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Übermensch m
superman, übermensch, overman (Nietzsche)
übrig  adj
remaining, left over; others; die Übrigen - the others; remainder; remnant
YCS abbr
Yale Classical Studies. New Haven, Conn.
Yggdrasill m
World-Ash, Yg(g)drasil
Yin-Yang n
yin-yang (the interrelationship between the feminine and the masculine - negative and dark vs. the light and positive forces respectiavely)
Ymir der Riese m
Ymir the Giant
Yoga m
Phil: yoga
Yogi m (-s)
Phil: yogi
YOS abbr
Yale Oriental Series. New Haven, Conn.
YOS.B abbr
Yale Oriental Series. – Babylonia. New Haven, Conn.
YOS.R abbr
Yale Oriental Series. – Researches. New Haven, Conn.
Ysop m (-e)