Theologie. Leipzig
  Asiatische Forschungen. Wiesbaden
Archiv für schweizerische Geschichte. Zürich
asiatisch Philosophie f
Asien n
Askese f
asceticism, ascetism; innerweltliche A. - inner-world asceticism, this-worldly asceticism; Prinzip der A. - principle of asceticism, ascetic principle
Asket m (-en)
Asketiker m (-)
asketisch adj
Asketizismus m
asceticism, ascetism
Archiv für schlesische Kirchengeschichte. Hildesheim
Askriptor m (-en)
ASNS   Archiv für schlesische Kirchengeschichte. Hildesheim
Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen (bis 1930) und Literaturen. Braunschweig
asomatisch adj
asomatic, asomatous, nonbodily
asozial n
a. Verhalten - antisocial, asocial
Asozialität f
ASP abbr
American Studies in Papyrology. New Haven, Conn.
ASPh  abbr
Archiv für systematische Philosophie. Berlin
American Sociological Review. Washington, D.C.
ASRG abbr
Archiv für schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte. Solothurn
  Archiv für die schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte. Solothurn
ass. abr
assistieren; assistiert; assoziieren; assoziiert; assyrisch
Lat: assent; agreement; (spiritual) acknoledgment ; a. historicus - historical assent
to assent
Assertion f (-en)
assertorisch adj
assertoric; assertory; assertorischer Imperativ - assertoric imperative (Kant); assertorisches Urteil - assertoric judg(e)ment
Assimilation f
Assimilationsdruck m
assimilation pressure
Assimilationspolitik f
assimilation policy, policy of assimilation
Assimilationsprozeß m
assimilation process
Assimilierung f
Assist. abr
Assitent(in); Assistenz
Assoziation f (-en)
assoziativ Denken adj
Assoziativgesetz n
associative law
Assoziieren  n
association or associating
Asiatische Studien. Bern
assumptio carnis
Lat: the assumption of the flesh
Assumption f
assyr. abr
assyriologisch; assyrisch
Assyr. abr
Assyrer; Assyrien; Assyriologie; Assyriologe
Assyrien n
Ast m (-"e)
bough, branch, limb
ästh. abr
ästhetisch; ästhetisieren; ästhetizistisch
Ästh. abr
Ästhetik; Ästhetiker; Ästhetizismus
Ästhesie  f
aesthesia, aesthesis
Ästhet m
Ästhetentum n
Ästhetik f
aesthetics; Ä. der Gewalt - aesthetics of violence; Ä. des Häßlichen - aesthetics of the ugly; Ä. empirische - empirical aesthetics; Ä. formale - formal aesthetics
Ästhetiker m
ästhetisch adj
aesthetic(al); Phil: ästhetisch-Erhabenes - the aesthetic(ally) sublime; ä. Eigenschaft - aesthetic property; ä. Einstellung - aesthetic attitude; ä. Empfänglichkeit - aesthetic receptivity, sensitivity, sensibility, responsiveness; ä. Idee - aesthetic idea (Kant); ä Interesselosigkeit - aesthetic disinterestedness; ä. Moral - aesthetic moral or morality; ä. Normalidee - aesthetic normal idea (Kant)
Ästhetische n
the aesthetic, the aesthetical
to aestheticize
Ästhetisierung f
Ästhetizismus m
Astralgeister pl
astral spirits
Astralleib m
Jnd: astral body
Astralmythologie f
astral mythology
Astralprojektion f
astral projection
Astralreligion f
astral projection
Astrologie f
Astromantie f
Astrotheologie f
Arbeiten aus der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen. Göttingen
Asudauer f
persistence; perseverance, endurance; stamina; patience
Asyl n (-e)
asylum; refuge, sanctuary
Asylpolitik f
asylum policy
Asylrecht n
right of asylum
Asymmetrie f
asymmetrisch  adj
asymmetrical, asymmetrically
asymptotisch adj
asymptotic; a. Annäherung - asymptotic approximation
asymptotische Annäherung f
asymptotic approximation
Altes Testament - Old Testament
AT abr
Altes Testament - Old Testament
at. abr
Alttestamentliche Abhandlungen. München
Ataraxie f
ataraxia, ataraxy; freedom from disturbance; indifference; serenity, tranquility (of mind)
Atavismus m (-men)
Auserlesene theologische Bibliothek. Leipzig
Das Alte Testament Deutsch. Neues Göttinger Bibelwerk. Göttingen
ATeil  SIG
Acta Teilhardiana. München
Atem m
breath; Mus: tonloser A. - unphonated breath, unvoiced breath
Atembehandlung f (-en)
breath control
Atempause f (-n)
breathing pause
Atemzeichen n (-)
breath(ing) mark
Atemzug m (-"e)
äth. abr
Athanasianer m
Athanasian; das A. Glaubensbekenntnis - Athanasian Creed
Athanasianische Glaubensbekenntnis n
Athanasian Creed
Athanasie f
athanasia, immortality (of the soul)
Athanatismus m
athanatism, belief in immorality (of the soul)
AThANT  abbr
 Abhandlungen zur Theologie des Alten und Neuen Testaments. Zürich
Atheismus m
Atheismusstreit m
controversy over atheism (Fichte)
Atheist m
atheistisch adj
atheistic(al); atheistischer Humanismus - atheistic humanism (Marx)
athematisch  adj
Äther m
ether, aether
ätherisch adj
Ätherleib m
Jnd: astral body
äthiop. abr
Archiv für die Theologie und ihre neueste Literatur. Tübingen
  Anglican Theological Review. New York
Ätiologie f
atl. abr
alttestamentlich - (of the) Old Testament
atlich abr
Atman m, n
to breathe; to inhale
Atmung f
breathing; respiration
atomare adj
nuclear; atomic, atomical; simple, basic, primitive; a. Aussage - atomic proposition or statement; a. Gesellschaft - atomic or nulear society; a. Tatsachen - atomic facts; a. Ausdruck - nuclear or atomic expression; a. Satz - atomic sentence
Atomismus m
