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f. abr
folgende (Seite) - following (page)
Fabel f (-n)
fable, story, tale; falsehood
Fabelsammlung f (-en)
collection of fables
Fabeltier n (-e)
legendary animal or creature; mythological animal or creature; fabulous animal or creature
Fabelwesen n (-)
fabulous beast or being; mythological beast or being
Fabianismus  m
Fach n (-"er)
subject; field; specialty; line; division
FaCh abbr
Fathers of the Church. Washington, D.C.
Fachautorität  f (-en)
 expert authority
Fachbegriff  m (-e)
 technical term/expression or concept; disciplinary or specialist concept
Fächergewölbe n (-)
fan vault
Fächerkanon m
spiral canon
Fächerrosette f (-n)
fanlight, fan-shaped rose window
Fachgebundenheit  f
 field dependence
Fachkenntnis  f (-sse)
 specialized, expert or professional, knowledge of (a field or subject); expertise; specialist or technical knowledge; excellent knowledge in (field or subject)
Fachliteratur f
specialized or technical literature
Fachrichtung f (-en)
(field of) specialization; special subject (of study)
Fachschrifttum  n
 specialized or technical literature
Fachsprache f (-n)
professional or technical language
fachsprachlich adj
technical; in a technical language
Fachterminologie f
specialized terminology
Fachwissen  f (-sse)
 specialized, expert or professional, knowledge of (a field or subject); expertise; specialist or technical knowledge; excellent knowledge in (field or subject)
fachwissenschaftlich adj
Fachwort n (-"er)
technical term or expression
Fachwortschatz m
specialized vocabulary
Fachzeitschrift f (-en)
(professional) journal, periodical, or publication
Fackel f (-n)
torch; flambeau
Facs. abr
 Facsimile (Reproduktion)
Factum n (-ten, -ta)
factum; fact (accepted or proved); data; reality
facultates animae  
Lat: faculties of the soul
Faden m (-")
thread, string, twine; cord, fiber, filament; shred; particle
FaF abbr
Faith and Freedom. Leeds
fähig adj
capable, able; qualified; competent; clever
Fähigkeit f (-en)
ability, capability; capacity; talent, gift
Fahrlässigkeit  f
Fahrt f (-en)
journey, trip; passage, voyage; drive
Fairneß f
fak. abr
Fak. abr
Fakir m (-e)
Faks. abr
Faks.Ausg. abr
Faksimile n (-s)
Faksimileausgabe f (-n)
facsimile edition
Faksimiledruck m (-e)
facsimile print
to make a facsimile or copy of (something); reproduce; facsimilize
Fakt  m/n (-en)
 factum, data; reality
Faktenwissen  n
 factual knowledge, knowledge of facts
faktisch  adj, adv
real(ly), actual(ly); in fact, de facto; factical (Heidegger)
faktitiv  adj
causative, factitive (verb)
faktitivisch  adj
causative, factitive (verb)
Faktitivum  n (-va)
causative, factative (verb) 
Faktizität f (-en)
facticity, factualness, factuality
Faktor m (-en)
factor; agent; middleman; manager; overseer; bestimmender F. - determinant; veränderliche F. - variables; wesentlicher F. - essential factor, important aspect
Faktorenanalyse f
 factor analysis
faktorisieren vr
to factorize; separate into parts or factors
Faktum n (-ta)
factum; fact (accepted or proved); data; reality
Faktur f (-en)
Art, Mus: treatment; (visible) indication of an artist's work process; Econ: invoice, bill (of sale)
Faktura f (-en)
Art, Mus: treatment; (visible) indication of an artist's work process; Econ: invoice, bill (of sale)
Fakultät f (-en)
fakultativ  adj
facultative, optional; non-compulsory (subjects)
falb  adj
fallow, dun, faded, pale; yellowish, dun (-colored)
Fall m (-"e)
fall, tumble; decline, downfall; case; in­stance, situation, event; LIng: 1. Fall - nominative; 2. Fall - genitive; 3. Fall - dative; 4. Fall - accusative; case; fall; instance; der F. sein - to be the case
Fallazie  f (-n)
 fallacy; fallacious or misleading reasoning or argument
Fallbeil n (-e)
guillotine; blade of guillotine
Falle f (-n)
trap; snare; pitfall, catch
fallen vi
to fall, tumble; to decline
fällen  vr
to fall; to cut down; to pass (judgment); to reach (a decision, etc)
Fallgrube f (-n)
trap, pitfall; dead fall
fällig  adj
payable; due
falls  conj
in case, if; suppose, supposing; provided (that), providing
Fallstrick m (-e)
snare; noose; trick; catch; ruse
Fallstudie f (-en)
case history; case study
falsch adj
false, wrong, incorrect; inappropriate; insincere, devious
fälschen adj
to falsify; to forge; to counterfeit (coin); to adulterate
Fälscher m (-)
forger; counterfeiter
Falschgläubigkeit f
heresy; heterodoxy
Falschheit f (-en)
falsity, falseness, wrongness; falsehood; untruth; incorrectness; insincerity; deviousness; deceit; guile, perfidy; inappropriateness; duplicity
Falschheitsgehalt  m
 falseness content
fälschlich adj, adv
false(ly), wrong(ly), incorrect(ly), mistaken; erroneous(ly); fraudulent(ly); by mistake
Fälschung f (-en)
fake; forgery; falsification; counterfeit; distortion; perversion; adulteration
Falte f (-n)
fold; crease; wrinkle
falten  vr
to fold; to wrinkle; to crease; to fold, clasp (hand in prayer)
fam. abr
Familiarität f
informality, familiarity
Familie f (-n)
Familienbiebel  f (-n)
 family Bible
Familienfürsorge f
family welfare, family care
Familienkreis m (-e)
family circle
Familienleben n
family life; domestic life; home life
Familienname m (-n)
family name; last name; surname
Familienverhältniss n (-e)
family situation; family background
Famulus m (-li)
famulus (assistant to a medieval scholar)
Fanatiker  m (-)
fanatisch  adj
Fanatismus m
Fanfare f (-n)
fanfare; flourish (signal), trumpet call; trumpet horn
Fanfarentrompete f (-n)
herald's trumpet
Fangfrage  f
 trick or catch question
Fangschluß  m
Phil: garden path argument
Fantasie f (-n)
fantasy; Mus: fantasia
fantasieren  vr
to fantasize; Mus: improvise
Fantastik f
Farbenlehre  f
 theory of colors
Farbenspiel  n
 play of colors
Farbensprache  f
 color language
farblos  adj, adv
colorless; dull; dreary; monotonous
Färbung f (-en)
coloring; coloration; tint, shade; pigmentation
Farre m (-n)
bullock, young bull; steer
Faschismus m
faschistisch  adj
fassen  vr
to grasp, seize; to appre­hend; to contain; to compre­hend, conceive
Fassung f (-en)
version, wording; draft; composure, poise; setting; gekürzte F. - shortened version, cut version, abridged version
fast  adv
almost, nearly; all but
Fasten n
(period of) fast; Lent
fasten  vr
to fast, abstain from food; time of fasting
Fastenbrief m (-e)
Lenten letter
Fastengebot n
rule of fasting, obligation to fast
Fastenperiode f (-en)
fasting period; fast
Fastenpredigt f
Lent sermon, Lenten sermon
Fastensonntag m
Sunday in Lent
Fastenspeise f
Lenten fare
Fastentuch n (-"er)
Lenten veil (displayed between chancel and nave)
Fastenzeit f (-en)
period of fasting; Lent(en); in der Fastenzeit - during Lent
Fast-Gott  m
 the almost god, the near-god
Fastnacht f
Shrove Tuesday
Fastnachtsspiel n (-e)
Shrovetide play
Fasttag m (-e)
fast(day), maigre(day)
FaT abbr
Faith and Thought. London
FAT abbr
Forschungen zum Alten Testament. Tübingen
fatal  adj
disagreeable; annoying; awkward; unfortunate
Fatalismus m
Fatalist  m (-en)
fatalistisch adj
Fatalität f (-en)
fatality, disastrous; ill luck; misfortune; awkwardness; disaster; adversity
Fatum  n (-ta)
 Lat: fate; destiny
Lat: fate; destiny; f. astrologicum - astrological fate; f. Stoicum - Stoic faith
FaU abbr
Faith and Unity. London
Fauchausdruck  m (-"e)
 technical term or expression; specialist concept
faul  adj
decayed, rotten; stale; bad; lazy, idle; indolent; worthless; brittle
Faulheit f
laziness, idleness, sloth
faunisch  adj
 faun-like; (fig) sensual, lustful, lascivious, lecherous
Faust f (-"e)
(clenched) fist
faustisch  adj
 Faustian, Faust-like; f. Streben - Faustian ambition
Faustregel  f
 rule of thumb
Fauvismus  m
favor Dei
Lat: the favor of God
Favoritchor m
choir of solo singers
FB abbr
Forschungen zur Bibel. Würzburg
FBESG abbr
Forschungen und Berichte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft. Stuttgart, u.a.
