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v. abr
von; vor - from, by; before
V. abr
Vers - vers
va. abr
veraltet; vorderasiatisch
VAAEK abbr
Veröffentlichungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für das Archiv- und Bibliothekswesen in der evangelischen Kirche. Neustadt
VAB abbr
Vorderasiatische Bibliothek. Leipzig
vage adj
vague; numbilous; uncertain
Vagheit  f
Vakuum  n
Valenz f (-en)
Validität  f
vandalisch adj
vandalistic, vandalish, vandal(ic)
Vandalismus m
Lat: vanity; v. vanitatum - vanity of vanities, everything is vanity
Vansdale m (-n)
Vandal; vandal
var. abr
variabel; variieren; variiert
Variable  f
Variante f (-n)
variant; version; variation
Variation f (-en)
variation; Mus: paraphrase
Varietät  f
variieren  vr
to vary; to fluctuate; to diversify; to range
var.lect. abr
Lat: varia lectio  andere Lesart
Vasall m (-en)
vassal; liegeman; retainer, vassal; follower
Vase f (-n)
pot; vase
Vasenbild n (-er)
scene or picture on a vase
Vasenfragment n (-e)
potsherd, shard; fragment (of a vase)
Vat. abr
VAT abbr
Vorderasiatische Abteilung Tontafel. Vorderasiatisches Museum. Berlin
Vater m (-")
father; (fig) father, author, originator; patre; the Father (God); the Holy Father; forefather, forebearer, ancestor
Vaterfigur  f
 father figure
Vaterhaus n
parental home, father's household
Vaterland n
native country or land, mother country, fatherland
vaterländisch  adj, adv
patriotic; national; v. Gesinnung - patriotismus
Vaterlandsliebe  f
 love of one´s country
Vaterlandsverräter  m (-)
 traiter to one´s country
väterlich adj, adv
paternal, fatherly, of one's father(s); like a father, in a fatherly way
vaterlos  adj
Vatermord  m
Vater-Sohn-Konflikt  m
Vaterstadt f
native town, hometown
Vaterunser n (-)
Lord's Prayer, the Our Father; paternoster, Pater Noster; ein V. beten - to say the Lord's Prayer
Vat.II abbr
  Vaticanum II. Hilversum
Vatikan m
vatikanisch adj
papel; curial
Vatikanstadt f
Vatican City
Vatikanum n
Vatican Council
vbd. abr
Vbd. abr
Verband; Verbindung; Verbund
vbdl. abr
verbindlich; vorbildlich
VC abbr
Vigiliae Christianae. Review of Early Christian Life and Language. Amsterdam
v.C.G. abr
 vor Christi Geburt
v. Chr. abr
vor Christus - B.C.; vor Christi Geburt
v.Chr.G. abr
vor Christi Geburt
v.d, abr
von dem/der; vor dem/der
v.d.Z. abr
vor der Zeitrechnung
v.d.Ztr. abr
vor der Zeitrechnung
v.d.Ztw. abr
vor der Zeitenwende
v.d.Zw. abr
vor der Zeit(en)wende
Veda  m
Vedantaphilosophie  f
 vedanta philosophy
Veganismus  m
Veitstanz m
St. Vitu's dance; (fig) (make) a terrible fuss
Velin n
vellum, vellum paper
Vereinigte Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche Deutschlands
Vemrecht  m
 vehmic law
Ventil n (-e)
pallet, valve (organ)
ver. abr
Ver. abr
Verein; Vereinigte; Vereinigung
verabreden vr
to agree (on); to arrange, appoint; to decide to do; (refl) to make an appointment (with someone)
verabscheuen  vr
to detest, abhor; to hate, abominate
verabscheuenswert adj
detestable; hateful; abominable; vile
verabschieden vr
to say goodbye; discharge, to retire; (refl) sich v. von - to say goodbye to, to take one's leave of
verabsolutieren  vr
 to absolutize, make absolute
Verabsolutierung  f
 absolutization, making absolute
verachten  vr
to reject; to despise; to condemn; to scorn; to look down upon
Verächter m (-)
scorner, despiser
verächtlich adj
disdainful; contemptuous; contemptible; scornful
Verachtung f
contempt; disdain; scorn
Lat: truthfulness; v. Dei - the truthfulness of God
verallgemeinern  vr
to generalize
Verallgemeinerung f (-en)
veralt. abr
veralten vi
to grow old; to go out of use; to become obsolete
veränd. abr
verändern; verändert; veränderlich
verändern  vr
to change, alter; to vary; to modify; to transform; to take another position or situation
Veränderung f (-en)
variation, alteration; change; transformation; modification
Veranlagung  f (-en)
tendency; nature; disposition; talent; gifts
veranlassen  vr
to cause; to make; to give rise (to); to bring about; to call forth; to effect; to arrange
cause; occasion; reason; motive
Veranschaulichung f
veranstalten vr
to organize; to arrange
verantworten vr
to answer, account for; to be responsible for; to defend; to vindicate; (refl) to justify oneself, or one's action; to vindicate oneself
verantwortlich  adj
responsible, answerable (for); accounta­ble; liable; changeable
Verantwortliche f, m (-n)
responsible person, responsible; principalities; rulers, authorities; powers
Verantwortlichkeit f
Verantwortung f (-en)
responsibility; justification; zur V. ziehen - to call to account
Verantwortungsbewußtsein n
sense of responsibility
Verantwortungsethik f
ethics of responsibility
verarmen vi
to become poor or impoverished to be reduced to poverty
Verarmung f (-en)
impoverishment; pauperization
Verästelung f
branching, bifurcation
veratw. abr
verantworten; verantwortlich
Veräußerlichung f
verb. abr
verbessern; verbessert; verbieten; verbinden(d);  verbindlich; verboten; verbunden
Verb. abr
Verband; Verbannung; Verbesserung; Verbindung(en)
Verbalisierung f
Verband m (-"e)
association; group; division (within an organization)
Verbannte  f, m (-n)
exile; expatriate; outlaw
Verbannung f
 banishment, exile; expulsion; deportation
Verbdg. abr
verbergen vi
to hide, conceal, cover up; to bury; to veil, cloak, obscure, mask; to harbor
Verbergung  f
concealment; cover, shelter; hiding; harboring; cover up; V. des Seins - consealment of Being (Heidegger)
Verbesserer m (-)
improver; reformer; corrector
verbessern  vr
to improve; to rectify; to correct; to revise; to reform
verbieten vi
to forbid; to prohibit
Verbildlichung f (-en)
depiction; illustration
verbinden vi
to tie together, bind; to link, join; to connect; to unite; to oblige; to associate (with); to blend (colors, forms, etc.)
verbindlich adj
binding, obligatory; obli­ging; compulsory
Verbindlichkeit f (-en)
obligation, liability; commitment, reliability
Verbindung f (-en)
connection; relationship; union; contact; bond(s); combina­tion; com­position; correla­tion; association; alliance; blen­ding; in V. mit - in conjunction with; in connection with
Verbindungsbau m (-ten)
connecting structure or building
verbittern vr
to embitter; to be embittered; to be discontented; to grow bitter
Verbitterung  f
 embitterment; bitterness (of heart)
verbleiben vi
to stay, remain; to be left (over); v. Zeit - the rest of his time
verblenden vr
to blind; to delude; to dazzle; to mask; to beguile to blind; to delude
Verblendung  f
verborgen pp, adj
hidden, concealed; covered up; buried; veiled, obscured, masked; harbored
Verborgenheit  f
secrecy; seclusion; obscurity; concealment; hiddenness; V. des Seins - consealment or hiddenness of Being (Heidegger)
Verborgenheit n
consealment; V. des Seins - consealment of Being (Heidegger)
Verborgensein n
being hidden or consealed; hiddenness; V. des Grundes - hiddenness of the ground (Jaspers)
Verbot n (-e)
prohibition; ban (on); suppression
Verbotene n
the forbidden
Verbr. abr
Verbreitung, verbreitet
verbrauchen  vr
 to spend, consume; to wear out; to waste
Verbraucher m (-)
consumer, user
verbrechen vi
ein V. begehen - to commit or perpetrate a crime
Verbrechen n (-)
major offense, crime, felony; V. gegen die Menschlichkeit - crime against humanity; V, ohne Opfer - victimless crime
Verbrecher m (-)
felon, criminal
verbreiten  vr
to spread; to propagate; to diffuse; to disseminate; to distribute; to disperse; to circulate
verbrennen vi
to burn (down); to scorch; to cremate (the dead)
verbringen vi
to pass; to spend; to transfer (nach - to)
Lat:  word; v. Dei - Word of God; v. est principium primum - the word is the first priciple; v. internum - internal Word; v. mentis - word of the mind (idea, concept, etc); v. visibile - visible word
verbürgen vr
to warrant; to guarantee; (refl) to vouch for
Verdacht m
verdächtig  adj
suspicious; suspected; questionable; doubtful
Verdächtigung f (-en)
verdammen  vr
to condemn; to curse, damn; to reprobate
verdammenswert adj
 condemnable, damnable; abominable; heinous
Verdammnis  f
damnation; perdition; condemnation
verdammt pp, adj
cursed; blasted; damned, condemned
Verdammte f, m (-n)
damned, castaway, reprobate
Verdammung f
condemnation, damnation, reprobation; ewige V. - eternal damnation
verdanken  vr
to owe to; to be indebted to
verdecken  vr
to cover; to hide, conceal; to mask, camouflage; to screen; to veil
Verderb m
ruin, destruction; decay, spoilage, corruption, debasement, depravation; vitiation
verderben vi
to spoil; ruin; to wreck; to corrupt; to demoralize, to debase; to deprave; to vitiate
corruption; destruction; ruin; perdition
Verderber m (-)
depraver; corrupter; destroyer
verderblich adj
corruptible; perishable; ruinous;destructive; injurious; fatal
Verderbnis f
corruption; decay; destruction; depravity; perversion
Verderbtheit f
corruption; depravity; vice
verdeutlichen  vr
to make clear; to explain, elucidate; to illus­trate; to make evident
verdeutschen vr
to germanize; to translate into German; das ist v. - which means (in understanding German)