Atomist m (-en)
Atomistik f
atomistische Philosophie f
atomistic philosophy
Atomlehre f
atomic theory
Atonalismus m
Atonalität f
Attasche f (-n)
Attische Schule f
 Attic School
attr. abr
attributiv; attraktiv
Attr. abr
Attribut; Attraktion; Attrappe
Attraktivität f
Attribut n (-e)
attribute; predicate
Attribut-Substanz-Relation f
attribute-substance relation
Lat: attributes; a. divina - divine attributes; a. ecclesiae - attributes of the church
Attribute Gottes  
 attributes of God
Attributionsanalogie f
analogy of attribution (Aquinas)
Lat: attribute, characteristic, property
Attributvariable f (-n)
predicate variable
a.u. abr
Lat: anno urbis  im Jahre der Stadt (Rom);  Lat: ab usu  wie üblich;   Lat: ad usum  zum Gebrauch
a.u.a. abr
auch unter ander(e)n
AuA sig
Antike und Abendland. Hamburg
Antike und Christentum. By Franz Joseph Dölger. München
also; too; likewise; even
Auftrag und Dienst. Göttingen
Auditor m (-en)
ecclesiastical judge
Aue m (-n)
auf adv, conj, prep
1. adv  up(wards); open; astire; - 2. conj  (in order) that; - 3. prep (dat) on, upon; for; in; at; of; by; - prep (acc) on; in; at; to; towards; up
Aufb. abr
Aufbau m (-ten)
construc­tion; structure; building, erection; setup, arrange­ment, disposition
aufbauen vr sep
to erect, build (up), construct; to base on; wieder a. - to build up again, rebuild; to reconstruct
aufbewahren vr sep
to keep, store up; to preserve
aufbieten vi sep
to proclaim; to call up; to summon; to raise ; mobilized; to muster; to levy
aufblähen vr sep
to puff up; to inflate; to expand; (refl) to be puffed up; to boast
aufblasen vi sep
to blow up, to inflate, to distend
Aufblick m (-er)
upward glance or look
aufblicken vr sep
to look or glance up; to raise one's eyes (zu - to)
aufbrechen vi sep
to break, burst, or force open; to start; to depart
aufbringen vi sep
to irritate; to provoke; to enrage; to raise or lift up; to bring up
aufdecken vr sep
to uncover; to disclose, reveal
Aufdeckung f (-en)
uncovering; revelation' exposure; disclosure; discovery, detection
aufdrängen vr sep
to force or thrust (something) (up)on (someone); (refl) aufdrängen - to force or thrust oneself (up)on (someone)
aufeinander adv
one top of one another or each other (objects, etc); one after the other, one by one; one against the other; (against, follow, collide with, etc) each other or one another
Aufeinanderangewiesensein n
Phil: (state of) being dependent upon each other
Aufenthalt m (-e)
stay; sojourn; residence; abode; halt; delay
auferlegen vr sep
to impose, enjoin, lay ((up)on); to inflict (on); to lay down
auferstanden p p, adj
of  auferstehen - risen
Auferstandene m
the Resurrected One, the Risen One
auferstehen vi sep
to rise (from the dead), to resurrect
Auferstehung f (-en)
resurrection (of Christ), rising from the dead; die A. des Fleisches - resurrection of the body
Auferstehungsfeier f
Easter, Feast of the Resurrection
Auferstehungsfest n (sg)
Easter, Feast of the Resurrection
auferwecken vr sep
to raise (up) from the dead, restore to life
Auferweckung f
the raising from the dead; resuscitation
auferziehen vi sep
to educate
Auff. abr
 Auffassung; Aufforderung; Aufführung
auffahren vi sep
to ascend, rise; to pull/drive up; to array
Auffahrt f
ascension; Christi A. - the ascension (of Christ)
auffallen vi sep
to notice; attract atten­tion or notice; to fall (auf - upon), hit; to be conspic­uous; to stand out
to conceive; to understand; to interpret
Auffassung f (-en)
view, conception; understanding, compre­hension; interpreta­tion; der A. sein - to be of the opinion
Auffassungweise  f (-n)
auffinden vi sep
to find (out), discover, to locate; to trace
auffordern vr sep
to urge; to invite; to request; to demand; to summon; to challenge; to call (up)on, ask
auffressen vi sep
to eat up, devour; to corrode
aufführen vr sep
to present; to cite; to bring forward
Aufführung f (-en)
performance, showing, presentation; entry, production; behavior
Aufg. abr
Aufgabe; Aufgang; Aufgebot
Aufgabe f (-n)
task; responsibility; function; proposition; purpose; problem; lesson; surrender; resignation; abandonment
Aufgang m (-"e)
rising; ascension
aufgeben vi sep
to give up, abandon; to resign; to let go; to relinquish; to deliver; to register; to give notice, let know; to advice
aufgef. abr
to dawn on one; to rise (sun, etc.); to evaporate; to dissolve; to come loose or untied; to sprout
Aufgehobene n
Phil:  the sublated
Aufgehobensein des Gegensatzes n
Phil: sublation of the opposite/opposition (Hegel)
aufgeklärt f
enlightened; liberal (society, intellect, thinking, thought, etc.); Selbstinteresse - enlightened self-interest; Zeitalter - enlightened age
aufgemalt  p p, adj
painted on the surface, painted over
Aufgeriebenen f
the exhausted, the worn; the destroyed
Aufgliederung f (-en)
arrangement, classification, analysis, structure, breakdown
aufgreifen vi sep
to pick or snatch up; to seize (something, a person, etc.); to take up
aufhalten vi sep
to stop; to detain; to delay; to halt; (vrf) to stay, live, dwell; to linger (over)
aufhänfen vi sep
to heap or pile up; to accumulate; amass (treasures, etc.)
