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L'art pour l'art  
l'art pour 'art, art for art's sake
L-Ausdruck m
Phil: L-expression
Phil: L-false (Carnap)
L-Semantik f
Phil: L-semantics (Ian)
L-Struktur f
Phil: L-structure (Ian)
Phil: L-true (Carnap)
Lexikon der Ägyptologie. W. Helk, et al., eds. Wiesbaden
labial adj
Labialisierung f
Labiallaut m (-e)
labial sound
Labyrinth n
to smile
Lachen n
laughter; laughing; laugh
lächerlich adj
laughable; ridiculous; droll; comical
Lächerliche n
the ridiculous
Lat: an omission, gap
Lade f (-n)
Ark (of the Covenant); chest, box; drawer; case
laden vi
to load, lade; auf sich l. - to bring down upon oneself, to incur; ein Verbrechen auf sich l. - to commit a crime
to damage
Laetare m
Laetare (the fourth Sunday in Lent)
Lage f (-n)
situation; location; po­sition; state, condi­tion; fate, lot; circumstances
Lageplan m (-"e)
Archaeol: site plan
Lagerfläche f (-n)
Archaeol: supporting surface
Lagerplatz m (-"e)
(camp)site, resting place; stage of the journey; storage place/ space
Lagerstätte f
Archaeol: mineral deposit
Lagerung f
Archaeol: stratification, bedding; diskordante L. - unconformity; söhlige L. - horizontal or undisturbed stratification
lame; paralyzed; crippled; week
Lahme m (-n)
lame (person)
to paralyze; to lame; to hamstring
Lahmheit f
Lähmung f (-en)
lameness, paralysis, palsy
Laib m (-e)
Laie m (-n)
layman, layperson; novice; amateur; (pl): laity
Laienaltar (-"e)
rood altar
Laienapostolat n
lay apostolate; participation of lay workers in church work
Laienbeichte f
lay confession
Laienbewegung f
lay movement
Laienbruder m (-")
lay brother
Laienbühne f (-n)
amateur theater or play
Laiengemeinde f (-n)
Laiengemeinschaft f
lay community
Laiengericht n (-e)
lay court
Laiengüter n
laienhaft adj
lay; belonging to the laity; uninitiated; amateur; unprofessional
Laienhaftigkeit f
amateurishness, lack of professionalism
Laienhelfer m (-)
lay, church worker
Laieninvestitur f
investitur of lay members/worker
Laienkelch m (-e)
the offering of the chalice to the laity
Laienkreis f (-e)
circle of laymen
amateur play
Laienmaler m (-)
naive painter; amateur
Laienpatronat n (-)
lay patronage
Laienprediger m (-)
lay preacher
Laienpredigt f (-en)
lay sermon
Laienpriester m (-)
lay priest; lay reader
Laienpublikum n
general public, lay public
Laienquelle f (-n)
lay source
Laienschule f (-n)
lay school
Laienschwester f (-n)
lay sister
Laienspiel n (-e)
play for amateurs
Laienstand m
laity; lay status; laymen; laymanship
Laientheologie f (-en)
lay theology
Laientum n
lay status, laity
Laienvolk n
Laienwelt f
laity, laymen
Laiin f (-ien)
lay woman
Laissez-faire n
Laizismus m
to stammer; to babble; to speak
Lallwort n (-"er)
baby word
Lama m
Buddhism: lama; Buddist priest; Dalai L. - Dalay of Grand L. 
Lamaismus m
Lamarckismus m
Lambda-Abstraktion f
Phil: tambda-abstraction
lamentabel  adj
lamentable; deplorable
Lamentation f (-en)
lamentation, lament
(the Book of) Lamentations (of Jeremiah)
to lament; to wail
Lamento n (-s)
loud lamentation
Lamm n (-"er)
lamb ; das Lamm Gottes - Lamb of God, holy lamb
lammartig  adj
Lammesgeduld f
patience of Job
Lammfell n (-e)
gentle as a lamb
gentle as a lamb
Lammsgeduld f
saintlike patience; patience of Job
Lampe f (-n)
Lampenfieber n
stage fight
Land n (-"er)
land, country; region, realm, territory; state; province; ground; earth; soil, arable land; ground; über L. - overland; zu L. und zu Wasser - by land and by sea; das gelobte L. - the promised land; das L. der Verheißung - the promised land; L. der Wahrheit - land of truth (Kant)
Land-Ethik f
land ethics
Landadel m
landowner, nobility
Landarbeiter m (-)
agricultural laborer, farm hand
Landateil m (-e)
allotment (of land)
Landbesitz m (-e)
possession or ownership of land; land, (landed or freehold) property
Landbevölkerung f
rural population
Landbezirk m
rural district
Landeigentum n
landed property, real estate
to land; to touch down, to go or set on shore, disembark; to bring down
Landenge f
Ländereien f
landed estate; landed property; real estate
Landesbischof m (-"e)
bishope of a regional church
Landesgebiet (-e)
territory, realm
Landesgeschichte f
regional history
Landesgesetz n
law of the land
Landeshauptstadt f (-"e)
Landesherr m (-en)
ruler, sovereign
Landesherrschaft f
sovereignty; the crown
Landeshoheit f
Landeshymne f
national anthem
Landeskirche f (-n)
established church, national church
Landeskirchentum m
state churchdom
landeskirchlich adj, adv
of the state church
Landeskunde f
regional geography, scientific knowledge and presentation of one's own
having a knowledge of the country
sovereign princess or queen
supreme authority (of a government), government
Landesregierung f (-en)
central government
Landessitte f (-n)
national custom
Landessprache f (-n)
national language
Landessynode f (-n)
regional synod
Landesteil m
section (of a country)
Landestrauer f
public mourning
landesüblich  adj
customary in a country, national
Landesvater m (-"er)
sovereign (ruler)
Landesverrat m
high treason
Landesverräter m (-)
administrator (of the country)
Landesverweisung f
exile, banishment
Landesverwiesene m (-en)
the exile
Landeswappen n (-)
coat of arms of a country
Landeswohl n
national welfare
inland fortress
Landflucht f
migration of people from rural communities to the cities; depopulation of rural areas
fugitive; L. werden - to flee one's country
Landfolge f
rotation of fields
Landfrau f (-en)
country woman
foreign; unknown
Landfriede m
public peace; the king's peace
public peace
Landgabe f
gift of the land
Landgeistliche m (-n)
country clergyman
Landgeistlicher m (-chen)
Landgemeinde f (-n)
country parish; village community; rural community
Landgericht n (-)
regional superior court
Landgewinnung f
land reclamation by drainage (of a flooded area)
Landgraf m (-en)
land grave
Landgräfin f (-nnen)
Landgrenze f
inland boundary
Landgut n
(country) estate, manor
Landhaus n (-"er)
country house
Landjunker m (-)
Landk. abr
Landkarte - map
Landkarte f (-n)
Landkirche f (-n)
country church; village church
Landkreis m (-e)
rural district or county
Landleben n
country life, rural life
Landleute  f, pl
country people; peasant farmers
ländlich  adj
rural; country-like; rustic; l. Bezirk - rural district
ruralness, rusticity
Landmann m (-leute)
countryman, farmer, peasant
Landmesser n (-)
Landnahme  f
 taking/conquering of a land (by group or tribe)
Landpastor m (-en)
country person
Landpfarre f (-n)
country parsonage
Landpfarrer f (-en)
country person
Landpfleger m (-)
Bibl: governor, prefect
Landplage f (-n)
scourge; calamity
Landrecht n
provincial law or jurisdiction
Landreform f (-en)
agrarian reform, land reform
Landregen m
continuous gentle rain, drizzle
Landrücken m
ridge of hills or mountains, swell
Landschaft f (-en)
landscape, scenery; district, region
landschaftlich adj
provincial, regional; scenic
Landschaftskunde f
research into man-made landscape types, study of generic regional geography, geography of vegetation and or climatic regions
Landschaftsname m (-n)
name (of a regional area)
Landschaftstypus m (-pen)
type of landscape
Landschule f (-n)
village or country school
Landseuche f
epidemy, epidemical disease
Landsitz m (-e)
county-seat; villa, estate
lansquenet; (hired) feat-soldier; Mod: mercenary
Landsknechtslied n (-er)
Landsmann m (-sleute)
compatriot; (fellow) countryman
Landsmannschaft f (-en)
(pl) countrymen
relating to the states of a country
Landsteuer f (-n)
Landstraße f (-n)
highroad, main road, highway
Landstreicher m (-)
tramp, vagabond, vagrant
Landstrich m
region; tract, district
landumschlossen pp
Landung f (-en)
landing, descent
Landungsstelle f
landing place
Landverkehr m
land traffic
Landvermessung f
land survey
Landverteilung f
distribution of land
Landverteilungsplan m (-"e)
plan for the allocation of the land
Landvogt m (-"e)
Hist: provincial governor
Landvolk n
country people; peasantry
Landweg m (-e)
country road; overland route
Landwirt m (-e)
lang adj, adv, prep
long; high; tall; lengthy; prolonged; lofty; for; during; a long time/while; by far; seit langem - for a long time
langatmig  adj
long winded
Langbau m (-ten)
longitudinal-plan building (building with emphasis on the longitudinal axis)
Länge f (-n)
length; size; duration; longitude; L. und Breite - geographical coordinates; gleiche L. der Noten - uniform length of the notes; klingende L. - speaking length; schwingende L. - vibrating length
to be sufficient, suffice; to reach
langersehnt  adj
long-desired, long-hoped-for
langerwünscht  adj
long-desired, long-hoped-for
Langeweile f
tediousness, tedium, boredom, ennui
langfristig adj
Langhaus n (-"er)
nave and side aisles
langj. abr
langjährig  adj
of many years; of long standing
langlebig  adj
Langlebigkeit f
länglich  adj
Langmut f
long-suffering; patience; forbear­ance
langmütig adj
long-suffering; patient; forbearing
langobardisch adj
Längsachse f (-n)
longitudinal axis
langsam adj, adv
slow(ly); dull; tardy
Langsamkeit f
slowness; tardiness; dullness
Langschiff n (-e)
Längsfuge f (-n)
longitudinal joint
Längsschnitt m (-e)
longitudinal section
längst adv
superalative of Lang - longest; long ago; a long while; long since; by far
the latest, longest or furthest
Langvokal m (-e)
long vowel
boring, dull
lengthy, protracted, tedious, chronic
Langzeitgedächtnis n
long-term memory
Langzeitperspektive f
long-term view
Langzeitrisiko n
long-term risk
Langzeitstudie f
long-range study
Langzeitwirkung f
long-term effect
Lanze f (-n)
lance, spear
Lanzenträger m (-)
lance-bearer, lancer, spearman
Lao-tzu, Lao-tse
Laod abr
Laodicea n
Laodizea n
Laodizener m (-)
Laplacescher Dämon m
Laplace's demon, Laplacean demon
Lappalie f (-n)
trifle, bagatelle
Läppchen n (-)
lobe, lap
Lappenhenkel m (-)
folded ledge handle
läppisch  adj
silly; foolish; trifling
Lat: fall, lapse; lapsus memoriae - lapse or failure of memory
Lärche f (-n)
Lärm m
noise, din, uproar, row, bustle, alarm, fuss
to make a noise or an uproar
LÄS abbr
Leipziger ägyptische Studien. Glückstadt, u.a.
