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w. abr
weiblich; weiß; werktags; westlich; wirklich; wöchentlich;  wörtlich
W abbr
Luther, Martin: Sämtliche Schriften. Johann Georg Walch, ed. Halle
WA abbr
Luther, Martin: Werke. Kritische Gesamtausgabe.[Weimarer Ausgabe]. Weimar
Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Forschung und Lehre des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. Köln, u.a.
Waage f (-n)
scales; balance
Waagerechte f (-n)
WA.B abbr
Luther, Martin: Werke. Kritische Gesamtausgabe.[Weimarer Ausgabe]. - Briefwechsel. Weimar
awake, on the alert, wide awake, brisk, (fig.) alive
Wache f (-n)
guard; watch, watchman, sentinel, sentry; guardhouse; police station
to remain awake; to be on guard, take heed
Wacholder m
Wachs n (-e)
Wachsabdruck m (-e)
impression in wax
Wachsbild n (-er)
wax image (votive image); wax sculpture
wachsen vi
to grow; to sprout; to increase; to extend; to thrive
Wachsen n
growing, growth; increase; development
Wachsentwurf m (-"e)
wax model (as a preliminary study object)
Wachstafel f (-n)
wax tablet
Wachstum n
growth, expansion, development, increase
Wachsüberzug m (-"e)
wax coating
Wacht f (-en)
guard, watch, sentry, guard-house
Wachtel f (-n)
Wächter m (-)
watchman, guard; caretaker; attendant, keeper; guardian (Plato)
Wachtturm m (-"e)
Wachturm m (-"e)
watchtower, bartizan
valiant, brave, gallant; bravely, well, soundly, thoroughly
WA.DB abbr
Luther, Martin: Werke. Kritische Gesamtausgabe.[Weimarer Ausgabe]. - Deutsche Bibel. Weimar
Waffe f (-n)
weapon, arm
Waffenrüstung f (-en)
armor, armament; preparation for war
Waffenträger m (-)
scales; balance
Wagemut m
courage, daring; spirit of adventure
to dare; to risk; to venture
Wagen m (-)
vehicle; wagon; cart; carriage, coach; chariot; van; truck; car
to ponder, consider; to weigh; to poise; to balance
Wagenburg f (-en)
barricade of wagons, laager
Wagenlenker m (-)
charioteer; coachman
Wagenrennen n (-)
chariot race
Wagnerianer m (-)
Wagnerite, Wagnerian
Wagnis m
venture; gamble; Philosophie als W. - philosophy as venture (Jaspers)
Wahl f (-en)
choice, selection; option; alternative
to choose; to select; to vote; to elect; to appoint
Wahn m
insanity, mania; illusion, delusion; error, fancy; folly, madness; hallucination
delusion; vision; phantom; hallucination
to suppose, presume; to think, believe, imagine; to fancy
Wahnglaube m
superstition, false belief
Wahnsinn m
insanity, madness; lunacy; craziness; frenzy; religiöser W. - religious mania or insanity, theomania
wahnsinnig adj, adv
insane, mad(ly), demented; crazy; foolish; awful(ly), terrible, horrible; frantic
Wahnsinnige m (-n)
insane; madman, lunatic
Wahnvorstellung f (-en)
delusion; hallucination
wahr  adj
true; right; real, genuine, sincere, correct, veritable, proper; w. Sein - true being
to respect; to uphold; to guard, protect, defend, preserve; to keep; to look after
to last; to continue, to endure, to hold out
during; in the course of; whereas; while
wahrhaftig adj, adv
correct, true; real; actual; truthful; sincere; genuine; truly, surely; really; indeed; actually
Wahrhaftigkeit f
truth(fulness); honesty; veracity; veridicality; W. Gottes - veracity of God
Wahrheit f (-en)
truth; fact, reality;  in W. - in truth; in reality; W des Seins - truth of Being (Heidegger); ewige W. - eternal truth; immergültige W. - everlasting truth
Wahrheitsanspruch m
claim to (the) truth
Wahrheitsargument n (-e)
argument for truth, truth argument
Wahrheitsbegriff m (-e)
concept of truth
Wahrheitsbeweis m
proof of truth; factual evidence
Wahrheitsbewußtsein n
awareness of truth; sense or feeling for truth
Wahrheitseifer m
zeal for truth
Wahrheitsfunktion f
truth function
Wahrheitsgehalt m
truth content
wahrheitsgemäß adj, adv
truthful(ly), faithful(ly), true, factual; truth, facts
wahrheitsgetreu adj, adv
truthful(ly), faithful(ly), true, factual; truth, facts
Wahrheitskriterium n (-rien)
criterion of truth
Wahrheitsliebe f
love of truth
truthful, veracious
Wahrheitsnähe f
appoximation to truth
Wahrheitssinn m
sense for truth; awareness of truth
Wahrheitsstreben n
pursuit of or striving for truth
Wahrheitssuche f
quest or search for truth
Wahrheitssucher m (-)
seeker after truth
Wahrheitsverständnis n (-e)
conception or understanding of truth
Wahrheitswert m (-e)
truth value
Wahrheitswille m
will to or desire for truth
wahrlich adv
truly, in truth; surely, certainly, indeed; verily
Wahrmachung f
verification; fulfillment
perceptible, perceivable, noticeable, observable; discernable, visible; audible, bearable; tangible
wahrnehmen sep, vi
to perceive, notice, observe; to secure; to make use of
wahrnehmend pr p, adj
Wahrnehmung f (-en)
observation; perception; protection; protection; maintenance
Wahrnehmungskraft f
power of perception or observation; perceptive faculty
Wahrnehmungsvermögen n
power of perception or observation; perceptive faculty
to prophesy; to predict, to foretell; to tell fortunes
Wahrsager m (-)
fortuneteller; soothsayer, prophet; augur; palmist
Wahrsagerei f
fortune-telling, prophecy
wahrsch. abr
probably, likely
Wahrscheinlichkeit f
probability; likelihood; plausibility
Wahrscheinlichkeitsinterpretation f
interpretation of probability
dream destined to come true; prophetic dream
Wahrung f
protection; adherence to (a view, principle, etc); observance; respect
Wahrzeichen n
landmark; distinctive mark or sign; symbol, emblem
Waise m (-n)
Waisenhaus n (-"er)
Waisenkind n (-er)
Waisenknabe m (-n)
orphan(boy); novice
Waisenmutter f
matron of an orphanage
Waisenvater m
superintendent of an orphanage
Wald m (-"er)
wood: woodland; forest
Waldenser m (-)
Waldgeist m (-er)
sylvian or silvan, forest spirit (creature of the lower mythology)
Waldgott m (-"er)
sylvian or silvian; a god of the forest (creature of the lower mythology)
Waldgöttin f
sylvian or silvian; goddess of the forest
Waldkapelle f (-n)
forest chapel, chapel in a forest
Walfisch m (-e)
Walhall f
Valhalla or Walhalla
Walhalla f
Valhalla or Walhalla
Walküre f
Valkyrie or Walkyrie
Wall m (-"e)
rampart, bulwark, wall; mound, bank; embankment; dike; dam
Wallanlage f (-n)
system of ramparts; rampart complex
to go on a pilgrimage; to travel, wander
Waller m (-)