aufhängen vi sep
to hang (up); (refl) to hang oneself
aufheben No information yet.
Aufhebung No information yet.
aufhelfen vi sep
to aid; to succor; to help (someone) up
aufhellen vr sep
to brighten up; to lighten; to clarify
aufhören vr sep
to stop, end, cease
Aufkl. abr
aufklären vr sep
to enlighten; to clear up
Aufklärer m
philosopher of Enlightenment
aufklärerisch-emanzipatorische Vernunft f
enlightened emancipative reason
aufklärerische Ideale  
Enlightenment ideals
Aufklärung f (-en)
enlightenment;  explanation, instruction, information; clarifi­cation; illumination; (the) Enlightenment; das Zeitalter der A. - (the) Age of Enlightenment
Aufklärungskampagne f (-n)
 educational campaign
Aufklärungsphilosophie f
philosophy of the Enlightenment
aufkommen vi sep
to rise, get up
Aufkündigung f (-en)
warning; notice, recall, termination, cancelation, withdrawal, revocation
Aufl. abr
Auflage - edition
aufladen vi sep
to load; to charge or burden with; (refl) to take upon oneself
Auflage f (-n)
edition; number of copies; reprint
auflauern vr sep
to lie in wait; be in wait or on the watch for
Auflauf m (-"e)
crowd; gathering; tumult, riot, commotion
auflecken vr sep
to consume
auflegen vr sep
to lay or put on (of hands); to lay on, impose
auflehnen vr sep
to rebel, revolt; to lean (against or on)
Auflehnung  f (-en)
rebellion, revolt; mutiny; opposition
to gather, to pick up
aufleuchten vr sep
to light up; to flash (up); to brighten (up)
auflösen vr sep
to loosen, untie; to break; to resolve, unravel; to brake/split up; to dissolve; to disintegrate
Auflösung f (-en)
resolution; cancelation (accidental); disentanglement; disintegration; annulment
aufmachen vr sep
to rise, set out, get up; to open (up); to untie; to get ready
aufmerksam adj
alert, attentive (to); a. machen - to point out, draw attention to
Aufmerksamkeit f (-en)
attention; attentiveness; alertness; gift, present
Aufn. abr
Aufnahme f (-n)
taking up, absorption; integration, assimila­tion; reception; picture (photo­graphic), photo; recording; admission; initiation; accommodation
Aufnahmefähigkeit  f
aufnehmen vi sep
to take (up); to adopt; to hold, contain; to receive; to admit
aufopfern vr sep
to sacrifice, offer up; to offer as a sacrifice; to give up; to devote (für - to); (refl) to sacrifice oneself; to devote oneself, dedicate oneself (für - to)
aufpassen vr sep
to pay attention; to attend; to take care, mind
aufrappeln vr sep
(refl) to pull oneself together; to get up
aufrecht adj
upright, honorable, honest; loyal; erect, upright (walk, pasture, etc.)