LäS abbr
Leipziger ägyptische Studien. Glückstadt, u.a.
to glaze, to apply a transparent coating
Lasierung f (-en)
LASLK abbr
Leben und ausgewählte Schriften der Väter und Begründer der reformierten Kirche. Eberfeld
Lassalleanismus m
lassen vi
to let (go); to allow, permit; to cause, make, have something done; to leave; to abandon, relinquish; to suit; to look, appear; e­rkennen l. - to show 
inactive, indolent, sluggish, lazy, idle; negligent, careless
Lässigkeit f
Lässlichkeit f (-en)
Last f (-en)
weight, load, burden; freight, cargo, tonnage; charge, tax; trouble
capable of bearing a burden; lastbare Tiere - beasts of burden
to weigh
Laster n (-)
Lästerei f (-en)
faultfinding; malicious gossip
Lästerer m (-)
blasphemer; slanderer; faultfinder, scandalmonger, calumniator
wicked, depraved, malicious, dissolute
Lasterhaftigkeit f
vice depravity; viciousness
Lasterhöhle n (-)
den of vice
Lästerin f (-nen)
blasphemer; slanderer; faultfinder, scandalmonger, calumniator
Lasterkatalog m (-e)
catalog of vices, vice list, ethical list; (also called a Tugendkatalog; a list in literary form of vices or virtues presented for exhortational purposes, e.g. Mt 15:19, Gal 5:19-21, etc)
Lasterleben n (-)
wicked life, life of vice
slanderous, blasphemous; disgraceful, shameful, abominable, scandalous
Lästerlichkeit f
blasphemy; profanity; abusiveness
Lästermaul n (-"er)
malicious tongue; malicious gossip; scandalmonger; faultfinder
to blaspheme; to slander, defame; to revile
Lästerrede f (-n)
blasphemy; contemptible things
Lästerschrift f (-en)
blasphemous writing; libel, lampoon
Lästersucht f
love of gossip or scandal
Lästerung f (-en)
slander; calumny; reveling, abuse; blasphemy
Lästerwort n (-e)
blasphemous word
Lästerzunge  f (-n)
calumniator, slanderer; blasphemer
annoying, burdensome, troublesome, tedious
Lästigkeit f
annoyance, irksomeness, inconvenience
Laststein m
immovable rock, burdensome stone
Lasttier n (-e)
beast of burden, donkey
Lasur f (-en)
glaze (printing)
venial, pardonable; loosely; l. Sünde - venial sin
läßliche Sünde f
venial sin
Laßsünde f (-n)
venial sin
lat. abr
lateinisch - Latin; latent; lateral; latinus
Lat. abr
Latein; Lateran
Lätare m
Laetare Sunday (fourth Sunday in Lent)
Latein n
Lateinamerika n
Latin America
lateinamerikanisch adj
Latin American
Lateinamrikaner m (-)
Latin American
Lateiner m (-)
Latinist, latin scholar
Latin; lateinisches Kreuz - Latin cross
Lateinische n
Lateinschrift f
Latin alphabet, Roman alphabet, Latin letters, Roman letters
Lateinschule f (-n)
Latin school
Latenz f
Latenzperiode f
latency period
Latenzphase f
latency period or stage or phase
Lateran m
Lateranbasilika f
Lateran Basilica
Laterankirche f
Lateran Church
Laterankonzil m
Lateran Council
the Lateran Treaties
Laterne f (-n)
Latifundienwirtschaft f
latifundian agriculture
Latin n
latin. abr
latinis. abr
to latinize, to romanize
Latinisierung f
Latin form
Latinismus m
Latinist m (-en)
Latinist, Latin Scholar
Latinistik f
study of Latin language and literature
Latinität f
Latinum n
kleine L. - the intermediate Latin proficiency examination; große L. - the advance Latin proficiency examination
Latitudinarier m (-)
Latitudinarismus m
from Gr latria: see latria
Gr: service, worship (do only to God and Christ as the sun of God, not Mary and the saints)
Latrie f
Latte f (-n)
slat, thin board
lukewarm; mild (of weather); halfhearted, indifferent
Laub n
foliage, greenery; (green) leaves
Laube f (-n)
arcade; loggia; arbor
Laubengang m (-"e)
covered walk, pergola, arcade
Laubgewinde n (-)
Laubhütte f (-n)
tabernacle; bower
feast of tabernacles
Laubwald m (-"er)
deciduous forest, hardwood forest
Laubwerk n (-e)
leaf work, foliage
Lauch m (-e)
Lat: we glorify
Laudatio f
laudation, laudatory speech; eulogy
Lauer f
ambush; auf der L. sein or biegen - to lie in wait
Lauf m (-"e)
course; operation; flow; race; motion; action; circulation; path; progress; movement, pace
laufen vi
to run; to walk; to flow; to move; to run down; to run out; to pass; to be in circulation; laufend - run­ning; current
laufend pr p
present, current
Läufer m (-)
runner, racer; messenger; footman
Laufzeit f (-en)
playing time, running time, duration
Lauge f (-n)
leach, lye
Lauheit f
Laune f (-n)
(frame of mind); humor; temper; moody; caprice; whim
moody; changeable; capricious
Launenhaftigkeit f
moodiness, capriciousness; waywardness
bad-temperd; moody
Laus f (-"e)
to listen (attentively); andächtig lauschen - to listen devoutly
Lauscher m (-)
eavesdropper, listener
Laus Deo
Lat: praise be to God
laut adj, adv
loud, noisy; public; aloud; l. werden - to become loud, noisy; to become known
Laut m (-e)
sound; speech sound; Laut erzeugen - to phonate; to produce sound
Laute f (-)
lute; die L. schlagen or spielen - to play (on) the lute
to sound; to read, run, say (of a pas­sage); to be
to chime; to ring, to peal, to toll
Lautenist m (-en)
lutenist, lutanist
Lautensaite f (-n)
lute string
Lautenschläger m (-)
lute player, lutenist
Lautenspieler m (-)
lute player, lutenist, lutanist
Lautentsprechung f
sound correspondence
Lautentwicklung f
sound development
clear; unmixed, pure, undefiled, unalloyed; true, candid, genuine, honest, unvarnished; pure and simple, nothing but, only, mere, sheer, downright, rank
Läuterfeuer n
purifying fire; purgatory fire
Lauterkeit f
purity, clearness; uprightness, integrity, sincerity
Lauterkennung f
sound recognition
to purify; to refine, to clear; to clarify, to strain; to rectify
Lautersetzung f
sound substitution
Läuterung f
refining, clarification; purification, rectification
Lauterzeugung f
Lautfrequenz f
sound frequency
Lautgesetz n (-e)
phonetic law, sound law
Lauthervorbringung f
Lauthöhe f (-n)
sound pitch
Lautkette f (-n)
Ling: sound chain
Lautklassifizierung f (-en)
sound classification
Lautkombination f (-en)
sound combination
Lautlehre f
phonic, vocal
lautmal. abr
Lautmalerei f
Ling: onomatopoeia, imitation of sound, echoism
Lautnachahmung f (-en)
sound imitation
Lautqualität f
sound quality
Lautschrift f
phonetic script, phonetic transcription
Lautschwund m
sound disappearance
Lautsignal n (-e)
sound signal
Lautspaltung f (-en)
sound split
Lautsprache f (-n)
Ling: articulated language
Lautstärke f
volume or intensity (of sound); equivalent, loudness level; sound level
Lautstruktur f
Ling: sound structure
Lautsubstitution f
Ling: sound substitution
Lautsymbolik f
sound symbolic
Lautsymbolismus m
Ling: sound symbolism
Lautsystem n (-e)
sound system
Lauttafel f
sound chart
Lautübertragung f
sound transmission
Lautverschiebung f (-en)
Ling: consonant shift; sound shift
Lautversetzung f (-en)
Lautwahrnehmung f
sound perception
Lautwandel m
Ling: sound change
Lautwechsel m
Ling: sound change
Lautwelle f (-n)
sound wave
Lautwiederholung f (-en)
sound repetition
lukewarm, tepid
Lavabo n
lavabo, lavatory
Lavendelöl n
oil of lavender
to wash (a painting)
Lavieren n (-)
Law-and-Order-Rationalismus m
law-and-order rationalism (Feyerabend)
Lawine f (-n)
avalanche (of ideas, problems, etc.)
lax, loose; l. Moral - easy morals; l. Sitten - loose living
Laxheit f
laxity, looseness
Laxismus m
Engl: lay out
Lazarus m
Lber. abr
LBibl. abr
LBl. abr
LBS abbr
Library of Biblical Studies. New York
l.c. abr
Lat: loco citato  am angeführten Ort
LC abbr
Living Church. Milwaukee, Wis., u.a.
LCI abbr
Lexikon der christlichen Ikonographie. Freiburg, Breisgau
LCQ abbr
Lutheran Church Quarterly. Gettysburg, Pa.
LCR abbr
Lutheran Church Review. Philadelphia, Pa.
