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ca. abr
circa - approximately
CA abr
Confessio Augustana  (Augsburger Bekenntnis) ; Collegium Academicum
C.A. abr
Confessio Augustana  (Augsburger Bekenntnis) ; Collegium Academicum
CAB abbr
Cahiers D'archeologie Biblique. Neuchatel, u.a.
calv. abr
Calv. abr
Calvinist; Calvinismus
calvin. abr
Calvinismus m
Calvinist m (-en)
calvinistisch adj
Calvinistic(al), Calvinist; c. Ethik - Calvinist ethics
CaMiss abbr
Cahiers Missionaires. Paris
can. abr
Lat: canon(es) Kanon(es) - canon
Can. abr
Lat: canon(es) Kanon(es) - canon
Can.A. abr
Canonici Augustanius
Can.Aug. abr
Canonici Augustanius
cand. abr
Lat: candidatus  Kandidat - kandidat
Canossa n
Canossa (castle); fig: (great) humiliation; self abasement; nach Canossa/Kanossa gehen - to go to Canossa, get humbled, walk of penance
Can.R. abr
Canonici Regulares
Can.Reg. abr
Canonici Regulares
canticum canticorum n
Lat: the Song of Songs, Song of Solomon
Canto m (-s)
Mus: canto, cantus; song; melody; principal voice
Cantus m (-)
Mus: cantus; melody; song; principal voice; C. planus - cantus planus, plain song; Gregorian chant
Cao-Dai m (sg)
Cao Dai (an Indo-Chinese religion)
Litur: Palm Sunday
Cappa f (-s, -pae)
cappa, cape; Rom Cath: pluvial; (a cape as part of an academic or ecclesiastical garb)
Lat: head; c. ecclesiae - head of the church; c. electorum - head of the elect
Caritas f, abbr
(Christian) charity; Caritas (Roman Catholic charitable/welfare organization); Publ, abbr: Caritas. Jahrbuch des deutschen Caritasverbandes. Freiburg, Breisgau
Caritasverband m (sg)
Caritas (the Roman Chatholic charitable organization)
caritative adj
charitable; sich c. beschäftigen - to do works of charity, charitable work; c. Verbände - charitable organizations
Carneval m (-s, -e)
Cartesianer m
cartesianisch adj
Cartesian; c. Dualismus - Cartesian bifurcation, Cartesian dualism; cartesianische Methode - Cartesian methood
Cartesianismus m
cartesisch  adj
Cartesian; C. Koordinaten - Cartesian coordinates
Cäsar m
Cäsarenherrschaft f
Cäsarenpolitik f
national politics
Cäsarentum n
Cäsarenwahn m
(Caesarean or Caesarian) madness; (dictatorial) megalonania
Cäsareopapismus m
Ch Hist: caesaropapism; (connection of ecclesiastical covernment with secular governmental power)
Caesarean, Caesarian; fig high-handed,
Cäsarismus m (sg)
Caesarism; absolutism
Casus m (-)
Ling: case
Cat. abr
Catalogo; Catalogue
cath. abr
Engl: catholic; cathedral
Cath. abbr
Engl: catholic; cathedral; Publ: Catholicsme. Paris
Cath(M) abbr
Catholica. Münster
Cathedra f
Rom Cath: cathedra, seat, throne (of a bishop, etc); cathedra Petri - the seat of St. Peter; ex cathedra - ex cathedra
CathEnc abbr
Catholic Encyclopedia. New York
CatRom abr
 Lat: Catechismus Romanus
Causa f (-sae)
Lat, Phil: cause
causa adaequata f
Lat: adequate cause
causa deficiens f
Lat: insufficient cause
causa efficiens f
Lat: efficient cause
causa essendi f
Lat: cause of being
causa fiendi f
Lat: cause of becoming
causa finalis f
Lat: final cause
causa formalis f
Lat: formal cause
causa immediata f
Lat: immediate cause
causa instrumentalis f
Lat: instrumental cause
causa materialis f
Lat: material cause
causa mediata f
Lat: mediate(d) cause
causa motiva f
Lat: causa motiva
causa occasionalis f