pilgrim, wanderer
to go on a pilgrimage; to make a pilgramage
Wallfahrer m (-)
Wallfahrerin f (-nen)
(female) pilgrim
Wallfahrt f (-en)
to go on a pilgrimage; to make a pilgramage
Wallfahrtskirche f (-n)
pilgrimage church
Wallfahrtsort m (-e)
place of pilgrimage
Wallgraben m (-")
Wallschild m (-e)
Wallung f (-en)
boil, surge (with rage); in W. bringen - to enrage (someone); in W. geraten - to fly into a rage
Walm m (-e)
(roof) hip
Walmdach n (-")
hipped roof
Walpurgisnacht f
Walpurgis Night
to rule, gover, hold the reins of government; to carry out, execute; to control, manage; schalten und walten - to have complete authority, to rule, to command
rule, government; das W. Gottes - God's ruling; God's handling or dealing (of things)
to roll, turn about; to rotate; to wallow
Wand f (-"e)
wall, partition, dividing wall; barrier; side; (rock) face, cliff
Wandale m
Wandalismus m
Wandbild n (-er)
mural, wall painting
Wandbilderzyklus m (-len)
mural cycle
Wandel m
change; mutation; way or mode of life; behavior, habit; conduct
Wandelaltar m (-"e)
winged altar(piece) (of different scenes when closed or opened)
Wandelbare n
the changing
Wandelbarkeit f
changeability; inconstancy; fickleness
to change; to convert; to turn (in, into); to wander, travel; to live; W. nach dem Fleisch - to walk after the flesh
Wanderbühne f (-n)
touring company; itinerant players, strolling players; barnstormers
Wanderer m
wanderer; traveler; hiker
Wanderlust f
to wander; to travel, go, walk; to migrate
Wanderprediger m (-)
itinerant preacher: evangelist
Wanderschaft f
journey, traveling, travels, trip
Wanderung f (-en)
walk, tour, journey(s), travel(s), migration
Wandgemälde n (-)
mural; wall painting; fresco
Wandlung f (-en)
change; transformation; consecration, transubstantiation
Wandlungslehre f
dogma of transubstantiation
Wandnischengrabmal n (-"er)
wall niche tomb
Wandpfeiler m (-)
engaged pier; engaged pillar
Wandpfeilerkirche f (-n)
pier church
Wandvertiefung f (-en)
niche; recess in the wall
Wange f (-n)
fickle, changeable; inconsistent
Wankelmütigkeit f
to stagger, totter; to waver, hesitate
wann  adj, conj
when; how long; at what time; seit w. - since when
Wappen n (-)
coat-of-arms; insignia
Wappenbild n (-er)
heraldic figure, charge
Wappenkunde f
Wappenkunst f
Wappenscheibe f (-n)
window with a coat-of-arms (painted) on it
Wappentier n (-e)
heraldic animal
to arm (oneself against)
Ware f (-n)
fabric; ware, commodity; article; (pl) merchandise, goods, wares
Wärme f
warmth, warmness; heat
to warm or heat (up)
to warn; to caution (against)
Warnruf m (-e)
warning cry
Warnung f (-e)
warning; admonition; caution
warsch. abr
Warte f (-n)
watchtower; observation point; viewpoint, point of view
to wait (auf -- for)
warum  pron, conj
why; what for, for what reason; wherefore
Warum-Frage f
Warumwillen n
Phil: the wherefore, the fore-the-sake-of-which (Heidegger)
Warzengriff m (-e)
teat handle
was  pron
what; how (much); whatever; that which; something; what (kind or sort of); w. für ein - what kind of a
WÄS abbr
Wörterbuch der agyptischen Sprache. A. Erman, H. Grapow, eds. Berlin
waschen vi
to wash; to launder
Waschung f (-en)
wash, washing; ablution, lotion
Washeit f
whatness (Heidegger)
Was-ist-Frage f
Wassein n
what-being (Heidegger)
Wasser n (-)
Wasserbach m (-"e)
river of water
Wasserbad n
washing of water
Wasserbecher m (-)
cruse of water
Wasserbrunnen m (-)
fountain of water
Wasserburg f (-en)
water castle
Wasserflut f (-en)
flood of great
Wasserkanne f (-n)
ewer, water pitcher
Wasserkrug m (-"e)
ewer; water jug
Wasserleitung f (-en)
aqueduct; canal; water main, water supply
Wassermann-Zeitalter n
Age of Aquarius
to water; to irrigate; to soak; to dilute
Wasserorgel f (-n)
hydraulic organ, hydraulis
Wasserquelle f (-n)
spring; fountain of water
rich or abounding in water or water sources; of high humidity
Wasserspeier m (-)
Wasserstelle f (-n)
watering place; pool of water; reservoir
Wasserstrom m (-"e)
dropsical, having dropsy
Wasserzeichen n (-)
WA.TR abbr
Luther, Martin: Werke. Kritische Gesamtausgabe.[Weimarer Ausgabe]. - Tischreden. Weimar
Wb. abr
Wörterbuch; Wörterbücher
WB abbr
Wörterbuch; Wörterbücher; Die Welt der Bibel. Kleinkommentare zur Heiligen Schrift. Düsseldorf
Wbb. abr
wbl. abr
W.Bl. abr
Wbl. abr
WBTh abbr
Wiener Beiträge zur Theologie. Wien
W C abr
Engl: World Council of Churches
WD abbr
Wort und Dienst. Jahrbuch der theologischen Schule Bethel. Bielefeld
WdF abbr
Wege der Forschung.  Darmstadt
Wdg. abr
Wiedergabe; Wiedergutmachung; Würdigung
Wdst. abr
weben vi
to weave ; to be active; in Ihm leben, weben und sind wir - in Him we live and move and have our being
Weber m (-)
Weberbaum m
weaver's beam, warp beam; yarn roller
Wechsel m (-)
change; alteration; succession; mutation; turn; alternation; variation, fluctuation, exchange; reversal
Wechselbalg m (-e)
Myth: changeling, elf child
Wechselbeziehung f
correlation; interrelation; reciprocity; reciprocal (relation); relationships
Wechseldominate f (-n)
dominant of the dominant
Wechselfolge f
alternation; rotation
Wechselgesang m (-"e)
alternative or antiphonal singing
to change; alternate; Mus: change to A, in D major
wechselseitig  adj
mutual, reciprocal
Wechselseitigkeit f
mutuality; reciprocity
Wechselverhältnis n (-sse)
Wechselwirkung f (-en)
reciprocal influence; reciprocal effect; correlation; interplay, interaction
Wechsler m (-)
to wake(n), awaken, rouse; fall, waking, awakening
Wedel m (-)
fan, frond; brush
weder  conj
 neither; w. ... noch - neither ... nor, not either ... or ...
weg adv, sep prefix
away; gone; lost, disappeared; (far) off
Weg m (-e)
path; way; road; route; course; manner; means; method
Wegbereiter m (-)
forerunner; pioneer; precursor
wegbringen vi sep
to remove, take away, take out
Wegelagerer m (-)
highway robber, waylayer
because of, on account of; for, for the sake of; regarding, with regard to
wegfahren vi sep
to leave, go away; to drive away; to carry away
wegfallen vi sep
to fall away; to be omitted; to drop; to be abolished
wegfliegen vi sep
to leave; to fly away; to take off; to blow off
wegführen vr sep
to lead away, carry off
weggehen vi sep
to go away, leave, depart
to carry away; hebe dich weg! - begone!