LCT abbr
Library of Contemporary Theology. London
LCTh abbr
Library of Contemporary Theology. London
LCW abbr
Lutheran Churches of the World. Geneva
LdBi abbr
Im Lande der Bibel. Leipzig
Ldk. abr
Leben n (-)
life; existence; being; activity; biography; L. nach dem Tod - life after death, after-life; oberstes Ziel des Lebens - ultimate end of life, highest goal in life
to live (on); to exist; to be alive; to dwell
Leben-Jesu-Forschung f
research into the life of Jesus Christ, Life of Jesus research
Leben als Kampf n
life as struggle (Darwin)
Lebenbetrachtung f
reflection of life
lebend pr p
animate, live
Leben des Geistes n
life of the mind
lebende und tote Materie f
living and dead matter; animate and inanimate matter
(a)live; lively, vivid; active; vivacious
Lebendige  n
 living being (Hegel)
Lebendigkeit  f
lebendigmachend pr p, adj
vivifying, enlivenin; lebendigmachende Gnade - quickening grace
Leben Gottes n
the life of God
Leben im Modus der Eigentlichkeit  
life in the mode of authenticity (Heidegger)
Lebensabend m
decline of life, old age; den L. beschließen - to bring one's life to a close
Lebensabschnitt m (-e)
stage of someone's life, chapter of someone's life
Lebensader f
(fig) life line
Lebensaktivität f (-en)
Lebensalltag m
everyday life, (a person's) life
Lebensalter n
age (of man); periode of life; phase of life;
Lebensangst f (-"e)
angst; fear of life; fear in life; existential dread
Lebensanschauung f (-en)
philosophy, view, or conception of life, life view; outlook on life
Lebensanspruch m (-"e)
basic requirement (of life); material demand or requirement
Lebensart f (-en)
manner, mode, or way of living or life; behavior, manner
(one's) view or philosophy of life
Lebensaufgabe f (-n)
mission, aim in life; life task or work
Lebensäußerung f (-en)
manifestation of living; expression of life
Lebensbahn f
life's path, life's course
Lebensbaum m
Tree of Life
Lebensbedarf m (-dürfnisse)
necessities of life, (basic) wants, needs, requirements (of life)
Lebensbedingung f (-en)
condition essential for life; condition of vital importance
lebensbedrohend pr p
life threatening
Lebensbedürfnis n (-sse)
necessities of life, (basic) wants, needs, requirements (of life)
Lebensbeendigung f
termination of life
Lebensbeichte f
confession (of one's past life)
lebensbejahend  adj
life affirm; optimist, virile
Lebensbejahung f
affirmation or acceptance of life; positive attitude of life
Lebensberechtigung f
right to live or exist
Lebensbereich m (-e)
aspect of life; domain or sphere of life
Lebensbeschreibung f (-en)
biography; description of a life; autobiography
lebensbestimmend pr p, adj
Lebensbewältigung f
mastering life, to cope with life
Lebensbewegung f (-en)
life's movement
Lebensbewertung f
evaluation of life
Lebensbezug m
affinity to life
Lebensbild n (-er)
short biography; sketch of a person's life
Lebensbrot n
bread of life
Lebensbrunnen m
Myth: fountain of life
Lebensbuch n (sg)
book of life (in the book of Revelation)
Lebenschance f (-n)
chance to survive
Lebensdauer f
duration of life, lifespan, lifetime
Lebensdrang m
desire or urge to enjoy life; vital instinct; desire to live
lebensecht adj
realistic (portrayal, etc.) true to life, lifelike
Lebenseinheit f (-en)
unity of life, life-unity
Lebenseinstellung f (-en)
attitude to life, outlook on life; philosophy, view, or conception of life
Lebensekel m
existential nausea, aversion to life, life-sickness
Lebensende n
end of life; bis an das L. - to the end of days
Lebensentscheidung f (-en)
decisions about life
Lebenserfahrung f
experience of life
Lebenserfüllung f
fulfilment of life
lebenserhaltende adj
life-sustaining; life-preserving
Lebenserhaltung f
preservation of life
Lit: memoirs
Lebenserwartung f (-en)
life expectancy, expectation of life
Lebensfaden f (-")
thread of life; fatal thread; L. abschneiden - to kill (a person); to deprive (a person) of life
lebensfähig  adj
viable; capable or able to live or survive, capable or able of life or living; fit for life
Lebensfähigkeit f
viability; capability of living or survival
Lebensfeindlichkeit f
hostility of life
lebensfördernd adj
life-advancing; conducive to life
Lebensform f (-en)
form of life, lifestyle
Lebensfrage f (-n)
bacic or fundamental question of life; vital or crucial question (of life); question or matter of life and death, life-and-death question
lebensfremd  adj
unfitted for life; removed from everyday life; alienated from life, estranged from life; unpractical
Lebensfreude f (-n)
joy of life; joy of living
lebensfreudig  adj
lighthearted, vivacious
lebensfroh adj
happy, joyful, full of joy of living
Lebensführung f (-en)
manner or mode of life, way or conduct of life; style of living
Lebensfülle f
plenitude of life
Lebensfunke m
sign of life; life or vital function
Lebensfürst m
Prince of life
Lebensgabe f
gift of life
Lebensgefahr f (-en)
danger of life
lebensgefährlich adj
perilous, highly dangerous
Lebensgefährte m (-n)
life's companion, partner for life; husband, wife
Lebensgefährtin f (-nen)
life's companion, partner for life; husband, wife
Lebensgefühl n (-e)
awareness of life; vital consciousness; sense or feeling of life or living
Lebensgeist m (-er)
joy of living, zest (for life); (vital) spirit, soul; (pl) vitalities
Lebensgemeinschaft f
community of life; long-term relationship; symbiosis
Lebensgenuß m
enjoyment or pleasure of life; comfort
Lebensgeschichte f (-n)
biography, life history
Lebensgewohnheit f (-en)
lifelong habit
Lebensglück n
happiness in life
lebensgroß  adj
Lebensgrundlage f (-n)
basis of existence; life basis; subsistence
Lebensgrundsatz m (-"e)
fundamental principle (of life), ethos
Lebenshaltung f
outlook (on life), life-attitude, attitude; lifestyle; standard of living or life; philosophische L. - philosophical outlook (on life)
(pl) cost of living
Lebenshauch m
Poet: breath of life, life breath
Lebenshilfe f
help with (a person's) life's problems
Lebenshoffnung f
hope of life
Lebenshorizont m
life horizon
Lebenshunger m
thirst for life; lust for life
Lebensideal n (-e)
ideal for life
Lebensinhalt m
purpose or meaning in life; interest in life; life content
(pl) vital or life interest
Lebensjahr n (-e)
year of (one's) life
Lebenskampf m (-"e)
battle with life; struggle for existence
(pl) life categories
Lebenskenner m (-)
man of the world
lebensklug  adj
wise, worldly wise
Lebensklugkeit f
wisdom; worldly wisdom; sophistication
Lebenskraft f (-"e)
vital energy or strength; vital force; life-force; strength to live
Lebenskraut n (-"er)
Myth: magic herb believed to restore life
Lebenskreis m
surroundings; sphere of existence, world, the whole course of one's life
(pl) criteria of life, life criteria
Lebenskunst f
art of living
Lebensküstler m (-)
Lebenslage f (-n)
position of life; situation in life, life situation
lebenslang  adj
lifelong; for life
for life, life, all one's life
Lebenslauf m (-"fe)
course of life; curriculum vitae; personal record
Lebenslehre f
biology, precept or rule of life; experience of life
Lebenslüge f
life-lie, living-lie
Lebenslust f
exhilaration, high spirits; vivacity; lust or zest for life
lebenslustig  adj
cheerful, high-spirited; full of spirits
Lebensmark n
vital strength, lifeblood; inmost life
lebensmüde adj
weary or tired of living or life; dispirited, dejected, disconsolate, depressed, despondent
Lebensmüdigkeit f
tiredness or weariness of life; world-weariness
Lebensmut m
optimism toward life, faith in life; exhilaration, high spirits, energy
lebensnah  adj
realistic, true of life, near to life
Lebensnetz n
web of life
Lebensnot f
crucial affliction or plight
Lebensnotdurft f
(bare) necessities of life
lebensnotwendig adj
vital, essential
(pl) necessities of life; vital necessities
Lebensodem m
breath (of life)
Lebensordnung f
way or order of life; kirchliche L. - regulations governing the administration of the German Protestant Church
Lebenspartner m (-)
spouse, partner in life
Lebenspfad m
path of life
Lebensphilosophie f (-n)
life-philosophy; (practical) view or philosophy of life
Lebensplan m
plan of life
Lebenspraxis f
(life) experience; real life; life-practice
Lebensprinzip n (-en)
principle of life
Lebensqualität f
quality of life, life quality
Lebensquell m
fount of life
Lebensrad n
wheel of life
Lebensrätsel n (-)
riddle of life
Lebensraum m (-"e)
environment, living space, milieu; habitat; lebensraum
Lebensrecht n
right to live, legitimacy
Lebensregel f (-n)
rule of life
Lebensretter m (-)
lifesaver; redeemer (Christ)
lebenssatt  adj
full of year; tired of life
Lebensschicksal n (-e)
lot, fate
Lebensschwungkraft f
elan vital
Lebenssicherheit f (-en)
security in life
Lebenssinn m
meaning of life
Lebenssituation f (-en)
life situation, situation in life
Lebenssphäre f
sphere of life
Lebensstandard m
standard of living, living standard
Lebenssteigerung f
intensification of life (Nietzsche)
Lebensstellung f (-en)
position, social status; life or permanent position; tenure
Lebensstil m (-e)
life-style, style of living
Lebensstrafe f
capital punishment
Lebenstechnik f
technique of living
Lebenstrieb m
libido, vital instinct; life instinct (Freud)
Lebenströstung f
consolation in life
Lebenstüchtigkeit f
fitness (for life); ability to cope with life
lebensüberdrüssig  adj
weary of life
Lebensüberdruß m
weariness of life; tedium of life; world-weariness; melancholia
Lebensumstand m (-"e)
situation of life; environment, surroundings
Lebensumweit f
Phil: surrounding life-world
Lebensunfähigkeit f
unfitness for life
Lebensunterhalt m
livelihood, living; subsistence
lebensuntüchtig adj
impractical; not very capable or unable to cope with life; unfit for life
Lebensverhältnisse pl
living conditions, conditions of life
life-extending or prolonging
Lebensverlängerung f
extension or prolongation of life, life extension
Lebensverlauf m
course of the human life
lebensverneinend  adj
negating (life); life-denying (Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, etc)
Lebensverneinung f
negation of life
Lebenswandel m
conduct, life
Lebenswasser n
living water, water of life
Lebensweg m (-e)
path through life; course of life
Lebensweise f (-n)
manner or way of life or living; habits
Lebensweisheit f
practical or worldy wisdom; wisdom; words of worldly wisdom
lebensweitliches Apriori n
lifeworld a priori
Lebenswelt f
lifeworld, lebenswelt
Lebenswerk n (-e)
life or life's work
Lebenswert m (-e)
value of life
lebenswert adj
worth living
lebenswichtig adj
vital; essential
Lebenswille m
will to live
Lebenswirklichkeit f
reality of life
Lebenswissenschaften  pl
the life sciences
Lebenszeichen n (-)
sign of life
Lebenszeit f (-en)
lifetime; age
Lebensziel n (-e)
object, aim, goal, purpose, or end in life; oberstes Lebensziel - (the) ultimate aim, goal, purpose, or end in life
Lebenszwiespalt m
inner conflict
Leber f (-n)
Lebesreformbewegung f
life-reform movement
Lebewesen n (-)
living being, creature; living think, organism
Lebewohl  n
lebhaft adj
lively; vivid; vivacious; spirited; bright; active; brilliant
Lebhaftigkeit f
liveliness, vivacity, gaiety