FBK abbr
Flugblätter der bekennenden Kirche. Stuttart
FBTK abbr
Freimüthige Blätter über Theologie und Kirchentum. Rotwell
FChLDG abbr
Forschungen zur christlichen Literatur- und Dogmengeschichte. Paderborn
FDV abbr
Franz-Delitzsch-Vorlesungen. Stuttgart
FDWG abbr
Forschungen zur deutschen Weltanschauungskunde und Glaubensgeschichte. Stuttgart
fechten vi
to fence; to fight
Feder f (-n)
feather, plume; quill, pen; spring
Feedback  n
Fegefeuer n (-)
Fehdehandschuh m (-e)
Fehispruch  m (-"e)
 miscarriage of justice: judicial error
Fehitritt  m
 faux pas, lapse
Fehlbarkeit  f
fehlbesetzt  p p, adj
Fehlbesetzung f
Fehlbezeichnung  f (-en)
Fehlbitte  f
 vain request
Fehldeutung f (-en)
fehlen  vr
to be missing, be lacking, absent; to do wrong, make a mistake; to err; to be wrong
fehlend  pr p, adj
Fehler m (-)
mistake; error; blunder; fault; imperfec­tion; defect; weak­ness, failing; flaw; drawback; shortcoming
Fehleranalyse f
error analysis
fehlerhaft  adj
Fehlerquelle  f (-n)
 source of error
Fehlfunktion  f
Fehlgeburt f (-en)
miscarriage, abortion
Fehlhaltung f
wrong attitute, poor standpoint, wrong opinion
Fehlinterpretation f (-en)
fehlschlagen vi
to go wrong; to fail, to come to nothing; to miscarry
Fehlschluß m (-"sse)
fallacy; erroneous, fallacious, or faulty conclusion or inference
Fehlurteil  n
Feier f (-n)
ceremony; celebration; festival; f­east; fiesta
Feierabend m (-e)
time for leaving off work, evening leisure
Feiergesang m (-"e)
solemn hymn
Feierjahr n
sabbatical year
Feierkleid n (-er)
festive raiment
feierlich  adj
festive; solemn; ceremonious
Feierlichkeit f (-en)
solemnity, pomp ceremony
feiern vr
to rest (from work); to celebrate; to commemorate; to praise, observe, h­onor, extol
Feierstunde f (-n)
leisure hour; festive hour
Feiertag m (-e)
holiday; day of rest; festival
feig adj, adv
cowardly; timid, dastardly, fainthearted
Feige f (-n)
feige  adj, adv
cowardly; timid, dastardly, fainthearted
Feigenbaum m (-"e)
fig tree
Feigenblatt n (-"er)
fig leaves
Feigenkuchen m (-)
fig cake
fein adj
fine; delicate; refined; elegant; subtle; acute; sensitive
Feinbild  n
 feinbild, concept of the enemy
Feind m (-e)
enemy; adversary, foe; rival; opponent; antagonist; der böse F. - the evil en­emy, the devil, the Evil One
feind  adj
hostile; opposed; against; f. sein - to be hostile or opposed; to be an enemy of
Feindesliebe f
love for one's enemy (enemies)
Feindin m (-nen)
(woman) enemy
Feindlichkeit f
Feindschaft f (-en)
hatred, enmity; hostility; ill-will
Feindschaftsverhältnis n (-sse)
state of enmity
feindselig adj, adv
hostile; malevolent; hateful; despised; with animosity
Feindseligkeit f
hostility; antagonism, animosity; war
feinfühlig  adj
sensitive; delicate, tactful
Feingefühl  n
 sensibility, sensitivity
feingeschlämmt  adj
Feingold n
pure gold, tin/refined gold
feinkörnig  adj
Feinstimmer m (-)
string tuner, E-adjuster
feist adj
fat, plump, stout; feister Sonntag - the last Sunday before Lent
FEJR abbr
Flugschriften aus den ersten Jahren der Reformation. Leipzig
Feld n (-er)
field; open country; plain, ground, area; sphere; battlefield; Archaeol: panel (in decoration)
Feldarbeit  f
 field work
feldexperiment  n
 field experiment
Feldflasche f (-n)
pilgrim bottle; pilgrim flask; canteen
Feldforschung  f
 field research
Feldgeistliche m (-n)
chaplain (to the armed forces)
Feldgeschrei n
war cry
Feldgottesdienst m (-e)
divine service in the field
Feldhauptmann m (-"er)
Feldherr m (-er)
general, military commander; commander-in-chief
Feldpfarrer m (-)
chaplain (to the armed forces)
feldstudie  f
 field study
Feldtheorie f
field theory
Feldweg  m
 country path
Feldzeichen n (-)
field insignia, (battle) standard, banner, flag
Feldzug m (-"e)
(military) expedition, campaign
Fell n (-e)
skin; hide, pelt; fur, coat (of animals), film
Fels m (-en)
rock; boulder; cliff
Felsbild n (-er)
rock painting; petroglyph
Felsen m (-)
Felsenformation f (-en)
rock formation
Felsengrab n (-"er)
rock tomb, rock-cut tomb
Felsgrab n (-"er)
rock tomb, rock-cut tomb
felsig  adj
rocky; rock-bound; of rock; cragged, craggy
Felskammergrab n (-"er)
rock-cut tomb
Felsrelief n (-s)
rock relief, relief cut into a rock (face)
Felsritzung f (-en)
rock engraving; petroglyph
fem. abr
Fem. abr
Femdlaut m (-e)
foreign sound
Femenmord  m
 murder committed under the Vehmic system
Femgericht  m
 Vehmie court
Femininum n (-ina)
feminine noun
Feminismus  m
Feministin  f
Fenster n (-)
Fermate f
pause; hold, fermata
Fermatsch  adj
 Fermat; F. Satz - F. Theorem; F. Vermutung - Fermat's last theorem
fern  adj, prep dat
distant, remote; far (off), far (away), a long way; future; remote; past, bygone
Fernassimilation f
non-contiguous assimilation
fernbleiben vi
to keep or stay away (from)
Ferne f (-n)
remoteness, distance, distant place or time
ferner  adj, adv, comp of fern
further, farther; further(more), moreover, in addition; (to) continue
fernerhin  adv
henceforth, henceforth, henceforward; furthermore, for the future
fernhalten vi
to keep away; to hold off
Fernwirkung  f
 action at a distance
Fernziel  n
 distant goal
Ferse f (-n)
heel; track; footsteps
fertig adj
ready; finished, done; exhausted; prepared; broke, ruined
fertigen vr
to make, produce; to manufacture
fertigintonieren vr sep
to fine voice
Fertigintonieren n
fine voicing
Fertigkeit f (-en)
skill; facility
fertigregulieren  vr sep
Mus: to fine regulate
to prepare, make ready
to fine tune
Fertigstimmen n
fine tuning, final tuning
Fessel f (-n)
shackle; chain; fetter; tie, bond; rope; handcuff
to shackle, chain, to fetter, to put in irons, to tie, to bind
firm, strong, deep (convic­tions); solid; stable; definite; fixed
Fest n (-e)
feast; festival, celebration
festbinden vi
to tie up to fasten (an - to); to bind fast
festbleiben vi
to remain firm
Festessen n (-)
public banquet
Festg. abr
Festgabe f (-n)
gift (presented on a festive occasion)
Festgottesdienst m (-e)
special service
Festhaltbarkeit des Gegebenen  f
 retainability of the given
festhalten vi sep
to hold (firm); to ad­here/cling to; to seize; to retain; to detain; to write down, record; to portray, picture
Festkalender m (-)
feast calendar
Festkleid n (-er)
ceremonial dress
Festland n
land, mainland, continent
festlegen sep
to determine; to fix; to establish; to define; to lay down (rule)
festive, solemn, magnificent
Festlichkeit f (-en)
festivity, solemnity
to attach (an - to), to fasten (an - to); etwas f. - to secure something, to make something secure
music for a special occasion