Lat: occasional cause
causa prima f
Lat: first cause
causa principalis f
Lat: principal cause
causa remota f
Lat: remote cause
causa sufficiens f
Lat: sufficient cause
causa sui f
Lat: caus-of-itself (Aquinas)
CAW abbr
Dienst am Wort. Freiburg, Breisgau
CB abbr
Coniectanea Biblica. Lund; Cultura Biblica. Madrid (also acronym: BuBi)
CBC abbr
  Cambridge Bible Commentary. Cambridge
CBL abbr
Calwer Bibellexikon. Stuttgart
CB.NT abbr
New Testament series. Lund
CB.OT abbr
  Old Testament series. Lund
CD abbr
Das christliche Deutschland. 1933 bis 1945. Freiburg
CD.E abbr
Das christliche Deutschland. 1933 bis 1945. Dokumente und Zeugnisse. Evangelishe Reihe. Freiburg
CD.G abbr
Das christliche Deutschland. 1933 bis 1945. Dokumente und Zeugnisse. Gemeinschaftliche Reihe. Freiburg
CD.K abbr
Das christliche Deutschland. 1933 bis 1945 dokumente und Zeugnisse. Katholische Reihe. Freiburg
Cedille f (-n)
Ling: cedilla
Celebrant m (-en)
celebrant, officiant, officiating priest
Cellist m (-en)
Cello n (-en)
violoncello, cello; violoncello (organ)
cent. abr
Engl: central, century
Centurio m
Rom Hist: centurion
Lat: certainty, certitude, surety; c. gratiae et salutis - certainty or surety of grace and salvation; c. moralis - moral certainty; c. salutis - certitude, certainty, or assurance of salvation;
ceteris paribus n
Lat: certeris paribus
cf. abr
Lat: confer, confederatur  vergleiche - compare. cf.
CFK abbr
Christliche Friedenskonferenz. Deutsche Ausgabe. Praha
cfr. abr
Lat: confer, confederatur  vergleiche - compare, cf.
CFR abbr
Christentum und Femdreligionen. München
CGL abbr
Christentum und Geistesleben. München
CGU abbr
Corpus der griechischen Urkunden des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit. München
ch. abr
Engl: chapter
Chakra n
chakra, cacra
chald. abr
Chaldäa n
Chaldäer m (-)
Chaldean, Chaldee
chaldäisch adj
Chaldean, Chaldee
Chalzedon m (-e)
Bibl: Ham
Chammurabi m
hist: Hammurabi
Chancengleichheit f
equal opportunity or opportunities; equality of opportunity or opportunities
Chanukka m (-e)
Jud: Chanuk(k)ah, Hanuk(k)ah (Jewish Festival of Lights)
Chaos n
chaos; turmoil; utter confusion
Chaosforschung f
chaos research
Chaosmacht f (-"e)
power of chaos
Chaosmythos m (-then)
myth of chaos
Chaostheorie f
chaos theory, chaology
Chaosungeheuer n (-)
monster of chaos
chaotisch adj
chaotic; c. Folge - chaotic sequence; c. Zustände - chaotic condition(s), state of chaos
Chap. abr
Engl: chapter
char. abr
charakterisieren; charakterisiert; charakteristisch
characteristic universalis f
universal character (Leibniz)
Charakter m (-e)
character; disposition; nature; dignity; personality
Charakteranalyse f (-n)
character analysis
Charakteranlage f
(character) disposition
charakterbildend pr p
character-building as molding
Charakterbildung f
character-building or molding; character development or formation
Charaktereigenschaft f
character trait
Charakterfestigkeit f
integrity of character
to characterize; to portray, depict or delineate; to describe
Charakterisierung f
characterization, portrayal
Charakterisierungsstärke f
potency of characterization
Charakteristik f (-en)
description, characteristic(s)
Charakteristikum n (-ka)
peculiarity; characteristic; distinguishing (style, feature, etc.)