leblos  adj
lifeless; inanimate; dead; unconscious; dull (report, story, etc)
lifelessness; inanimation, inanimateness; unconsciousness; dullness; flatness
Lebtag m
archaic: life; sein L. - in all his life
Lebzeiten pl
life, lifetime (zu - in, during), as long as (he, she, etc) lives or lived, is or was alive
LebZeug abbr
Lebendiges Zeugnis. Paderborn
 to thirst (nach - for); to pant (nach - after); to yearn or long (nach - for) 
to lick; to lament (flame)
lecker  adj
delicious, tasty
Leckerbissen m (-)
delicacy; choice morsel
led. abr
 ledig; lediglich
Leder n (-)
leather; skin; leather apron
Lederband m (-"e)
binding in calf
Ledereinband m (-"e)
binding in calf
Ledergurt m (-en)
leather belt
lederhart  adj
Ledermosaik n (-en)
leather mosaic, (decoration made of several pieces of leather, especially in bookbinding)
ledern  adj
(of) leather; leathery; leather
Lederpolster n (-)
leather cushion used while engraving
Lederriemen m (-)
leather belt; leather strap
Lederschnitt m (-e)
decorative carving in leather
Lederwerk n
leather article
Lederzeug n
leathers, straps and belts
ledig  adj
unmarried, single; empty, devoid (of), free; exempt (from); vacant
lediglich adj
only, solely; merely; purely (and simply); entirely; quite; exclusively
LeDiv abbr
Lectio Divina. Paris
leer adj
empty; void (of); vacant; blank; idle, unfounded; hollow; vain; unoccupied; Phil: l. Menge - null or empty set; l. Wahrheit - empty or vacuous truth; l. Zeit - empty time; l. Begriff - empty concept (Kant); l. Wahn - vain delusion
Leere f
emptiness, void; nothingness; blank; vacancy; Phil: l. als Ziel - emptiness as goal
to empty; to drain; to void; to evacuate
leerschlagen  vi sep
to beat (bare)
leerstehend pr p, adj
Leerstelle f (-n)
empty space
leg. abr
legal; legalisieren; legendär; legieren; legiert; legitim; legitimieren; legitimiert; Mus: legato
Leg. abr
Legalität; Legat(ion); Legende; Legierung; Legion;  Legitimation; Leges
legal adj
legal, legitimate
Legalisation f
to legalize
Legalismus m
Legalität f
legality, lawfulness
Legasthenie f
Legat m (-en)
(papal) legate
Legation f (-en)
Legationsrat m (-"e)
counselor to a legation or an embassy
to lay; place, put; to deposit; (v. refl.): to lie down; to abate; to cease; to settle
legendär  adj
Legendar n (-e)
book or collection of legends
Legende f (-n)
legend; myth; caption, legend; inscription, superscription (of a coin)
Legendendichtung f
legendary literature or writings
legendenhaft  adj
legendary, mythical; fabled; fabulous
Legendenkranz m (-"e)
cycle of legends
Legendensammlung f (-en)
collection of legends
Legenregel f (-n)
rule of conduct, maxim, precept
to alloy
Legierung f (-en)
Legion f (-en)
Legionär m (-e)
Legislative f (-n)
legislature; legislative
legitim  adj
legitimate, lawful; l. Herrschaft - legitimate sovereignty; l. Herrscher - legitimate ruler
Legitimation f (-en)
authority (to act); acknowledgement of legitimacy; validation
Legitimationsproblem m (-e)
problem of legitimation; Phil: legitimation crisis (Habermas)
to authorized; to legitimize; to prove the identity of; to make lawful; to prove one's identity
Legitimierung f (-en)
establishment; identification; validation; authentication
Legitimismus m
legitimistisch  adj
Legitimität f
Leguminose f (-n)
Lehen n (-)
fief, feudal tenure; benefice; feud or feod; fee
Lehensmann m (-"er, -leute)
vassal, liege-man; leud; sokeman; tenant
Lehensrecht n (-e)
feudal law
Lehm m
clay, loam; mud
Lehmboden m (-")
loamy soil, loam; clay soil; earthern or loam floor
lehmhaltig adj
containing loam or clay
Lehmhaufen m (-)
(pile of, body of) clay
Lehmverband m
mud bone
Lehmwüste f
loamy desert, sebka
Lehmziegel m (-)
clay or mud brick
Lehmziegelbau m (-ten)
mud brick building or construction
Lehmziegelmauer f (-n)
clay or mud brick wall
Lehmziegelwand f (-"e)
clay or mud brick wall
Lehnseid m (-e)
feudal oath
Lehnswesen n
Lehnübersetzung f (-en)
Ling: borrowed translation, loan translation, claque
Lehnwort n (-"er)
loan word, borrowed word
Lehramt n (-"er)
teaching position; teaching profession; teaching; professorship; clerical profession, ministry; magisterium
Lehranstalt f (-en)
educational establishment, scholastic institution
Lehrart f (-en)
teaching style
Lehraufgabe f (-n)
program of work
Lehrautorität f (-en)
teaching authority
Lehrbestand m (-"e)
body of doctrine
Lehrbuch n (-"er)
textbook; instruction book; manual; compendium
Lehre f (-n)
teaching; instruction; lesson; theory; doc­trine, dogma; tenet; warning; advice; conclution
Lehreinheit f
unity of doctrine
Lehrekollegium n
faculty; teaching staff
to teach, instruct; to inform; to prove; to show
Lehren n
instruction, teaching
Lehrer m (-)
teacher, instructor; tutor; schoolmaster
Lehreraustausch m
exchange of teachers
Lehrerberuf m
teaching profession
Lehrerin f (-nen)
female teacher
Lehrerkonferenz f (-en)
faculty meeting; teaching staff meeting
Lehrerschaft f (-en)
faculty, teaching staff
Lehrerseminar n (-e)
college of education; teacher's training college
Lehrerstand m
teaching profession
Lehrerwelt f
scholastic world
Lehreveranstaltung f (-en)
lecture, class
Lehrfabel f (-n)
Lit: apologue
Lehrfach n (-"er)
subject, area of study
Lehrfreiheit f
academic freedom; freedom of instruction
Lehrg. abr
 Lehrgang; Lehrgänge
Lehrgang m (-"er)
course of study or instruction
Lehrgebiet n (-e)
Lehrgedicht m (-e)
didactic poem
Lehrgegenstand m
subject of instruction
Lehrgeld n
Hist: premium (of apprenticeship), apprenticeship fee or pay; L. zahlen - to pay dearly (for making a mistake), to learn the hard way; L. wiedergeben - not much good at the task or work (one should demand the fee for the apprenticeship or tuition charge back)
Lehrgerüst n (-e)
centering; (support for holding an arch during construction)
lehrhaft adj
didactic; instructive; schoolmasterly
Lehrherr m (-en)
Hist: master (of a craft); employer (training apprentice)
Lehrjahr n (-e)
year of apprenticeship
Lehrkörper m (-)
teaching faculty (of university), teaching staff
Lehrling m (-e)
apprentice; trainee
Lehrmaterial n (-ien)
teaching material
Lehrmeinung f (-en)
dogma, tenet, doctrine; orthodoxy; hypothesis
Lehrmeister m (-)
teacher, master
Lehrmethode f (-n)
teaching method
Lehrmittel n
teaching aid; pedagogic material
Lehrplan m (-"e)
curriculum, syllabus
Lehrproblem n (-e)
teaching problem
Lehrpunkt m (-e)
point of doctrine; doctrine, dogma, tenet; thesis
lehrreich adj
instructive, illuminating
Lehrsaal m (-"e)
lecture hall, classroom
Lehrsatz m (-"e)
doctrine, dogma, tenet; thesis; maxim; proposition; theorem; precept
Lehrsprache f
linguistical language
Lehrspruch m (-"e)
maxim, adage
Lehrstil m
style of teaching
Lehrstoff m (-e)
material, content, or subject to be taught
Lehrstück n (-e)
didactic (drama, play); dialectic play
lehrsystem n
doctrinal system
Lehrtätigkeit f (-en)
educational or instructional work, teaching
Lehrunterschied  m (-e)
doctrinal difference; difference in teaching or instructional work; difference in educational philosophy
Lehrverhältnis n (-e)
relationship between teacher and pupil or master and apprentice
Lehrvortrag m (-"e)
Lehrwerk n (-e)
didactic work, educational, or instructional work or text
Lehrzeit f
(time of) apprenticeship
Leib m (-er)
body; abdomen; womb; trunk; der L. des Herrn - the host, the consecrated wafer/bread;  mit L. und Seele - with heart and soul
Leibarzt m (-"e)
personal physician
leibeigen  adj
in bondage
Leibesfrucht f
fetus, embryo, offspring
Leibesgebrechen n (-)
infirmity of the body; disability; bodily imperfection
Leibeskraft f (-"e)
strength; aus Leibeskräften - with all one's might
Leibesstrafe f
corporal punishment
hostile to the flesh (attitude, action, etc.)
Leibfeindlichkeit f
rejection of the flesh, hostility toward the flesh
Leibfron m
Hist: corporeal service, manual statue labor (in bondage)
Leibgarde f (-n)
Leibgericht n (-e)
favorite dish
leibhaft  adj
in flesh, bodily or in person; incarnate; l. Gegebenheit - bodily givenness (Heidegger); l. Selbstgegebenheit - authentic selfgivenness (Husserl); l. Wirklichkeit - authentic reality (Husserl)
leibhaftig  adj, adv
embodied, personified; real, true, living (image, etc);  incarnate; (adv) bodily, in flesh, in person
Leibhaftige m
the devil
Leibhaftigkeit f
bodily presence, personal reality
leiblich  adj
corporeal, bodily, material, somatic; temporal; l. Gütter - carnal things; leiblicher Tod - natural death
Leiblichkeit f
bodily existence; corporeality
Leibmagd f (-"e)
Leibnizianer m (-)
Leibrock m (-"e)
Hist: frock coat, dress coat
Leibspeise f (-n)
Hist: favorite food, favorite dish
Leibspruch m (-"e)
favorite saying or maxim
Leibwache f (-n)
Leibwächter m (-)
Leich f (-en)
(Southern Grm, Austr dial: burial, Mod Grm: Begräbnis
Leiche f (-n)
corpse, dead body, cadaver; funeral
Leichenacker m (-")
churchyard, burying ground, cemetery, necropolis
Leichenbegängnis n (-se)
Leichenbegleiter m (-)
Leichenbegleitung f
funeral procession
Leichenbeschauer m (-e)
Leichenbesorger m (-)
Leichenbestatter m (-)
pale as death
Leichenbrandurne f (-n)
cinerary urn
Leichenchor m
funeral dirge; requiem
Leichendienst m (-e)
burial service
Leichenfeier f (-n)
obsequies, funeral service
Leichenfeld n (-er)
field strewed with corpses; battlefield
Leichengebrauch m (-"e)
funeral rite
Leichengeruch m
cadaverous smell
Leichengesang m (-"e)
Leichengewölbe n (-)
burial vault; catacombs
Leichengruft f (-"e)
burial vault; catacombs
leichenhaft  adj
corpselike; cadaverous
Leichenhalle f (-n)
mortuary, morgue
Leichenhemd n (-en)
shroud; winding sheet
Leichenhülle f (-n)
Leichenkleid n (-er)
burial garment
Leichenkleidung f
burial garments
Leichenmahl n (-e)
funeral banquet
Leichenmusik f
funeral music
Leichenpredigt f (-en)
funeral sermon
Leichenrede f (-n)
funeral oration
Leichenschädigung f (-en)
desecration of corpses
Leichenschau f
autopsy; coroner's inquest; postmortem examination
Leichenschauer m (-)
Leichenschleier m (-)
Leichenstein m (-e)
Leichenträger m (-e)
Leichentuch n (-"er)
shroud (funeral), winding-sheet, pall
Leichenverbrennung f
Leichenwagen m (-)
hearse, funeral car
Leichenzug m ("e)
funeral procession
Leichnam m (-e)
dead body, corpse, remains
leicht adj
light; easy; slight, faint; mild; moderate; weak; frivolous, gentle; feeble; careless; fickle; careless
leichtfertig  adj
careless, thoughtless, reckless, foolhardy, treacherous
Leichtfertigkeit f (-en)
carelessness, thoughtlessness, recklessness, foolhardiness, frivolity, wantonness, rashness
leichtgläubig  adj
Leichtgläubigkeit f
leichtherzig  adj
Leichtigkeit f
ease, effortlessness
Leichtsinn f
thoughtlessness; carelessness; recklessness; foolhardiness, rashness; frivolity; wantonness
leichtverständlich  adj
easy to understand or comprehend, easily understandable or understood
Leid n (-en)
grief; harm, hurt, wrong; misfortune; suffering; L. tragen -- to mourn
leiden vi
1. to suffer,endure, bear (pain); to telerate, endure; to suffer (an, unter - from);  2. j-n or etwas leiden können - to be able to like, stand, endure s o or s th; jemand leidet unter der Vorstellung - s o labors under the delusion