Wegkreuz n (-e)
(commemorative) wayside cross
wegnehmen vi sep
to take away, remove; to take out; to carry off; to seize, confiscate; to occupy (land, space, etc.)
wegraffen vr sep
to grab; to carry off (by death disease)
wegreißen vi sep
to tear down, demolish, pull down; to snatch away
wegschaffen vi
to remove; to clear away, carry off, take away; to take out of the way, get rid of
to send off or away; to dispatch
to drag away, drag off, take away, carry off; (refl) to drag oneself off
wegschwemmen vr sep
to wash or sweep away ; to overflow
wegsehen sep, vi
to look away; to overlook, ignore
Wegstock m
(votive) roadside or wayside cross, shrine or memorial; 
wegstoßen vi sep
to push away; to knock off; to repel
wegtragen vi sep
to carry or take (someone or something) away or off; to carry
wegtreiben vi sep
to drive or take away or out; to take an animal away
wegtun vi sep
to remove; to put away, set or lay aside; to cast aside
Wegweiser m (-)
signpost; road sign, guide (book), etc
wegwenden vi sep
to turn away (von - from); der Herr wandte sich weg - the Lord departed or left 
wegwerfen vi sep
to throw away, cast off; to reject; (refl) to degrade
Wegzehrung f
food for the journey, viaticum
wegziehen vi sep
to leave, move away; to pull away or off; to pull (something) away from (someone)
painful, sore, aching, sad, woeful
pain, ache, misery, misfortune, woe, grief
to drift; to blow (along)
Wehgeschrei n
(woeful) cry or cries, wailing
Wehklage f (-n)
(the) Lamentation
to lament (über - about), bewail
Wehmut f
melancholy; sadness
sad, melancholy
Wehmutter f (-")
Wehrbau m (-ten)
defense architecture or structure
wehren vi
to defend oneself; to resist; to restrain; to hinder, stop, prevent (someone from doing something); to forbid; to refuse to accept, reject
Wehrgang m (-")
defense passage along top of castle wall
Wehrkirche f (-n)
fortified church, rampart church
unarmed, defenseless, weak
Wehrmauer f (-n)
enceinte, parapet, defensive wall
Weib n (-er)
woman; wife
Weiberkleider pl
woman's garment
womanly; feminine; fimale
Weibliche n
the female, the feminine
Weiblichkeit f
Weibsästhetik f
female aesthetics (Nietzsche)
weich  adj, adv
soft, mellow; mellow(-toned); tender, gentle; mild; sensitive; weak; delicate; unstable
weichen vi
to yield, give in; to give away, retreat; to decline, ease off
Weichlichkeit f
softness; weakness; delicacy; effeminacy
Weichling m (-e)
weichmachen sep
to soften
Weide f (-n)
willow (tree)
Weideland n
pasture, pastureland, grassland
to graze, drive, or put out to pasture, to tend, to feed (a flock)
Weideplatz m (-"e)
to refuse, deny (someone something); to decline (to do)
Weigerung f (-en)
Weihaltar m (-"e)
holy or consecrated altar
Weihbecken n (-)
Weihbild n (-er)
sacred image; votive image
Weihbischof m (-"e)
auxiliary bishop; suffragan (bishop)
Weihbrot n (-e)
consecrated bread; host
Weihbrunnen m (-)
Weihe f (-n)
consecration; dedication; ordination; Holy Order (Catholic Sacrament); durch Weihe heiligen - to consecrate; die W. empfangen - to take holy orders
Weiheakt m
solemn dedication; ceremony of ordination or consecration
to consecrate, bless; to ordain; to dedicate; devote, give up for
Weihenbild n (-er)
votive image, votive statue
Weihestunde f
hour of commemoration
solemn; hallowed, holy
Weihgabe f
votive offering; offering; oblation
Weihgeschenk n (-e)
votive offering; ex-voto
Weihkessel m
baptismal bowl
Weihnacht f, n
Weihnachten n (-)
(characteristic of) Christmas
Weihnachtsabend m (-e)
Christmas Eve
Weihnachtsbäckerei f
Christmas baking; Christmas cookies
Weihnachtsbaum m (-"e)
Christmas tree
Weihnachtsbescherung f
exchange of Christmas presents
Weihnachtsbild n (-er)
Nativity scene
Weihnachtsbrauch m
Christmas custom or tradition
Weihnachtseinkauf m (-e)
Christmas shopping
Weihnachtsessen n
Christmas dinner
Weihnachtsfeier f
Christmas celebration; Christmas party
Weihnachtsfeiertag m (-e)
Christmas day or holiday; zweiter W. - day after Christmas
Christmas vacation
Weihnachtsfest n
(festival of) Christmas, Christmas festivities
Weihnachtsgans f
Christmas goose
Weihnachtsgebäck n
Christmas cookies
Weihnachtsgeschenk n (-e)
Christmas present or gift
Weihnachtskarte f (-n)
Christmas card
Weihnachtskerze f (-n)
Christmas candle
Weihnachtskind n
the child Jesus
Weihnachtskrippe f (-n)
Nativity scene
Weihnachtslied n (-er)
Christmas carol
Weihnachtsmarkt m
Christmas fair
Weihnachtsoratorium n
Christmas Oratorio (by Bach)
Weihnachtsrose f
Christmas rose
Weihnachtsspiel n
nativity play
Weihnachtsstern m (-e)
star of Bethlehem; Christmas star; poinsetta
Weihnachtstag m
Christmas Day
Weihnachtswoche f
Christmas week
Weihnachtszeit f
Christmastide, Yuletide
Weihrauch m
incense; frankincense
Weihrauchbehälter m (-)
incense container; censer
to extol; to flatter
Weihrauchfaß n
Weihrauchschiffchen n (-)
censer, incense boat
Weihung f
consecration, dedication; ordination; inauguration; initiation; solemn festivity
Weihwasser n
holy water
Weihwasserbecken n (-)
font; stoup; aspersorium
Weihwasserkessel m (-)
aspersorium, receptacle for holy water
Weihwedel m (-)
because, since
formerly; of old, late; deceased
Weile f
a while, a (space of) time
to stay; to sojourn; to be
Wein m (-e)
Weinbeerblut n
blood of grapes
Weinberg m (-e)
to weep, cry
Weinernte f
grape harvest, vintage
Weingarten m (-")
Weingärtner m (-)
vine dresser
Weinranke f (-n)
grapevine, vine ornament
Weinstock m (-"e)
grape vine
Weintraube f (-n)
grape, bunch of grapes
Weintreber f
skins or husks of pressed grapes
Weintreter m (-)
a person who is treading the grapes
wise; prudent; judicious
Weise f (-n)
manner, way (of); mode, method, fashion; habit, custom; melody; Mus: tune, melody; W. des Daseins - mode of Dasein; (pl) Weisen des Existierens - modes of existence (Heidegger)
Weise m (-n)
wise man; sage; philosopher; die Weisen aus dem Morgenlande - the three kings or wise men from the East
weisen vi
to show, point out, indicate; to point (auf -- at); von sich w. -- to reject, refuse, decline
Weish abr
Weisheit (Salomos) - Wisdom (Salomon)
Weish. abr
Weisheit Salomos
Weish abr
Weisheit Salomos
Weisheit f (-en)
wisdom; knowledge; prudence; Buch der Weisheit - Book of Wisdom; Weisheit Salomos - Wisdom of Salomon
Weisheitslehre f
Weisheitsliebe f
love of wisdom
Weisheitsspruch m (-"e)
proverb, word(s) of wisdom
wisely, prudently, well-considered
to foretell, predict; to prophesy
Weissager m (-)
prophet; soothsayer; fortuneteller
Weissagerin f (-nen)
prophetess, soothsayer; fortune teller
Weissagung f (-en)
prophecy; prediction
Weisung f (-en)
instruction; statutes; direction, directive
white; blank; clean; weiße Note - open note; Weißer Sonntag - White Sunday, Low Sunday
weit  adj, adv
far, distant; wide, broad; big, vast, spacious; exten­sive; remote; far (of); much; by far; additional; moreover
far, by far
to widen, expand, enlarge; to stretch; to become broader
weiter  comp adj, adv
wider; further; additional; farther, furthermore; forward; immer w. - on and on; nichts w. als - nothing more than, nothing but; ohne weiteres - readily; without trou­ble; off-hand, immedi­ately; forth­with, at once; und so w. (usw.) - and so forth (etc)
Weiterbestand m
continuance, continued (culture, society, etc)
widespread, common; widely held, prevalent; widely circulated