aufregen vr sep
to excite; stir up; to agitate
Aufregung f (-en)
excitement; agitation; irritation; fuss; in Aufregung geraten - to become very excited, to become upset, to become agitated
aufreiben vi sep
to annihilate, to wipe out, (fig) to exhaust, to wear out 
aufreißen vi sep
to rip or tear up or open; to break, wrench open; to open one's eyes wide; to split; to open; to burst; to crack; to chap
aufreizen vr sep
to incite, provoke, stir up; to instigate
to raise, erect; to set up, establish; to renew; to encourage; vrf  to raise oneself
aufrichtig adj
upright, honest; sincere; open, frank
Aufrichtigkeit f
sincerity; uprightness
Aufruf m (-e)
appeal, call; call up; proclamation; exhortation
aufrufen vi sep
to call (upon); to encourage; to appeal (to); to summon; to exhort
Aufruhr m (-e)
riot; revolt
aufrühren vr sep
to stir up, incite (to rebellion); to mention again
Aufrührer m (-)
rebel; insurgent; mutineer; agitator
aufrührerisch adj
rebellious; insurgent, mutinous, seditious, inflammatory
Aufs. abr
aufsagen vr sep
to say, to repeat, to recite, to cancel, to annul, to give notice (dat - to)
Aufsatz m (-"e)
essay, composition; paper; treatise; article; commandment; (pl) tradition
aufschieben vi sep
to postpone
aufschießen vi sep
to spring up
Aufschlag m (-"e)
impact, crash; advance; rise; extra charge; surtax; additional duty; upbeat (conducting)
aufschlagen vi sep
to hit, to strike, to crash; to break open, to crack, to turn up, to set up, to put up, to charge, to increase, to raise, to pitch (ten)
Aufschluß m (-"e)
explanation, information, data (pl) (über - about)
aufschlußreich adj
informative, instructive
Aufschnitt m (-er)
Mus: mouth, cut-up; orifice; slit
Aufschr. abr
aufschrecken vr sep
to startle, to rouse; frighten (up), to start (up); to jump
aufschreiben vi sep
to write down; to take note of
Aufschrift f (-en)
inscription; legend, address, direction
Aufschub m (-"e)
postponement, delay; adjournment
aufschürzen vr sep
to tuck up; to gird
aufschütten vr sep
to pile or heap up; to pour on; to store up; to charge; to fill; to raise; to deposit
aufsehen vi sep
to look up or upon
Aufsehen n
stir, sensation; A. erregen - to attract attention
Aufseher m (-)
warden; keeper
aufsein vi sep
to be open; to be up
aufsetzen vr sep
to set or pile up; to put on; to draw up, compose, draft; to sit up
aufsperren vr sep
to unlock; to open (something) wide
aufspielen vr sep
to strike up (for); to play (for)
aufspringen vi sep
to leap, spring, or jump up
Aufstand m (-"e)
revolt, rebellion; riot; insurrection, uprising; mutiny; A. der Massen - revolt of the masses
aufstehen vi sep
to stand up; to arise; to get up
aufsteigen vi sep
to rise; to ascend; to climb (up); to mount; (pr p) aufsteigende Bewegung des Lebens - ascending movement of life (Nietzsche)
aufsteigende Bewegung des Lebens f
ascending movement of life (Nietzsche)
aufstellen vr sep
to set up erect; to draw up; to organize; to assem­ble; to make out (a list, etc.); to line up, display
Aufstiegschance f
opportunity for social advance
aufstützen vr sep
to prop up (with); to support (by)
aufsuchen vr sep
to visit, see; to seek, look for
auftauchen vr sep
to surface, appear; to emerge, come into view; to arise
auftauen vr sep
to thaw
aufteilen vr sep
to divide (up), partition; to distribute
Auftrag m (-"e)
commission, mission (an - to); appointment; mandate, charge;task;  im A. von - on behalf of; einen A. ausführen - to execute a mission; A. der Geschichte - mandate from history
auftragen vi sep
to apply, to serve (up), to dish (up); dick a. - to exaggerate
Auftragsforschung  f
commissioned research
auftreten vi sep
to appear; to be found; to act, perform; to come forward; to rise (gegen - a­gainst )
Auftritt m (-e)
appearance; scene; entry (of a throne)
auftun vi sep
to open; to disclose; to become visible
Auführerin f (-nen)
rebel; insurgent; mutineer; agitator
aufwachen vr sep
to awaken, wake up
aufwachsen vi sep
to grow up
aufwarten vr sep
to wait (up)on, attend on a person
aufwärts adv
upward(s); up, uphill
Aufwärtsbewegung f
upward movement; A. der Seele - upward movement of the soul (Plato)
Aufwartung f
visit, call; attendance, service
aufwecken vr sep
to rouse; to waken
aufweisen vi sep
to show, exhibit; to have; to show, present; to produce
aufwerfen vi sep
to heap or pile up; to raise (question, problem, etc); build; to proclaim; to curve (organ); (refl) to set  oneself up (for)
aufwiegeln vr sep
to stir up; to incite; to instigate
aufwiegen vi sep
to offset; to compensate or make up for
aufzählen vr sep
to count up, to enumerate; to call off; to list; to itemize
aufzeichnen vr sep
to draw (auf - upon); to sketch, write down; to register, record; to enter; to chronicle
aufzeigen No information yet.
aufziehen vi sep
to raise, to bring up (children); to hoist; to arrange, plan (festival); to march
Augapfel m (sg)
apple of the (His) eye
Auge n (-en)
eye; sigh; die Augen auftun or öffnen - to open the eyes; die Augen aufheben - to lift one's eyes
Augenblick m (-e)
moment, instant
Augenlicht n
Augenlid n (-er)
Augensalbe f (sg)
salve for the eyes, ointment
Augenzeuge  m
moment, instant 
(City of) Augsburg; das Augsburger Bekenntnis,  die Augsburger Konfession - the Augsburg Confession, Confessio Augustana, C. A.; der Augsburger Religionsfrieden - Religious Peace at Augsburg
Augustiner m (-)
augustinisch adj
Augustinismus m
Augustinism or Augustinianism
A und O n
Alpha and Omega
Aura f
aura; A. der Kunst - aura of art
aus adv, prep
adv finished, done with; over, out; prep with dat of, from; by; out off; on, upon; through; a. Pflicht - from duty (Kant)
Austria Sacra. Wien
ausbauen vr sep
to extend; to build up; to improve; to complete, finish; to develop; to elaborate
ausbessern vr sep
to mend, repair, fix; to patch up; to restore
Ausbesserung f (-en)
repair; mending; matching
ausbeten vr sep
to finish praying
Ausbeutung  f
ausbilden vr sep
to train; to instruct; to educate; to develop; to form; to cultivate; to shape
ausbleiben vi sep
to stay away; to fail to appear
Ausblickspunkt m
Phil: point of view (Carnap)
ausbrechen vi sep
to break or force out
ausbreiten vr sep
to spread; to extend, spread (out); to expand; go into details
Ausbreitung No information yet.