Leiden n (-)
suffering, affliction, tribulation; disease, malady, ailment; disorder; das L. Christi -- The Passion of our Lord; L. am Menschen - suffering on man (Nietzsche)
leidend pr p, adj
suffering, ailing, sickly, ill (an, unter - from)
Leidenschaft f (-en)
passion; lust; emotion; L. der Erkenntnis - the passion of knowledge (Nietzsche); L. der Nacht - passion for the night (Jaspers)
leidenschaftlich  adj
passionate, vehement, enthusiastic
leidenschaftsfrei  adj
apathetic, dispassionate, calm
Leidenschaftslosigkeit f
apathy; dispassionateness; ataraxy
Leidensgefährte m (-n)
fellow-sufferer, companion in misfortune
Leidensgeschichte Jesus  
Leidensgestalt f (-en)
wretched figure
Leidenskampf m (-"e)
contest in the face of suffering
Leidenskelch m
cup of sorrow
Leidensmotiv n (-e)
Leidensstationen f
the stations of the cross
Leidenstheologie f
theology of suffering
Leidensweg m (-e)
way of the cross, life of suffering
Leidensweissagung f (-en)
prediction of the passion (of Christ)
Leidenswoche f
Passion Week
Leidenszeit f
period of suffering, time of suffering
leider adj
leidig  adj
troublesome, tiresome, unpleasant, miserable, nasty, annoying
leidtragend pr p, adj
Leidtragende m (-n)
leidvoll  adj
full of grief, sorrowful
Leidwesen n
regret; sorrow; unfortunate (thing)
Leier f (-n)
lyre; street or hand organ
Leierkasten m (-")
barrel-organ; street-organ, hand organ; hurdy-gurdy
Leierkastenmann m
organ grinder, hurdy-gurdy player
Leierorgel f (-n)
barrel-organ; street-organ, hand organ; hurdy-gurdy
Leierspieler m (-)
lyre player, lyrist
to glue, to coat with glue or size
Leinen n (-)
linen; Leinen; linen goods; linen paper; in L. gebunden - bound in cloth, cloth-bound (book)
Leinenband m (-"e)
linen binding; volume bound in cloth, cloth-bound volume (of a book); linen tape
Leinengewand n (-"er)
linen garment
Leinentuch n (-"er)
linen cloth, linen sheet
Leinöl n
linseed oil
Leinwand f (-"e)
canvas; screen; linen (cloth); grundierte L. - primed canvas; gefärbte und grundierte L. - stained canvas
Leinwandkorn n
canvas texture
Leinweber m (-)
linen weaver or worker
Leise f
(German medieval congregational hymn)
leise  adj
low, soft, gentle; piano
Leiste f (-n)
moulding; margin, margin decoration ideal
to do, perform, carry out; to fulfill, ac­complish, achieve; to produce; to effect; einen Beistand l. - to make a contribution; Widerstand l. - to offer resistance
Leistenhenkel m (-)
ledge handle; glatter L. - plain ledge handle; gewellter L. - wavy ledge handle; gekerbter L. - notched ledge handle; gelappter L. - folded ledge handle; aufgebogener L. - pushed up ledge handle; L. mit Fingereindrücken - thumb-indented ledge handle
Leistenrand m (-"er)
ledged rim
Leistung f (-en)
performance; achievement; accomplishment; work; result; potential; powe­r; capacity; output; attainment
Leistungsabfall m
drop, decrease, decline in performance (work)
Leistungsanreiz m
dependent on performance
Leistungsbereich m (-e)
range (of action)
performance oriented (task)
able, capable; proficient; efficient, productive; competitive; fit
Leistungsfrömmigkeit f
religion of works
Leistungsgesellschaft f
meritocracy (society that is oriented towards efficiency and tangible results)
Leistungsgrenze f
upper limit; limit of performance
Leistungskraft f
vitality (of a person); efficiency
Leistungsmensch m (-en)
achiever; Hist: performance oriented member of a cociety (according to its ideology; German Nationalism)
Leistungsmotivation f
achievement motivation
Leistungsprüfung f
proficiency test
Leistungsstand m
performance standard; level of achievement
efficient; powerful, high-powered
Leistungssteigerung f
increase in achievement, performance, or efficiency; increased output
Leistungswille m (-)
editorial; leading article; leader
leit. abr
Leit. abbr
Leiturgia. Handbuch des evangelischen Gottesdienstes. Kassel
Leitartikel m (-)
editorial; leading article; leader
Leitaufsatz m
editorial; leading article; leader
Leitbild n (-er)
leitd. abr
to lead, guide; to direct, manage, conduct; to be in charge of; to govern; to preside
Leiter f (-)
ladder, stairway, scale; Mus: director of music; artistic director
proper to the scale, proper to the key, in-key
foreign to the scale, foreign to the key, out of key
Leitf. abr
Leitfossil n
index fossil, guide fossil
Leitfrage f
guide-question, guiding question
Leitgedanke m
central or main thought, keynote; basic or leading idea; (main) theme; motto
Leitgrundsatz m
guiding principle
Leitidee f
central or main thought, keynote; basic or leading idea; (main) theme; motto
Leitlinie f
broad outline; guideline; structural trend; Psych: guiding idea, life style
Leitmotiv n
leit-motif or tone; characteristic note or tone; sensitive note or tone
Leitprinzip m (-ien)
guiding principle
Leits. abr
Leitsatz; Leitsätze
Leitsatz m
basic principle or point; guiding principle; thesis; motto
Leitspruch m
Leitstern m
guiding star; polestar, load star
Leitton m
leading note or tone; characteristic note or tone; sensitive note or tone
Leittyp m
Anth: characteristic type
Leitung f (-en)
Mus: unter der L. von - conducted or directed by, under the baton of; under (the direction of); musikalische L. - conductorship
Leiturgia f (-gien)
A Gr Hist: liturgy (an unpaid public duty or office forced upon a prominent citizen)
Leiturgie f (-n)
A Gr Hist: liturgy (an unpaid public duty or office forced upon a prominent citiizen)
Leitwort n (-e)
slogan; theme
Lekt. abr
Lektion; Lektor(at); Lektüre; Lektionär
Lektion f (-en)
lesson; rebuke
Lektionszeichen n
Mus: ecphonetic notation
Lektor m (-en)
reader (of a publishing house); play reader (play, theater)
Lektüre f (-n)
reading (matter); literature; (pl) books
Lemma n (-ta)
Lemma, keyword; premise or premiss
Lemure m (-n)
Myth: spirit of a departed
ghostlike (apparition, etc.)
Lende f (-n)
loin, loins; hip; thigh
Lendentuch n (-"er)
Lenensabhängigkeit f
feudal dependency
Lenenserhaltungstrieb m (-e)
instinct of self-preservation
to lenite (consonant)
Leninismus m
Lenis f
Ling: lenis
to lenite (consonant)
manageable, tractable; docile
to direct (auf - to); to guide; to influence
Lenslust f
love of life, vivacity, exhilaration, high spirits
Lenz m (-e)
spring; prime, bloom (of life); years (of age)
Lenzmonat m
Poet: (month of) March
Leopard m (-en)
Lepra f
Leprakranke m (-n)
Lerche f (-n)
learnable, capable of being learned
Lernbegierde f
eagerness or desire to learn
to learn; to study
Lernen n
learning; study; homework; instruction
Lernerfolg m
learning achievement or success
capable of learning; teachable; receptive
Lernprozeß m
learning process
Lernstrategie f
learning strategy
Lerntheorie f
learning theory, theory of learning
Lernvorgang m (-"e)
learning process
Lernziel n (-e)
aim (of study, learning, instuction, etc.)
Lerprozeß m (-sse)
learning process
LES abbr
Library of Ecumenical Studies. London
Lesart f (-en)
reading, way of reading; version, interpretation; context; abweichende or verschiedene Lesarten - different or various readings, variants, or interpretations; falsche L. - misreading or wrong interpretation
readable; legible
Lesbier m (-)
Lese f (-n)
Leseabend m (-e)
literary evening
Leseabschnitt m (-e)
reading portion or section
Leseart f (-en)
way of reading
Lesebuch n (-"er)
reader; reading; primary; anthology
Lesefähigkeit f
Lesefehler m (-)
reading mistake
Lesegerät n (-e)
reading machine
Lesekreis m (-e)
reading circle; book club
lesen vi
to read; to gather; to lecture (on)
Lesen n
reading; die Messe l. - to say mass
worth reading
Lesepult n (-e)
lectern (church)
Leser m (-)
Leserkreis m (-e)
reading public ;readers (for newspapers and periodicals)
Leserschaft f
reading public, readers (of newspaper, etc.)
Lesesaal m (-"e)
reading room (of a library)
Lesestoff m
reading matter
Lesewelt f
reading public
Lesung f (-en)
reading (of poetry, etc.); lecture
Lethargie f
lethargy; apathy
lethargic (stable, etc.)
Lette m (-n)
Letten m
red clay; clay or heavy soil
Letter f (-n)
letter; character, type
Letterart f (-en)
Lettner m (-)
Arch: jube, chancel or rood-screen; lectern
Lettneraltar m (-"e)
rood altar
last; latest; final; ultimate; extreme; lately, of late, in the last place; die l. Ölung - extreme unction
Letztbegründung f
ultimate justification
Letztbegründungstheorie f
Letztberündungsrationalismus m
foundationalist rationalism
last; ultimate; extreme; final; latest; lowest; bis ins l. - down to the last detail; letzten Endes - ultimately, at long last
letzte Dinge  
(pl) last things; ultimate entities
Letzte Gericht
Last Judgment
(for the) last time; final
Letzte Ölung f
anointing of the sick; unction of the sick; extreme unction; last rites
last; final
Letztere m, f, n
the latter
last; final
last-mentioned or named
last time
last-mentioned or named
recently; in the end
letztlich adv
finally; lastly; lately, of late; in the end; ultimately; in the last analysis
for the last time; final
testamentary; by will
Leu m (-en)
Leuchte f (-n)
luminary; light, lamp
to shine, light; to illuminate; to radiate; to emit or give light; to beam, to glow, to burn, to glare, to glimmer
Leuchter m (-)
chandelier, candelabrum, candle stand, candlestick
Leuchtkraft f
luminosity; luminous power; radiant power
Leuchtturm m
lighthouse; beacon
to deny, disavow; to contradict; to contest; to retract; to recant; to maintain (mistakenly)
Leugner m (-)
denier, negator
Leugnung f
denial, disavowal
Leumund m
character; reputation; guter L. - good name
Leute f
people, persons, folk; public; crowd; the world; servants, hands; men; rank and file
Leutpriester m (-)
lay priest
affable; genial; condescending; familiar
Leutseligkeit f
kindness; affability; geniality, good nature; popularity
Lev abr
Lev. abr
Leviatan m
Leviathan m
Levirat n
levirate marriage
Leviratsehe f
levirate marriage
Levit m (-en)
Levitation f
Levitenamt n
solemn mass
Levitensitz m
Levitenstuhl m
Leviticus (from the Old Testament)
lex. abr
Lex. abr
Lexikologie; Lexikon
Lat: law; l. ceremonialis - ceremonial law; l. Dei - law of God; l. Christi - law of Christ; l. Mosaica - the Decalogue, law of Moses; l. naturalis - natural law; l. revelata - revealed law;  nova l. - new law, Gospel; l. scripta - the written law (as embodied in regulations and statutes)
Lex.-F. abr
lex aeterna  
Lat: eternal law
lex divina f
Lat: divine law
Lexem n (-e)
Ling: lexeme (a lexical unit)
Lex est Deus accusans et damnans
Lat: the law of God that accuses and condemns
Lexikalien f
things connected with a dictionary
lexikalisch m
Lexikalisierung f
lexikogr. abr
Lexikogr. abr
Lexikograph m (-en)
Lexikographie f
Lexikologie f
Lexikon m (-e)
dictionary; lexicon; encyclopedia
LexJud abbr
Lexikon des Judentums. Gütersloh
lex naturalis f
Lat: natural law, law of nature
lex positiva f
Lat: positive law
LexSyr abbr
Lexikon Syriacum. C. Brockelmann, Halle
lex talionis f
LexTQ abbr
Lexington Theological Quarterly. Lexington, Ky
Lf. abr
Leitfaden; Lieferung
LF abbr
Liturgiegeschichtliche Forschungen. Münster
lfd. abr
laufend - current, continuous
lfde.Nr. abr
laufende Nummer (seltener für: lfd. Nr.)