charakteristisch adj
Charakteristische n
Phil: that which is characteristic
Charakterkunde f
without character; characterless; colorless; insipid
Charakterlosigkeit f
lack of character, insipidness
Charaktermerkmal n (-e)
(character) trait
Charakterologie f
Charakterstärke f (-n)
strength of character
Charakterstruktur f (-en)
character structure
Charakterstück n (-e)
character piece
Charaktertyp m (-en)
character type
Charisma n (-s, -men, -mata)
charisma; charism; spiritual gift; Ch. veritatis - gift of truth; individuelles Ch. - individual charisma
Charismabegriff m (-e)
concept of charisma
Charismatiker m (-)
charismatic (person)
charismatisch adj
charismatic; ch. Bewegung - charismatic movement; ch. Führer - charismatic leader
Charismatische Bewegung m
charismatic Movement
Charismenreihe f (-n)
list of charismatic gifts
Charismentafel f (-n)
catalogue of gifts
Chartismus m
Chasan m (-e)
Jud: haz(z)an, chaz(z)an
Chassid m (-en)
Chassidäer m (-)
Hebr: Hasideam, Chassid (the pious)
chassidisch adj
Hasidic, Chassid
Chassidismus m
Hasidism, Chassidism
Chauvinismus m
CHe abbr
Christus heute. Stuttgart
Chefdirigent m (-en)
principal conductor, music director
Cherub m (-inen, -im)
Cherubikon n (-ka)
cherubikon, cherubic hymn
cherubinisch adj
Cherubwagen m (-)
cherubic chariot
Cherusker m (-)
cheruskisch adj
Chiasmus m
chiastisch  adj
Chiffre f (-n)
code; (box) number; Phil: cipher; Ch. der Transzendenz - ciphers of transcendence (Jaspers)
Chiffrenschrift f
Chiffreschlüssel m
cipher code; cipher key
Chiffrewerden n
encipherment (Jaspers)
Chiliasmus m
chiliasm, millenarianism, millennianism
Chiliast m (-en)
chiliast, millenarian
chiliastisch adj
chiliastic, millenarian
chimärischer Begriff m
chimerical concept (Kant)
Chin. abr
Chinese; Chinesische
Chinese m (-n)
Chinese; Chinaman
chinesisch  adj
Chirotonie f
Lit: chirotony (laying-on of hands for ordination)
ChK abbr
Christliche Kunst. München
Choleriker m (-)
choleric person
Chor m (-"e)
Mus: choir (of singers); chorus; choir, Arch: chancel (part of the church nave designed for the singers)
Choral m (-"e)
chorale; hymn; tune
Choralbaß m
choral bass (organ)
Choralbearbeitung f (-en)
chorale arrangement or setting; composition based on a chorale
Choraldialekt m
local variant of plain-chant
Choralfantasie f
chorale fantasia
Choralfuge f
chorale fugue, fugue on a chorale
Choralkantate f
chorale cantata
Choralmesse f
plain-song mass
Choralnotation f
plain-song notation
Choralnote f
plain-song note
Choralpartita f
chorale partita
Choralpassion f
plain-song passion
Choralvorspiel n
chorale prelude
Choramt n (-"er)
 cathedral service
Chorballade f (-n)
choral ballad
Chorbischof m (-"e)
suffragan bishop, chorepiscopus
Chordienst m
(liturgy held in the choir of the church)
Chordirektor m (-en)
conductor of the chorus, choirmaster
Chordirigieren n
conducting, choral conducting
Choreinstimmen n
tuning of the unisons
Choreograph m (-er)
choreographer, choreographist
Choreographie f
Chorführer m (-)
first chorister
Chorgalerie f (-n)
choir loft
Chorgehilfe m (-n)
Chorgesang m (-"e)
chorus, choral singing, choir singing, anthem
Chorhemd n (-en)
Chorherr m (-en)
canon, prebendary; regulierter C. - canon regular
choric, choral
Chorist m (-en)
member of the chorus
Choristin f (-nen)
member of the chorus
Chorkantate f (-n)
choral cantata
Chorknabe m (-n)
chorister, choir-boy
Chorkonzert n (-e)
choir concert, choral concert
Chorleiter m (-)