Verdichtung f
verdienen  vr
to earn; to gain, win, get; to deserve; to merit
Verdienst m (-e)
earnings; wages; merit; gain, profit
Verdienstadel m
life peerage
Verdienstethik f
meritocratic ethics
verdiktiv adj
verdinglichendes Denken m
Phil: reifying thinking or thought
Verdinglichung f
reification, objectification
verdolmetschen vr
to interpret; to explain; to translate
verdoppeln  vr
to double, duplicate
Verdopplung f
doubling, duplication
verdorben adj
corrupt; spoiled; bad; rotten
Verdorbenheit f
corruption; corruptness; depravity; viciousness
verdorren vr
to dry up, wither
verdrängt p p, adj
displaced; put aside; repressed, supressed
Verdrängung f
removal; displacement; ouster (from); dispossession; suppression, repression; inhibition
verdrehen  vr
to twist; to distort; to misrepresent; to pervert; to sprain
verdrießen  vi
to grieve; to vex, annoy; to displease
verdrossen pp, adj
cross, vexed, annoyed; sulky, sullen
verdrucken  vr
to misprint; to reprint
Verdruß m
dismay; discontent; irritation, displeasure, annoyance
verdunkeln vr
to darken, black out; to grow dim; to obscure, cloud, to eclipse
verdünnen vr
to thin (down), dilute; to taper off; to weaken
Veredelung  f
verehren  vr
to adore; to revere; to reverence, vene­rate, worship; to admire; to honor; to respect
Verehren n
worhip(ping); veneration; adoration; admiration
verehrend pr p 
worshipin; adoring; honoring
Verehrung f
respect; veneration; reverence; devotion; worship; adoration
Verehrungskult  m
 cult of adoration
Verein m (-e)
association; society; club; union; alliance; syndicate
vereinbar  adj
compatible, reconcilable; consistent (with)
Vereinbarkeit  f
vereinen  vr
to unite; to combine; to join (together); to merge; to associate; to consolidate; to fuse, blend; to mate
vereinf. abr
vereinfachen; vereinfacht
vereinfachen vr
to simplify; to reduce
Vereinfachung  f
vereinheitlichen  vr
 to standardize; to integrate
Vereinheitlichung  f
 standardization; integration
vereinigen  vr
to unite; to link; to merge, blend; to combine; to relate; to rally, bring together
Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika f
(the) United States of America
Vereinigung f (-en)
unification; union, consolidation; merger; blending; linking; meeting; assembly; federation; intercourse
vereinsamen  vr
 to isolate; to be or to become lonely or isolated
 isolation; loneliness
vereinzeln vr
to isolate; to separate
vereiteln vr
to foil, thwart; to frustrate; to defeat
verelenden  vr
 to sink into poverty
Verelendung  f
impoverishment; pauperization; immiseration 
vererben vr
to leave or will (to); to hand down; (refl) to be hereditary
Vererbung f
inheritance (von - of); heredity; transmission; das ist V. - it runs in the (family, etc)
Vererbungslehre  f
Vererbungstheorie  f
verewigen  vr, refl
 to immortalize; to perpetuate; to preserve for posterity; (refl) leave one's mark
Verewigung  f
 immortalization; perpetuation; preservation for posterity
Verf. abr
Author, Verfasser - author
verf. abr
verfahren vi
to proceed; to deal, act; to blunder; to be on the wrong track
Verfahren n (-)
method; procedure, process, technique, system; treatment; actions
Verfahrensweise  f
 mode of procedure; method of proceeding, procedure; modus operandi
Verfahrungsfrage  f (-n)
 matter or question of procedure; procedual question or matter
Verfall m
decay, deterioration; decadence; decline, fall, downfall; ruin
verfallen vi
to decline; to come or go to ruin; to decay; to expire
Verfallenheit  f
 fallenness (Heidegger)
Verfallserscheinung  f
 symptom of decay or decline
verfälschen  vr
to forge; to falsify; to adulterate; to debase; to counterfeit
Verfälschung f (-en)
forgery, falsification; counterfeit;
verfangen  vi
to have an effect (bei - on); to work (bei - with, on); (refl) to get caught in
verfassen  vr
to compose; write, pen
Verfasser m (-)
author, writer; composer
Verfassung f (-en)
state, condition; frame of mind, disposi­tion; shape; con­stitu­tion; geistige V. - state of mind; staatliche V. - constitution
verfaulen vr
to rot, decay, decompose
verfehlen  vr
to fail (to do); to miss; to trespass (against); to offend
Verfehlung f (-en)
transgression; failing; offense; lapse; sin, trespass; mistake
verfeinern  vr
to refine; to improve
verfinstern vr
to darken to obscure; to eclipse; (refl) to grow dark
Verflächigung f (-en)
verfluchen vr
to curse, to damn; to execrate
Verfluchung f
curse; malediction; anathema
verfolgen  vr
to persecute; to follow; to pursue; to chase, hunt; to tail, shadow
Verfolger m (-)
pursuer; persecutor
Verfolgung  f
pursuit, chase; persecution; prosecution; pursuance; continuation
Verfolgungswahn m
persecution complex or mania
verformbar  adj
shapeable, moldable
verfremden vr
to distance or make something (appear or feel)  unfamiliar (to someone)
Verfremdung f
alienation; distancing
Verfremdungseffekt m
alienation or distancing effect; estrangement effect
verfügbar  adj
available or ready (to be used) 
Verfügbarkeit  f
verfügen  vr
to decree; to order; to enact; v. über - to have, have at one's disposal, make use of ; to have command of, control
Verfügung f (-en)
instruction; order; decree; disposition; possession (of); zur V. stehen - to be available
Verfügungsgewalt  f
 power of disposition
verführen  vr
to tempt; to mislead, lead astray; to entice, allure; to ensnare; to seduce; Mus: to conveyance
Verführer m (-)
tempter; seducer
Verführerin f
verführerisch adj, adv
tempting(ly); seductive(ly), fascinating; alluring
Verführung f
temptation; seduction; subornation; enticement; V der Sprache - seduction of (the) language
Verführungskunst f (-e)
art of deception
Verg. abr
Vergabe; Vergangenheit; Vergehen; Vergeltung
vergangen pp, adj
past, gone, bygone; last
Vergangenheit f
past; past tense; history
Vergangenheitsbewältigung  f
 coming to terms with the past, overcoming the past; coping with the past
vergänglich adj
fleeting, passing; transient, transitory; perishable
Vergänglichkeit f
impermanence; perishableness; instability; transience, transitoriness; V. des Daseins - transience or transitoriness of (our) existence
vergeben vi
to forgive, pardon; to give away, dispose of
vergebens  adj, adv
in vain, to no avail or purpose; vainly
vergeblich adj
vain, idle, fruitless, futile; sich (dat) v. Mühe machen - to go to a lot of trouble for nothing
Vergebung f
forgiveness, pardon, remission; V. der Sünden - forgiveness or remission of sins
vergegenständlichen vi
to objectify; to reify; to hypostatize or hypostasize
Vergegenständlichung  f
objectification, reification
vergegenwärtigen  vr
to bring to mind; to imagine, visualize; to bear in mind; to represent, figure;
Vergegenwärtigung f
realization, visualization; re-presentation; recall
vergehen vi
to pass, elapse; to disap­pear; to stop, cease; to waste away; to fade; to perish, die (vor - of); (refl) to offend; to err; to transgress
Vergehen n
the passind away; disappearance; offense; fault; transgression sin
vergeistigen vr
to spiritualize
Vergeistigung f
vergelten vi
to retaliate; to requite, to return, repay, pay back; to reward; to recompense
Vergelter m (-)
revenger; recompenser, remunerator
Vergeltung f
requital; return; reward, recompense (for good deeds, etc); retaliation; reprisal; retribution
Vergeltungsangriff  m (-e)
 retaliation-attack, retaliatory attack
Vergeltungsgerechtigkeit f
retributive or retaliatory justice
Vergeltungsmaßnahme f (-n)
retaliatory measure
Vergeltungstag m
day of retribution, day of judgment
vergessen vi
to forget; to overlook; to neglect
vergeßlich adj
forgetful; easily forgotten; oblivious
Vergeßlichkeit f
forgetfulness; negligence
vergeuden vr
to squander, waste; to misspend
Vergeudung f
squandering, waste, wastefulness; extravagance
vergewaltigen vr
to rape; to violate
Vergewaltigung f
rape; assault; violation
vergießen vi
to spill, shed; to pour out
vergl. abr
vergleiche - cp, compare; vergleichen; verglichen
Vergleich m (-e)
comparison; simile; arrangement; compromise; settlement
vergleichbar adj, adv
comparable; comparably
vergleichen vi
to compare (to,with); to contrast; to check; to settle; to reconcile; to come to terms or an agreement
vergleichend pr p, adj
comparative (linguistcs, literature, ethics, etc); v. Religionswissenschaft - comparative religion
Vergleichsarie f (-n)
metaphor aria; parable aria
Vergleichsebene f
level of comparison
Vergleichskriterium n (-rien)
comparison test; criterion of comparison
Vergleichsmaßstab m
standard of comparison
Vergnügen n
enjoyment; pleasure; fun
vergolden vr
to gild, gold, gold-plate; (fig) to guild, brighten up, enhance
vergoldet p p, adj
gilt, gilded, gold-plated; (fig) enhanced
Vergoldung f (-en)
gilt, gilding, gold-plating, gold coating
vergotten vr
to deify
vergöttern  vr
to deify, to idolize; to worship; to adore
Vergötterung f
vergöttlichen vr
to deify
Vergöttlichung f
apotheosis; deification
Vergottung f
vergr. abr
vergriffen; vergrößern; vergrößert
vergraben vi
to bury; to hide; to hide oneself, to bury oneself (in books, work, etc.)