Lfg. abr
Lfgn. abr
Lgn. abr
Lhs. abr
li. abr
Li. abr
Lieferung; Liste; Lithographie; Lizenz
Li n
li, morality, customs
Liaison f (-s)
liaison; love affair
Libanese m (-n)
Libanonzeder f (-n)
cedar of Lebanon, Lebanon cedar
libara sanguinem Christi
Lat: to partake of the blood of Christ
Libationsschale f (-n)
libation cup
Libelle f (-n)
libel; lampoon
liber m
Lat: book; Liber pontiicalis
Liberale m (-n)
to liberalize
Liberalisierung f (-en)
Liberalisierungsprozess m (-e)
liberalization process
Liberalismus m
Liberalist m (-en)
liberalist; liberal
liberalistic, liberal
Liberalität f
liberality; liberalness; generosity
Libertär m
Libertarianismus m
Libertarier m (-)
Libertarismus m
Libertät f (-en)
(privileged rights of ) the estates under absolutism
Libertinage f
Libertinismus m
liberum arbitrium
Lat: free judgment or choice; freedom of the will (not according to the Lutheran tradition)
libidinous, libidinal
LIb.Pont. abr
Lat: Liber Pontificalis
Libr. abr
 Librettist; Libretto; Library
Libyen n
Libyer m (-)
Lic. abr
Licentiat n
Licenza f (-zen)
licht adj
light, shining, bright; clear; lucid; thin, pale; sparse
Licht n (-er)
light; candle, lamp; illumi­nation
Licht-Metapher f
light metaphor, metaphor of light
Lichtblick m
glimmer or ray of hope
Lichteinfall m
light direction, manner in which the light falls
lichtempfindlich  adj
sensitive to light
Lichterbaum m (-"e)
Christmas tree
Lichterfest n
Hanukkah; the Festival of Lights
Lichterglanz m
brightness, brilliancy (of light)
lichterloh adj
ablaze, blazing
Lichterscheinung f (-en)
luminous appearance
Lichtfreunde pl
the friends of light
Lichtfürst m
the prince of light
Lichtgaden m (-, -s)
clerestory or clearstory
Lichtgedanke m
concept of light
Lichtgeschwindigkeit f
speed of light, velocity of light
Lichtgestalt f (-en)
illuminated face; illuminated disc (of the moon, etc.)
Lichtgott m (-"er)
light god
Lichtjahr n
Lichtlein n (-)
small or little light or candle
Lichtmess  f
Lichtmeß f
Lichtmetaphysik f
metaphysics of light, light metaphysics
Lichtmystik f
light mysticism
Lichtquelle f (-n)
light source
Lichtreich n
kingdom of light
Lichtreligion f (-en)
religion of light
Lichtscheibe f
disk of light; die wandernde L. - the migratory disk of light
Lichtschein m
glow or beam of light; sheen
Lichtschere f (-n)
snuffers, wick trimmers
Lichtschimmer m (-)
ray or gleam of hope; glow or gleam of light
Lichtseele f (-n)
soul of light
Lichtstrahl m (-en)
ray of light; light beam: beam of light
Lichtsymbolik f
light symbolism
Lichtton m (-"e)
optical sound, photographic sound
Lichtung f
clearing, opening, glade (Heidegger); L. des Seins - clearing, lighting of Being
Lichtwelt f (-en)
world of light, light world
Lic.theol. abr
Licentiatus theologiae
lieb adj
dear, beloved; agreeable, nice; valued; esteemed; charming, attractive; delightful
Liebe f
love; fondness; affection; kindness; beloved; favor; charity; christliche L. - love for others
liebebedürftig adj
in need of or wanting love or care
Liebedienerei f
archaic: toadyism, fawningness, flattery
Liebe Gottes f
the love of God
liebeleer adj
archaic: loveless; devoid of love
to love; to be fond of, like; to be in love
Liebende m (-n)
the lover; one in love
liebenswert adj
lovable, endearing; charming; delightful; likeable
liebenswürdig  adj
charming; winning; engaging; kind; worthy of love
Liebenswürdigkeit f
charm; charming manner; kindness
(comparative) dearer, sooner; better; rather
Liebesabenteuer n (-)
adventure in love
Liebesaffäre f (-n)
Liebesakt m
act of love; sex(ual) act
Liebesangelegenheit f
romance (love) affair; affair of the heart
Liebesapfel m (-"e)
mandrake; tomato
Liebesband n (-e)
bond of love
Liebesbedürfnis n (-e)
need for or of love
liebesbedürftig  adj
in need or wanting of love
Liebesbeteuerung f (-en)
protestation or care of love
Liebesbeweis m (-e)
proof of love; token of love
Liebesbezeigung f (-en)
expression of love
Liebesbotschaft f (-en)
message of love; gospel of love
Liebesbrief m (-e)
love letter
Liebesbund m
bond of love; alliance of love
Liebesdichtung f (-en)
love poetry; love song
Liebesdienst m (-e)
charitable service, charitable act; favor, (act of) kindness
Liebesentzug m
withdrawal of affection
Liebesethik f
love ethics, ethics of love
Liebesgabe f (-n)
charitable gift, gift for charity; (pl) alms
Liebesgebot n
the commandment of love
Liebesgeschichte f (-n)
love story
Liebesgesinnung f
sentiment of love
Liebesgott m
Eros (Plato)
Liebeskummer m
lovesickness, pangs of love, unhappiness in love
Liebeslied n (-er)
love song
Liebesmahl n (-e)
love feast, agape, banquet
Liebespaar n (-e)
lovers, couple
Liebespflicht f
duty of love; Christian duty
Liebesroman m (-e)
love story
Liebesschmerz m
lovesickness, pangs of love, unhappiness in love
Liebestreue f
liebesunfähig  adj
incapable of loving
Liebesverlust m
loss of love
Liebeswerk n
work of charity, Christian act
Liebesworte f, pl
loving words
liebevoll  adj
loving, kind, affectionate
Liebe zum Irdischen f
love of the earth (Nietzsche)
Liebfrau f (-en)
favorite wife
Liebfrauenkirche f
Church of Our Lady
to take a fancy to; to grow fond of
liebhaben vi sep
to be ford of, to like, to love
Liebhaber m (-)
lover; admirer; gallant; dilettante; amateur
to carress; to fondle
lieblich adj
sweet, amiable, pleasing; lovely, charming, delightful
Lieblichkeit f
loveliness; sweetness, pleasantness; gentleness, gracefulness
Lieblingsfrau f (-en)
favorite wife
Lieblingsgedanke m (-n)
favorite idea
Lieblingsgericht n (-e)
favorite dish
Lieblingsgott m
the god desired, the favorite God
Lieblingsjünger m (-)
bibl: the beloved disciple (John)
Lieblingsschriftsteller  m (-)
favorite author
Lieblingssohn m (-"e)
favorite son
lieblos adj
loveless, unloving, unkind, hardhearted, without love
Lieblosigkeit f
uncharitableness, unkindness
liebreich  adj
loving, kind
Lied n (-er)
song; melody, tune; ballad; poem; volkstümliches L. - popular song, folklike song; L. ohne Worte - song without words
liedartig  adj
Liedbegleitung f
song accompaniment
Liedchen n (-)
dim, tune, air, ditty
Liederabend m (-e)
lieder recital, song recital, vocal recital
Liederbuch n (-"er)
songbook; hymnbook
Liederdichter m (-)
lyric poet; songwriter
Liederkomponist m (-en)
song-writer, song composer
Liederkonkordanz f
concordance of songs
Liederkranz m
choral society; collection of song
Liederkreis m (-e)
song cycle
liederlich  adj
untidy, slovenly, sloppy; careless, disorderly, lewd; immoral, loose; wild
Liederlichkeit f
slovenliness; disorderliness; debauchery, loose living, immoral conduct
Liedersänger m (-)
lieder singer
Liederspiel n (-e)
song-play (of the M.A.); ballad opera
Liedertafel f
glee club, (name given to a German male choir)
Liederzyklus m (-len)
song cycle
Liedgattung f (-en)
species of song
Liedgestaltung f (-en)
lieder interpretation
liedhaft  adj
songlike, lyrical; tuneful
Liedkomponist m (-en)
song-writer, song composer
Liedmotette f
song motet
Liedsänger m (-)
lieder singer
Liedtext m (-e)
lyric, song text
Lief. abr
to deliver (to); to supply (to); to provide, furnish; to yield
Lieferung f (-en)
delivery; supply; contribution
liegen vi
to lie (down); to rest; to be (in); to be situ­ated; das liegt daran, daß - that is, because
Liga f (-gen)
league; die Heilige L. - the Holy League
Ligatur f
LiJ abbr
Liturgisches Journal. Halle
lilac; purple
LiLe abbr
Liturgisches Leben. Regensburg
Lilie f (-n)
lily, fleur-de-lis
Lilienschmuck m
lily work
Limbus m (-bi)
limbo (region bordering on Hell)
Limerick m (-s)
Lit: limerick
Limes m
limes; limit
Limitation f
Limitationsbegriff m
concept of limitation
Limitationsprinzip n
principle of limitation (Kant)
soft, gentle, mild, smooth, scoured
Linde f (-n)
linden, lime tree; terebinth
Lindenholz n
linden wood
to mitigate; to alleviate, to soften, ease, soothe; to relieve; to moderate
Lindigkeit f
Lineal n (-e)
ruler, straightedge
Lineament n (-e)
linear adj
lineär adj
Linearität f
Mus: linearity
Linearschrift f
linear writing
ling. abr
linguistisch; lingua
Linguist m (-en)
linguist; philologist
Linguistik f
linguistics; philology; maschinelle L. - computatioonal linguistics
linguistisch adj
linguistic; l. Wende - linguistic turn
Linie f (-n)
line; ancestry, descent, lineage; in erster L. first of all, in the first place, first and foremost, pri­marily
Linienführung f
linear construction; Mus: voice leading
Liniengefüge n (-)
linear structure
Liniengleichnis n
simile of the line (Plato)
linienlos adj
Mus: staffless, non-diastematic
Linienordnung f (-en)
arrangement of lines
Linierung f (-en)
line, rule
to rule
Liniierung f (-en)
link  adj
left, left-hand(ed), clumsy, awkward; eine Ehe zur linken Hand - a left-handed or morganatic marriage;
Linke f (-n)
left hand, left; left wing; the left (politics)
links  adj
on or at the left
linksgerichtet adj
left(ist) (person, idea, etc.)