Festname f (-n)
arrest, detention
festnehmen vi
to arrest; to apprehend; to detain; to take into custody
Festpiel n (-e)
festival performance
Festschr. abr
Festschrift f (-en)
commemorative publication
 to determine
Festsetzung  f
 (conventional) stipulation, determination
feststehen vi sep
to be certain; to be definite
feststellen sep
to establish; to ascertain, find (out); to state, declare; to assess; to confirm; to discover; to realize
Festtag m (-e)
holy day; holiday; festival; festive day
on a religious holiday; on a feast day; on feast days
Festung f (-en)
fortification; castle; stronghold; fortress
Festzeit f
festive season; holidays
Festzeremonie f (-n)
festal ceremony
Festzug m (-"e)
(festive) procession
Fetisch m (-e)
Fetischanbetung f
fetishism, idolatry
Fetischdienst m
fetishism, idolatry
fetischisieren  vr
 to make a fetish of
Fetischisierung  f
 fetish formation, fetishization
Fetischismus m
fetishism, idolatry
Fettdruck m
boldface type
Fettigkeit f
fatness; fattiness; greasiness
FEUC abbr
  Forschungen zur Entstehung des Urchristentums des Neuen Testaments und der Kirche. Kiel
Feuchtigkeit f
wetness, dampness, moisture, humidity
Feudalaristokratie  f (-n)
 feudal aristocracy
Feudalgesellschaft  f
 feudal society
Feudalherrschaft f
feudalism; feudal regime
Feudalismus m
Feudalsystem n
feudal system
Feudalwirtschaft  f
 feudal economy
Feudum  n
Feuer n (-)
fire; flame; vigor; fervor; passion; F. als Urelement - fire as the first principle (Heraclitus)
Feueranbeter m (-)
fire-worshipper; pyrolater
Feuerbachscher Materialismus  m
 Feuerbachian materialism
Feuerbecken n (-)
Feuerbestattung f (-en)
Feuereifer m
ardent zeal, ardor
Feuerenbeter m (-)
fire-worshiper; pyrolator
fire-proof; refractive; heat-resisting
Feuerflamme f (-n)
a flame of fire
Feuerhölle f (-en)
fiery hell
Feuerofen m (-")
furnace of fire
Feueropfer n (-)
offering made by fire
flaming red, flame red, red as fire
Feuersäule f
pillar of fire
Feuersbrunst f
fire; (great) blaze; conflagration
Feuertaufe f
baptism of fire
fiery, intense
ff. abr
folgende(n) (Seiten) - following (pages)
F.f. abr
Fortsetzung folgt
ffd. abr
FG abr
FGIL abbr
Forschungen zur Geschichte des innerkirchlichen Lebens. Innsbruck
FGLP abbr
Forschungen zur Geschichte und Lehre des Protestantismus. München
Fgm. abr
Fragment(e), fragmentum
fgm. abr
Fragment(e), fragmentum
FGNK abbr
Forschungen zur Geschichte des neutestamentlichen Kanons und der altchristlichen Literatur. Leipzig, u.a.
FGTh abbr
Forschungen zur Geschichte der Theologie und des innerkirchlichen Lebens. Innsbruck
FH abbr
Frankfurter Hefte. Zeitschrift für Kultur und Politik. Frankfurt
Lat: let there be (Ge. 1:3)
Fichte f (-n)
spruce; fir; pine
Fideikommiß  n (-sse)
fideicommissum; estate (held in fee) tail, entail; Übertragung or Errichtung eines Fideikommiß - to set up an entail, entailment
Fideismus m
Fideist m (-en) 
fideistisch  adj
Fidel f
fiddle, vielle
to fiddle
Lat: faith; loyalty; faithfulness; f. data or f. facta - pledge of fidelity, oath of allegiance, loyalty oath; f. directa - direct faith; f. evangelica - evangelical faith; f. explicita - explicit faith; f. divina - divine faith; f. infusa - infused faith; f. iustificans - justifying faith; f. salvifica - saving faith
Fido-Fido-Prinzip  n
 "Fido" - Fido principle
Fieber n (-)
fiebern vi
to run a temperature
Fiedel f
fiddle, vielle
to fiddle
fiedlos adj
without peace; outlawed; proscribed
fig. abr
figural; figurativ; figürlich
Fig. abr
Figur  f
 figure; form
Figuration f
Figurenbild n (-er)
depiction of human(s)
Figurengedicht n (-e)
carmen figuratum, pattern poem, shaped poem (a poem shaped and printed to form a design symbolizing its central motif)
Figurenlyrik f
carmen figuratum, pattern poetry, shaped poetry (a poem shaped and printed to form a design symbolizing its central motif)
to figure, to embellish; to perform figurate, i.e. polyphonic music
figuriert pr p
figured, figural
Figurierung f
figural, figurative
Fiktion f (-en)
fiktional  adj
 fictional; f. Rede - fictional discourse
Fiktionalisierung  f
Fiktionalismus  m
Fiktität  f
fictitious, fictive, imaginary
Fiktivsein  n
filius m
Lat: son; f. Dei - Son of God; f. patris - Son of the Father
filius dei m
Lat: Son of God
filius patris m
Lat: Son of the Father
Filterpresse f (-n)
fin. abr
Engl: final- schließlich
Finale n (-n)
Finalis f
Finalismus  m
Finalität  f
Finalsatz m (-"e)
purpose clause
Finalursache  f
 final cause, causa finalis
finden vi
to find; to hit upon; to discover; to think; to consider
Fin de siécle  n
 fin de siécle
Finger m (-)
finger; digit
Fingerreif m (-e)
Fingerring m (-e)
(finger) ring
Fingersatz m
fingering; F. machen or F. versehen - to finger, provide with fingering
Fingerspitze f (-en)
tip of the tinger, fingertip
Fingertaste f (-en)
(finger) key
Fingertechnik f
finger technique, finger action
Fingerzeig m (-e)
hint, tip, pointer; warning sign; clue; ein F. Gottes - finger of God
finis legis
Lat: the goal or end of the law
finis theologiae
Lat: the end or goal of theology
finite  adj
 finite; infinite Modelle
Finitismus  m
finster  adj
dark, gloomy; obscure; f. Zeitalter - dark ages
Finsternis f
darkness; gloom; obscurity; eclipse; die Macht der F. - the power of darkness
to (over) indulge in; pander to; be a slave to
Firmament n (-e)
firmament; sky
to confirm
Firmelung f
Firmierung f
contersigned by new authority
confirmation catechesis (Catholic)
Firmling m (-en)
candidate for confirmation; (one that has been) confirmed
Firmpate m (-n)
Firmung f (-en)
firming, confirmation
Firmunterricht m
confirmation class (Catholic)
Firmvorbereitung f
confirmation class (Protestant)
Firniss f
Fisch m (-)
to fish
Fischer m (-)
fistherman; angler
Fischerring m
pope's sinet ring
Fischhaken m (-)
Fischlein n (-e)
fishing net
Fischzug m
catch; haul or draught (of fish)
Fittich m (-e)
wing, pinion
Fixationspunkt  m
 fixation point
Fixelement  n
 fixed element
Fixierung f (-en)
Fixpunkt m (-e)
fixed point
FKDG abbr
Forschungen zur Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte. Göttingen
FKGCA abbr
Forschungen zur Kunstgeschichte und christlichen Archäologie. Baden-Baden
FKGG abbr
Forschungen zur Kirchen- und Geistesgeschichte. Stuttgart
FKKB abbr
Freiburger katholisches Kirchenblatt. Freiburg, Breisgau
FKRG abbr
Forschungen zur kirchlichen Rechtsgeschichte und zum Kirchenrecht. Köln
Fl.-Bl. abr
Flugblatt; Flugblätter
flat; plain; level; even; shallow; superficial
Flachdach n (-"er)
flat roof; truncated roof