Ausbruch m (-"e)
outbreak, eruption; escape; outburst, ecstasy
ausbrüten vr sep
to hatch (out); to brood over; to plot
Ausbürgerung f
Ausdauer f
patience, persistence
ausdehnen vr sep
to extend; to expand, widen, enlarge; to stretch (out), spread
Ausdehnung f
extension, enlarging; expansion; A. des Universums - expansion of the universe; A. räumliche - spatial extension
ausdenken vi sep
to think out; (refl) sich etwas a. - to think something out, to think something up
Ausdeutung  f (-en)
 exegesis; interpretation
ausdr. abr
Ausdr. abr
Ausdruck m (-"e)
expression, word, phrase; term; zum A. bringen/geben - to voice express
ausdrücken vr sep
to press (out); to utter, express, voice
ausdrücklich adj, adv
explicit(ly), express(ly); inten­tional(ly); emphatic(ly)
Ausdrucksbewegung f
movement expressing thought or feeling; (facial) expression; gesture
Ausdruckseigenschaft f
property of being an expression
Ausdrucksform f (-en)
form of expression
Ausdrucksfunktion f
expressive function (Bühler)
Ausdrucksisomorphsmus m
isomorphism of expressions
Ausdruckskalkül m, n
statement calculus, calculus of expressions
Ausdruckspsychologie f
psychology of expressive behavior
Ausdrucksqualität f
expression or expressive quality
ausdrucksstark  adj
very expressive
Ausdrucksstärke f
expressivity, expressiveness
Ausdruckssteigerung f (-en)
increase in expression
Ausdruckstheorie f
expression theory, theory of expression
Ausdrucksverstehen n
understanding of expression
ausdrucksvoll  adj
in an expressive manner
Ausdrucksweise f (-n)
manner of expression; mode of expression; way of speaking
Ausdruck unendlicher Länge  m
Phil: infinite expression
Ausehen n
look, appearance; exterior
from one another; asunder, apart
Auseinandergesprengtwerden n
the scattering
auseinandersetzen vr sep
to explain, discuss; to make clear; to analyze
Auseinandersetzung f (-en)
discussion, debate; analysis (of); examination (of); argument; conflict
auserkoren adj
chosen, elect; selected
auserlesen adj
picked, selected, select; choice; exquisite
ausersehen vi sep
to choose; to select, pick; to designate; to destine; to earmark (für, zu - for)
auserwählen vr sep
to choose, select; to predestine; auserwählt, p p - chosen; predestined
auserwählt p p
Auserwählte m (-n)
the chosen or elect one
Ausf. abr
Ausfall; Ausführung
ausfahren vi sep
to take out (for a drive); to break out; to come out, drive out
Ausfall m (-"e)
falling out, loss, deficit, deficiency, shortage, losses, casualties, result, sortie, attack
ausfallen vi sep
to fall or drop out; to fail; to be cancel­led, not take place; to turn out; to p­rove, result
ausfliegen vi sep
to send forth; to fly out
Ausflucht f (-"e)
excuse, pretext; evasion; shift
Ausfluß m
ausforschen vr sep
to search out, explore, investigate, inquire into; to question (a person) (über - about); to sound (a person) (über - about) 
ausfragen vi sep
to question, sound out; to interrogate
ausführen vr sep
to carry out; to lead/take out; to explain; to execute (a plan); to put into effect
ausführlich adj, adv
  1. adj detailed; exhaustive; comprehensive; ample; - 2. adv in detail, fully
Ausführung f (-en)
execution; performance; implementation; explanation; design; state­ment; completion; style; type; (pl) words; statements, comments; arguments
to occupy (a position), to fill out (a form); to fill up; to fill in, to fill
Ausg. abr
Ausgabe(n) - edition
Ausgabe f (-n)
edition; expense
Ausgang m (-"e)
end; close; outcome; starting point; (point of) departure; exit
Ausgangsbedingung f (-en)
initial condition
initial data
Ausgangspunkt m (-e)
starting point, point of departure
Ausgangsreihe f (-n)
original row; original series
Ausgangsthema n (-men)
Mus: root theme; opening theme
Ausgangswahrscheinlichkeit f
initial, prior probability
Ausg.Dat. abr
ausgebildet adj
trained, skilled; voll a. - fully qualified
ausgedehnt pp
extended (object, substance (Descaites), etc)
ausgehen vi sep
to go out; to start/originate/proceed (from); to emanate; to go for a walk; to end (up), come to an end; to run out (of supplies); to start with
ausgehöhlt  p p
hollowed out
ausgemalt  p p
ausgenommen adj
except, with the exception of, save; (conj) a. daß - exept, saving that, unless
ausgeprägt p p
marked, pronounced, prominent; distinctive
Ausgerichtetheit f
directedness (Heidegger)
ausgeschlossen pp
excluded; Phil: a. Drittes - excluded middle
ausgeschlossener Widerspruch m
ausgesprochen pp, adj
decided, pronounced, positive
ausgewogen  p p
(well) balanced
ausgezeichnet adj
distinguished; excellent; outstanding
ausgiebig adj
exhaustive; extensive; thorough
ausgießen vi sep
to pour out; (vrf) to empty oneself
Ausgießung f (-en)
outpouring; die A. des Heiligen Geistes - the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
ausgleichend prp, f
retributive, rectifactory, rectificatory, corrective, or commutative (justice, etc.); compesatory or poetic (justice, etc.)