presenter; choir director, choir leader, choir mast, chorus master
Chorlied n (-er)
choral song; choral chant
Chormeister m (-)
Chormusik f
choral music, music for chorus
Chornische f (-n)
Chornonne f (-n)
officiating nun
Chororgel f (-n)
choir organ
Chorpartitur f
vocal score, choral score, chorus edition, close score
Chorpult n (-e)
Chorraum m (-"e)
in perfect tune
Chorrock m (-"e)
surplice, cope
Chorsänger m
choir singer, chorus singer, choralist, member of a choir, chorister
Chorsatz m
Chorsinfonie f
choral symphony
Chorsingen n
choral singing
Chorstimme  f (-n)
chorus part
Chorstuhl m (-"e)
choir stall
Chortechnik f
choral technique
Chorton m
choir pitch, organ pitch
Chorvikar m (-e)
vicar choral, lay clerk, lay vicar
in choirs, in choruses; choir wise
Chorwerk n (-e)
1. choral work, chorus work, work for choir;  2. geistliches Ch. work for church choir, sacred choral work; weltliches Ch. secular choral work
Chr abr
Chronik  - Chronicles; 1. Chronik - 1 Chronicles; 2. Chronik - 2 Chronicles
chr. abr
christlich; chronisch; chronologisch; chretien(ne)
Chr. abr
Christ; Christentum; Christus; Chronik; Chronist; Chronologie
Chrematistik f
chrematistics (Aristotle)
Chrestomathie f
Lit: chrestomathy
Chrisam n
Chrischona Gemeinden f
(church group belonging to the Gnadauer)
Christ m (-en), n-noun
Christ. abr
Christabend m
Christmas Eve
Christbaum m (-"e)
Christmas tree
Christdorn m
Christen n-noun
see Christ
christenfreundlich  adj
Christengemeinde f (-n)
Christian congregation; Christian community
Christenglaube m
Christian faith
Christenheit f
Christendom, Christianity; the Christian world; Urchristenheit - early Christianity
Christenpflicht f
Christian duty
Christentum n
Christianity; Christendom; the Christian faith or religion
Christenverfolgung f (-en)
persecution of Christians
Christenvolk n
Christfest n
Christi m, gen
of Christus - of Christ; C. Geburt - the Nativity; birth of Christi; C. Himmelfahrt - the Ascension
to Christianize
Christianisierung f
Christin f (-nen)
Christian woman
of Christ
Christkatholisch adj
Swiss for altkatholisch - old Catholic
Christkind n
the infant Jesus; baby Jesus; Christ child, baby Jesus
christl. abr
christlich -christian
christlich adj
Christian, Christianly, Christianlike; ch. Morallehre - Christian moral doctrine
christlicher Aristotelismus m
Christian Aristotelianism
Christliche Wissenschaft f
Christian Science
Christlichkeit f
Christianness; Christianity; Christianism;
Christmette f (-en)
Midnight Mass
Christmonat m
Christnacht f
night before Christmas, Christmas eve
Christo dat
Christ; in Christo - in Christ
Christokratie f
Christolatrie f
Christolatry; adoration of Christ
Christologie f
Christology; doctrine of Christ
christologisch adj
Christophanie f (-n)
Christophany; appearance of Christ
Christotokos f
mother of Christ
christozentrisch adj
Christus m
Christus als Erlöser  
Christ as Saviour or Redeemer
Christusbekenntnis n (-sse)
credal confession of Christ
Christusbild n (-er)
picture of Christ
Christusbotschaft f
devotion of Christ
Christuserkenntnis f (-sse)
knowledge of Christ
Christusfeindschaft f
enmity to Christ
Christusgeschehen n
Christusglaube m
faith in Christ
Christuskerygma n
Christ-kerygma, proclamation of Christ
Christusleib m
Body of Christ
Christusleiden n
the suffering of Christ
Christusmystik f
Christusmythos m
Christusprädikat n (-e)
predicate applied to Christ
Christuspsalm m (-en)