Fläche f (-n)
surface; area; face; expanse; space
flat; planar; two-dimensional
Flächigkeit f
Flachrelief n (-s)
low relief
Flachs m
flax; wilder F. - dodder
Fladen m
flat cake; cow dung
Flagellant m (-en)
flagellant, Flagellant
Flagellantismus m
Flamme f (-n)
flame; blaze; light
flammend pr p
flaming; burning; blazing; stirring (speech, etc.)
Flanke f
waist (of a bell)
Flanschenrand m (-"er)
flange rim
Flasche f (-n)
Flattergeist m (-er)
fickle or unstable person
FLB abbr
Franziskanische Lebensbilder. Zürich
Flbl. abr
Flugblatt; Flugblätter
to plait, braid; to twist; to wreathe, to entwine, to interweave, to interlace, to interland
Flechthenkel m (-)
plaited handle; twisted handle
Fleck m (-e)
speck, stain
spotless, stainless
Fledermaus f (-"e)
to implore, entreat, beseech; to supplicate; entreaty; prayer; supplication
flehend adv
suppliant; imploring, beseeching; fervent; f. bitten - to beseech; f. Bitte - earnest prayer; fervant supplication; entreaty
Fleisch n
flesh; meat
Fleischesleib f (-er)
physical body
Fleischeslust f
lust; carnal desire; sensual desire
Fleischestötung  f
 mortification of the flesh
fleischgeworden pp
carnal; physical; sensual; fleshly
Fleischlichkeit f
sensuality; carnal mindedness
Fleischmarkt m (-"e)
meat market
Fleischwerden n
Fleischwerdung f
Fleiß m
diligence; industry; application; assiduity
flektierend pr p
Flexibilität  f
Flexierbarkeit f
Flexion f (-en)
flexion, inflection
Flexionsendung f
case inflections, inflectional ending
Flexionskategorie f (-n)
inflectional category
Flexionslosigkeit f
absence of inflection
flg. abr
flgd. abr
to patch, mend; to repair; to bungle
Fliege f (-n)
fly, imperial (beard)
fliegen vi
to fly; to rush, dash; to fly; to pilot
fliegend pr p
flying, flowing
fliehen vi
to flee; to run away; to retreat; to escape; to shun; to get out of the way of
Fliese f (-n)
fließen vi
to flow; to pass, elapse (of time)
fließend pr p
fluent; flowing
Floh m (-"e)
Floreshandschrift f
Flores manuscript
Florilegium n (-gien)
Floß n (-"e)
float, raft
Flöte f (-n)
flute, recorder
Flötenspiel n
flute playing; flute music
Flötenspieler m (-)
flute player, flutist
Mus: briskly, mosso
Fluch m (-"e)
curse, oath, imprecation, malediction, execration
under a curse, accursed
to (utter) curse; to sear; to damn; to blaspheme; to use bad language; to execrate
Flucher m (-)
swearer; blasphemer
Fluchformel f (-n)
formula of curse
Fluchmaul n (-"er)
blasphemer; foulmouthed person
Fluchpsalm m (-en)
imprecatory psalm
Fluchspruch m (-"e)
Flucht f (-en)
flight; escape; row, straigt line; suite (of rooms)
Fluchtburg f (-en)
to run away (vor - from); to take to flight; to escape; to seek refuge, take refuge; to find refuge
fleeting; brief; transient; F. Vorteil - transient advantage
Flüchtig m (-e)
refugee; fugitive; runaway
Fluchwort n (-e)
curse (word)
Fluchwunsch m (-"e)
curse (wish)
Flügel m (-)
wing; vane; arm; flank; aisle (of a church); Mus: grand piano
Flügelaltar m (-"e)
winged altarpiece, altar with polyptych
Flügellöwe m (-n)
winged lion
Flügelpferd n (-e)
winged horse
Flügelroß n (-"er)
winged horse, winged steed, pegasus
quickly, instantly, at once
Flugsand m
wind-blown sand
Flugschrift f (-en)
pamphlet; religiöse F. - tract, religious pamphlet
Fluidum n
Flur f (-en)
(land and fields belonging to one village)
liquid, fluid, melted, molten
Fluß m (-sse)
river, stream; flux; flow; durchhaltender F. - perennial river; gleichsinniger F. - consequent stream; nachträglicher F. - subsequent stream
Flußbett n
river bed; river channel
Flußbiegung f
river bend
Flußknie n
river elbow, river bend
Flußniederung f
flood plain
Flußverlegung f
shift of river course
Flut f (-en)
high tide; flood
to flood; to flow; to pour; to swell; to rise; to set afloat
Fluterzählung f (-en)
narrative of the flood
Flutgeschehen n
flood narrative
FMAG abbr
Forschungen zur mittelalterlichen Geschichte. Berlin
FMANG abbr
Forschungen zur mitteralterlichen und neueren Geschichte. München
FMSt abbr
Frühmittelalterliche Studien. Berlin
Föderalismus  m
Lat: covenant; f. gratiae - covenant of grace; f. gratiae evangelicum - evangelical covenant of grace, covenant of grace with reference to the gospel
fol. abr
Fol. abr
Folio; Folia
folg. abr
Folge f (-n)
order; consequence, result; effect; confir­mation; series; succession; sequence
Folgebeziehung  f
Folgeeigenschaft  f
 supervenient property
to follow, succeed (auf - to); to obey; to conform to; to be derived (from); folgend - following, next, subse­quent
Folgeproblem  n
 resultant problem
logical; consistent; conclusive
Folgerichtigkeit  f
to infer, conclude, deduce, gather (from)
Folgerung f (-en)
inference; deduction; conclusion; consequence
Folgerungsbegriff  m
 concept of (logical) consequence
Folgerungsbeziehung  f
 relation of consequence
Folgerungslehre  f
 theory of consequences
Folgerungsmenge  f
 set of consequences
Folgerungssinn  m
 illative sense
Folgesatz m (-"e)
consecutive clause, corollary
Folgewidrigkeit f
 logical inconsistency
Folgewirkung  f
 aftereffect, consequence effect
as a result, consequently, therefore, hence, thus, so
Foliant m (-en)
old volume, folio
Folie f (-n)
(metal) foil; contrast; background
to foliate
Folioband m (-"e)
Folklore f
folkloristic, ethnographic
Folter f (-n)
rac, torture
Folterer m (-)
Folterkammer f (-)
torture chamber
Folterknecht m (-e)
to torture; to torment
Folterqual f (-en)
agony of torture, agony; anguish; torment
Lat: source; fountain; f. primarius - primary source
to force, to push (the sound)
to ask, demand; to claim, require; to call for
to promote; to support; to further
Forderung f (-en)
demand (nach - for; an - on); call, claim; requirement
Förderung f
furtherance; help ; furthering; advancement; promotion; yield, output
Form f (-en)
form; appearance; style; mould; shape; begriffliche F. - conceptual form; F. der Anschauung - form of intuition or anschauung (Kant); F. der Sinnlichkeit - form of sensibility (Kant); F. der Zweckmäßigkeit - form of appropriateness, functionality, finality, fitness, or purposiveness (Kant); F. der Denkens - form of thought; F. des Verstandes - form of the understanding
Formähnlichkeit f (-en)
formal resemblance, similarity in form
formal  adj
 formal; f. Wertlehre - formal axiology; f. Zwänge - formal constraints; f. Zweckmäßigkeit - formal functionality or appropriateness; porposeness or inality; f. Bruch - breach of form
Formalabstraktion  f
 formal abstraction
Formalästhetik  f
 formal aesthetics
formaldemokratisch  adj
