Vocabulary Search Guide

Search Tip:   Enter only the first few characters, then scroll to the word.  Ignore umlauts – ä, ö, ü -, type only the letter – a, o, u -, then scroll to the word. Inter only two letters for very short words.

We are working on suggestions that will address the new German spelling rules. Some of those have created problems since these different spellings of  words, which we find in only fairly recent publications, are not yet in the database.

For example:   The entry dass  for daß will not come up, therefore, enter only da and then scroll to the word.

Since the German-English Dictionary of Religion and Theology has been created as a companion to Theological German: A Reading Course (see Textbook tab),  we are working on tips that may help to use the Online Dictionary program more effectively. You will also find a complete list of all abbreviations and labels we are using in the Dictionary.

Here are the links to our list of Abbreviations and the User Manual:  Abbreviations & User Manual

There are other online dictionaries, which are good for finding general vocabulary:








There are also translators like the Google translator: http://www.google.com/ig?hl=en&referrer=ign

They are useful only for short and simple phrases and sentences. However, they cannot be trusted and are useless for the more complex and nuanced constructions we generally find in theological German texts.