Ausg.Nr. abr
Ausgabenummer; Ausgangsnummer
Ausgr. abr
ausgraben vi sep
to excavate, dig; exhume, dig up, unearth; dig out
Ausgräber m (-)
Ausgrabung f (-en)
excavation, digging; find
Ausgrabungsarbeit f (-en)
excavation work
Ausgrabungsfund m (-e)
excavated find
Ausgrabungsstätte f (-en)
excavation site
Ausgrenzung f (-en)
exclusion; marginalization
Ausguss m (-"e)
aushacken vr sep
to pick out
aushalten vi sep
to endure, hold out; to support; to sustain; to stand (up to)
ausharren vr sep
to endure; to hold out
aushauen vr sep
to hew out
ausheben vi sep
to dig or lift (up); to recruit; to levy; to enlist; to conscript
ausheilen vr sep
to heal (up); to cure completely
aushelfen vi sep
to help out, assist
aushöhlen  vr sep
to hollow out
Aushöhlung f (-en)
hollow, depression, groove
ausjäten vr sep
to weed out
auskaufen vr sep
to buy up; die Zeit a. - to make the most of one's time
Ausklang m
conclusion; epilogue
ausklingen vi sep
to fade away, to end in
auskommen vi sep
to get along (with); to manage (to)
auskömmlich adj
adequate; sufficient
auskundschaften vr sep
to explore; to spy out
Auskunft f (-"e)
information; particulars; intelligence
ausl. abr
auslautend; auslegen; ausländisch
Ausl. abr
Auslaut; Auslegung; Ausland; Ausländer
Ausländer m (-)
foreigner; alien
ausländisch adj
auslassen vi sep
to let out; to release; (refl) to express oneself
Ausläufer m (-)
branch, foothills, outskirts
Ausläuten n
ausleeren vr sep
to empty; to clear (out); to drink up; to drain
auslegen vr sep
to interpret; to explain; to expound; to spend; to lay out
Ausleger m (-)
interpreter, expositor, exegete
Auslegung f (-en)
interpretation; explanation; exegesis; expo­sition
Auslegunglskunst f
art of exegesis
Auslegungslehre f
Auslese f
auslesen vi sep
to select, pick
Ausleseprozeß m
selection process
ausliefern vr sep
to turn or hand over; to deliver; to extradite; to distribute; to surrender, give oneself up
auslöschen vr sep
to put out; to extinguish; to quench
Auslösemechanismus m
release mechanism
auslösen vr sep
to release; to set off, cause, unleash; to redeem
ausmachen vr sep
to locate; to make out; to determine; to come to; to settle, agree; to agree; das macht nichts aus - that does not matter
Ausn. abr
Ausnahme f (-en)
exception; exemption
ausnehmen vi sep
to take out, disembowel; gut (fish); to except, exlude
ausnutzen vr sep
to use, utilize (something); to exploit
ausplündern vr sep
to rob; to ransack, loot, pillage
Ausprägung f (-en)
impress; coinage, mintage; stamping; stamp
ausraufen vi sep
to pluck out
ausreichen vr sep
to be enough, sufficient; to be satis­fying
Ausreise f (-n)
ausreißen vi sep
to pluck out; to run away; to desert
Ausreißereffekt f
Phil: runaway effect
ausrichten vr sep
to straighten, align, adjust; to do, carry out, execute; to accomplish; to fulfil; to succeed (in); to tell; deliver
Ausrichtung f (-en)
orientation; direction; directionality (Heidegger); alignment; to bring into line with; execution, delivery
ausrotten vr sep
to exterminate; to cut off
Ausrottung f
destruction; extermination
Ausrottungskrieg m (-e)
war of extermination
ausrufen vi sep
to proclaim; to cry out
ausruhen vr sep
to rest (von - from); to take a rest, to relax; to rest
ausrüsten vr sep
to equip
Ausrüstung f (-en)
equipment; armament
AUSS abbr
Andrews University Seminary Studies. Berrien Springs, Michigan
Aussaat f
sowing, seed
Aussage f (-n)
statement; utterance; declaration; proposition; affirma­tion; testi­mony; assertion; message (of art, a text, etc); evidence; existentielle A. - existential proposition or statement
Aussageform f
statement form
Aussagefunktion f
propositional function, statement function
Aussagehomogenität f
Phil: enunciative homogeneity
aussagen vr sep
to state, declare, assert; to testify; to affirm; to give evidence
Aussagengleichung f
Phil: propositional or statement equation
Aussagenkalkül m, n
Phil: propositional calculus
Aussagenlogik f
propositional or sentential logic
aussagenlogisch adj
Phil: propositional calculus
Aussagenvariable f
proposition(al) variable
Aussagesatz m
Aussatz m
aussätzig adj
Aussätzige m (-n)
ausscheiden vi sep
to eliminate; to separate; to remove; to exclude, rule out; to discharge
ausschicken vr sep
to send out
ausschl. abr
ausschließlich; ausschließend
ausschlagen vi sep
to bud, sprout; to beat out (the time) (in conducting)
ausschlaggebend pr p
deciding; a stimme - deciding vote; decisive voice; tie-breaking vote
ausschlämmen vr sep
to levigate
ausschließen vi