Weiterentwicklung f (-en)
(further) development
weiterfahren vi sep
to go on, proceed, continue; to drive on, travel along
weitergeben vr sep
to pass on, transmit
weitergehen vi sep
to go on, to continue, walk no; to leave for or depart to (a place); to depart from (a place)
further, furthermore, further on, moreover
weiterleben vi sep
to live on; to travel on; to depart, leave, proceed, continue;  to survive
Weiterleben n
the living on; afterlife; W. nach dem Tod(e) - afterlife; life after death
weitersagen vr sep
to pass (something) on; to tell
weiterziehen vi sep
to march on, keep on marching; to continue (toward), to go on (toward)
extensive; far-ranging; (very) much; full; almost, largely, to a great extent
from afar, from far, from a distance; a long distance
widely; largely; to a large extent; over a long distance; far away
Weitsichtigkeit f
Weizen m
wheat, corn
Weizenernte f (-n)
wheat harvest
Weizenkorn n (-"er)
grain of wheat
Weizenmehl n
wheat flour
world-renowned, of worldwide fame
who, which, what, some, any
whatever; of whatever kind
withered; limp
Welkreis m
Welle f (-n)
wave, billow; surge; Mus: wave; roller, trundle
Wellenhenkel m (-)
wavy ledge handle
wavy lines
Welpolitik f
world policy, global politics
Welt f (-en)
world; universe, cosmos; earth; life; humanity; globe; W. der Endlichkeit - world of finitiness; W. des Seienden - world of being; W. der Vorstellung - world of imagination, ideational world
Weltabgewandheit f
weltabgewandt adj
withdrawn (from this world)
weltabkehrende Askese f
ascetisism which renounces the world
Weltall n
universe, world-all, cosmos
Weltalter n
world-age; world-epoch; (a)eon
Weltangst f
weltanschaulich  adj, adv
Weltanschauung f (-en)
weltanschauung, philosophy of life, world view(s), outlook; conception of the world; ideology; creed 
Weltanschauungsgemeinschaft f (-en)
ideological community or group
Weltbau m
cosmic system; the universe; the globe
Weltbedeutung f
world-wide or international importance, reputation, standing, or acclaim (von - of)
Weltbegriff m (-e)
concept of the world, world-concept
world-renowned, of worldwide fame
Weltbetrachtung f
world view
Weltbevölkerung f
world population
Weltbewegung f
international movement
Weltbewußtsein n
world-consciousness, world consciousness
Weltbezug m
relatedness to the world
Weltbild n (-er)
view or conception of life; world view, conception of the world; philosophy; theory of life
Weltbrand m
poet: Weltkrieg - world war
Weltbühne f
world stage or scene
Weltbund m
world or international alliance
Weltbürger m (-)
citizen of the world, cosmopolite
Weltbürgerin m (-nen)
citizen of the world, cosmopolite
Weltbürgertum n
cosmopolitanism, cosmopolitism
Weltchronik f
world chronicle
Welteinstellung f
world view, view of the world
Weltenbaum m
world tree
Weltende n
end of the world
Weltenlehre f
Weltenschöpfer m (-)
demiurge, maker or creator of the world
isolated, secluded
Weltentsagung f
escape from the world, escapism; flight from reality
Weltentstehung f
Weltentwurf m
projection or design of the world
world-wise, worldly
Welterfahrung f
worldly wisdom
Welterleuchter m (-)
Welterlöser m (-)
Saviour, Redeemer (of the world); world-redeemer
Welteroberer m
world conqueror
Welteroberung f
world conquest
weltfern adj
out of touch with real life; unrealistic; impractical
Weltflucht f
withdrawal from life; flight from reality; escape from the world, escapism; seclusion
weltfremd adj
inexperienced in the way of the world; out of touch with real life
Weltfremdheit f
unexperienced in the way of the world; out of touch with real life; unworldliness; otherworldliness
Weltfrieden m
world, global, or universal peace
Weltfriedensrat m
World Council of Peace
Weltgebäude n
cosmos; cosmic system
Weltgefüge n
cosmic system; cosmos
Weltgeist m
spirit of the age or time; world-spirit (Hegel)
Weltgeistliche m (-n)
secular priest
Weltgeistlichkeit f
secular clergy
Weltgeltung f
world-wide or international reputation, standing, or acclaim
Weltgemeinschaft f
world community
Weltgericht n
last judg(e)ment; doomsday; judg(e)ment of the world
Weltgeschehen n
world affairs
Weltgeschichte f
world history; universal history
weltgeschichtlich adj, adv
(regarding, in, or pertaining to) world history; of impact on world history; in terms of world history; w. betrachtet or gesehen - from the point of view of world history
Weltgesetz n
cosmic law
Weltgestaltung f
Weltheiland m
Saviour, Redeemer (of the world)
Weltherrschaft f
universal empire; world dominion, domination, or supremacy
welthistorisch adj, adv
(regarding or pertaining to) world history; of impact on world history; in terms of world history
Weltjugendfest n (-e)
international youth festival
Weltkenntnis f
knowledge of the world
Weltkind n (-er)
child of this world; hedonist; worldling; opportunist
Weltkinderhilfswerk n
United Nations Children's Fund
Weltkirchenrat m
Engl: World Council of Churches
Weltklugheit f
worldly wisdom; politeness
Weltkonzept n (-e)
world concept, concept of the world
Weltkrieg m (-e)
world war
Weltkugel f
Weltkultur f (-en)
world culture
weltl. abr
Weltlage f
international or world situation
Weltlauf m
way of the world
weltlich  adj
worldly, mundane; secular; temporal; pro­fane
Weltlichkeit f
secular state; civil power; worldhood; worldness, worldliness
Weltlichmachung f
love of or for the world
Weltling m (-e)
Weltliteratur f
world literature
Weltmacht f (-"e)
great or world power; superpower
Weltmann m
man of the world
urbane, cosmopolitan, sophisticated
Weltmarkt m
world market
Weltmeer n (-e)
ocean, sea
Weltmeinung f
world opinion
Weltmüdgikeit f
Weltoffenheit f
open-mindedness; cosmopolitanism
Weltöffentlichkeit f
world public
Weltordnung f
system of the world, world order
Weltorganisation f
world organization
weltorientierend adj
world-orienting (thought, etc)
weltorientiert adj
Weltorientierung f
world orientation, world-orientation
Weltpriester m (-)
secular priest
Welträtsel n
mystery of the universe
Weltraum m
(outer) space, universe
Weltregierung f
world government
Weltreich n (-e)
Weltreligion f (-en)
world or global religion
Weltrevolution f
world revolution
Weltschmerz m (sg)
world weariness, sentimental pessimism, cosmic anxiety, weltschmerz, Weltschmerz (a melancholy dissatisfaction and sentimental weariness over the condition of the world)
Weltschöpfer m
Creator, God; Demiurge
Weltschöpfungsmythos m (-then)
creation myth
Weltseele f
world soul
Weltsicherheitsrat m
Security Council
Weltsicht f
world view, worls-view
Weltsprache f
world language
Weltstaat m
world state, great power
Weltstadt f
metropolis, comopolis
Weltstämme pl
the tribes of the earth
Weltstellung f
position (of great importance) in the world
Weltsystem n
cosmological model; astronomical system
worldwide, universal, global; ecumenic(al)
weltumspannend pr p, adj
global, wold-wide
Weltuntergang m
end of the world, apocalypse
Weltverbesserer m (-)
utopian; world changer; starry-eyed idealist
weltverklärend adj
world-transfiguring (Nietzsche)
solitary; lonely; isolated
solitary; lonely; isolated
Weltverlust m
loss of the world, world loss
Weltverneinung f
denial of the world
Weltvernichter m (-)
world destroyer
Weltverständnis n
understanding of the world
Weltweise m (-n)
Weltweisheit f