vergreifen vi
to make a mistake; (refl) v. an - to embezzle; to lay hands upon (someone)
vergrößern  vr
to enlarge; to augment
Vergrößerung f (-en)
enlargement; augmentation
Vergrößerungskanon m (-s)
canon by augmentation
verhaften vr
to apprehend, arrest
Verhaftetsein n
being bound
Verhahensrichtung f
righteous conduct
verhallend pr p
dying away, perdendosi
verhalten vi
to retain, withhold; to suppress; (v. refl.) to be (so); to behave, conduct; act; es v. sich (mit) - it is, the situation is, things are
Verhalten n
conduct; behavior; reaction
Verhaltenheit f
comportment (Heidegger)
Verhältnis n  (-se)
relationship; relation, proportion, rate; ratio; situation, condition; pl: circum­stance­s; (love) affair; V. von Teil und Ganzem - part-whole relation; V. von Theorie und Praxis - relation of theory and praxis or practice; V. zwischen Denken und Sein - relation of thought snd being
verhältnismäßig adj
proportionately; proportionally; relatively; com­paratively; in proportion
Verhältnismäßigkeit f
appropriateness; proportionality; relativeness
verhandeln vr
to negotiate, bargain (über wegen - on, about, for); to confer (on, about); to sell; to debate
Verhandeln n
negotiating; bargaining; debating
verhängen vr
to cover (with); to inflict; to impose; to award
Verhängnis n (-se)
doom; misfortune, calamity; fate; destiny
verharren vr
to remain, abide; to continue; to persevere
verhärten vr
to harden; to make hard; to grow hard; to become obdurate
verhaßt adj
hated; detested; hateful
verheeren vr
to ravage; to devastate; to lay waste
verheerend adj, adv
disastrous; awful, dreadful
Verheerung f (-en)
devastation; havoc
verhehlen vr
to conceal, hide; to conceal (from someone)
verheimlichen vr
to conceal, hide,; to keep something secret, (vor - from)
verheiraten vr
to marry; to give in marriage; to perform the marriage ceremony; (refl) to marry, get married
Verheiratung f
verheißen vi, p p, adj
to promise; promised
Verheißung f (-en)
promise; das Land der V. - the promised land
verhelfen vi
to help to achieve; zum Recht v. - to vindicate
verherrlichen vr
to glorify, extol, exalt
Verherrlichung f
verhindern vr
to hinder, prevent; to impede; to keep from
verhöhnen vr
to mock, deride, scoff, defy
verhören vr
to question, interrogate; examine (an accused person); (refl) to hear wrongly, misunderstand (someone's words)
verhüllen vr
to cover, veil; to disguise
verhüten vr
to prevent; to preserve (from), protect; to avoid
Verifikation f
verifizierbar adj
Verifizierbarkeitskriterium n
verifiability criterion, criterion of verifiability
verifizierend pr p, adj
verifying, verificatory; (Begründung - justification, etc)
Verinnerlichung f
introjection; internalization
(refl) to go astray, lose one's way; wander away
Verirrung f (-en)
Verismus m
verism, verismo
verjargen vr
to chase (someone or something) away
verk. abr
verkaufen; verkünden; verkündet; verkündigen; verkündigt; verkürzen; verkürzt
Verkauf m (-"e)
 selling; sale
verkaufen vr
to sell
Verkäufer m (-)
seller; vendor
Verkehr m
traffic, transportation, trade; dealings; relationship, interaction
verkehren  vr
to associate; to deal with; to commune; to run, operate
verkehrt pp, adj, adv
perverse; absurd; the wrong direction or way; reversed; inverted; wrong(ly); v. Welt - inverted world (Hegel); v. Bewußtsein - inverted consciousness
Verkehrtheit f
perversity; absurdity; folly
verkennen vi
to mistake; to misjudge; to underestimate; to fail to recog­nize; to misunder­stand; to fail to appre­ciate
verketten vr, refl
to chain; to interlink; to sequence; (refl) to become chained, interlinked
verkettet p p, adj
chained, concatenated; interlinked
Verkettung f (-en)
chain; sequence; interlink
verketzern vt
to accuse of heresy, to slander; denounce
Verketzerung f
charge of heresy, slander, abuse
verkirchlichen vr
to bring under ecclesiastical control
Verkl. abr
verklagen  vr
to accuse; to sue
Verkläger m (-)
verklären  vr
to transfigure; to glorify; to illuminate
verklärt  p p, adj
transfigured; ecstatic (face, etc)
Verklärung f (-en)
transfiguration; glorifica­tion; ecstasy; radiance
Verklärung Christi f (-)
transfiguration; the Transfiguration (of Christ)
verkleiden vr
to dress up, disguise; to (en)case, cover
verkleinern vr
to diminute, make smaller; to reduce; to narrow (down); to scale down; to depreciate, belittle, disparage
Verkleinerung f (-en)
reduction; belittlement, depreciation; disparagement; Mus: diminution
Verkleinerungskanon m (-s)
canon by diminution
verklingen lassen  
let vibrate, don't dampen
verknüpfen vr
to knot, tie or bind (together), to join; to link, connect, attach to; to combine; to unite, to involve
verkommen vi
to degenerate (zu - into); to go bad; to become run down, fall into disrepair, become dilapidated; (p p, adj) depraved
Verkommenheit f
Verkörperlichung f
verkörpern  vr
to embody, personify; to play; to impersonate; to incarnate; to materialize
verkörpert p p, adj
embodied; v. Geist - embodied mind
Verkörperung f (-en)
embodiment, incarnation; personification; impersonation; personification
verkriechen vi
to crawl away; to sneak off; to hide oneself
Verkrümmen n
verkrüppeln vr
to deform, cripple; to become crippled
Verkrüppelte f, m (-n)
cripple, crippled person
verkümmert  p p, adj
atrophied; stunted; disturbed; deprived; diminished; neglected
verkünden  vr
to announce, make known; to preach, proclaim; to pronounce
Verkünder m (-)
proclaimer, herald; preacher; prophet; announcer
verkündigen  vr
to preach, proclaim; to announce, make known; to pronounce
Verkündiger m (-)
preacher; prophet; herald; proclaimer
Verkündigung f (-en)
proclamation; announcement; pronounce­ment; the word of God; preaching (of the Gospel); annunciation; publi­cation; prediction, prophecy; Maria V. - Lady Day; Annunciation Day
Verkündigungsengel m
angel of the Annunciation
verkürzen  vr
to shorten; to reduce, curtail; to cut; to lessen; to contract; to abbreviate; to diminish
Verkürzung f (-en)
abbreviation; shortening; diminution; reduction (of note values)
Verl. abr
Verlag; Verlängerung; Verlauf; Verleger; Verlegung; Velobung; Verluste(e)
verlachen vr
to laugh at; to deride
Verlag m (-)
publishing house; publication
verlagern  vr
to shift, move
Verlagerung f (-en)
moving; shift; fig: shift (in emphasis)
verlangen  vr
to demand, ask for, require; to desire; to crave; v. nach - to call for, require
Verlangen n
longing, desire, craving; demand; auf V. - on request
verlängern vt
to lengthen, to make longer, to extend, to prolong
Verlängerung f (-en)
extension; lengthening
Verlangsamung f
verlassen vi, p p, adj
to leave, desert, abandon, or quit; to relinquish; to give up; to forsake; to leave behind; (refl) to rely or, depend (auf - on, upon); (p p, adj) lonely; forsaken, abandoned, deserted
Verlassenheit f
solitude, isolation, loneliness, abandonment; desolation, bleakness
verlästern vr
to slander, defame, malign
verläßlich adj
dependable, reliable; trustworthy
Verlauf m (-"e)
course; development; progress; im V. der Zeit - in the course of time
verlaufen  vi
 to run; to pass, go; to develop, proceed; to disperse, scatter; (refl) to disappear; to get lost; to flow off
Verlegenheit f
embarrassment, difficulty, predicament
verleihen vi
to lend (out), loan; to impart; to bestow, grant, confer;
Verleihung f
bestowal, grant, award; lending out
verleiten vr
to mislead; to lure; to tempt; to seduce; to induce
verletzen vr
to hurt; to wound; to injure; to violate; to offend
Verletzung f (-en)
hurt; injury; wound; damage; violation
verleugnen  vr
to deny; to disclaim; to renounce; to disown; to say or act against; (refl) to betray one´s (feelings, principles, etc)
Verleugnung f
renunciation; denial; disavowal
verleumden  vr
to slander, defame; to accuse wrongfully
Verleumder m (-)
slanderer; backbiter
verleumderisch adj
slanderous, defamatory, libelous
Verleumdung f (-en)
slander, defamation, libel; malicious talk
verlieren vi
to lose; to fade away; to waste (time); to disappear
verloben vr
to betroth (to); to be engaged to; (refl) to become engaged (to)
Verlöbnis n (-se)
Verlobte f, m (-n)
fiance, fiancee 
Verlobung f (-en)
verlocken vr
to entice; to mislead; to tempt; to seduce
verlogen adj
Verlogenheit f
mendacity; insincerity; falseness
verloren pp, adj
lost; forlorn
verlorengehen vi sep
to be lost; to get lost; to perish
verlöschen vr
to extinguish; to obliterate; to efface; to be extinguished, to go out, to become extinct, to expire, to die out
verlöschend pr p
Mus: dying away, perdendosi
Verlust m (-e)
loss; damage; waste
Vermächtnis n (-se)
legacy, heritage; bequest; last wish; geistiges V. - intellectual heritage or legacy
vermahnen vr
to warn; to admonish; to exhort
Vermahnung  f
admonition; exhortation
vermauren vt
to wall in or up
vermehren vr
to increase, grow, enlarge; to multiply
vermeiden vi
to avoid, shun; to evade, elude; to escape (from)
vermengen vr
to mingle, blend; to mix (up); to confuse; to meddle (mit - with), to be or get mixed up (with)
vermenschlicht p p, adj
vermerken vr
to record; to note (down); to observe; to remark
vermessen vi, pp, adj
to measure; to survey; to make a mistake in measuring; (with gen, or inf. with zu) to presume, venture, dare (pp, adj) daring, bold, rash; arrogant
Vermessenheit f
boldness; daring, audacity; arrogance
vermindern vt
to diminish, decrease, lessen, reduce
vermindert  p p, adj
reduced, decreased; Mus: diminished; doppelt v. - double diminished
vermischen vr
to mix; to mingle; to blend (with); to adulterate; to (inter)breed)
vermissen vr
to miss, be missing; to fail to see; to regret
vermitteln  vr
to mediate; to intercede; to negotiate; to adjust; to ar­range, settle; to intervene; to convey, give; to impart
vermittelt pp, adj
Vermittlung f (-en)
mediation; mediacy; intercesion; intervention; arrangement; settlement
Vermittlungstheologie f
mediating theology
vermögen vi
to be able (to do), be capable of; to be in a position to; to have influ­ence over; to prevail (upon); to induce
Vermögen n (-)
fortune, wealth, property; ability; capacity, power; Phil (Kant): the faculty (of rules, thinking, concepts, principles, etc)
vermuten  vr
to assume, suppose, guess; to suspect; to gather; to conject; to expect
vermutlich  adj, adv
probable; presumable; presumably; probably; likely
Vermutung f (-en)
presumption; surmise; supposition; guess, idea, hunch; expectation; speculation
Vernachlässigung f (-en)
neglect; disregard; ignoring
vernehmen vi
to perceive; to become aware of; to hear; to interrogate; to understand
verneigen vr
to bow (down)
verneinen vr
to deny; to negate; to say no (to); to refute; to contradict
Verneinung f (-en)
denial; negation; rejection
Verneinungssatz m
negation (statement)
Verneinungswort n (-"er)
negative (word)
vernichten  vr
to destroy, demolish; to annihilate, exterminate, eradicate; to overthrow; to dash, shatter (hopes); to disappoint; to abolish
Vernichtung f (-en)
destruction; annihilation; extermination; abolition; extinction
Vernunft f
reason, (power of) judgment; intellect; understanding, discernment; common sense; die gesunde V. - common sense
Vernunftbegriff m
concept of reason (Kant)
Vernunftbeweis m (-e)
rational proof
Vernunftehe f
marriage of convenience
Vernunfterkenntnis f
conceptual knowledge (Kant)
Vernunfterkenntnis f
rational cognition; rational knowledge
Vernunftgebrauch m
use of reason
Vernunftgefühl n (-e)
rational sentiment
vernunftgeleitet adj
guided or governed by reason
Vernunftgesetz n (-e)
law of reason; ewiges V. - eternal law of reason
Vernunftglaube m
rationalism; rational belief or faith (Kant)
Vernunftgläubige m (-n)
Vernunftheirat f
marriage of convenience
vernünftig  adj
reasonable; rational; logical; sensible, wise
vernünftigerweise adv
sensibly; etwas v. tun - have the (good) sense of doing  something
Vernünftigkeit f
sensibleness; reasonableness; rationality
Vernunftkritik f
rational criticism or critique
Vernünftler m (-)
sophist; casuist
vernunftmäßig adj
Vernunftmensch m
rational person or being
Vernunftrecht n
law of reason
Vernunftreligion f
rational religion
Vernunftschluß m
inference of reason (Kant)
Vernunfttheologie f
rational theology
Vernunftwesen n
rational being; rational creature
vernunftwidrig adj
unreasonable; contrary to reason; illogical, irrational
Vernunftwissen n
rational knowledge
Vernunftzeitalter n
the age of reason; the age of enlightenment
veröden vr
to become deserted or desolate; to become depopulated
veröff. abr
veröffentlichen; veröffentlicht
Veröff. abr
veröffentlichen  vr
to announce; to publish; to publicize
Veröffentlichung f (-en)
(public) announcement; publication
verordnen vr
to order; to prescribe; to decree; to enact; to ordain; to establish; to institute
Verordnung f (-en)
ordinance; regulation; order
verpflichten  vr
to obligate, commit, bind to; to engage; to oblige
Verpflichtung f (-en)
obligation; commitment; duty; liability; indebtedness; V. eingehen - to enter into an obligation; V. erfüllen - fulfil or honor an obligation; moralische V. - moral duty or obligation
Verrat m
treason; treachery; betrayal (of); V. begehen - to betray
verraten vi
to betray; to reveal, disclose
Verräter m (-)
traitor; betrayer
verräterisch adj
treasonable, treacherous; traitorous; betraying, revealing (talk, etc.)