Lat: formal
formalisieren  vr
 to formalize
formalisiert  pp, adj
Formalisierung  f
Formalismus  m
Formalist  m
formalistisch  adj
formal literary
formally logical
Formalontologie  f
 formal Ontologie
Formalpragmatik  f
 formal pragmatics
Formalprinzip n
formal principle
Formalsprache  f
 formal language
Format n (-e)
shape, size; format
Formationsregel f (-n)
formation rules
Formationsteil der Grammatik  
grammatical constituent
Formbegrenzung f (-en)
limitation of shape
Formbewußstein  n
 form(al) consciousness/awareness
formbildend pr p
Formel f (-n)
formula; phrase; form; rule
Formelement n (-e)
formal element, element of form
formula-like; f. Wendung - formula-like expression
Formelle  n
 the formal aspect
Formempfinden n
feeling for (or sensitivity to) form or shape; perception of form
to form, shape; to mould; to cast (in a mould)
Formenbindung f
cohesion of the forms within a work
formend  pr p, adj
Formenkanon  m
 canon or set of forms
form class
Formenlehre f
theory of forms; accidence, morphemic(s), morphology; musikalische F. - (study of) musical form
Formenreichtum m
abundance of forms or shapes
Formenreihe  f
 series of form, formal series
Formenschatz m
landforms, relief, pattern (of a landscape)
Formensprache f (-n)
vocabulary of form or shape
Formenstrenge f
severity of form
Formenverschmelzung f (-en)
blending of different forms or shapes
Formenwelt f (-en)
vocabulary of forms or shapes
Formfülle f
profusion of forms or shapes
formgebend pr p
shaping, forming, modeling
Formgeber m (-)
Formgebung f (-en)
design, formation, shaping
Formgeschichte f
form criticism; Art: history of forms, of shapes
form-critical (method)
Formklasse f (-n)
form class
Formkritik f
Form Criticism
förmlich  adj
Förmlichkeit f (-en)
Formtrieb  m
 formal impulse
form association
to formulate
Formulierung f (-en)
formulation, expression; definition; (precise) wording, phrasing
Formung f (-en)
formation, shaping
Formunterschied m (-e)
difference in form, formal difference
Formursache  f
 formal cause
Formwechsel m
form change
to research, investigate; to search
Forscher m (-)
investigator; researcher; scholar; scientist
Forschung  f
 (scientific) research
Forschungesthik  f
 research ethics
Forschungsarbeit f (-en)
study; research work
Forschungsart f (-en)
method of research
Forschungsforschung  f
 science research
Forschungsgegenstand m (-"e)
object of investigation; research subject
Forschungshypothese  f
 research hypothesis
Forschungsintention f (-en)
research intention
Forschungsmethode f (-n)
method of investigation
Forschungsmodell  n
 model of research, research model
 research priorities
Forschungsprogramm  n (-e)
 research programm
Forschungsstand m
state of research
fort sep pref, adv
gone; away; lost
fortan adv
henceforth, from now on
Fortbestand m
continuance; continuation; survival
Fortbestimmung  f
 process of further determination
fortbringen vi
to remove; to carry away
fortfahren vi sep
to continue, go on, proceed
fortfallen vi
to drop out; to be dropped; to be omitted; to be abolished; to be canceled
to continue; to carry on; to remove; to lead away, to takeaway; to march someone off
Fortgang No information yet.
fortgef. abr
fortgehen vi
to go away ; to depart; to go on, continue, proceed; to progress
fortgeschritten  p p, adj
fortl. abr
fortlaufen vi
to run away (vor or von - from); to run on; to continue; to be continued
fortlaufend pr p
to live on; to survive
Fortleben n
survival; afterlife
fortnehmen vi
to take away
Forts. abr
to send off, to send away, to dismiss, to turn away, to dispatch
fortschreiben vi sep
to progress; to develop; to advance; to continue
Fortschreibung  f
Fortschreiten  n
 (the) advancing
Fortschritt m (-e)
progress, advance; improve­ment
Fortschrittsdenken  n
Fortschrittsfeindlichkeit  f
 antiprogressive attitude
Fortschrittsglaube m
belief in progress
Fortschrittsgläubigkeit  f
 naive belief or faith in progress
Fortschrittsidee  f
 idea of progress
Fortschrittsideologie  f
 ideology of progress
Fortschrittskritik  f
 criticism of progress
fortschrittskritisch  adj
 critical of progress
Fortschrittsoptimismus  m
 optimistic belief in progress
Fortschrittstheorie  f
 theory of progress
fortsetzen sep
to continue, resume
Fortsetzung f
fortwährend adj, adv
constant(ly), continuous(ly); perpetual, lasting; all the time
fortziehen vi
to pull away; to draw away; to move away, out , on; to go away; to migrate
forum ecclesiasticum
Lat: ecclesiastical court
Fotorealismus  m
Fourierismus  m
Frage f (-n)
Fragebogen m (-, -")
Fragebuch n
Fragelehrer m (-)
to ask (for); to inquire (about); to ques­tion; to wonder; to consult
Fragenkomplex m (-e)
interrogative particle
Fragepronomen n (-mina)
interrogative pronoun
Fragesatz m (-"e)
interrogative sentence
Fragesatzintonation f
interrogative intonation
Fragestellung f (-en)
formulation of a question; methodology; methodological concepts; questioning
Frageton m
interrogative intonation
Fragewort n (-"er)
interrogative word
Fragezeichen n
question mark
fraglich adj
doubtful; uncertain; questionable; in question
Fraglichkeit f
doubtfulness; uncertainty
fraglos adj, adv
indisputable, unquestionable; decidedly; unquestionably, beyond question, beyond dispute
fragm. abr
Fragm. abr
Fragment n (-e)
fragmentarisch  adj, adv
fragmentary, fragmental; disconnected; unfinished; incomplete; in fragments, as a fragment
Fragmentierung f
fragwürdig adj
doubtful, questionable; dubious
Frag-würdigkeit  f
Fragwürdigkeit  f
 questionability; doubtfulness
Frakt. abr
Fraktion; Fraktur
Fraktal  n
Fraktur f (-en)
fractur; fraktur; black-letter type
Frankfurter Schule f
Frankfurt School
franz. abr
Franziskaner m (-)
Franciscan; Gray Friar
Franziskanerkloster n (-)
Franciscan monastery
Franziskanerorden m
Franciscan Order
Franzose m (-n)
Französin f (-nen)
französisch adj
Frau f (-en)
woman; wife; lady
Frauenbefreiung  f
 women's liberation
Frauenbewegung f (-en)
feminist or women's movement
Frauenchor m
women's chorus, women's or ladies choir, ladies chorus
Frauenemanzipation f
emancipation of women, female emancipation
Frauenforschung  f
 women's or feminist studies
Frauenhaar n
woman's hair
Frauenkirche f
Church of Our Lady
Frauenkloster n (-)
women's cloister or convent
Frauenkonvent m (-e)
women's convent
Frauenrechtsbewegung  f
 women's rights movement
Frauenstimme f
female voice, woman's voice
Frechheit f
forwardness; brashness, impudence, boldness, audacity
Frege-Prinzip  n
 Frege's principle
frei  adj