linkshändig  adj
Linkshegelianer m
left(-wing) Hegelian
Linkshegelianismus m
left(-wing) Hegelianism
Linksintellektueller m
left-wing intellectual
Linksnietzscheaner m
left(-wing) Nietzschean
Linksradikalismus m
left-wing radicalism
Linse f (-n)
linsenförmig adj
Linsengericht n (-e)
mess of pottage, pottage of lentils, pea soup
Lippe f (-n)
lip; labium; edge, border
Lippenbekenntnis n (-se)
lip service
lippend pr p, adj
lip, labial
Lippenlaut m (-e)
Ling: labial consonant, bilabial consonant
Lippenlesen n
lip reading
Lippenstellung f (-en)
lip position
Lippenzahnlaut m
Ling: labiodental
to liquidate; to dissolve; to wind up; to destroy
Liquidlaut m
liquid (sound)
Lispeln n
List f (-en)
cunncraftiness, artfulness; trick, device; L. der Vernunft - cunning of reason
LiSt abbr
Liturgical Studies. Notre Dame. South Bend, Indiana
List der Vernunft f
cunning of reason (Hegel)
Liste f (-n)
listenmäßig adj
in the form of a list
listig  adj
crafty, cunning; deceitful; sly
lit. abr
literarisch - literary; liturgisch - literigical
Lit. abr
Literat(ur); Literatur(angaben); Litanei; Litera (Buchstabe in Satzungen); Liturgie; Liturgik
Lit(M) abbr
Liturgia. Mainz
Lit.-Gesch. abr
Lit.-Hdb. abr
Litanei f (-en)
litauisch adj
liter. abr
Liter m (-)
Lat: letters; L. apostolicae - apostolic letter; L. canonicae - canonical letter
Lat: literalis, literal
Literalsinn m
Bibl: literal meaning term adds ty di
literargeschichtlich adj
history of literature
Literarhistoriker m (-)
literary historian
literarhistorisch  adj
literarisch  adj
Literarkritik f (-en)
literary criticism
literarkritisch adj
criticism of literary
Literat m (-en)
man of letters, literary man; writer
Literatur f
literature; writing of literary value
Literaturanalyse f (-n)
literary analyst
Literaturangabe f (-n)
bibliographical data
Literaturarchiv n (-e)
archive of literary documents
Literaturästhetik f
literary aesthetics
Literaturbrief m (-e)
critical essay (in letter form)
Literaturgeschichte f (-n)
literary history, history of literature
Literaturhinweis m (-e)
bibliographical references; recommendation for further reading; suggested reading
Literaturkritik f
Lit: literary criticism
literaturkritisch  adj
(relating to) literary criticism
Literaturlexikon n
dictionary or encyclopedia of literature
Literaturnachtrag m (-"e)
Literaturnachweis m (-e)
reference, reading list, books consulted
Literatursphäre f (-n)
sphere of literature
Literatursprache f (-n)
literary language; written language
literaturtheoretisch  adj
(relating to) literary theory
Literaturtheorie f (-n)
literary theory, theory of literature
Literaturübersicht f (-en)
bibliography, list of references
Literaturverweis m (-e)
Literaturverzeichnis n (-se)
Literaturwissenschaft f
study of literature, literary studies; literary scholarship
Literaturwissenschaftler m (-)
literary scholar
Literaturzeitschrift f (-en)
literary journal or magazine;  (literary or critical) review
Literaturzeitung f (-en)
literary journal or magazine;  (literary or critical) review
litgesch. abr
lith. abr
lithographieren; lithgraphisch
Lith. abr
Lithographie f (-n)
lithograph, lithography
to lithograph
lithographisch  adj
Lithophon n
lithophone, stone chime, stone idiophone, stone disks
Litotes f
Rhet: understatement, litotes, meiosis
litt p
of leiden - to suffer
liturg. abr
Liturg. abr
 Liturgie, Liturgia, liturgico
Liturg m (-en)
Liturgie f (-n)
liturgieartig  adj
liturgical, liturgic; rubrical
Liturgiebuch n (-"er)
liturgical; rubrical
Liturgiegeschichte f (-n)
history of liturgy
Liturgiekonstitution f (-en)
liturgics, study of liturgy
Liturgik f
liturgics, study of liturgy
liturgisch adj
liturgic(al); rubrical; liturgischer Gesang - chanting; liturgisches singen - to chant;  liturgisch Farben - colors of the ecclesiastical parament
Lit.Verz. abr
Lizentiat n (-e)
Lizenz f (-en)
Lizenzausgabe f (-n)
license edition
to license, give or grant the publishing rights
LiZs abbr
Liturgische Zeitschrift. Regensburg
l.J. abr
laufendes Jahr; laufenden Jahres
LJ abbr
Liturgisches Jahrbuch. Münster
Lk abr
Lukas - Luke
Lk. abr
LKL abbr
Lexikon des katholischen Lebens. Freiburg, Breisgau
Lkt. abr
Landkarte; Lektor
l.l. abr
Lat: loco laudato  am genannten/angeführten Ort
LM abbr
Lutherische Monatshefte. Hamburg
LMK abbr
Lexikon der Marienkunde. Regensburg
LN abbr
Lutherische Nachrichten. Berlin
Lnbd. abr
Lob n
praise, eulogy; commendation; approval, applause; fame, reputation
to praise; to extol, glorify; to commend; lobend - lauda­tive, commendatory
lobenswert  adj
 praiseworthy, laudable, commendable
lobenswürdig adj
 praiseworthy, laudable, commendable
lobesam  adj
lobesam; archaic: (it is poetic and usually follows a name) noble, good, worth, worhipful; Meister Thoms l. - good or worthy Master Thomas
Lobeserhebung f (-en)
euology; high praise
Lobeshymne f (-n)
hymn of praise
Lobgesang m (-"e)
hymn (of praise)
löblich adj
praiseworthy, laudable, commendable
Loblied n (-er)
song or hymn of praise
Lobopfer n (-)
offering or doxology, sacrifice of praise
Lobpreis m (-e)
praise, doxology
to praise, extol
Lobpreisung f (-en)
praise, glorification
Lobrede f (-n)
eulogy, panegyric
Lobredner m (-)
lobsingen vi
to sing praises to
Lobspruch m (-"er)
loc.cit. abr
Lat: loco citato
Loch n (-"er)
hole, opening; cavity; aperture, orifice; gap, breach; eye, pore; leak, perforation; slot
löcherig  adj
porous, full of holes, untenable, shaky (of arguments)
porous, full of holes, untenable, shaky (of arguments)
Locke f (-n)
lock of hair, curl
to entice, attract, coax; to allure, bait, tempt
locker  adj
loose; slack
lockig  adj
Lockung f (-en)
attraction; enticement; allurement
Lockvogel m (-")
decoy, call bird
Lat: place, passage, or topic
locus classicus
a clssic or standard passage or place (in a text, etc)
to blaze, to flame or flare up, to glow, to burn
Löffel m (-)
log. abr
Log. abr
Logarithmus m (-men)
Loge f (-n)
box (theater); lodge; Freemason's lodge
Logenbruder m (-")
(brother) mason
Logenmeister m (-)
master of a lodge
Loggia f (-ien)
loggia; arcaded walk; nonprotruding balcony
logia Jesu (pl)
see Logion
Logienquelle f (-n)
discourse source Q
Logiensammlung f (-en)
Logik f
logic(s); allemeine L. - general Logic;  L. der ersten Stufe or Ordnung - first-order logic; L. der zweiten Stufe or Ordnung- second-order logic; L. der höheren Ordnung - higher-order logic; L. des Scheins - logic of illusion; L. des Werdens - logic of becoming; dreiwertige L. - three-valued logic;
Logiker m
Logikkalkül m/n
logic calculus
Logion n (-ien)
logion, logia (pl), saying of Jesus (not found in the gospels)
logisch  adj
logical; (as suffix) -logical; l. Bedingung - logical condition; l. Eigenschaft - logical property; l. Konstante - logical constant; l. Spielraum - logical range; l. Gatter - logical gate; l. Quadrat - square of opposition
logisch-szientistisches Denksystem n
logical scientistic system of thought
Logische  n
 logical thinking; the logical
logisches Gatter n
logic gate
to logicize
Logismus m (-men)
Phil: logism (doctrine of the independent and distinctive nature)
Logistik f
symbolic; logic; logistic(al); mathematical; logistics
logistisch adj
Logizismus m
Logizität f (-en)
logicality, local character, logicalness
Logobegriff m (-e)
logos concept, logos term
Logochristologie f
Logogramm n (-e)
Logograph m (-en)
sppeechwriter; logographer
Logokratie f (-n)
rule of reason, logocracy
Logomachie f
Logos  m
 Gr: logos; reason
Logosanschauung f (-en)
logos concept or idea
Logosspekulation f (-en)
Logos speculation
Logotherapie f
Logozentrismus m
Logozentrizität f
Lohe f (-n)
flame, blaze, fire; fervor
Lohn m (-"e)
wages; reward
to reward; recompense, remunerate, compensate; to pay, repay; Gott lohn' es dir! - may God reward you for it
to pay (wages)
lohnend pr p
rewarding; worth(while); profitable
Lohnmoral f
moral based on rewards or profit; morality of reward
Lohnmotiv m (-e)
motive of reward
Lohnordnung f (-en)
order of wages, relational order based on wages (merit)
lok. abr
lokal; lokalisieren
local, regional
Lokaladverb n (-ien)
location adverb
Lokalangabe f (-n)
Ling: modifier of place
Lokalausdruck m (-"e)
provincialism, local expression
Lokalbezeichnung f (-en)
local name
Lokalergänzung f (-en)
Ling: complement of place
Lokalgott m (-"er)
reginal God
to establish the place of origin, to ascertain the locality
Lokalisierung f
location; placing, place of origin; localization
Lokalsprache f (-n)
local dialect
Lokalverhältnisse f
local conditions
Lokativ m
Ling: locative (case)
Ch Hist: (pl) Lollards
Lat: longsuffering
Lorbeer m
Lorbeerbaum m (-"e)
laurel, bay tree
Lorbeerkranz m (-"e)
laurel wreath
Lordschaft f (-en)
Lorelei f
Myth: (the) Lorelei
loose; free; off, detached; (as suffix) -los - without, -less
Los n (-e)
share, allotment, lot, portion; fate, destiny; fortune; chance; hazard
lösbar (-e)
soluble; separable, severable; removable
Lösbarkeit f
losbrechen vi sep
to break off; to break out (forth); to burst out (forth); to explode
to go out, be extinguished; to put out, quench, extinguish; to discharge, erase
Löschung f
loose, slack, movable, unsteady, vagrant, wanton, frivolous, irresponsible, naughty
Loseblattausgabe f (-n)
loose-leaf edition
Lösegeld n (-er)
Lösegewalt f (-en)
authority to bind and to loose (sin)
to solve; to dissolve; to resolve; to loose(n), untie; to redeem; to end, annul
to draw lots (um - for)
Losentscheidung f
die Brustasche für dir L. - the breastplate of judgment
losgeben vi sep
to set free, to liberate
losgehen vi sep
to begin, start; to go off, to attack
losgelöst pp
Loskauf m (-"e)
loskaufen sep
to redeem, ransom
to unchain
loskommen vi sep
to get off, to get away
to let go, release, set free, let loose; to break out into
loslaufen vi sep
to start running; to run (away)
to remove, detach; (refl) to break away; to come off; to disengage (oneself) from
Loslösung f (-en)
separation; detachment; secession
to loosen, make loose; to undo, cast off; to get away; to disengage or extricate oneself (from); to get free (from), to liberate
Losorakel n (-)
sacred lot
Losorakelspruch m (-"e)
saying mediated through the sacred lot
to detach, separate, break away
lossagen vi
to renounce; to give up
Lossagung f (-en)
renunciation; withdrawal
lossprechen vi sep
absolve; acquit
Lossprechung f (-en)
absolution; release; acquittal
to rush off, tear off; to make a dash at
losstürzen v.t.