verrichten vr
to execute, carry out; to carry on; to do, to perform
Verrichten n
execution; performance
Verrichtung f (-en)
execution; performance; duty, chore, task, work
verringern vr
to diminish; lessen, reduce; to decrease
verrinnen vi
to run away, run off, drain away; to fly (time, etc.)
verrostet pp, adj
rusty, rusted
verrückt adj
crazy, mad, nuts
verrückun vr
to displace, to shift, to remove, to confuse, to unsettle, to disturb, to disarrange
Verruf m
jemand in V. bringen - to discredit someone, to bring someone into discredit; unser Gewerbe droht in V. zu geraten - our trade is in danger of losing its good name
Vers m (-e)
verse, line; stanza; strophe
Vers(s). abr
Versachlichung f
objectification; reification
versagen vr
to fall short; to fail; to deny, deprive of, refuse (justice, etc); to break down
Versagung f (-en)
refusal; denial; failure; brack-down
Versal m (-ien)
large capital initial letter
versammeln  vr
to assemble, gather, bring together; (refl) to meet, gather together, assemble
Versammlungsfreiheit f
freedom of assembly
Versammlungshalle f (-n)
congregation;  assembly, gathering; meeting; congress; convention; company meeting hall
Versammlungsrecht n
right of assembly
versäuern vr
to sour; to spoil; to embitter
versäumen vr
to neglect; to omit, to let slip; to miss
Versäumnis n (-se)
neglect, negligence; omission; default; absence; loss of time
Versbau m
to get, obtain; to secure to supply, provide (someone with something)
Verschanzung f (-en)
entrenchment; fortification
verscharren vt
to bury; to hide
verscheiden vi
to pass away, die; to expire
death; decrease
verschieben vi
to displace; to (re)move; to postpone; to defer; to shift
Verschiebung f (-en)
shifting (action); displacement; Mus: soft pedal; mit V. - una corda
verschied. abr
verschieden  vr
different(ly), various, diverse, varied; dissimilar; several
verschiedenartig  adj
different, various, diverse, dissimilar; varied
Verschlechterung f
deterioration; change for the worse
verschleiern vr, adj
to vail; to diguise, mask, obscure, cloak; to blur; (adj) vague; thick
verschleiert  p p, adj
veiled; covered up
Verschleierung f (-en)
disguise, obscuration; veiling; cover-up (of facts, etc)
verschließen vi
to close, shut; to be hidden; to lock (up); to obstruct
verschlingen vi
to gulp down, devour
verschlungen adj
intertwined; entangled; winding; tortuous; complex
Verschlüsseln n
encoding, encodement, encipherment
verschlüsselt p p, adj
(en)coded, code, (en)cypher, enciphered (text, etc); v. Text - enciphered, (en)coded, code, or cypher text; cryptogram
verschmachten vr
to languish; to faint; to die (vor - of)
verschmähen vr
to disdain, scorn, despise, spurn; to reject
Verschmelzung  f (-en)
 agglutination, contration (e.g. with adjectives)
verschnitten pp, adj
Verschnittene m (-n)
verschoben vi
verschonen vr
to spare; to exempt (from)
verschönern vr
to embellish, adorn, beautify; to enhance; (refl) to become more beautiful; increase in beauty
Verschönerung f (-en)
beautification; adornment, embellishment; ornament
verschränken  vr
to interlace; to interlock
verschulden vr
to be guilty of; to be the cause of; to act wrongly (towards someone)
fault; blame
Verschuldung f
indebtedness; iniquities
verschütten vr
to bury, fill up; to spill, pour out
verschüttet p p, adj
covered up; buried, trapped
verschwägern vr
to intermarry
verschweigen vi
to keep secret; to conceal (from); to suppress
verschwenden vr
to waste, squander; to throw away
verschwenderisch  adj
extravagant; unthrifty; wasteful; prodigal; lavish; extravagant
verschwinden vi
to disappear, vanish; to be lost; to pass away
verschwommen p p, adj
blurred, fuzzy; vague, indistinct; muddy, stuffy
to forswear; to renounce; (refl) to plot; to bind oneself by an oath
Verschwörung f (-en)
plot; conspiracy
versehen vi
to provide, supply; to invest (with); to affix; to attend to; to administer; to over look, neglect; to make a mistake, be in error
versengen vr
to singe; to scorch, sear; to parch
versenken vr
to meditate, to contemplate; to lower (cofin, etc.); to sink, submerge; (refl) to become engrossed or absorbed
Versenkung f
contemplation; meditation; sinking; depression; V. in Gott - immersion in God
versetzen  vr
to move, shift; to transpose; to transfer (nach, an, in, zu - to); to displace; to retort; to replant, transplant; (refl) sich in eine Lage v. - to imagine or put oneself in a place or situation
Versetzung f (-en)
transposition, transposal; transfer; promotion; reassignment; deviation; displacement
Versetzungszeichen n (-)
Mus: accidental; zufällige V. - (pl) accidentals (which are not includede in the key signature)
versichern  vr
to assure, declare, affirm; to assert; to insure
Versicherung f (-en)
insurance; guarantee; affirmation
versiegeln vr
to seal (up), to affix one's seal to
versinken vi
to sink; to be swallowed up; to founder; to go down (of ships)
Versinken n
sinking; foundering; immersion, submersion
versinnbildlichen vr
to symbolize; to represent
Versinnbildlichung f (-en)
symbolization; representation
versinnlicht p p, adj
sensualized; v. Geist - sensualized mind (Hegel)
Version f (-en)
Versklavung f
enslavement; servitude; fig: enslavement, enthral(l)ment
versöhnen vr
to reconcile, conciliate; to appease, placate; to re­store; to atone; (refl) to make one´s peace (with); to become reconciled
Versöhnung f (-en)
atonement; reconciliation, reconci­lement; appeasement
Versöhnungsbotschaft f (-en)
message of reconciliation
Versöhnungsbund m
covenant of grace
Versöhnungstag m
Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur
to provide, supply, to furnish (with), to provide for, to establish, to settle (in life), to take care of, to look after, to care for, to nurse, to maintain
Versorgung f
supply, support, maintenance, provision
verspotten vr
to ridicule; to scoff, mock or jeer at
versprechen vi
to promise, give one's word or make a promise of; (refl) to misspeak; to make a slip of the tongue; to promise to be or become engaged
Versprechen n (-)
promise; avowal; slip of the tongue
verspüren vr
to notice; to feel, perceive; to sense; to be conscious of
Verstand m
understanding; mind, intellect; intelligence; comprehension; judgment; sense; meaning
Verstandesbegriff m (-e)
intellectual concept, concept of (the) understanding, category (Kant)
Verstandesdenken n
intellectual reasoning
Verstandesform f (-en)
intellectual form
Verstandesgebrauch m
use of (the) intellect
Verstandeskategorie f (-n)
intellectual concept; category (of the understanding) (Kant)
Verstandeskraft f (-"e)
intellectual faculty, faculty of (the) understanding
verstandesmäßig adj, adv
intellectual(ly), rational(ly), according to reason
Verstandesmensch f (-en)
rational person; rationalist; intellectual; matter-of-fact person
Verstandesmetaphysik f
metaphysics of (the) intellect
Verstandeswelt f
intelligible world, world of the understanding (Kant)
Verstandeswissen n
intellectual knowledge
verständig adj
sensible; reasonable, rational, wise, prudent, cautious, judicious; intelligent
Verständigkeit f
reasonableness; understanding; considerateness
Verständigungsform f (-en)
form of understanding, form of establishing an agreement or consensus
verständlich  adj
comprehensible; understanda­ble; intelligible; distinct; clear; audible
Verständnis n
understanding, comprehension, supposition; sympathy; intelligence
verstärken vr
to reinforce, strengthen; to amplify; to double; to increase (pressure, doubt, etc); to emphasize, add to; to intensify; to thicken
Verstärkung f (-en)
reinforcement; fortification; amplification; increase; emphasis; gain
Versteck n (-e)
hiding place; ambush
verstecken vr
to hide, conceal
verstehen vi
to understand, comprehe­nd; to conceive, realize, grasp; to see; (v. refl.): to agree, understand one another
Verstehen n
understanding; verstehen; geschichtliches V. - historical understanding
verstehend pr p, adj
interpretative (explanation, methode, etc), of understanding, verstehen, or Verstehen
verstellen vr
to shift, to adjust; to obstruct, block; to disguise; to change; (refl) to pretend
Verstellung f
adjustment; regulation; shifting; disguise; pretense
verstimmen  vr
to send out of tune, to mistune; (refl) to get out of tune
verstimmt  p p, adj
out of tune, mistuned; disgruntled, annoyed; out of sorts; depressed
verstocken vr
to grow hard, obdurate, or impenitent
Verstocktheit f
impenitence; stubbornness; obstinacy
Verstockung f
hardening; blindness
Verstofflichung f
verstopfen vr
to plug up; to choke, clog; to block, obstruct
verstorben pp, adj
dead, deceased; (the) late
Verstorbene m (-n)
the deceased
verstören vr
to distress; to upset, to distract
verstört pp, adj
stricken, upset, distressed, distraught; sie waren ganz v. - they were very much afraid, they were so frightened
Verstoß m (-"e)
offence, violation; infringement; breach of (trust, etc); against ( the culture, etiquette, etc)
Verstrebung f (-en)
brace; strut
verstreuen vr
to scatter; to disperse; to strew about
verstreut p p, adj
scattered, isolated; spilled
verstricken vr
to entangle; in einer Sache v. sein - to be involved in an affair; in eine Sache v werden - to get mixed up or entangled in something; (refl) to get entangled; to be caught
verstümmeln vr
to mutilate, maim; to dismember; (refl) to mutilate oneself