worldly wisdom; philosophy
weltweit adj, adv
worldwide, universal; troughout or all over the world
Weltwende f
turning-point in (world) history
Weltwirtschaftskrise f
world economic crisis, world depression
Weltwunder n
wonder of the world
Weltzeit f
the ages; ages past; the beginning of the ages
Weltzustand m (-"e)
condition or state of the world; state of nature
for/to whom
Wendelstein m (-e)
(spiral staircase tower on an exterior wall)
Wendeltreppe f (-n)
spiral stair(case)
wenden vi, vr
to change; to turn away; to turn (around); to turn over; to turn up (earth); to reverse; to change
Wendepunkt m
turning point, point of return or change
Wendung f (-en)
turn, change; expression; Mus: idiom; turn (of phrase), modulation; W. nach - turn to, modulation tot
wenig  adj
little; (a) few; not much; slightly; zu w. - not enough; wenige - (a) few; a little, some
wenigstens  adv
at least
wenn  conj
when(ever); if, in case, provided; w. auch - even though; selbst w. - even if
Wenzelbibel f
King Wenceslaus' Bible
who; which one; he who; w. auch immer - whoever
werben vi
to promote, advertise; to court, to woo; to enlist, recruit; to solicit, enroll
werden vi
to become, get; to happen; to come into existence, origi­nate; will, shall
Werden n
(the) coming to be, (the) becoming; Prozeß des W. - process of becoming; Stufen des W. - degrees of becoming; W. und Vergehen - coming to be and passing away
Werdensgrund m
reason for becoming
Werdensprozeß m
process of becoming; being in process
werfen vi
to throw; to cast; to project
Werg n
Werk n (-e)
work, labor, performance, job, enterprise, production, workmanship; composition, mechanism, works, workshops, factory, publication; deed, act; action; undertaking; treatise, book, opus; (pl) forts, fortifications; volles W. - full organ, plein-jeu
Werkgenese f
work genesis
werkgetreu  adj
faithful to the original
sanctimonious, hypocritical
Werkheilige m
sanctimonious person, hypocrite
Werkheiligkeit f
sanctimoniousness, outward piety, hypocrisy
werkimmanente Interpretation adj
text-based interpretation
Werkmeister m (-)
overseer, foreman
Werkstück n (-e)
hewn stone; worked article
Werktag m (-e)
workday, working day; weekday; business day
Werktreue f
faithfulness or fidelity to the original; faithful rendition
Werkverzeichnis n (-sse)
catalogue of works
Werkzeug n (-e)
instrument, tool; W. Gottes - God´s instrument; God´s agent
Wermut m
wormwood; (fig.) bitterness, gall
wert adj
worth, valuable; worthy (of); valued, honored, esteemed, estimable; dear (to)
Wert m (-e)
value; worth; importance; price, rate; appreciation; merit, importance; standard (of coin); (pl) data
Wertanalyse f (-n)
value analysis
Wertausdruck m (-"e)
evaluative term; evaluative or value statement
Wertaussage f (-n)
value or evaluative statement
Wertbegriff m (-e)
value concept
Wertbereich m (-e)
domain of value or quantification
Wertbestimmung f (-en)
evaluation; value determination
wertbezogen adj
related to or concerning value
to value, rat, classify; to judge
wertend adj
evaluative (comparison, term, etc)
Wertethik f
value ethics
Werteverfall m
decline of values
Werteverlust m
loss of values
Wertigkeit f
valency; valence
Wertkonsens m
value consensus, consensus regarding values
Wertkritik f
criticism of values
Wertmaß m (-e)
measure or standard of value
Wertmaßstab m
measure or standard of value
Wertschätzung f
appreciation, esteem
Wertung f
Werturteil n (-e)
value judg(e)ment
Wertverlust m
depreciation or loss of or in value
valuable, precious
whose; wes Geistes Kind - what kind of a person
Wesen n (-)
being, creature; essence; entity; nature; character; disposi­tion; personality; essential feature; substance; condition; reality; system; conduct, manner; das höchste W. - the Supreme Being; das W. des Christentums - the essence of Christianity; dem W. nach - by nature; menschliches W. - human being; man´s essence
Wesen des Seins  n
 the nature or essence of being
wesenhaft adj
essential; characteristic; intrinsic, real, substantial
Wesenheit f
essence, essentiality; substance; spirit; decisive factors; essential being
Wesenlosigkeit f
wesensähnlich adj
essentially alike or similar
Wesensähnlichkeit f
homoiousia; essential likeness or similarity
Wesensart f
character, nature
Wesensbegriff m
concept of (the) essence, essence-concept
Wesensbestimmung f (-en)
attribute, identification; determination of essence
Wesensdefinition f (-en)
definition of essence
wesenseigen adj
characteristic, peculiar
Wesenseinheit f
consubstantiality, consubstantial, unity; (essential) identity
wesensfremd adj
foreign to one´s nature
homogeneous, identical, consubstantial
Wesensgleichheit f
identity; essential likeness or similarity
Wesenslehre f
ontology; doctrine of essence
wesensmäßig adj
Wesensphilosophy f
philosophy of essence
Wesensschau f
phenomenology; essential intuition
Wesenszug m (-"e)
characteristic feature
wesentlich  adj, adv
essential; important; real; remar­kable; intrinsic; vital; fundament­al; material; considerable, very much, substantial; im w. - basically; in essence 
Wesentliche n
the essential thing/point/factor, that which is essential/ vital
Westbau m
western side (of Romanesque church)
Westen m (-)
west, West, Occident
Westeuropäer m (-)
West European
West European
Westfale m
Westfälin f (-nen)
westgerm. abr
West Germanic tribes
West Germanic
Westgote m (-n)
West Goth, Visigoth
Westgotenreich n
Visigothic kingdom
westgotische Kunst f
Visigoth art
westl. abr
westlich  adj, adv
westward(s), western, westerly, west, wester(n)ly; w. Denken - Western thought; w. orientiert - oriented or orientated towards the west
Western Powers
west Roman
westsem. abr
Westteil m (-e)
western section
westward(s), wester(n)ly
Westwerk m (-e)
Wette f (-n)
bet, wager; bargain
to compote; to emulate, to vie (with); to contend (with)
Wetter n (-)
changeable, fickle; capricious
Wettkampf m (-"e)
Wettkämpfer m (-)
athlete, champion
Wettlauf m (-"e)
to (run a) race
Wettläufer m (-)
runner, racer
to whet, to grind
Wgdr. abr
wh. abr
WI abbr
Welt des Islam. Berlin, u.a.
wichtig  adj
important; weighty; serious; significant
Wichtigkeit f
significance, importance, consequence; relevance
wickeln  vr
to roll (up), coil, to wrap (up)
Widder m (-)
ram; battering ram; Aries, Ram
wider  adj, adv
against; contrary to; in opposition to, versus
Widerchrist m
Widerechtlichkeit f
illegality; unlawfulness
widereinander  adv
against one another, against another, against each other
widerfahren vi
to happen, occur; to befall, fall (to someone)
widerhallen sep
to resound, to echo
widerhallend pr p, adj
Widerlager n (-)
widerlegbar adj
refutable, rebuttable; disprovable; confutable; w. Vermutung - inconclusive, refutable, or rebuttable presumption
Widerlegbarkeit f
refutability, disprovability
widerlegen  vr
to defeat; to refute, rebut; to disprove
widerleglich adj
refutable, rebuttable; disprovable; confutable; w. Vermutung - inconclusive, refutable or rebuttable presumption
Widerlegung f (-en)
disproof; refutation, rebuttal, refusal rebutment
widernatürlich  adj adv
perverse, unnatural, perverted
Widerrede f
back talk; contradiction
Widerruf m
recantation; revocation; disavowal; disclaimer; refraction; cancelation
widerruflich  adj
revocable, uncertain (tenure of office, etc.)