(Christological interpretation of Psalms)
Christusschau f
Christ-vision; vision in which Christ is the central figure
Christussuche f
search for Christ
Christustypus m
Christ-figure (type of depiction in Christian art)
Christusüberlieferung f (-en)
tradition about Christ
Christusverkündigung f
proclamation or preaching of Christ
Christuszeugnis n
witness to Christ
Christwoche f
Christmas week
Chrodirigent m (-en)
choir conductor; choral conductor; choirmaster
Chromatik f
to chromaticize
chron. abr
Chron. abr
Chronist; Chronologie; Chronik - Chronicles; 1. Chronik - 1 Chronicles; 2. Chronik - 2 Chronicles
Chronik f (-en)
Chronogramm n
Chronograph m (-en)
chronographer; chronologist
chronol. abr
Chronologie f (-n)
ChrRel abbr
Christus und die Religionen der Erde. Handbuch der Religionsgeschichte. Franz König, ed. Freiburg, Breisgau
ChrTo abbr
Christianity Today. Washington, DC
Chrysolith m (-e)
Chrysopras m (-e)
Gr: chthonic (of deities and supernatural beings believed to dwell in or under the earth)
ChW abbr
Christliche Welt. Gotha
CIC abr
Lat: Codex Iuris Canonici; Lat: Corpus Iuris Canonici
C.I.C. abr
Lat: Codex Iuris Canonici; Lat: Corpus Iuris Canonici
Cimbal n
cembalom, cimbalom, cymbalom
Cimbalom n
cembalom, cimbalom, cymbalom
Cingulum n
cincture (girdle)
circulus vitiosus m
Lat: vicious circle
Citoyen m
Civitas Dei f
Lat: Civitas Dei, God's kingdom on earth (St. Augustine)
civitas terrena f
Lat: terrestial or earthly city
Civität f
Roman citizenship
CiW abbr
Christ in der Welt. Eine Enzyklopädie. Aschaffenburg
CJC abr
Corpus Juris Canonici; Codex Juris Canonici
CKB abbr
Christliche Kunstblätter. Linz
CKL abbr
Calwer Kirchenlexikon. Stuttgart
clare et distincte  
Lat: clearly and distinctly
class. abr
Clem abr
Clemensbrief m (-e)
Letter of Clement
Cluster m (-)
Clusteranalyse f
cluster analysis
Clusterbildung f (-en)
cm abr
CMB abbr
Calwer Missionsblatt. Calw, u.a.
cod. abr
codieren; codiert
Codd. abr
Code m (-n)
Codewechsel m (-)
code switching
Codex m
Cod.Hamm. abr
Codex Hammurapi
Codierung f (-en)
coding, encoding
Codification f (-en)
Cod.Jur.Can. abr
Codex Juris Canonici
Cod.Ms. abr
Lat: Codex manuscriptus  (alte) Handschrift - old manuscript
coena Domini
Lat: the Lord´s Supper
coena sacra
Lat: the holy supper
Lat: assembly; c. electorum - assembly of the elect; c. fidelium - assembly of the faithful; c. vocatorum - assembly of the called
cogito ergo sum n
I think, therefore I am (Descartes)
Lat: knowledge; cognition; c. abstractiva - abstract(ive) knowledge; c. certa - certain knowledge; c. Dei abstractiva - abstract knowledge of God; c. Dei intuitiva - intuitive knowledge of God; c. Dei naturalis - natural knowledge of God; c. innata - innate knowledge
coincidentia oppositiorum f
Lat: coincidence of opposites
col. abr
Engl: colonial; color; column
Coll. abr
Collage; Collegium; collectio(n), collezione
Colleg. abr
Collegium n
collegium, society, college; c. biblicum - biblical society; c. philobiblicum
colloq. abr
Engl: colloquial; colloquialism
Commune Sanctorum n
Common of the Saints
Lat: community; communion; c. corporis - communion of the body; c. fidelium - communion of the faithful; c. sanctorum - communion or congregation of the saints; c. sanguinis - communion of the blood
communis opinio f
Lat: common opinion; allgemeine Meinung, opinio communis
Comp. abr
Engl: Composer; Computer
compar. abr
Completorium n
Complex m
partaker; C. in peccato - partaker of sin