free(ly); independent; frank, open; volun­tary; freie Künste - liberal arts; f. Spiel der Kräfte - free play faculties; free will of forces f. Willensübereinkunft - voluntary agreement, agreement of will
Freidenker m (-)
Freidenkerei f
freethinking; latitudinarianism
freidenkerisch adj
freethinking (ideas)
freidrehen  vr sep
to throw
freien  vr
to coart; to make love to; to woo; to marry
Freiexemplar n (-e)
complimentary copy
Freigabe f
release; clearance; derequisition
freigeben vi
to set free; to release
freigebig adj
generous; liberal; lavish; bountiful; unsparing, very generous; munificent
Freigebigkeit f
liberality; generosity; lavishness; munificence
Freigebung f
release; emancipation
freigedreht  p p, adj
Freigeist m (-er)
freethinker; free spirit
Freigeisterei f
freigeistig  adj
Freigelassene m (-n)
the released person, freedman
freigesinnt adj
Freigesprochene m (-n)
freed man
freigestellt  pp, adj
 exempt, free
freigläubig adj
independent faith
Freihandel  m
 free trade
Freiheit f (-n)
freedom, liberty; indepen­dence; privilege, immunity, license; F. zum Tode - dreedom for death (Heidegger)
Freiheitsberaubung f (-en)
deprivation of liberty
Freiheitsbewegung f (-en)
freedom movement
Freiheitsentzug  m
 deprivation of freedom
 degrees or grades of freedom
Freiheitskämpfer m (-)
champion of independence
Freiheitslehre  f
 theory of freedom
freiheitsliebend  adj
 liberty-loving, freedom loving
 civil rights of liberties
Freiheitsverlust  m
 loss of freedom
Freiheitsverständnis n (-se)
concept of freedom
Freiheit zum Tode  f
 freedom for death
freiherrschend adj
freiherzig adj
openhearted; frank; generous
freikaufen  vr sep
to redeem; to ransom
Freikirche f (-n)
Free Church; Non Conformity
freikirchlich adj
free church
freilassen vi sep
to release, set free; to liberate
Freilassung f
release; emancipation
freilegen vr sep
to expose; to uncover; to unearth, dig up
Freilegung f (-en)
exposure; uncovering; unearthing, dig
freilich adv, part
of course, indeed, certainly; to be sure; admittedly; yes (certainly, indeed) ; though, however
freimachen vr sep
to liberate, free; to vacate; to clear
Freimaurer m (-)
Freimaurerei f
freimaurerisch adj
Freimaurerloge f (-n)
masonic lodge
Freimaurerorden m (-)
order of Free Masons
Freimaurertum  n
freimündig adj
free-spoken, uninhibited
candor, openness; frankness, honesty; straightforwardness
freimütig adj
candid, frank
Freimütigkeit f
candor, openness; frankness, honesty; straightforwardness
freireligiös adj
secular, nondogmatic
Freireligiöse m
free thinker
Freischar f
voluntary corps
Freischärler m (-)
member of a voluntary corps
Freisinn m
enlightenment, broadmindedness
freisinnig adj
freethinking, broad-minded
freisprechen vi, sep
to acquit; to absolve (from); to clear; to release
Freisprechung f
acquittal; absolution; emancipation
Freistaat m (-en)
republic; free state
Freistadt f (-"e)
free city; city of refuge
Freistatt f (-"en)
sanctuary; asylum; (place of) refuge
Freistätte f (-n)
sanctuary; asylum; (place of) refuge
Freitäter  m
Freitod m
suicide; voluntary death
freiwillig adj
voluntary; spontaneous; free
Freiwilligkeit  f
Freizeit f
free, disposable, non-working, or leisure time; spare time, leisure
Freizeitgesellschaft  f
 leisure society
freizügig  adj
permissive; unrestricted; generous, liberal;
Freizügigkeit  f
  generosity, liberality; permissive; free or freedom of (movement, etc.)
fremd adj
strange; foreign, alien; unknown; unfamiliar, unusual; different; peculiar, exotic
Fremdartigkeit in sich selbst  f
 Phil: strangeness-in-itself
fremdbestimmt  adj
 heteronomous; f. Leben - heteronomous (way of) life
Fremdbestimmung  f
Fremde f
foreign ground, country or countries; in die F. gehen or ziehen - to go away from home; to go abroad; das Fremde - the alien (Buber)
Fremdenfeindlichkeit  f
Fremdenhaß m
hatred of strangers
Fremdenliebe  f
Fremderfahrung  f
 Phil: experience of others
fremdgeboren  adj
foreign born
Fremdheit  f
 strangeness, foreignness; oddity; alien character of the world; F. des Menschen in der Welt - man as stranger in the world
Fremdherrschaft f
foreign rule or domination
Fremdkultur f (-en)
foreign civilization; foreign or unfamiliar culture
Fremdling m (-e)
stranger, foreigner
Fremdprädikation f (-en)
to be described
fremdspr. abr
fremdsprachig; fremdsprachlich
Fremdsprache f (-n)
foreign language
fremdsprl. abr
Fremdw. abr
Fremdwort; Fremdwörter
Fremdwahrnehmung  f
 perception of others
Fremdwelt  f
 other world
Fremdwort n (-"er)
foreign word; loanword
Fremdwörterbuch n (-"er)
dictionary (of foreign words)
Frende  m, f (-n)
 stranger; newcomer; alien, foreigner; visitor
frequentativ  adj
Fresko n (-ken)
fressen vi
to eat (of breasts); to feed; to devour; to consume; to destroy
Fressen n
feed, food, fodder (for breasts)
Fresser m (-)
Freude f (-n)
joy; gladness; delight; happiness
freudearm adj
Freudenbote m (-n)
bringer of good news
Freudenbotschaft f
glad tidings
Freudenfest n (-e)
(joyful) celebration; occasion for rejoicing
Freudengeschrei n
shouts of joy
Freudenopfer n (-)
thank offering
freudenreich adj
Freudentag m (-e)
day of rejoicing
Freudentaumel m
freudestrahlend adj
beaming with joy, radiant
freudig  adj
joyful, joyous; glad; cheerful; pleased
Freudigkeit f
freudlos adj
joyless, cheerless, without joy
Freudlosigkeit f
joylessness, cheerlessness
freudvoll adj
freuen  vr
to delight, make happy, give pleasure to; (v. refl.) to be delighted/ hap­py (about)/pleased with/in; to rejoice (over/at)
Freund m (-e)
Freund-Feind-Denken  n
 us-and-them attitude
Freundin f (-nen)
girl friend, lady friend (when used by men), friend (when used by women)
freundlich adj
friendly, kind; amiable; cheerful; pleasant
Freundlichkeit f (-en)
kindness; friendliness; pleasantness
Freundschaft f (-en)
friendship; intimacy, acquaintance (s), amity; friends
Frevel m (-)
wickedness; outrage; crime, misdeed, sacrilege; violation; wantonness, mischeif
frevelhaft adj
lawless; blasphemous; sacrilegious, impious; wicked, malicious; criminal; outrageous
freveln adj
to commit a crime, offense, or outrage (against someone)
Freveltat f (-en)
wicked deed or crime; sacrilege, sacrilegious deed
Frevler m (-)
lawless person; evil-doer; blasphemer; transgressor, of­fender; wicked person; impious person
Frg. abr
Frgm. abr
frgm. abr
Friede m (-n), n-noun
peace; harmony
Frieden m (-), n-noun
peace; harmony
Friedensbewegung f
peace movement
Friedensdialog  m
 peace dialog
Friedensethik  f
 peace ethics
Friedensfürst No information yet.