Widersacher m (-)
adversary; opponent; Bibl: Satan, the devil
to offer or put up resistance; to oppose
widersinnig adj
paradoxical; absurd; nonsensical
Widersinnigkeit f (-en)
absurdity; nonsense; countersense
widerspenstig  adj
stubborn, obstinate; refractory; rebellious; unruly; defiant
widerspiegeln vr sep
to reflect; to be reflected; to mirror
Widerspiegelung f
widersprechen vi
to contradict; to be inconsistent (with); to conflict; to oppose
Widerspruch m (-"e)
contradiction; protest; opposition; inconsis­tency, variance, discrepancy; der Eid schließt jeden Widerspruch aus - the oath puts an end to all argument; W. in sich - self-contradiction
widersprüchlich adj
contradictory; inconsistent; antinomic
widerspruchsfrei adj
contradiction-free, non-contradictory, consistent
Widerspruchsgeist  m
 spirit of contradictions or opposision
Widerspruchslosigkeit f
freedom from contradiction or consistency
Widerstand m (-"e)
resistance; opposition; antagonism; blockage
Widerstandgruppe f
resistance group Resistance
Widerstandsbewegung f (-en)
resistance movement
Widerstandskämpfer m (-)
member of the resistance
widerstehen vi
to oppose; to resist, withstand; to be repugnant to; to go against the grain
widerstreben vi
to resist, to oppose, to struggle against, to be repugnant to (someone)
Widerstreit m
conflict; opposition; antagonism; contrast
widerstreiten vi
to conflict or clash (with); to be contrary (to); to be antagonistic (to)
widerstreitend adj
conflicting, clashing
Widmung f (-en)
widrig adj
adverse, unfavourable, untoward
as, like; such as, just as; than; how; w. (auch) - as well as; w. am or im Anfang - as at the beginning, at first; come prima. a tempo
wieder  adv
again, anew; back; once more; in return for; (prefix) re-; immer w. -- again and again; Mus: di nuova, again
Wiederaufbau m
Wiederauferstehung f
Wiederaufführung f
to revive; to recover; to be revived
Wiederaufleben n
revival; rebirth
Wiederaufrichtung f
reerection; reestablishment
wiederbekommen vi sep
to get or receive back ; to recover
wiederbringen vi sep
to restore; to bring back, return; to bring again
Wiederentdeckung f (-en)
wiederfinden vi sep
to find (again)
Wiedergabe f (-n)
reproduction; return; restitution; depiction, rendering; rendition; interpretation; playback
wiedergeben vi sep
to give back, return; to restore; to bring out; to reproduce; to project; to convey; to render; to describe
wiedergeboren  adj
born again, reborn
Wiedergeburt f
rebirth; reincarnation; regeneration
Wiedergutmachung  f (-en)
 restitution; compensation; reparation
wiederh. abr
Wiederh. abr
wiederherstellen vi sep
to restore or reestablish (to original condition); to renovate
Wiederherstellung f (-en)
restitution; restoration; recovery; reinstatement
to repeat, restate; to reiterate, recapitu­late; to review; to recur, be repeated
wiederholend pr p
Wiederholung f (-en)
repetition, restatement, repeat; recapitulation; (prefix) repetitive
Wiederkehr f
recurrence; return; reappearance; repetition; ewige W. - eternal return or recurrance (Nietzsche)
wiederkehren sep
to recur; to return
wiederkommen sep, vi
to return, come back, come again
Wiederkreuz n (-e)
Wiederkunft f
return; W. Christi - the Second Coming
wiedersehen vi sep
to see again
Wiederstreben n
opposition, reluctance; repugnance; resistance
Wiedertaufe f
Wiedertäufer m (-)
again, anew; on the other hand; on the contrary; in return
Wiedervereinigung f
reunification; reunion; reconciliation
to retaliate
Wiedervergeltung f
Wiege f (-n)
wiegen vi
to weigh; to rock (a cradle); to move gently
Wiegendruck m (-e)
incunabula, incunabulum
Wiegenlied n (-er)
cradle song, lullaby
Vienna; W. Schule - Vienna or Viennese School
Wie-sein n
how-being (Heidegger)
why, why so, but why
how much; (pl) how many
though, although
wild, rough; savage, ferocious, fierce; furious, angry; unruly; noisy
Wild n
game; deer; venison
Wildbret n
game venison
Wildesel m (-)
wild ass or donkey
Wildnis f (-se)
wilderness; solitary place
Wildstier m (-e)
wild oxen
Wille m (-n), n-noun
will; collition; determination; volition (act); intention, intent, purpose; design; choice, prefer­ence; letzter W.  - last will and testament; W. als Ding an sich - will as thing-in-itself; W. zum - will to (evil, eternal life, etc); W zum Nichts - will to nothingness
um...w. - for the sake of; because of
Willen n-noun
see Wille; Loskommen vom Willen - liberation from the will (Schopenhauer)
declaration of will, intent, or intention
Willensfrage f
question of will
Willensfreiheit f
free will, freedom of will
Willenskraft f
will power, strength of will or mind
willensschwach adj
lacking will power
Willensschwäche f
lack of willpower, weak will, weakness of (the) will; akrasia, incontinence
willentlich adj, adv
willful(ly); intentional(ly), on purpose, purposely; deliberate(ly); by design, designedly
willfährig  adj
obliging, accommodating, compliant; j-d w. machen - to make someone submit to one´s will; j-m w. sein - to submit to someone´s will
willig adj, adv 
willing(ly); obedient; ready; voluntary
see einwilligen; w. ... ein - to agree to, to consent to 
Willigkeit f
willkommen  adj
welcome; acceptable; desirable; opportune
Willkommen n, m
welcome; reception
Willkür f
arbitrary (use of power), arbitrary (act); (free) license; arbitrariness; despotism, tyranny
Willkürherrschaft f
despotism; tyranny; arbitrary rule
willkürlich  adj, adv
arbitrary, high-handed, haphazard; (at) random; unfounded, ungrounded; despotic; arbitrarily; voluntarily
wimmeln  vr
to crawl, swarm (von - with); to team (von - with)
Wind m (-e)
wind; breeze; blast; scent
Windel f (-n)
swaddling cloth
Windharfe f (-n)
Aeolian harp
Windsbraut f
Euroclydon, tempestuous wind
Windwirbel m (-)
Wink m (-e)
wink, nod; sign; hint; motion; beckoned
Winkel m (-)
angle; corner; nook
winkelig  adj
Winkellharfe f (-n)
angular harp
winken vi
to nod, wink; to wave; to make signs, signal
Winter m (-)
Winterhaus n
winter house
Winzer m (-)
winegrower, vine dresser; grape picker
winzig  adj, adv
tiny; minute; w. klein - (very) tiny, minute
Wipfel m (-)
treetop, top of a tree; crown