verstummen vr
to become silent
Versuch m (-e)
experiment; attempt; endeav­or; test, trial
versuchen  vr
to try, attempt; to strive; to tempt, entice; to taste
Versucher m (-)
tempter; seducer; the devil
Versucherin f
sin; offense
Versuchung f (-en)
temptation; trial
versündigen  vr
to sin (an - against); to offend, do wrong
Versündigung f
sin; offense
vertauschen vr
to exchange; to mix up; to confuse; to change around; to interchange; to move
Vertauschung f
exchange; substitution; confusion; interchange
verteidigen vr
to defend; to justify; to vindicate; to uphold; to support; (refl) to stand up for one's rights; to defend, justify, or vindicate oneself
Verteidiger m (-)
Verteidigung f (-en)
vindication; defense
Verteidigungsschrift m (-en)
apologia; written defence
verteilen  vr
to distribute; to spread; to divide; (refl) to scatter, disperse
Verteilung f (-en)
distribution; allocation
vertiefen  vr
to deepen; to extend; to (be) reinforce
vertieft  p p, adj
deepened; recessed, sunk; in meditation; v. sein - to be engrossed, absorbed, or immersed in; to be preoccupied with; v. Recht - vested right
Vertieftsein n
preoccupation; engrossment; immersion; absorption
Vertiefung f (-en)
absorption, engrossment; recess, alcove; sunken area, dip, depression
vertikal adj
Vertikale f (-n)
vertical; vertical line
Vertikalschnitt m (-e)
vertical section
vertilgen vr
to destroy; to annihilate, exterminate, blot out, extinguish, to consume
Vertilgung f
extermination; destruction
vertonen  vr
to set (a text to music), musicalize
Vertr. abr
Vertrag; Vertreter; Vertretung
Vertrag m (-"e)
treaty; contract; agreement; covenant; settlement; accord
vertragen vi
to bear, stand, endure; to suffer; to tolerate; to displace; (refl) to agree, harmonized; to be consistent
vertraglich adj, adv
contractual(ly); by contract
Vertrauen n
confidence; trust; reliance
vertrauen  vr
to trust, confide (in); to have confidence(in); to rely upon; to entrust; im V. - in faith/trust
Vertrauensbeweis m (-e)
mark or proof of trust or confidence
Vertrauensbruch m (-"e)
breach of trust, faith, or confidence
Vertrauenskrise f (-n)
crisis of confidence or trust
Vertrauensseligkeit f
blind faith; gullibility
vertraulich adj, adv
confidential(ly); intimate; familiar; in a familiar way
Vertraulichkeit f (-en)
confidentiality; confidence; intimacy; familiarity
vertraut  p p, adj
familiar (with), well acquainted (with); (well) versed in
Vertraute m (-n)
confident; close friend
Vertrautheit f
closeness; familiarity; intimacy
vertreiben vi
to drive away, to expel, to banish, to disperse, to scatter, to distribute, to sell, to retail (goods)
Vertreibung f (-en)
driving out or away, expulsion
vertreten vi
to represent; to replace; to justify; to intercede/plead for; to advocate
Vertreter m (-)
advocate; supporter; representative; agent; intercessor
Vertretung f
representation; substitution; intercession; advocacy; defense
vertrocknen vr
to dry up, wither
verüben vr
to commit; to perpetrate
verunreinigen vr
to contaminate; to dirty; to defile; to pollute
Verunreinigung f (-en)
contamination; pollution
verursachen vr
to cause, bring about; to result in; to give rise to, pro­voke, precipitate
Verursacher m (-)
creator, cause, or originator (of events, problems, etc)
Verursachung f
causation; cause
verurteilen  vr
to convict; to condemn; to sentence
Verurteilung f (-en)
conviction; sentencing; condemnation
vervielfachen vr
to multiply
vervielfältigen  vr
to duplicate
Vervielfältigung f (-en)
duplication; reproduction; multiplication
to complete, to replenish; to supplement; to improve
verwahren vr
to keep; to secure; to hold in custody; to preserve (from); to secure (against something); (refl) to take precautions (against); to resist
Verwahrlosung  f
 neglect; demoralization; degeneration
Verwalter  m (-)
manager; administrator; trustee; steward; custodian
Verwaltung  f (-en)
 management; administration; administrative authority; agency
verwandeln  vr
to change, alter, transform; to turn into, metamorphose; to transfigure; to convert
Verwandlung  f
 alteration; change; transfiguration; conversion; transformation; glorification; metamorphosis; transubstantiation; commutation (of a punishment)
related, akin (to); relative; cognate; similar; kindred; eng v. - closely related; entfernt v. - distantly related
Verwandte  m, f (-n)
 kin(swomen); kin(sman); kin(sfolk);relation
Verwandtschaft f (-en)
relationship; kinship; connection, relstion; congeniality; sympathy
verwandtschaftlich  adj
 relational; kindred; congenial
Verwandtschaftsbeziehung f (-en)
degree or relation of kinship; family relationship
Verwandtschaftsgrad m
degree of (family)relationship
Verwechslung f (-en)
mistake; confusion; mistaken identity; Mus: enharmonische V. - enharmonic change
verwegen  adj
 bold, daring, audacious; rash; heady
Verwegenheit f
verwehen  vr
 to blow away or about; to scatter; to be scattered
verwehren  vr
 to refuse (someone something); to forbid (someone something); to keep (someone) from doing (something)
verweigern  vr
to deny, to refuse; to decline; to forbid; to keep from
verweilen  vi
 to stay, to linger
Verweis m (-e)
reference; rebuke, reprove
verweisen vi
to rebuke; to reprove; to banish, expel; to refer to; to relegate to; auf etwas v. - to refer to
Verweisungsbezug m (-"e)
referential relation
Verweisungszeichen n (-)
mark of reference
Verweisungszusammenhang m (-"e)
context or connection of reference
verwelken  vr
 to fade, wither, wilt
verweltlichen  vr
 to secularize; to become worldly
Verweltlichung  f
verwenden vi, regl
to apply to; to employ, use; to utilize, put to good use; to spend, expend, appropriate; sich v. für - to intercede, intervene; to use one´s influence (on, for)
Verwendung f (-en)
use; usage; application; intercession; employment
Verwendungstheorie der Bedeutung f
use-theory of meaning
verwerfen vi
to reject; to dismiss; to refuse; to condemn; to repudiate; to miss (the mark)
verwerflich  adj
 objectionable; reprehensible; thoroughly bad
Verwerfung  f (-en)
condemnation; rejection, refutation; refusal; denial; censure; repudiation
verwerten  vr
 to utilize, use, make use of
verwesen  vt
 to putrefy, decompose, decay, rot; to administer, manage
verweslich  adj
 perishable; corruptible; liable to decay
Verwesung  f
 decay, decomposition; putrefaction; management, administration
verwinden vi
to get over
Verwindung f
overcoming, transformation
verwirklichen  vr
to accomplish, realize, materialize; to come true; to fulfil; to put into effect; to turn into a reality
Verwirklichung f (-en)
fulfillment; realization; materialization; actualization (Hegel)
verwirren vr
to confuse; to bewilder; to mix up, disarrange; to compli­cate; to perplex; to entangle
Verwitterung f (-en)
weathering; decomposition; efflorescence
verwöhnen  vr
 to spoil, pamper, (refl) to (over) indulge oneself; to allow oneself to be pampered
verworren p, adj
confused; indistinct
verwunden  vr
 to wound, injure, hurt
verwunderlich  adj
 odd, strange; astonishing; amazing
verwundern  vr
 to surprise; to astonish; (refl) to be astonished, surprised, wonder 
Verwünschung  f (-en)
 spell, enchantment, curse; malediction; hex, bedevilment, bewitchment
verwurzelt adj
rooted in; committed to
Verwurzelung  f (-en)
verwüsten vr
 to lay waste; to devastate, ruin, destroy
Verwüster  m (-)
 devastator; destroyer; marauder; robber
Verwüstung f (-en)
destruction, devastation, ravages (war, etc); desertification
verz. abr
verzeichnen; verzeichnet; verzinkt; verzinnt
Verz. abr
Verzeichnis - index
 to despair, to lose heart or courage; be despondent
verzehnten  vr
 to pay tithe (on)
verzehren  vr
 to consume, eat up; to use up, to waste; to spend; )refl) to be consumed (vor - with); to fret; to waste away
verzehrend  pp, adj
 (all-) consuming, burning (passion)
Verzeichnis n (-use)
verzeihen vi
to excuse; to forgive, pardon; to remit (sin); to pass over
Verzeihung  f
 forgiveness; pardon; remission of sins
Verzeitlichung f
verzerren  vr
to distort, contort; to misrepresent; to twist, give a distorted picture; to parody, caricature
Verzerrung f (-en)
distortion, contortion; misrepresentation; caricature; parody
verzichten  vr
to abstain (auf - from); to do without; to relinquish; to renounce; to disclaim; to waive
Verziehen n
warping; delay; distortion, distorting
verzieren  vr
to decorate; to embellish; to ganish; to grace
verziert  p p, adj
decorated; embellished; garnished; graced
Verzierung f (-en)
ornamentation; decoration; embellishment, beautification; garnishment; adornment; erhabene V. - relief decoration; ausgelegte V. - filled decoration; (ein)gestochen or gestichelte V. - punctured decoration
Verzierungsmuster m (-)
pattern design
Verzierungszeichen n (-)
ornament sign
verzögern vr
to delay, to defer; to procrastinate, retard; to protract
Verzögerung f (-en)
delay; procrastination, retardation; protraction; lag (of time, etc); Mus: retardation
verzücken vr
to ecstasize, enrapture
Verzückung f
trance; exultation; rapture, ecstasy; ravishment
Verzug  m
 delay; postponement
verzweifeln  vr
to despair; to give up hope; to despond; to be despondent
verzweifelt  pp, adj
 despairing, völlig v. - in the depths of despair; desperate; despondent
Verzweiflung  f
 desperation, despair; despondency, despondence