to exclude, shut out; to except; to lock out; to rule out;  to suspend, expel; to excommuni­cate
ausschließlich adj
Ausschließung f
ausschmücken vr sep
to adorn, decorate, ornament, trim
Ausschnitt m (-e)
extract; detail (of a larger work), partial view; section, part
ausschütteln vr sep
to shake out; to extract
ausschütten vr sep
to pour out; to shed
ausschweifen vr sep
to digress; to wander; to indulge in excess; to lead a dissolute life
Ausschweifung f (-en)
excess; intemperance; debauchery; loose living; digression (in speech); aberration (of mind)
aussehen vi sep
to look; to appear, seem; to have the appearance (of)
Aussehen n
look, appearance; exterior
aussenden vi sep
to send out
Aussendung f (-en)
aüssern  vr
 to express, to utter
aussetzen vr sep
to set out; to disembark; to lower; to launch; to release; to expose; to fail; to pause; to stop; to break off; (refl) to expose oneself to danger; to take a chance
Aussetzung f (-en)
Mus: realization
Aussicht f
view; outlook; prospect; chance
to select; to single out
ausspannen vr sep
to spread (out); to stretch, expand; to relax; to slacken
Aussparengobe f
reserved slip
ausspeien vi sep
to spit out
Aussperrung f
Ausspr. abr
Aussprache; Ausspruch
Aussprache f (-n)
Mus: (verbal) enunciation
aussprechen vi sep
to express, state, say; to pronounce; to declare; to utter
ausstechen vr sep
to cut or put out
aussteigen vi sep
to get out; to get off, disembark; to land
Aussteiger m (-)
ausstellen vr sep
to issue; to expose; to exhibit, to display
ausstoßen vi sep
to push or knock out; to exclude; to excommunicate; to banish; to exile
ausstrecken vr sep
to reach out, extend, hold out; to stretch forth; (vrf) to spread or stretch oneself (out)
ausstreuen vr sep
to sow; to disseminate; to give freely
Ausströmung f
emission; outflow; escape, emanation
aussuchen vr sep
to select; to search; to choose; to pick out
Austauschbarkeit f
Phil: interchangeability
austeilen vr sep
to distribute; to allot, divide
Austeilung f
dispensation; distribution; administration
austilgen vr sep
to blot out, erase, eradicate, efface, destroy (completely)
austrecken vr sep
to  stretch out
austreiben vi sep
to exorcise; to cast out
austreten vi sep
to secede (from a church, etc); to tread under foot, trample; to step out; to come forth; to set out; to be excused
austrocknen vr sep
to dry out or up, become dry; to become parched
ausüben vr sep
to carry on, conduct, perform; to exercise (power, etc); to exert (influence), to practice
ausw. abr
Ausw. abr
Auswahl; Auswechslung; Ausweis; Ausweisung; Ausweitung; Auswertung; Auswanderer; Auswanderung
auswählen vr sep
to choose, select; to pick out
Auswahlverfahren n (-)
selection procedure
Ausweglosigkeit f
aporia; paradoxical situation
ausweichen vi sep
to turn or step aside, make way; to avoid; to withdraw; to avoid  contact; elude
ausweisen vi sep
to expel, extradite; to prove, to show; to testify; to prove one's identity; to prove oneself
ausweiten vr sep
to wide, broaden, enlarge, expand; to grow larger; to extend
auswerfen vi sep
to cast (an anchor); to reject; to cast out; to throw out
Auswirkung f (-en)
consequence; effect (result); repercussion
Auswirkungsanalyse f
impact analysis
Ausz. abr
 Auszahlung; Auszeichung; Auszug; Auszüge
auszeichnen  vr sep
to distinguish, to mark, to emphasize, to honor
außen adv
out, outside (of); von a. --  from without
Außen n
the outside
Außenbau m
Außenprespektive f
external perspective
Außenseite f (-n)
exterior, outside
Außenseiter m (-)
outsider; outcast
Außenwelt f
external or outside world
Außenweltproblem n
problem of the external world
Außenweltrealismus m
external world realism, realism in regard to the external world
Außenwirklichkeit f
external reality
außer conj, pref, prep
1. conj except; but; unless; 2. pref outside (of), outer; extra; 3. prep  besides; except (for); beside, outside; a. sich - outside or beside oneself
Außer-Sich n
the outside-of-itself, the outside oneself (Hegel, Heidegger)
außerdem adv
besides, in addition, moreover
äußere  adj
 outer, outward, external
Äußere  n
 what is outward, that which is outward or external
äußere Anschauung f
outer intuition (Kant)
außereinander  adj
 mutually external
äußerer adj
outer, outward, exterior, external
Äußeres n
(the) outer
außereuropäisch adj
außerhalb adv, prep
externally, on the outside; ouside (of); beyound
außerirdisch adj
außerkörperlich adj
äußerlich adj, adv
external(ly), outward(ly), exteri­or; superfi­cial(ly), shallow; extrin­sic
Äußerlichkeit f
outwardness; externality
äußern No information yet.