Friedenskönig No information yet.
Friedenskuß m (-sse)
kiss of peace, pax
Friedensordnung  f
 peace order
Friedensphilosophie  f
 philosophy of peace
Friedenspolitik  f
 peace policy
Friedensreich n (-e)
reign of peace
Friedensschluß m
conclusion of peace
Friedenssicherung  f
 securing or protection of (the) peace
Friedensstifter m (-)
Friedensstiftung  f
 peacemaking, pacification
Friedenstaube (-n)
dove of peace
Friedenstheorie  f
 peace theory
Friedenstörer m (-)
disturber of the peace
friedfertig  adj
peacemaking, peace-loving, peaceable
Friedfertigkeit  f
Friedhof m (-"e)
churchyard; cemetery; graveyard; burial ground
friedlich adj
peaceful; peaceable, pacific
Friedlichkeit f
peacefulness, peaceablenss; serenity; quietness, stillness; tranquiity
Friedlose m (-n)
person without peace; outlaw; proscribe
Friedlosigkeit f
restlessness, inability to find peace (of mind); outlawed state
friedsam adj
peaceable, peaceful, pacific
Fries m (-e)
Friessarkophag m (-e)
frieze sarcophagus; sarcophagus in which the individual scenes are depicted one after another without subdivision
frisch adj
fresh, cool, refreshing; vigorous, new, unused; recent; sharp, brisk
Frist f (-en)
period or space of time, appointed time, term; days of grace
to delay; to put off, Dasein sein F. - to just manage to make a bare living/existance
frivol adj
frivolous, indecent; obscene
Frivolität f
frivolity; obscenity
Forschungen zur Religion und Literatur des Alten und Neuen Testaments. Göttingen
FrMis abbr
Franziskaner-Missionen. Hall
FroBot abbr
Frohe Botschaft. Zeitschrift für homiletische Wissenschaft und Praxis. Wien
froh adj
happy; glad; joyful
Frohbotschaft f (-en)
good news, glad tidings, gospel
fröhlich adj
cheerful, gay, happy, merry, joyful, gladsome
Fröhlichkeit f
joyfulness, cheerfulness, gaiety, gladness
to rejoice, to shout for joy, to exult (at); to triumph (over)
pious, religious, devout, godly
Fromme m, f (-n)
religious person; godly person; pious person
Frömmelei f (-en)
archaic: affected piety, bigotry, sanctimoniousness
to be sanctimonious, be bigoted; affect piety; frommelnde Sprache - cant
Frömmigkeit f (-en)
piety; devoutness; godliness; reverence; meekness
Frömmling m (-e)
hypocrite; devotee
Fron f (-en)
compulsory, enforced, or statute labor; drudgery
fronaltar m
high (or holy) altar
Fronamt n
high mass
Fronarbeit f
socage; forced or statute labor, drudgery
Fronarbeiter m (-en)
slave; drudge
Frondienst m (-e)
slave labor, compulsory task; (fig) drudgery (of daily routine)
to do statue or compulsory labor; 
Fronfaslen f
ember days
Fronfesle f
public jail, prison or saol
Fronknecht m (-e)
Fronlast f (-en)
Fronleichnam m
the Body of Christ; Corpus Christi
Fronleichnamsfest n
Corpus Christi
Fronleichnamsprozession f
Corpus Christi procession
Fronleichnamsspiel n
Corpus Christi play
Fronleichnamstag m
Corpus Christi day
Fronleute pl
slaves; drudges
fronpflichtig adj
liable to forced or statue labor; liable to (villain) service
Frontale n (-lien)
antependium, frontal (altar cloth)
Frontalperspektiv f (-n)
frontal depiction, frontal perspective
Fronvogt m (-"e)
Frosch m (-"e)
Mus: nut, frog, heel
Frost m (-"e)
frost; cold, chill; coldness, feverish shivering; (fig) apathy 
Frostigkeit f
FrRu abbr
Freiburger Rundbrief. Beiträge zur Förderung der Freundschaft zwischen dem alten und neuen Gottesvolk im Geiste beider Testamente. Freiburg, Breisgau
FrS abbr
Franciscan Studies. St. Bonaventura, N.Y.
Frucht No information yet.
fruchtbar adj
fruitful; fertile; prolific; productive
Fruchtbarkeit f
fertility; fruitfulness; productivity; prolificacy (of a life); prolificness
Fruchtbarkeitsgöttin f (-en)
goddess of fertility
Fruchtbarkeitskult m (-e)
fertility cult
Fruchtbarkeitsritus m (-en)
rite of fertility
Fruchtbarkeitssymbol n (-e)
symbol of fertility
Fruchtbringen n
Fruchtertrag m
crop yield
Fruchtlese f
fruchtlos adj
fruitless, vain, futile, unsuccessful
Fruchtwechsel m
crop rotations
Fruchtwechselwirtschaft f
corporation agriculture
early; premature
Frühansetzung f (-en)
earlier dating
of the early enlightenment
frühchr. abr
Frühchristentum  n
 Early Christianity
early Christian
Frühdruck m (-e)
early edition
frühe adj
early, in the morning, soon, speedy, premature
earlier; sooner, at one time; former; previous
Früherkennung  f
 early diagnosis or recognition
frühesten adv
at the earliest; as early as possible
Frühgebet n
morning prayer, matins
frühgesch. abr
frühgeschishtlich adj
(of the) ancient; early (period/times, etc.)
Frühgotik f
Early Gothic
Frühgottesdienst m (-e)
morning service
Frühkapitalismus  m
 early capitalism
early Catholic or Catholisim
Frühkultur f (-en)
early civilization
Frühling m (-e)
Frühlingslied n (-er)
spring song
FrühMA abr
Frühmittelalter - Early Middle Ages
Frühmensch  m
 early man
Frühmesse f (-n)
early mass, matins
Frühmittelalter n
Early Middle Ages
frühmorgens adj
in the early morning, early in the morning
Frühregen m
early rain; the first rain
Frühscholastik  f
 early scholasticism
Frühschrift f (-en)
early writings
Frühstufe f (-n)
early stage
Frühwerk n (-e)
early work
Frühzeit f
earlier days
Frustration  n
 early warning system
frz. abr
FRZ abbr
Flugschriften aus der Reformationszeit in Facsimile-Drucken. Leipzig
Fs. abr
Festschrift; Fortsetzung; Fürsorge(r)
FS abbr
Festschrift; Fransiscanische Studien. München
FSATS abbr
Fortgesetzte Sammlungen von alten und neuen theologischen Sachen. Leipzig
Fschr. abr
FSÖTh abbr
Forschungen zur systematischen und ökumenischen Theologie. Göttingen
FSRKA abbr
Frankfurter Studien zur Religion und Kultur der Antike. Frankfurt
Fss. abr
Fassungen; Fortsetzungen
FSThR abbr
Forschungen zur systematischen Theologie und Religionsphilosophie. Göttingen
F-Struktur  f
 functional structure
FT abbr
Forum Theologicum. Stockholm, u.a.