Verzweiflungstat f (-en)
dispersal act; act of despair
Verzweigung f (-en)
branching; intersection; bifurcation
Vesper f (-n)
vespers, evening service; evensong
Vesperbild n (-er)
Vesperbild; pieta
Vespergesang  m
Vesperglocke  f (-n)
 vesper bell
Vesperstunde  f
 evening time; vespers
Vesperzeit  f
  evening time; vespers
Vestalin f (-nen)
vestal virgin
Vetter  m (-n)
 (male) cousin
v.f. abr
Lat: verso folio  auf der Rückseite des Blattes
Vf. abr
Verfasser; Verfassung; Verfügung(e)
Vfg. abr
Vg. abr
Vorgeschichte, vorgeschichtlich
vg. abr
Vorgeschichte, vorgeschichtlich
vgl. abr
vergleiche - cp, compare
vgl.a. abr
vergleiche auch
vgl.d. abr
vergleiche da/dies/dort
vgl.o. abr
vergleiche oben
vgl.u. abr
vergleiche unten
vgu.u. abr
vorgelesen, genehmigt, unterschrieben
Vhw. abr
Verhaltensweise; Verhältniswort
vi. abr
vita vitae
Vibrato n (-ti)
to vibrat; nicht V. - no or without vibrato; white tone
vibrierend pr p
vid. abr
Lat: vide, videas, videatur  siehe
Vieh  n
 cattle, livestock; beast
viehisch  adj
 brutal; bestial
viel adj
much; many; a lot (of), a great deal (of)
viele  adj
vielerlei  adj
 manifold, various, of many kinds
vielfach adj, adv
manifold, multiple; complex; often, in many cases, widely; many times
Vielfalt f
variety, diversity; plurality; multiplicity
vielfarbig  adj
multicolord; polychrome
Vielgeisterei f
multi-spiritedness (Nietzsche)
vielgestaltig adj
diversified or varied in form or shape; polymorphic; v. sein - to have many different forms, be varied in form
Vielgötterei  f
Vielklang m
chord; harmony
viell. abr
vielleicht  adv
perhaps, possibly, maybe
vielmehr  adv, conj
rather; much more; on the contrary
many or multi-stringed; with several strings
vielschichtig  adj
multi-leveled or layered
Vielseitigkeit f
versatility, versatileness
vielstimmig  adj
many or multi-stringed; with several strings
vielthemig  aqj
multi-thematic; polythematic
vier  adj
Vierachteltakt m
four-eight time/meter
viereckig  adj
 square; rectangular, quadrangular
Vierertakt m
four-four time/meter, common time, quadruple time/meter
vierfältig  adj
 fourfold; quadruple
Vierfürst  m
vierfüßig  adj, 
 fourth; das vierte Gebot - the fourth commandment
Vierhalbetakt m
four-two time/meter
vierhändig  adj
for four hands, four-handed, for piano duet; für Klavier - for piano duet
Vierklang m
chord of four notes/tones
vierstimmig  adj
four-part, a 4
vierte num, adj
Viertelnote f
quarter note, crotchet
Viertelpause f
quarter-note rest, crotchet rest
Viertelton m
quarter tone
Viervierteltakt m
four-four time/meter
vierzehn  adj
the Fourteen Auxiliary Saints, the Fourteen Holy Helpers
vierzehnt  adj
VigChr abbr
Vigiliae Christianae. Review of Early Christian Life and Language. Amsterdam
Vigil f (-ien)
vigil; day or eve of a  church feast or festival
Vigile  f (-n)
 vigil, day or eve (of a church feast) or festival
Vikar m (-e)
vicar; chaplain
Villa f (-llen)
VIMW abbr
Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Missionswissenschaft der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Westfalen. Münster.
Viola f (-len)
viola; alto
Viole f (-n)
Violine f (-n)
violin; stumme V. - mute violin
Violinkonzert n (-e)
violin concerto
Violinschlüssel m (-)
violin clef, treble clef, G clef
Violinvirtuose m (-n)
violin virtuoso, virtuoso
Violinvirtuosin f (-nnen)
violin virtuoso, virtuoso
Violocello n (-li)
cello, violoncello
vir desideriorum
Lat: man of desires
virtuell adj
virtuos  adj, adv
Mus: virtuose, virtuoso, virtuosic, masterly, in a virtuoso
Virtuose m (-n)
Virtuosität f
visio Dei
Lat: the vision of God; v. beatifica - beatific vision
Vision  f (-en)
 dream, vision
visionär  adj
 visionary; utopian
Visitatio f
the Visitation
vita aeterna
Lat: eternal life
Vitalseele f
vital soul
Vitrine f (-n)
display case
viva vox
Lat: the spoken or living word; v. Vox Dei - the living Word of God
vj. abr
vierteljährig; vierteljährlich
Vj. abr
Vierteljahr; Vorjahr
Vjh. abr
Vjschr. abr
VKCLK abbr
Veröffentlichungen der Kommission zur Herausgabe des Corpus der lateinischen Kirchenväter. Wien
Vkde. abr
VKEGR abbr
Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für Erforschung der Geschichte der Reformation und Gegenreformation. München
VKZG abbr
Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für Zeitgeschichte bei der katholischen Akademie in Bayern. München
vl. abr
verlängert; vorläufig
vlg. abr
verlängert; vorläufig
vlgt. abr
verlängert; verlegt
v.l.n.r. abr
von links nach rechts
Vm. abr
Vermerk; Vermittler; Vermitt.lung
VMÖ abbr
Veröffentlichungen zu Mission und Ökumene. München
v.o. abr
von oben
Voc. abr
Lat: calling; v. realis - real calling; v. efficax - effectual calling
Vogel  m (-")
Vogeldeuterei  f
Vogelperspektive f (-n)
aerial view; bird's-eye view
Vogt  m (-"e)
 governor; administrator; steward; overseer; foreman; taskmaster; mayor (of village)
Vok. abr
Vokabel; Vokabular; Vokal; Vokativ
Vokabular  n (-e)
Vokal m (-e)
vowel; nach einem V. - postvocalic
vokal  adj
Vokalanlaut  m
 initial vowel
Vokalauslaut  m
 final vowel; mit V. - ending in a vowel
vokalbildend  pr p, adj
Vokalbildung f
vowel formation
Vokalinlaut  m
 medial vowel
Vokalise f
vocalize, vocalization
vokalisieren vr
to vocalize; to sol-fa, vacalize
Vokalmusik f
vocal music
Vokalsatz m (-"e)
vocal setting; vocal writing
Vol. abr
Volk n (-"er)
people; nation; tribe; race; men; the common people, the crowd
völkerk. abr
Völkerkunde f
Völkermord m
Völkerrecht n
international law; law of nations
Völkerwanderung f (-en)
Migration of people; the migration of an entire people or nation
völkisch adj
folksy (used for cultic milieu); racial
Volks-  pref
folk, popular
Volksausgabe f (-n)
popular edition
Volksbuch  m (-"er)
 popular prose romance; chapbook
Volkserhebung f (-en)
national uprising
Volksetymologie f
folk or popular etymology
Volksgeist m
volksgeist; national spirit; spirit of the people
Volksgemeinschaft f (-en)
community of one people; folk community; national community; faith-based community
Volksglaube  m
 popular belief
Volksgruppe f (-n)
ethnic group
Volksinstrument n (-e)
folk instrument; popular instrument
Volkskultur f
popular culture
Volkskunde f
Volkskunst f
folk art; peasant art
Volkslied n (-er)
folk-song; folk-tune; popular song; national song; geistliches V. - ecclesiastical folk-song; spiritual
volksliedhaft  adj
in folk-song style
Volksliedsammler m (-)
collector of folk-songs
Volksliedsammlung f (-en)
collection of folk-songs, folk-song collection
Volksmeinung  f
 popular or public opinion
Volksmelodie f (-n)
folk-melody, folk-tune
Volksmenge  f
 crowd (of people); the people
Volksmetaphysik f
folk or popular metaphysics
Volksmission  f
 lay mission
Volksmund  m
Volksmusik f
folk-music; popular music; idiom
Volksreligion f (-en)
folk religion
Volkssänger m (-)
folk singer
volksseek  f
 soul of the people
Volksseele f
soul of the nation; poeple`s soul
Volkssprache  f
 vernacular (language); ordinary or everyday language; familiar speech
volkssprachlich  adj
 popular; vernacular; familiar, ordinary; v. Dichtung - vernacular poetry; v. Bezeichnung - popular name or vernacular
Volksstamm m (-"e)
Volksstimme  f
 public opinion
Volksstück n (-e)
folk play; folk drama
Volkssturm m
home guard (of the Nazi party)
volkst. abr
Volkstrauertag  m
 day of national mourning
Volkstum n
nationality, national characteristics
folk-like, in folk(-song) style
Volksverführer m (-)
Volksversammlung  f (-en)
 public gathering; public meeting or assembly; national or people`s assembly
Volksweise f (-")
folk-tune, folk-melody
Volkswille m
will of the people; popular will
Volkszählung  f
voll. abr
voll  adj
entire, complete(ly), whole; full (of); fully
vollbringen  vi
to carry out;  accomplish, achieve; to execute; to fulfill; to complete, to consummate; to perpetrate; es ist vollbracht - it is finished
vollenden  vr
 to bring to a close, finish; to complete; to terminate; to achieve, accomplish, to consummate; to perfect; to die
Vollender  m
 finisher, completer, perfecter
vollendet  pp, adj
 completed; accomplished; perfect, utter, absolute, downright
vollends  adv
 entirely, completely, altogether
Vollendung f
finishing, completion; perfection; accomplishment; zue V. bringen - to make perfect
vollentwickelt adj
fully developed
Völlerei  f
 intemperance; gluttony
vollführen  vr
 to carry out, execute
vollgültig  adj
 fully valid
Vollheit  f
völlig adj, adv
full; total; entire; com­plete, absolute; thorough; utterly; quite
vollinhalfeich adj, adv
 full; in full
vollkommen  adj
perfect; complete; accomp­lished; entire; finished
Vollkommenheit f
Vollkommenheitsethic f
ethics of perfection
Vollkommenheitsgrad m (-e)
degree of perfection
Vollkommenheitsideal n (-e)
ideal of perfection; model of perfection
Vollmacht  f (-en)
 authority; full power; mandate
vollschematisch adj
full or complete schematic (representation, etc)
vollst. abr
vollständig adj, adv
complete(ly); full(y); totally); entire; whole; downright (wrong, etc); v. Gut - complete good (Kant); v. recht - quite, absolutely, or perfectly right
Vollständigkeit f
completeness; completion; integrity
vollstimmig  adj
vollstrecken  vr
 to enforce; to execute
Vollstreckung f (-en)
execution; enforcement
Vollsubstanz f
total substance
volltaktig  adj
volltönend pr p, adj
Vollversammlung f (-en)
