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Included are the Religionswissenschaften: Archeology, Religious Art and Architecture, Church History, Comparative Religion, Ethics, Judaic Studies, Language, Linguistics, and Literature , Missions, Mythology and Folklore, Pastoral Counseling, Sacred Music, and Philosophy, as well as important abbreviations and Latin phrases and German, Latin, and Greek root words which are used as technical terms with very specific meanings.

This online-dictionary continues to improve and grow as new words are entered and checked every day. Since this is a work in progress and all entries are set up around a specific use of the vocabulary we make no guarantee of completeness. However, over 28.000 entries are already in the database.

Let us know where we should make improvements – errare humanum est. See Report Corrections/Feedback

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For a look at the textbook see Textbook: Reading Theol German.

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