FThSt abbr
Freiburger theologische Studien. Freiburg, Breisgau
FTP abbr
Für Theologie und Philosophie. Jena
FTS abbr
Frankfurter theologische Studien. Freiburg, Breisgau
Fudgegenstand m (-stände)
found object
Fugara f
Fugato n
Fuge f (-n)
Fugen- pref
Fugenexposition f (-en)
fugal exposition
Fugenkomponist m (-en)
Fugenstil m
fugue(d) style
Fugenthema n (-men)
fugue subject
to treat fugally; to fugue
fugierend pr p
fugiert pp
to feel; to sense; to perceive
to lead, guide; to direct; to conduct; to carry; f. zu - result in, lead to
Führerautorität  f
 leader authority
Führergestalt f (-en)
leader figure
Führersehnsucht f
yearning for the leader (see Führer)
Führsprecher m (-)
advocate, intercessor
Führung f (-en)
leadership; guidance; direction
Führungsposition  f
 leadership position
Führungston m
guide tone
Führwahrhalten n
holding-to-betrue, holding-for-true
FÜI abbr
Friede über Israel. München, u.a.
Fulguration  f
Fülle f
fullness; abundance; wealth; eine F. von Fragen - a whole host of ques­tions
to fill; to pour in; to cram; (v. refl.) to fill up (with)
Füllhorn n (-"er)
Fülloch n (-"er)
filling or (oil) hole
Füllung f (-en)
Fund m (-e)
Fundament n (-e)
foundation(s), base; founda­tion, basis, groundwork
Fundamentalismus m
Fundamentalist m (-en)
Fundamentalistin f (-nnen)
fundamentalistisch adj
Fundamentalontologie  f
 fundamental ontology
Fundamentalphilosophie f
basic or fundamental philosophy
Fundamentalsatz  m
 fundamental theorem
Fundamentaltheologie  m
 fundamental theology
fundamentum fidel
Lat: foundation of faith
fundamentum inconcussum  
 Lat: imperturbable basis
Fundgegenstand m (-"e)
found object
Fundgut n (-"er)
Fundi m (-s)
fundiert p p, adj
enabled, established; basic; f. Relation - founded relation
Fundiertheit  f
 founded relation
Fundierung  f
 reduction; foundation; substantiation; support
Fundort m (-e)
place of discovery, location of the find
Fundstück n (-e)
find, excavated object
fünfeckig adj
Fünfklang m
chord of five notes or tones
five times
Fünfstimmigkeit f
five-part or voice texture
Fünftonleiter f
five-note or ton scale, pentatonic scale
Funke m (-n)
spark, flash, ray (of hope); der göttliche Funke - the divine spark
Funktion  f
funktional  adj
 functional, functionally; f. vollständige Menge - functionally complete set
to functionalize
Funktionalismus m
funktionalistisch  adj
functional, functionlist; f. Theorie des Geistes - functionalist theory of mind; f. Vernunft - functionalist reason
Funktionalität f
funktionell adj
Funktionsbezeichnung f
Mus: indication of harmnic function
Funktionslehre f
Mus: functional harmony
Funktionslogik f
logic of functions
Funktionstheorie f
Mus: functional theory
Funktionswert m (-e)
value of the function, value function
Funktionswort n (-"er)
function or functional word
Funktionszeichen n (-)
function sign
für No information yet.
Fürbitte No information yet.
to intercede
Fürbittgebet n (-e)
interceding prayer
Furche f (-n)
furrow; groove, channel, ridge; wrinkle
Furcht f
fear, terror; apprehension; anxiety, fright; F. haben - to be afraid of
furchtbar adj
frightful; terrible, awful; dreadful; formidable; fearful
to fear, dread; to be afraid/apprehensive of; to be terrified of/by
furchterregend adj
formidable, alarming, frightening, fearful, terrifying
furchtlos adj
fearless, daring; dauntless
Furchtlosigkeit f
furchtsam adj
timid, timorous, nervous; fearful, faint-hearted
Furchtsamkeit f
timidity, faint-heartedness; cowardice
for one another; for each other
Füreinandersein n
für sich No information yet.
Fürsich  n
 for-itself (Hegel)
für sich seiender Wert m
self sufficient value
Fürsichsein n
Phil: being for or in itself (Hagel); independent being
Fürsichselbstsein n
Fürsorge f
precaution, provision; care, solicitude; welfare; concern; fürsorge
Fürsorglichkeit f
considerateness; thoughtfulness; solicitousness
Fürsprache f (-n)
intercession; defense
Fürsprecher m
intercessor; advocate
Fürst m (-en)
prince, sovereign
Fürstabt m (-"e)
Fürstbischof m (-"e)
Fürstengrab n (-"er)
royal tomb
Fürstenhaus n (-"er)
royal line, dynasty
Fürsteninschrift f (-en)
inscription of a prince
Fürstenstamm m (-"e)
royal line, dynasty
Fürstentum n (-"er)
Fürstin f (-nen)
fürstlich adj
royal; princely
Furt f (-en)
Für und Wider n
pros and cons
Für-uns-Sein n
fürwahr adv
truly, in truth; indeed; verily, forsooth
fürwahrhalten vi, sep
to hold or consider (to be) true
Fürwort n (-"er)
pronoun; unpersönliches F. - impersonal pronoun; besitzanzeigendes F. - possessive pronoun; bezügliches F. - relative pronoun
Fusion f (-en)
Fuss m (-"e)
foot; Archaeol: trompetenförmiger F. (hohl) - trumpet foot (hollow)
Fuß m (-"e)
foot; Mus: (foot) joint; foot key; pedestal; toe, toeblock, column leg
Fußboden m (-")
to begin from a base, to rest upon
Fußfall m (-"e)
fußfällig adj
prostrate; on one's knees
Fußn. abr
Fußnote f (-n)
Fußschemel  m (-)
Fußsohle f (-n)
sole of the foot
Fußspur f (-en)
footprint; footstep, track
Fußsteig m (-e)
footway, footpath; sidewalk
Fußtapfe f (-n)
footprint; footstep; track
Fußtaste f
pedal (key)
Fußton m
foot note
Fußvolk n
foot soldiers; infantry
Fußwaschung f
foot washing
fut. abr
futurisch; futuristisch
Fut. abr
 Futur(um) (Sprachw.); Futurismus; Futurist; Futurologie
Futter n
food, fodder, feed, provender, forage
Futtertrog m (-"e)
Futur n (-e, -a)
future; Futur- future perfect; Futurum exactum - future perfect
Futurismus m
Futurologie f
Futurum n
future; F. exactum - future perfect
FVK abbr
Forschungen zur Volksmusik. Düsseldorf
FVKS abbr
Freiburger Veröffentlichungen aus dem Gebiete von Kirche und Staat. Freiburg, Schweiz
F-wahr  f
Fwb. abr
Fachwörterbuch; Fremdwörterbuch
FZPhTh abbr
Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie. Freiburg, Schweiz