general or plenary assembly
vollziehen vi
to execute, carry out; (v. refl.) to come to pass, take place
Vollzug  m (-"e)
 execution, enforcement; performance; completion; V. des Seins - completion, enactment, or realization of Being (Heidegger)
Lat: will; v. decernens - deciding or decisive will; v. Dei - the will of God; v. effectiva - effective will; v. libera - the free will; v. necessaria sive naturalis - the natural or necessary will; v. revelata Dei - the revealed will of God
von  prep dat
from; of; upon; concerning; in; on; v. nun an - henceforth
voneinander  adv
 from each other, one from another
v.o.n.u. abr
von oben nach unten
Voodoo m
vor  prep dat, acc, adv, sep pref
1. (prep) in front of; before (time); in presence of; on account of; for; because of; above; more than; 2. (adv) nach wie v. - as ever or always, now as before; 3. (sep pref) before; adead of; formerly; v. drei Jahren - three years ago; v. Gott - in the presence of God, in the eyes of God
Vor.-E. abr
Vorentwurf; Vorentwürfe
Vorabdruck m (-"e)
Vorabend m
eve, night or evening before
Vorahnung f (-en)
presentiment, foreboding, hunch, premonition
vorangehen  vi sep
 to go before, precede; to take the lead, lead the way
vorankommen vi sep
to progress, be progressing; to make headway; to advance
vorarchaisch  adj
voraus  adv
ahead (of); im v. - before(hand), in advance
vorausbestimmen  vr
 to predestine; to predict, foretell; to determine beforehand
Vorausbestimmung  f (-en)
 predestination; advance or predetermination; prediction
vorausdafieren  vr sep
 to postdate, date ahead
Vorausdatierung  f (-en)
 postdate, the dating ahead
vorausdenken vi sep
to think ahead
vorausdenkend pr p, adj
vorausdeutend pr p, adj
vorausgehen vi sep
to go before; to precede; to lead the way; to go or walk ahead (of)
vorausgehend pr p, adj
previous, prior
voraushaben  vi sep
 to have an advantage over (someone) 
vorauslaufen vi sep
 to run on ahead, run in front
Vorausnahme f
vorausnehmen vi sep
to anticipate
vorausnehmend pr p, adj
voraussagbar adj
Voraussage  f (-n)
 prediction; prognostication; forecast; prophesy
voraussagen  vr sep
 to foretell, tell ahead of time; to predict, prophesy
voraussagend pr p, adj
vorausschlagen vi sep
to beat in advance
voraussehen  vi sep
 to foresee; to anticipate; to expect
voraussenden  vi sep
 to send someone (on ahead)
voraussetzen vr sep
to (pre)suppose, presume; to take for granted; to require; voraus­gesetzt - provided (that)
Voraussetzung f (-en)
prerequisite; qualification; requirement; premise; assumption; presupposi­tion; condition; unter der V. - on the condition (that)
Voraussicht f (-en)
foresight; aller V. nach - in all probability; göttliche V. - divine foresight; in der V., daß - anticipating or foreseeing that
Vorauswissen n
foreknowledge, precognition
Vorbedingung f (-en)
(pre)condition; prerequisite, stipulation
Vorbegriff m (-e)
preliminary or inchoate concept or notion
vorbegrifflich adj
vorbehalflos  adj, adv
 unconditional, unreserved, outright; without reservation
Vorbehalt   m (-e)
 reserve; reservation; proviso; exception; innerer V. - mental reservation
vorbehalten  vi sep, pp, adj
 to hold or keep in reserve, withhold; to reserve (to); to make reservations; (adj) reserved
vorbeigehen  vi sep
 to go or pass by, to go past, to pass (someone); daran v. - to overlook or ignore it
vorbeikommen  vi sep
 to pass or stop by, drop in; to get through
vorbel  adv
 over, gone; past, by
Vorbem. abr
vorbereiten vr sep
to prepare (for), provide; (refl) to prepare (auf, für - for)
vorbereitend pr p, adj
preparatory, preparative, preliminary; v. Mensch - preparatory man (Nietzsche)
Vorbereitung f (-en)
 to lead in prayer
Vorbeter  m (-)
 cantor, prayer leader
Vorbild n (-er)
example; modal; model; ideal; prototype; pattern; original; standard
vorbilden  vr sep
 to prepare, to train (zu - for)l to compare; to typify
vorbildlich  adj, adv
exemplary; model
vorbringen  vi sep
 to bring forward or up, produce; to propose; to make excuses; to allege; to state, utter, express
vorbürgerlich adj
pre-bourgeois; pre-civil (condition, etc)
vorchristlich  adj
pre-Christian; before Christ
vordatieren  vr sep
 to foredate, antidate
Vordenker m (-)
intellectual pioneer, forerunner
Vorderansicht f (-en)
front view
Vorderasien  n
 Near East
Vordergrund m
vorderhand  adv
 for the present, for the time being; in the meantime, meanwhile
Vorders. abr
Vorderseite f (-n)
front (of pot)
Vorderteil n, m (-e)
front end or part, foreside, forpart
Vordr. abr
vordringen vi sep
to advance; to reach; to penetrate (into)
Vordringen n
protrusion, projection
vorehelich  adj
 prenuptial, premarital
voreilig  adj
 hasty, rash; premature
Voreltern  f
 ancestors, forefathers
vorenthalten sep, insep, pp
 to withhold, to keep back (from someone), to detain
Vorentscheidung f (-en)
preliminary decision
Vorentw. abr
Vorentwurf; Vorentwürfe
Vorentwurf m (-"e)
preliminary or rough draft
  for the time being, for the present
vorerwähnt  adj
 above-mentioned, mentioned above; aforesaid or mentioned, said or mentioned before
Vorfahr  m (-en)
 ancestor, forefather, forebears, progenitor; forerunner
vorfinden  vi sep
 to find
vorfindlich adj
vorfindliche Welt - received, present, or current world (Heidegger)
vorführen  vr sep
 to bring before or forward; to show, exhibit; to produce
Vorgang m (-"e)
proceedings; facts; occur­rence; (course of) event; process
Vorgänger  m (-)
 predecessor; forerunner
vorgeben vi sep
to allege, assert; to claim; to pretend; to give; to profess
vorgefaßt  p p, adj
prejudicial, preconceived (opinion, etc)
vorgegeben p p, adj
predetermined; alleged, claimed; pretended, professed
vorgehen vi sep
to proceed; to advance; to go first, go in front; to go on ahead; to have priority, come first; to occur, happen, take place
Vorgehen n
action; procedure; preceeding
vorgenannt  adj
 aforementioned, aforesaid; said above, above-mentioned
vorgesch. abr
Vorgeschichte f
prehistoric times; early or prehistory; case history; life history
vorgeschichtl. abr
vorgeschichtlich adj
vorgestern  adv
day before yesterday; (fig) von v. - outdated, old-fashioned
vorgreifen vi sep
to anticipate; to forestall; to jump adead; to do things prematurely
vorgreifend pr p, adj
Vorgriff m
anticipation; jumping ahead; fore-conception (Heidegger)
vorhaben  vi sep
 to plan; to propose; to have in mind or in view; to be occupied with, be busy
Vorhaben n (-)
plan; project, design; intent, intention, purport; fore-having (Heidegger)
Vorhalle f (-n)
vestibule; lobby, hall; narthex, antechamber; antechurch; portico
Vorhalt  m (-e)
 suspension, query
vorhalten  vi sep
 to hold (something) up to, before, or in front of (someone); to charge or reproach with; to hold out; to endure, stand, last
Vorhaltung  f (-en)
 remonstrance, reproach
vorhanden adj
on hand, available; in existence, existing, existent; present
Vorhandene n
what is on hand or available; what is present or exists, is in existence, existant
Vorhandensein  n
 existence; presence, being-on-hand (Heidegger)
Vorhang m (-"e)
Vorhangbogen m (-, -")
curtain arch
Vorhaut  f
vorher  adj, pref
before, previously; in advance; beforehand; in front
vorherbestimmen  vr sep
 to predestine; to preordain; to predetermine
Vorherbestimmung  f (-en)
 predestination; predetermination; preordination, preordainment
vorhergehend  pr p, adj, vi sep
preceding; previous, to go in front of
vorherig  adj
 previous, preceding; former. foregoing
Vorherrschaft f
(pre)dominance, (pre)domination; superiority; supremacy; hegemony
vorherrschen  vr sep
to predominate, be predomi­nant, preponderate; to prevail
vorherrschend  pr p, adj
 predominant, prevalent, preponderant, prevailing, dominant, paramount, current
vorhersagbar  adj
Vorhersage  f (-n)
 prophecy; prediction; forecast
Vorherwissen n
Vorhiegende  n
 that which is on hand exists, in at issue, or in question
Vorhof m (-"e)
outer court; vestibule; forecourt, porch
Vorhölle f
vorig  adj
 former, preceding, previous, last
vorinterpretiert p p, adj
vorislam. abr
vorkaiserlich adj
pre-Imperial, pre-Caesar
vorkarolingisch  adj
Vorklassik f
pre-classical period or era
vorklassisch adj
vorkommen vi sep
to occur; to seem (to); to be found, appear; to happen, take place; to surpass; to visit, come; to be met with
Vorkriegszeit f
pre-war days, period or time; antebellum
vorkritisch adj
precritical (period, writings, etc) (Kant)
vorl. abr
vorläufig; vorliegen(d)
Vorl. abr
Vorlage f (-n)
model; copy; submission; presentation
vorlagern adj
Archaeol: to build, locate, or deposite in front of; (refl) be settled, deposited in front of
vorlängst  adv
 archaic: long ago, long since
Vorläufer  m (-)
 forerunner; precursor
vorläufig adj, adv
preliminary; provisional(ly); for the time being, for the present; temporary; temporarily; interim; precursive
vorlegen  vi sep
 to put or lay before; to put on, apply, to display, show, exhibit; to produce, submit
vorlesen vi sep
to read aloud (aus -- from); to read to (someone); to read out
Vorlesung f (-en)
lecture; reading
Vorliebe  f
 partiality; preference, great fondness; liking
vorliegen vi sep
to lie before, be found; to be present, exist, be; to be available; to be in
vorliegend  pr p, adj
 present; existing; on hand; at issue, in question (topic, problem, etc.)