Computerkompetenz f
computer literacy
Computerkunst f
computer art
Computerlinguistik f
computer linguistics
Computersprache f
computer language
Computertheorie des Geistes f
computational theory of mind
conciliatorisch  adj
conclusio f
Lat: conclusion
conditio humana f
Lat: human condition
conditio sine qua non f
Lat: notwendige Bedingung
Conf. abr
Lat: confessio  Bekenntnis - confession
Conf.Aug. abr
Augsburger Konfession
Conf.Augs. abr
Augsburger Konfession
Lat: confession, admission of sin
Confessio Augustana  
Augsburger Bekenntnis - Augsburg Confession
confutatio f
Lat: confutation; refutation
consensus gentium  
Lat: consent of the people
consensus omnium  
Lat: general consent
consensus patrum
Lat: consensus of the fathers
consilia evangelica
Lat: evangelical counsels
Lat: counsel; c. Dei - decision or counsel of God; c. pacis - the counsel of peace
Consistorialpräsident m (-en)
president of a consistory
Constituante f
constituent; assembly
continuata creatio
Lat: continued creation
contradictio in adjecto f
contradiction in terms; inner contradiction
contra legem  
Lat: against the law
Contratenor m
contratenor, countertenor
Lat: conversion; c. continuata - continued conversion; c. reiterata - reiterated or repeated conversion
coop. abr
Engl: cooperation
cop. abr
 Engl: copyrighted
Cop. abr
Engl: copyright
cor. abr
Engl: corrected; correction; correspondence; correspndent; corresponding
Lat: before; c. Deo - before God; c. hominibus - before men
Corp. abr
Lat: Corpus  Körper
corp. abr
Lat: Corpus  Körper
CorpAp abbr
Copus Apologetarum Christianorum Seaculi Secondi. Jena
Corp.Chr. abr
Corpus Christi
Lat: (the) body; c. Christi - the body of Christ; c. doctrinae - the body of doctrine; c. electorum - the body of the elect; c. iuris canonici - the body of canon law; c. theologiae - body of theology
corpus Christi
Lat: the body of Christ
corpus juris
Lat: civil code
Corpus Paulinum m
Pauline writings
corr. abr
Engl: corrected; corresponding
Lat: rebuke, accusation
COst abbr
Der christliche Osten in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Würzburg
COVG abbr
Der christliche Osten in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Würzburg
CPE abbr
Christliche Philosophie in Einzeldarstellungen. Graz
CPH abbr
Calwer Predigthilfen. Stuttgart
CPL abbr
Calvis Patrum Latinorum. E. Dekkers, ed. Steenbrugis  
CRE abbr
Christus und die Religionen der Erde. Handbuch der Religionsgeschichte. Franz König, ed. Freiburg, Breisgau
Credo  n (-s)
 Lat: credo, creed, confession (of faith); C. in unum deum - I believe in the One God (Mass); das C. eines Künstlers - an artist´s credo, conviction 
Credoaussage f (-n)
credal statement
credo ut intelligam  
Lat: I believe in order to understand; I believe that I understand
Lat: cross; c. theologorum - the cross of theologians
CSCO abbr
Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium. Paris
CThM abbr
Calwer theologische Monographien. Stuttgart
CTJ abbr
Calvin Theological Journal. Grand Rapids, Mi
Lat: fault; guilt; crime; mea c. - (by or through) my fault
Lat: passionate desire, lust; cupidity
curr. abr
Lat: currentis  laufenden (Nummer) - running (number)
Custodia f (-dien)
pyx (container for storing the Host)
CuW abbr
Christentum und Wissenschaft. Leipzig
CwH abbr
Calwer Hefte zur Förderung biblischen Glaubens und christlichen Lebens. Stuttgart
cymbel f (-n)
crown staple (of a bell)
Cyniker m