to rush or dash off
Lösung f (-en)
solution; loosening; solving; resolving
Losung f (-en)
solution; answer (to problem)
Losungswort n (-e)
solution; watchword; password; word or text 
Los von Rom Bewgung f
away from Rome movement
losziehen ir.v.i.
to set out, to start off
Lot n (-e)
small weight (half an ounce), shekel
Lot m
LOT abbr
Library of Orthodox Theology. London
to plumb, to sound
Lotoblüte f (-n)
lotus flower
Lotophage m (-n)
Gr Myth: Lotophai; Lotus-eater
Lotos m
Lotosblatt n (-"er)
lotus leaf
Lotosblume f
lotus flower
Lotosbusch m (-"e)
lotus plant
Lotosesser m (-)
Gr Myth: Lotophai; Lotus-eater
Lotosfries f
Arch: lotus column
Lotosknospe f (-n)
lotus bud
Lotossäule f (-n)
lotus column
Lotossäulenkapitell n
lotus capital; bud of flower
Lotossitz m
lotus position
vertical(ly); plumb
Lotrechto f
vertical; perpendicular; plumb line
Lotterbube m (-n)
rascal, good-for-nothing
Lotterleben n
dissolute life; disorderly life
Lotus m (-)
Lotus; Buddism: L. dos guten Lewissen - Lotus of the Good, True, and Wonderful Law
Lotusbaum m (-"e)
lotus tree
Lotusblume f (-n)
lotus, flower
Lotusbuch n
Buddism: Lotus scripture
Lotusknospe f (-n)
lotus bud
Löwe m (-n)
lion; Leo (zodiac)
Löwengebrüll n
lion's den
Löwengesicht n (-er)
lion's face
lion's den
Löwenherz n
lion's heart; (the) Lionhearted (King Richard)
Löwenhöhle f
lion's den
Löwenkopf m (-"e)
lion's head
lion-hearted (statue, god, etc.)
Löwenmut m
lionlike courage, courage of a lion
Löwenrachen m (-)
mouth of a lion
Löwenstärke f
invincible strength; stubborn
Lion Gate (Mycenae)
Löwenzahn m (-"er)
lion's tooth
Löwin f (-nen)
Loyalität f
LQ abbr
Lutheran Qarterly. Gettysburg, Pa.
LQF abbr
Liturgiegeschichtliche Quellen und Forschungen. Münster
LR abbr
Lutherische Rundschau. Stuttgart, u.a.
LRb abbr
Lutherischer Rundblick. Wiesbaden
l.s. abr
Lat: loco sigilli  anstatt des Siegels
LS abbr
Lebendige Seelsorge. Freiburg, Breisgau
Lsg. abr
Losung; Lösung
Lsgg. abr
LSS abbr
Leipziger semitistische Studien. Leipzig
LSSt abbr
Leipziger semitistische Studien. Leipzig
lt. abr
laut - according to; lutherisch
ltg. abr
Ltg. abr
Leitung; Liturgie
LTh abbr
Library of Theology. London
LTK abbr
Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche. Michael Buchberger, et al., eds, Freiburg, Breisgau
LTQ abbr
Lexington Theological Quarterly.
Luchs (-e)
Lücke f (-n)
lacuna, gap, break, opening, space, cavity, breach, hole; omission, blank, deficiency
gaps; incomplete; fragmentary, lacunal; defective
without gap; complete; unbroken, uninterrupted; airtight(able)
Luder n (-)
carrion; bait, lure, decoy; low scoundrel, rascal, wretch
Luderleben n
dissolute life
Luft f (-"e)
air, atmosphere, breeze, breath, relief
Luftaufnahme f (-n)
aerial photograph
Luftbild n
an aerial photograph
Luftdruck m
atmospheric pressure
Luftdruckmesser m (-)
Lufteinwirkung f
effect, action or influence of air
Luftgespinst n (-e)
airy nothing, chimera
Luftperspektive f
aerial perspective
Luftraum m (-"e)
air chamber, air space
Luftröhre f (-n)
trachea, windpipe
Luftziegel m (-)
unbaked, mud brick
Lug m
Lug und Trug - falsehood and deceit
Lüge f (-n)
lie, falsehood, untruth
lügen vi
to lie, tell a lie; to deceive, be false
Lügen n
deceitfulness; lying; L. Agape - mock love feast
Lügenapostel m (-)
false apostle
Lügenbold m (-e)
habitual liar
Lugenfrucht f
fruit of deception
Lügenfürst m
Lügengebäude n
fabric or web of lies
Lügengeschichte f (-n)
fantastic tale; tale or story lies
Lügengespinst n (-e)
fabric or web lies
Lügengötze m (-n)
false god
 lying, false, untrue; deceitful, mendacious
lying, false, untrue; deceitful, mendacious
Lügenhaftigkeit f
mendacity, falseness
Lügenmärchen m (-)
fantastic tale; tale or story of lies
Lügenmaul n (-"er)
brazen or bare-faced liar
Lügenprediger m (-)
Lügenpropaganda f
mendacious propaganda
Lügenprophet m (-en)
false prophet
Lügenredner m (-)
Lügentüncher m (-)
forger of lies
Lügenwort n (-e)
deceptive word
Lügner m (-)
Lügner-Antinomie f
liar paradox
false; dishonest, lying, untrue
Lügner-Paradoxon n
liar paradox, the paradox of the liar
LuJ abr
Luk. abr
Lukas - Luke
Lukas m
Luke; das Evangelium des Lukas - the Gospel accoding to Luke
Lukasbild n (-er)
depiction of the Madonna or Christ (believed to have been painted by St. Luke)
Lukasbund m
Lukasevangelium m
Gospel according to St. Luke, Luke's Gospel
Lull, Llull, Lullz
LuM abbr
Liturgie und Mönchtum. Münster
Lum. abbr
Lumen. Vitoria
Lumen n (-), abbr
lumen; lunmen light; luminary; Lumen. Charlottenlund u.a.
lumen naturale  
 Latin: light of nature, natural light
Lümmel m (-)
rascal; ruffian
Lump m (-en)
scamp, rascal, scoundrel
Lumpen m (-)
Lumpengesindel n
riffraff, rabble
Lumperei f (-en)
rascality; shabby trick; meanness; trifle
Luna f
Luna (Roman goddess of the moon); (poet) the moon
lying (word, speech, etc.)
Lunge f (-n)
Lupus m
wolf Lupus, (the) wolf; devil
Lure f (-en, -er)
lur; (pl) Myth: Lu
LuS abbr
Lehre und Symbol. Zürich
Lust f (-"e)
pleasure; delight, joy, desire; lust
Lustbarkeit f (-en)
amusement, entertainment; diversion; pleasure, sport
governed by pleasure (person)
Lustempfindung f
pleasant sensation
craving, longing, or strong desire for something; to covet it
Lüster m (-)
chandelier; luster
Lüstermalerei f
lustre painting
desirous, covetous (of); lustful, lewd; greedy (for)
Lüsternheit f
lasciviousness; lust; greed
Lustgarten m (-")
pleasure grounds; garden or park
Lustgefühl n (-e)
pleasurable sensation
lustig adv, adj
merrily; merry, gay, joyous, jovial, amusing, funny, comical
Lustigkeit f
mirth, gaiety, merriment, fun, jollity
Lustknabe m (-n)
male prostitute
Lustlosigkeit f
dullness, flatness
lustrative; purifying
to lustre
to lustrate
Lustrum n (-ren, -ra)
Lustspiel n (-e)
luth. abbr
lutherisch - Lutheran
Luth. abbr
Luthertum. Erlangen, u.a.
Luther m
Lutheraner m (-)
Lutheran; die lutheranische Kirche - Lutheran Church
Lutheranische Reformation  f
 Lutheran Reformation
Lutherbibel f (-n)
Luther Bible; Martin Luther's translation of the Bible
Lutherbild m (-er)
Luther image
Lutheran; die l. Kirche - Lutheran Church
Lutherismus  m
Lutherrock m (-"e)
clenial frock coat with a collar (as worn by the Lutheran clergy)
Luthertum n, abbr
Lutheranism; Luthertum. Eine Schriftreihe. Berlin
Lutherübersetzung f
Luther translation
Lutherwort n (-e)
word of Luther, expression of Luther
LuthFor abbr
Lutheran Forum. New York
LuthQ abbr
Lutheran Quarterly. Gettysburg, Pa.
LuthSt abbr
Luther-Studien. Freiburg, Breisgau
Luxas m
luxury, extravagance
lux Dei
Lat: the light of God
lux rationis
Lat: Licht der Vernunft - light of reasoning
Luxus m
luxury; extravagance
Luxusausgabe f (-e)
luxury edition
Luzidität f
second sight; clairvoyance; Lit: lucidity of style
Luzifer m
Luciferian, satanic
Lv. abr
Leviticus - Leviticus
Lv abr
Leviticus - Leviticus
LV(B) abbr
Lumiere et Vie. Bruges
LV(L) abbr
Lumiere et Vie. Lion
LW abbr
Lutheran World. Geneva
LWB abr
Lutherischer Weltbund
L X abr
Lydien n
Lynchjustiz  f
lyr. abr
Lyra f
lyra, lyre, lira, harp
Lyraflügel m (-)
piano lyre
Lyragitarre f
Lyrik f
lyric poetry
Lyriker m (-)
lyric poet
Lyzeum n (-en, -zeen)
Gr: secondary school (for girls); (the Lyceum; (theological) college