wir  prs pron
wirbeln  vr
to whirl, swirl, spin
Wirbelsturm  m (-"e)
(wind)storm; tornado; twister; cyclone
Wirbelwind m (-e)
whirlwind; stormy wind; violent winds
wirken  vr
to work, be at work; to have an effect; to act (auf - on); to appear, seem, give the impression
wirklich  adj, adv
real(ly); actual(ly); true(ly); indeed; exactly; quite; genuine; effectual; w. Seiendes - real entities
Wirkliche n
the actual, genuine, real, or true
Wirklichkeit f (-en)
truth; reality; actuality; actual fact; W. der Ebenen - levels of reality; geistige W. - spiritual reality; Stufen der W. - degrees of reality; W. und Erscheinung - reality and appearance (Hegel)
Wirklichkeitsbewußtsein n
consciousness of reality, reality consciousness
Wirklichkeitsbezug m
reference to reality
Wirklichkeitsdarstellung f (-en)
depiction of reality
Wirklichkeitserkenntnis f
cognition or knowledge of reality
Wirklichkeitsflucht f
wirklichkeitsfremd adj, adv
out of touch with reality; unrealistic(ally); otherworldly
wirklichkeitsgetreu adj, adv
Wirklichkeitssinn m
sense of reality or realism
Wirklichkeitstreue f
fidelity, faithfulness to reality
Wirklichkeitswiedergabe f (-n)
reproduction or depiction of reality
wirksam  adj, adv
effective(ly); efficient; operative; impres­sive; powerful
Wirksamkeit f
effectiveness; efficiency; effect; activity
Wirkung f (-en)
effect; consequence; impression; influ­ence, efficacy; impact; opera­tion, action
Wirkungsbereich m (-e)
area of activity
Wirkungsgeschichte f
Wirkungsgrad m
effectiveness; efficiency; efficacy
Wirkungskreis m (-e)
sphere of influence; sphere of activity or action; domain
wirkungslos adj, adv
Wirkungsursache f
efficient cause
wirkungsvoll adj, adv
Wirkursache f
archaic: efficient cause
Wirt m (-e)
host; landlord; innkeeper
Wirtel m (-)
wharve, whorl, or whirl; Arch: shaft-ring; annulet
wiss. abr
wissenschaftlich - scientific(ally); wissentlich
Wiss. abr
Wissenschaftler(in); Wissenschaftlichkeit; Wissenschaft(en)
Wissen m
knowledge; learning; scholarship; nach bestem W. und Gewissen - to the best of one´s knowledge;
wissen vi
to know; to have knowledge (of); to be aware of; to be acquainted with; w. wer - knowing who;  w. wie - to know how to, be able to; w. wieso - knowing why; to understand
Wissensbasis f
knowledge base
Wissensbegriff m (-e)
concept of knowledge
Wissensbereich m (-e)
area, domain, or range of knowledge
Wissenschaft f (-en)
science; knowledge; scholarship
wissenschaftl. abr
Wissenschaftler m (-)
learned man, scholar; researcher; scientist
wissenschaftlich  adj, adv
scholarly; academic(ly) ; scientific(ly); w. Zeitalter - scientific age, age of science
Wissenschaftsbegriff m
concept of science
Wissenschaftslehre f (-n)
science of knowledge; theory of science 
Wissensgebäude n
edifice of knowledge
Wissensgebiet n (-e)
field of knowledge
Wissensstand m
state of knowledge
wissenswert adj
(sein - be) worth knowing (fact, idea, etc)
wiss.Mitarb. abr
wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter
WissWeltb abbr
Wissenschaft und Weltbild. Wien
Witterungseinfluß m (-lüsse)
effect of weather
Witwe f (-n)
Witwenkleid n (-er)
widow's garments, widow's clothes
Witwenschaft f
WiWei abbr
Wissenschaft und Weisheit. Zeitschrift für augustinisch-franziskanische Theologie und Philosophie in der Gegenwart. Freiburg, Breisgau
Wk. abr
Werk; Wirkung
WKHIW abbr
Veröffentlichungen des kirchenhistorischen Instituts der katholisch-theologischen Fakultät der Universität Wien. Wien
WM abbr
Wörterbuch der Mythologie.
WMANT abbr
Wissenschaftliche Monographie zum Alten und Neuen Testament. Tübingen
w.o. abr
weiter oben; wie oben
where, in what place; in which (place); when
WO abbr
Welt des Orients. Wissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Kunde des Morgenlandes. Göttingen, u.a.
w.o.a. abr
wie oben angegeben
whereby, whereat; upon what; (question/ relat. pro.) where; in which; at w­hich; through which; in the course of which
Woche f (-n)
Wochenfest n (-e)
Feast of Weeks, Pentecost
Wöchnerin f (-nen)
hist: woman in childbed
from what place, where from; how
to what place, where (to)
wohl  adv
indeed, surely; probably, perhaps; well
Wohl n
(the) good, well-being; welfare; weal; allgemeine or öffentliche W. - public good; das W. und Weh - the weal and woe
wohlbehalten  adj
safe, in good condition
wohlbetagt  adj
well along or stricken in years
Wohlfahrt f
welfare; well-being; civic good; welfare service
Wohlgefallen n
pleasure, delight, satisfaction
wohlgeordnet adj
Wohlgeruch m (-"e)
pleasant odor, scent, aroma, fragrance, perfume
wohlgestaltet adj
wohlhabend  adj
wealthy, well-off, well-to-do
Wohlklang m (-"e)
harmony; euphony; harmoniousness; (prefix) euphonious, harmonic, harmonious
wohlklingend adj
harmonious; euphonious
Wohlleben n
life of pleasure, luxury, good living
wohlriechend  adj
fragrant, sweet smelling
Wohlstand m
prosperity, affluence, wealth; luxuries
Wohltat f (-en)
good deed, charity, benefit, blessing; kindness; favor
Wohltäter m (-)
Wohltäterin f (-nen)
wohltätig adj 
charitable, beneficent
Wohltätigkeit f
charity, benevolence
Wohltätigkeitskonzert n (-e)
charity or benefit concert
wohltemperiert  adj
wohltun vi sep
to do good, give pleasure; to be pleasing, to dispense charity; to be comforting
wohlüberlegt adj
carefully or well-considered (judgement, task, etc)
Wohlwollen n
goodwill, benevolence; kindliness; friendliness
wohlwollen vi sep
to be friendly (to someone); to be well disposed (toward someone)
wohnen  vr
to reside; to dwell; to live; to stay
Wohnhaus n (-"er)
house, residential home
Wohnort m (-e)
Wohnsitz m (-e)
residence; domicile; habitation
Wohnstatt f
archaic: dwelling; habitation, abode
Wohnstätte f (-n)
dwelling, habitation, abode
Wohnung f (-en)
dwelling, residence, flat; habitation
Wölbung f (-en)
arch, dome, vault; vaulting, curvature
Wölbungsart f (-en)
type of vault
Wölbungstechnik f (-en)
technique of building a vault, vault building technology
Wolf m (-"e)
wolf; Mus: wolf note
Wolke f (-n)
cloud; swarm
Wolkensäule f
pillar of a cloud
wolkig  adj
cloudy, clouded
Wolle f (-arten, -n)
wool; hair (camels, goats, etc.)