vorlogisch adj
pre-logical (thinking, etc)
vorm. abr
vormalig; vormals
Vormachtstellung f
supremacy; dominating position; hegemony
vormalig  adj
 former, in former times
vormals  adv
 formerly, once upon a time
Vormensch m
pre-human, pithecanthropus
Vormund  m (-"er)
 guardian; trustee
vorn  adv
 in front, in the front; at the beginning; before; v. und hinten - before and behind
Vorname  m (-n)
first name, Christian name
vornehm  adj
 of high rank; aristocratic, noble; grand; eminent; principal; elegant; fashionable; refined; distinguished
vornehmen vi sep
to undertake, carry out; to make up; to do, deal with; to perform; to occupy oneself with
Vornehmheit f
distinction, refinement; nobility, nobleness; elegance, stylishness; V. des Geistes - nobility of (the) spirit (Nietzsche)
vornehmlich adv
especially, largely, above all, chiefly, mainly, particularly
vornherein adv
von v. - from the beginning, start, or outset; to begin or start with; zum v. - a priori ,
Vorrang  m
 priority, precedence, preeminence; superiority
Vorrangsregel  f
 rule of priority
 priority position; superiority; preeminence
Vorrat  m (-"e)
 supply, reserve, store, stock, provision
Vorratsgefäß n (-e)
storage jar or vessel
Vorratshaus  m (-"er)
 storehouse; warehouse
Vorratskammer  f (-n)
 pantry, storehouse; treasure
Vorratskrug m (-"e)
pithos; storage; jar
Vorratsraum m (-")
Vorrede  f (-n)
 preface, foreword; introduction
vorroman. abr
vorromanisch  adj
vorrücken  vr sep
 to put, move, or push forward, to advance, move forward; to progress; to move or push on
Vorsänger m (-)
chanter; principal singer; leading soloist; presenter; cantor
Vorsatz m (-"e)
intention; resolution; purpose; premeditation; design, plan; project; Mus: vorsatz (collective designation for clefs, key and time signatures at the beginning of a composition)
Vorschein  m
Vorschlag m (-"e)
recommendation; proposal, suggestion; Mus: appoggiatura; flam, drag, ruff (percussion)
Vorscholastik f
Vorscholastiker m (-)
vorschreiben vi sep
to specify, outline; to stipulate; to prescribe; to direct, order, dictate (to); to write (something) for someone
vorschreibend pr p, adj
prescriptive (language, etc)
Vorschrift f (-en)
regulation, rule; direction, order, instruction; prescription, provision
vorsehen  vi sep
 to consider; to designate, destine; to plan, schedule; to provide (for); (refl) to take care; be cautious or careful; to mind, to be mindful (of) to be on one's guard, be beware (of)
Vorsehung f
Vorsehungsplan m
providential plan
vorsetzen  vr sep
 to set, place, or put before or over; to serve or offer (food, a solution, etc.); to prefer (a person, idea, etc.)
Vorsicht  f
 caution; care; discretion; foresight; fore-sight (Heidegger)
vorsichtig  adj
 cautious, careful; prudent, guarded; discreet
vorsingen  vi sep
to sing to;  to sing first;  to audition
Vorsingen n
voice trial; audition; trial performance
Vorsokratik f
pre-Socratic or Presocratic period or school
Vorsokratiker m (-)
pre-Socratic or Presocratic
vorsokratisch adj
pre-Socratic or Presocratic (philosophy, etc)
Vorspiegelung  f (-en)
 make-believe; pretense; delusion
Vorspiel n (-e)
prelude; overture; audition; trial performance
vorspielen  vr sep
to play (to); to play first; to enact, play, act; to have an audition; (fig) to put on an act, pretend; to delude (someone)
vorstehen  vi sep
 to project, protrude; to overhang; to preside over; to oversee; to manage, direct, administer
Vorsteher  m (-)
 principal, chief, administrator, director, manager, superintendent; supervisor; headmaster; superior (of a convent), warden
vorstellen  vr sep
to introduce; to mean, signify; to represent; to present; to place before, put in front of; to advance; (refl) to imagine, concei­ve, picture, visualize; to suppose; to introduce oneself; to make oneself known
Vorstellung f (-en)
performance; presentation; conception, idea; notion; imagina­tion; representation; picture; sich eine V. mach­en - to form an idea; V. an sich - idea, notion, etc in itself or as such; Vorstellungen der göttlichen Vernunft - ideas of Divine reason
Vorstellungskraft f
(power of) imagination
Vorstufe  f (-n)
 preliminary stage, first or stage or step
Vorteil m (-e)
advantage; interest; benefit; gain, profit
Vortrag m (-"e)
lecture; address; talk; report
Vortragekreuz n (-e)
processional cross (on a long staff)
vortragen vi sep
to perform; to render, to present, give, or deliver (speech, lecture, etc); to interpret; to expound; to render, express (opinion, ideas, etc); to propose; to recite
vortreten  vi sep
 to come or step forward; to stand up, take one's stand; to stick out, project
vorüber  adv
 v. sein - to be past, be gone, have passed; to be over
vorübergehen vi sep
to pass (by); to pass over; to neglect; to ignore; to pass away, be over; vorübergehend - temporary; momentary, passing
vorübergehend  pr p, adj
 temporary; momentary, passing
vorüberkommen  vi sep
 to come by, come over
Vorüberlegung f (-en)
preliminary or preparatory consideration or thought(s)
vorüberziehen  vi sep
 to pass (by)
Vorurteil n (-e)
preconception; prejudice; bias; ohne V. - without partiality
vorurteilsfrei adj
free from bias or prejudice, unbiased, unprejudiced
Vorverständnis n (-sse)
presupposition; fore-conception; pre-understanding
Vorw. abr
Vorwort; Vorwerk
Vorwand  m (-"e)
 pretext, pretense; excuse, plea
vorwärts  adv
 ahead; on (ahead); onward, forward(s)
Vorwegname  f
vorwegnehmen vi sep
to anticipate; to come to the point, to the most important (item, etc) ; to forestall
vorweisen  vi sep
 to show, produce, present
vorweltlich adj
before time, prehistoric(al); antediluvian; antiquated (view, opinion, etc)
vorwieg. abr
vorwiegend  adj, adv
predominant(ly); mainly, chiefly
Vorwissen n
foreknowledge; göttliches V. - divine foreknowledge
Vorwitz  m
 curiosity; inquisitiveness; forwardness, impertinence, pertness
vorwitzig  adj
inquisitive, prying; forward, pert; impertinent
Vorwurf m (-"e)
blame; reproach, reproof, rebuke; objection; Lit: subject; theme
vorz. abr
Vorzeichen n (-)
sign; omen, foretoken; prognostic(ation); symbol; Mus: (key) signature
Vorzeichnung f (-en)
Vorzeit f
prehistoric times, prehistory; in times past; (of) ancient
vorzeiten  adv
poet: formerly, in time past
vorzeitig adj, adv
premature(ly); untimely; too early
Vorzeitigkeit f
vorzeitlich adj
vorziehen vi sep
to prefer (to); to be partial or show partiality to; to pull (up); to pull out
Vorzug m
preference; priority; advantage; merit; virtue; superiority
superior, excellent, first rate; especially
Vorzugsrecht n
Votivaxt f (-"e)
ceremonial axe
Votivbild n (-er)
votive picture, votive-tablet-picture; votive image
Votive n (-)
Votivgemälde n (-)
votive painting or picture, votive-tablet-picture
Votivkapelle f (-n)
votive chapel, chantry (a pilgrimage chapel built in fulfillment of a vow)
Votivkirche f (-n)
votive church
Votivmesse f (-n)
votive mass
Votivtafel f (-n)
votive tablet
Votum n (-ten, -ta)
vote; suffrage; verdict; vow
Vovergangenheit  f
 pluperfect, past perfect
Lat: voice; word
vpfl. abr
v.r. abr
von rechts
vrb. abr
VRF abbr
Vorreformationsgeschichtliche Forschungen. Münster
vrm. abr
vermerken; vermerkt; vermessen; vermißt
Vrm. abr
Vermerk(e); Vermessung
v.r.n.l. abr
von rechts nach links
Vrz. abr
Vrzs. abr
vs. abr
Lat: versus  gegen
Vs. abr
VSFVR abbr
Veröffentlichungen des staatlichen Forschungsinstitutes für vergleichende Religionsgeschichte. Leipzig
Veröffentlichungen des sozialwissenschaftlichen Instituts der evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland. Gütersloh
vst. abr
verstärkt; vollständig
VT abbr
Vetus Testamentum. Leiden
VTK abbr
Viertelsjahrschrift für Theologie und Kirche. Göttingen
VTKG abbr
Vorträge der theologischen Konferenz zu Gießen. Gießen
Veröffentlichungen des theologischen Seminars der Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg. Halle
VTSup abbr
Vetus Testamentum. Supplements. Leiden
v.u. abr
von unten
vulg. abr
Vulg. abr
vulgär  adj
vulgar, gross; common, base, coarse
Vulgärdarwinismus m
vugar Darwinism
Vulgarismus m
vulgärlat. abr
Vulgärlatein n
Vulgar Latin
Vulgärsprache f
uneducated language; common language (spoken by ordinary people, e.g. Vulgar Latin, Vulgar Arabic)
Vulgata f
Lat: commonly, (in front of names) known as, named
Vulkan m (-e)
vulkanisch  adj
v.u.n.o. abr
von unten nach oben
v.u.Z. abr
von unserer Zeit(rechnung)
v.v. abr
Lat: vice versa   umgekehrt; von vorn
VWPh abbr
Vierteljahresschrift für wissenschaftliche Philosophie und Soziologie. Leipzig