Außersichsein No information yet.
außersprachlich adj, adv
äußerst adjb adv
extreme(ly), utmost; exceedingly; most
Äußerung f (-en)
remark, expression, utterance, saying; manifestation
außerweltlich adj
außerzeitlich adj
ausziehen vi sep
to move, set out; to emigrate; to pullout, extract; to undress
Auszug m (-"e)
recession; recessional; departure; removal; extract, abstract; (sg) exodus (aus - from);
Autarchie f
Autarkie f
autarky; self-sufficiency
auth. abr
Lat: authenticity; a. historica or historiae - authenticity or authority of history
to authenticate
authentisch  adj
authentic; au. Dasein - authentic existence
Authentizität f
Lat: authority; genuineness, originality; a. divina duplex - twofold divine authority; a. Scripturae - the authority of Scripture
Autismus m
Auto-da-Fé n
burning of heretics
Autoaggression f
auto or self  aggression
Autodafé n
burning of heretics; burning at the stake; auto-da-fé (literally - act of faith)
Autodeterminismus m
doctrine of self-determination or determinism
Autoevolution f
Autofalsifikation f
autofalsification, self-falsification
autogr. abr
autographiert; autographisch
Autokatalyse f
Autokephalie f
sovereignty of national churches within the Greek Orthodox Church
Autokinese f
Autokratie f
Autokratismus m
autocratic attitude and behavior
autologisch adj
Automation f
Automatisierung f
automation, automatization
Automatismus m
automatism; A. des Instinkts - automatism of instinct (Nietzche)
Automorphismus m
auton. abr
Auton abr
autonom adj
autonomous; au. Prinzip - autonomous principle (Kant)
autonome adj
Autonomie f
autonomy; A. des moralisch Handelnden - autonomy of the moral agent; A. des Willens - autonomy of the will (Kant)
Autonomieprinzip n
principle of autonomy, autonomy principle
Autonomisierung f
Autonomismus m
Autor m (-en)
author; writer
autor. abr
autorisieren; autorisiert
Autorenkollektiv n
authors' collective
Autorisation f
Autorisierung f
autoritär adj
authoritarian; a.Gesellschaft - authoritarian or oppressive society
Autoritarismus m
Autoritäsobjekt n
object of authority
Autorität f (-en)
authority; innere Au. - internal authority               
Autoritätsgläubigkeit f
belief in authority
Autoritätskritik f
criticism of authority
Autoritätssubjekt n
subject of authority
Autoritätstheorie f
theory of authority
Autoritätsträger m (-)
bearer, carrier, or upholder of authority
Autorschaft f
autosemantisch adj
Autosuggestion f
Autotelik f
Autotheismus m
autothelisch adj
Gr: out of Himself (by its very nature) to be God
a.u.Z. abr
auf unbestimmte Zeit
Avantgarde f
avant-garde; vanguard
Avantgarde-Kunst f
avant-garde art
Avantgardismus m
Avatara f
Ave-Maria n
Ave Maria, Hail Mary
Averroismus  m
Averroism or Averrhoism (the doctrines and teachings of the Arab philosopher Averroes or Averrhoes in Spain or his followers)
Aversion f
Avidya f
avidya, ignorance, lack of wisdom
Archiv für Völkerkunde. Wien
Archiv des Völkerrechts. Tübingen
Archiv des Vereins für siebenbürgische Landeskunde. Hermannstadt
Aufsätze und Vorträge zur Theologie und Religionswissenschaft. Berlin 
Archiv für wissenschaftliche Erforschung des Alten Testaments. Halle
AWR abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. Gießen
AWR.AT abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. - Alttestamentliche Reihe. Gießen
AWR.B abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. -  Biblische Reihe. Gießen
AWR.L abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. - Liturgische Reihe. Gießen
AWR.NT abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. - Neutestamentliche Reihe. Gießen
AWR.PT abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. - Praktisch-theologische Reihe. Gießen
AWR.RG abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. - Religionsgeschichtliche Reihe. Gießen
AWR.RP abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. - Religionsphilosophische Reihe. Gießen
AWR.RW abbr
Aus der Welt der Religionen. Forschungen und Berichte. - Religionswissenschaftliche Reihe. Gießen
Axiologie f
axiology, theory of values
axiologisch adj
Axiom n (-e)
Axiomatik f
axiomatcs; axiomatization; study of axioms
axiomatisch adj, adv
axiomatic; axiomatically
Axiomatisierbarkeit f
Axiomatisierung f
axiomatization; A. der Wahrscheinlichkeits - axiomatization of probability
Axiomensystem n
axiom system
Axt f (-"e)
ax, hatchet
AZ abbr
Archäologische Zeitung. Berlin
Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums. Leipzig
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