wollen vi
to intend to; to wish, desire to, want to; to claim to; to be willing (to); would
Wollen n
will, volition, intention, inclination
wollen adj
wollendes Ich n
Phil: intentional or willing ego or self
Wollust f (-"e)
sensual pleasure, voluptuousness; lust; debauchery; delight, bliss
Wonne f (-"e)
joy, delight; bliss; rapture, ecstasy
wonnereich  adj
wonneselig  adj
in ecstasy
wonnetrunken  adj
wonniglich adj
delightful; blissful; delicious
Woraufhin n
the upon-which (Heidegger)
worfeln  vr
to fan, to winnow, to beat off
Worfschaufel f (-n)
winnowing fork, fan
Wort n (-"er)
word; mit anderen W. - in other words
Wort n (-e)
word; saying, expression; promise; term
Wort-Ton-Beziehung f
Mus: word-tone correlation, correlation between notes and words
Wortausdeutung f
word-painting, text-illustration
Wortbedeutung f (-en)
word meaning, meaning of the word
Wortbehandlung f (-en)
text treatment, handling of text
Wortbildung f (-en)
word formation
wortbrüchig adj
not true to or break one´s word
Wörterbuch n (-"er)
dictionary; vocabulary; glossary
Wörterverzeichnis n (-sse)
list of vocabulary, words; list; index
Wortfamilie f (-n)
word family
Wortfeld n (-er)
world cluster or field
wortgetreu  adj
word for word, literal
wortgezeugt  adj
word-generated, text-generated, generated by the word or text
Wort Gottes n
the word of God; the bible
Wortgottesdienst m (-e)
service of the Word; liturgy of the Word
Wortklasse f (-n)
word class
Wortkrieg m (-e)
dispute of words
wörtl. abr
Wortlaut m (-e)
wording; text; im W. - word for word
wörtlich  adj
literal; verbal; word-for-word; w. Bedeutung - literal meaning
Wortmalerei f (-n)
word painting
Wortpaar n (-e)
word pair; connecting words
Wortreichtum m
rich vocabulary
Wortschatz m
vocabulary; collection or list of words
Wortschöpfung f (-en)
neologism; (word) coinage; word coining
Wortsinn m
literal sense
Wortspiel n (-e)
wordplay, play on words, pun
Worttrennung f (-en)
division of words; word division
Worttreue f
faithfulness to the text; literal rendition or rendering
Wortverbindung f (-en)
wortwörtlich  adj
literally, word for word; exactly
worüber inter, rel, pron
over or upon what, what about; over or about which
what about, what... about; about which, which... about
under what, what... under; under which, which... under, among which
WQR abbr
Wesleyan Quarterly Review. A Methodist Historical Quarterly. Macon, Ga.
Ws. abr
Wschr. abr
WSR abbr
Wesleyan Studies in Religion. Buchhannon
WSt abbr
Wiener Studies. Zeitschrift für klassische Philologie. Wien
Wtb. abr
wtl. abr
wertlos; wörtlich
WTM abbr
Das Wörterbuch über die Talmudim und Midrasch. J. Levy, ed.
WuA abbr
Wort und Antwort. Salzburg
WuA(M) abbr
Wort und Antwort. Zeitschrift für Fragen des Glaubens. Mainz
WUANT abbr
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Alten und Neuen Testament. Tübingen
Wucher m (-)
profiteering; usury; gain, profit; interest
to practice usury, profiteer; to grow rapidly, proliferate, produce abundantly; to give a good return
Wuchs m
growth; stature, build
ponderously, pesante
WuD abbr
Wort und Dienst. Jahrbuch der theologischen Schule Bethel. Bielefeld
WuG abbr
Wissenschaft und Gegenwart. Frankfurt
WuL abbr
Wissen und Leben. Zürich
Wulst f
coil; Aufbau aus W. - coil construction
Wulstgriff m (-e)
bar handle
wounded, injured; sore; chafed, chapped
Wunde f (-n)
wound; injury; cut; stab
Wunder n (-)
miracle; marvel; wonder; surprise; astonishment
wunderbar adj
amazing, surprising, wonderful, wondrous, marvelous; miracu­lous, splendid, great; strange
Wunderglaube m
belief in miracles
wundergläubig adj
(one who) believes in miricales
Wunderheiler m (-)
Wunderheilung f (-en)
miraculous cure or healing
Wunderkind n (-er)
child prodigy
Wunderkraft f
magic or miraculous power
Wunderkur f
faith healing
strange, odd, singular; peculiar; curious; eccentric
Wundermittel n (-)
(v. refl.) marvel, wonder (at); to be sur­prised (at), as­tonished
amazing, surprising; wonderful; strange; wondrous, miraculous; great; splendid
Wundertat f (-en)
Wundertaten Christi f
Christ's Miracles
Wundertäter m (-)
miracle worker, worker of miracles; thaumaturge
wonder working, doing wonders, miraculous
Wundertätigkeit f
miracle working
Wunder-Ursprung m
Phil: miracle source (Nietzsche)
wundervoll adj, adv
wonderful(ly), marvelous(ly)
Wunderwerk n
marvel, wonder, extraordinary achievement
Wunderzeichen n (-)
miraculous sign, portent
Wundmal n (-e)
scar; stigma; die Wundmale Christi - the stigmata
Wunsch m (-"e)
wish, desire
Wunschbild n (-er)
desired ideal; dream-image; wishful image
Wunschdenken n
wishful thinking
to wish (for), desire; (refl) to wish for; to long for
Wünschen n
(the) wanting, wishing
wünschenswert adj
Wunscherfüllung f
wunschgemäß adj
as desired or requested
wunschlos adj, adv
(perfectly) contented; perfect (happiness, contentment, etc)
Wunschsatz m (-"e)
obtative sentence
Wunschtraum m (-"e)
wish(ful)  dream; pipe-dream, wishfulfilling fantasy
Wunschvorstellung f (-en)
wishful notions or ideas
WUNT abbr
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament. Tübingen
Würde f (-n)
dignity, majesty; propriety; rank, office, honor, post (of honor); title, (academic) degree
würdelos adj, adv
undignified; disgraceful(ly); in an undignified way
Würdelosigkeit f
disgracefulness; undignified
Würdenträger m (-)
würdig adj
worthy, deserving (gen. - of); respectable; dignified
to recognized; to acknowledge; to value, to appreciate; to deem worthy; to rate; to estimate
to throw dice; to throw or toss about; to winnow (grain)
Würfelspiel n
game of dice
Wurfschaufel f (-n)
winnowing shovel or fan
Wurfspieß m (-e)
to strangle, choke, take by the throat; to slaughter; to slay; to massacre
Würgengel m
angel of destruction or death
Würger m (-)
strangler; murderer, destroyer
Wurm m (-"er)
worm; grub, mite; serpent, snake; dragon
Würmlein n (-)
(little) worm
württ. abr
Württ. abr
Württemberg, württembergisch
Wurzel f (-n)
root; stem
to take or strike root, become rooted, (refl) to become firmly established
to season, spice, flavor
WUS abbr
Das Wörterbuch der ugaritischen Sprache. J. Aristleitner, O. Eissfeldt, eds. Berlin
Wüste f (-n)
desert, wilderness
Wüstung f
derelict area or site, (abandoned) site
Wut f
furor, fury, rage
WuT abbr
Wort und Tat. Zeitschrift für Mitarbeiter in der Verkündigung und der Gemeinde. Kassel
to rage, rave, be furious
furious, fuming, mad, with rage, fierce
WuW abbr
Wort und Wahrheit. Monatsschrift für Religion und Kultur. Wien
w.v. abr
weiter vorlegen; wieder vorlegen
Wv. abr
WVDOG abbr
Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen der deutschen Orientgesellschaft. Leipzig
WzM abbr
Wege zum Menschen. Monatsschrift für Arzt und Seelsorger, Erzieher, Psychologie und soziale Berufe. Göttingen